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Thread: 8/28 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: "It's locked! It's LOCKED!!!"

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    (This recap covers Noon Friday-Noon Saturday, BB time)

    After finishing his cleaning and ant-killing spree, Jeff walks up and knocks on the HoH door. No answer. (Kevin had the headphones on) Jeff walks away muttering, “Your loss.” Hmm…makes you wonder how the day will unfold…

    With Russell, gone, there is a villain vacuum in the house. Everyone that is left (Jeff, Jordan, Natalie, Michele, and current HoH Kevin) is telling everyone else that they have their back, even though almost none of them have anyone’s back but their own.

    The house is in lockdown, and there are constructions noises going on, so the houseguests are getting excited that the chance for some luxuries might be coming their way today. After some hanging out and showering and cooking and speculating, the feeds go to fishes at about 1:20BBT.

    When the feeds return over an hour later, the houseguests are talking about winning money, and there is mention of a key and the mystery door that Julie Chen mentioned on Thursday’s show. They’re all very happy and sound like they had a lot of fun. What we’ve discovered:

    BB called the locked door Pandora’s Box; also, they told the HGs not to think of it as a competition or a luxury challenge. Apparently Kevin went up to the door and opened it, and saw what he thought was a whole other room (“gold, with a ton of mirrors”), and lots of (real?) money on the floor. He was given the choice to do two things. He stuck his hand in and was handcuffed by a mysterious arm. A message told him that the key must be found in the house to unlock him. Meanwhile, money was flying around all over the house, and the other houseguests were grabbing it and stuffing it on their persons (no sacks allowed). Jordan thought that there might be a downside to collecting a lot of money, so she only grabbed a little. The others grabbed as much as they could. Natalie kept tailing Jeff and trying to mislead him so that she could grab more, but eventually he shook her. He found the key, and went upstairs and rescued Kevin.

    After the challenge is over, the houseguests can’t help thinking that there’s more to come; after all, it was called Pandora’s Box, and in the legend, things did not go well after it was opened. Jeff is hoping that finding the key means he won something. The others wonder if they’ll be faced with a choice about keeping their money or choosing something else.

    Jeff keeps busting Natalie for being shady and trying to throw him off; she (as usual) tries to paint herself as honest and sincere (good grief, how is she still in the house?). Later, Jeff is called to the Diary Room, and when he comes out, he tells the others that he has an announcement to make…but he’s kidding. They curse his name as he heads up to the HoH room.

    At least it keeps her fingers out of her nose.

    Later, Kevin and Michele have a talk at the kitchen counter. Michele is pleading her case to him. Natalie comes in and sits in between them, and suddenly starts speaking for Kevin as if she is the HoH. She doesn’t like Natalie, doesn’t trust her, and thinks she is still allied with Jeff and Jordan. Michele tries to explain how her moves were strategic along the way, and how Jeff and Jordan screwed her by backdooring Russell, so of course she’s open to anyone right now. Natalie stonewalls her, and by now Jordan and Jeff have come into the kitchen, and are silently listening to Natalie proclaim that Michele is a liar and will always be one, and is dead to her. Kevin suddenly remembers that he is the real HoH, and tells Michele he still wants to talk to her later if she'd like.

    Jordan takes Kevin upstairs for her own talk. She assumes she is going up, but Kevin tells her if she does, she isn’t the target (meaning Michele is). He explains that it’s all going to come down to the veto this week, because whoever goes up, it will be a split vote and he will have to break the tie. Whoever wins the veto dictates who goes home (well not exactly Jeff, you name the replacement, but whatever).

    Jeff enters the room, and the talk turns to Michele. Jeff doesn’t trust her, thinks she will turn on them like she did Ronnie and Chima. Jordan then leaves so Jeff can have his own date with Kevin. He reminds Kevin of the deal they struck, that he is totally safe this week. Kevin tries to gently break the news that although he should still feel safe, he may be put up. He paints it to Jeff as a plus: everyone wants Michele gone (mmm-hmm), and Jeff would stand the best chance of winning the POV, so if he is up he would definitely play, and everyone but Michele would be playing on his side (mmm-hmm). Jeff doesn’t agree, and wonders why he can’t put up someone else with Michele. Kevin thinks that in doing so, he is giving all his HoH power over to Jeff. Jeff reminds him that he took him off the block last week to get Russell up, and placed a lot of trust in him by doing so. They both try to out-spin each other for a while, and eventually shake hands, even though they both know things aren’t right.

    Michele comes up next, and Kevin apologizes for Natalie earlier, and claims that they are not a “unit”. But it’s been a while since he and Michele have really talked, so he doesn’t know if he can trust her anymore. Michele admits she says a lot of things to a lot of people, but then her trust in J&J was rewarded with Lydia going home instead of Natalie, and Russell being snatched away from her. Also they threw some competitions, including the POV that Kevin won. The trouble with Kevin and Michele joining forces is that, there are no secrets in the house anymore; everyone tells everyone everything. He is sure that she will find out about his previous talk with Jeff in a matter of minutes. She claims that J&J continue to keep “the important stuff” from her.

    Natalie pops her head in, and Kevin asks for some more time alone with Michele. Nat just wants to mention that she told Michele that they don’t want her to go home, and leaves. (Cover your lying tracks any way possible, Nat. Make sure your stories catch up to every new discussion and overtake them. Maybe she does deserve the money, for sheer determination and resolve. She’s a female Adam.)

    Kevin and Michele try to bond and find ways to work together (even though there’s no trust there). Kevin cracks that they would be the very first LGBT Final 2, since Michele has admitted to having bi tendencies. They leave on tentative but hopeful grounds, and Natalie comes in.

    Kevin calls her out, asking why she told Michele she was safe. Nat says she didn’t , she just told her that if she goes up, she’s not the target. Kevin relays all the fake dealing he just did with her, but he thinks she isn’t committing to anything. He and Nat decide to just keep stroking Jeff and Michele until after the POV, and see what happens.

    Soon Kevin is called to the DR, and the feeds go to fishes, which means that the nomination ceremony is about to start. About an hour later (these things take less time with so few people), the feeds return and sure enough, Jeff and Michele are on the block. Also, they have been put on inside lockdown. Is there a late-night POV in the works? (It’s about that time in the season for the Morphing Faces challenge, isn’t it?)

    Natalie joins Kevin in the HoH. She is gunning for Michele, but Kevin thinks Jeff has to go, now or never. Natalie says as long as Jordan doesn’t win POV, they will control who goes home this week. And she explains to Kevin that she has been calling Michele out publicly so that J&J think that she is the target. Kevin lets her know that a lot of his descriptions about the “secret room” were bull, just to add to the drama. But he still thinks that there is another aspect to the strange non-competition that is yet to unfold.

    As K&N continue to congratulate themselves, Jeff and Jordan console each other in the Pool Room. They hope the POV challenge is something they can win. Jeff thinks it might be the Morphing Faces challenge (how astute!) and Jordan says she has been studying the Memory Wall just in case.

    Jeff cooks dinner, and Michele, Jordan and Natalie join him at the table while Kevin is in the DR. Kevin comes out and thanks Jeff for cooking, and joins them. Natalie, who has been the only chatty person at the table (what a shock), tough-talks BB and says they better not call her next. Almost immediately, they call her to the DR (heehee). She wolfs down the rest of her dinner and goes.

    After dinner, Jordan and Michele are cleaning up, when…aliens start appearing in the mirrors! Michele and Jordan see them first, and they rouse the others to watch for them as well, and eventually everyone sees at least one. Jordan seems to see them by the dozen; I wonder what other invisible things she sees all day.

    A little later, we have confirmation that the POV will be held after midnight BBT, rather than tomorrow. While alien-spotting in the bathroom with Jordan and Natalie, Jeff starts trashing Michele (why avoid the Christmas rush?). Trouble is, Michele is within earshot. She confronts him later, but he isn’t fazed, claiming he told her he thought she was lying to her face earlier, so what should it matter if he repeats it to people who already heard it? Ouch. Michele goes off to curl up into a fetal ball and cry.

    Why does it seem believable that this isn’t a first for her?

    People spend the BBAD portion of the night laying down, talking trash, studying potentially useful facts, and in Michele’s case, sitting alone and talking and talking and talking and flipping people the bird and displaying generally erratic behavior. Natalie finds her and asks what’s up; she says she’s getting her game face on. Okayyyy…eventually she follows Nat up to the HoH and chills out with Enrique Iglesias while Nat and Kevin play chess on the bed. Michele interjects little nuggets for them to chew on, things like how she will start cooking again if Jeff goes home, and that she hates J&J so much now she will do anything to get them out. Will crazy win over cranky in tonight’s POV? We’ll find out soon enough, as the feeds go to trivia…

    Three hours pass (just like the last two years that I covered this shift), and the feeds return, and Michele is beaming, and celebrating with Kevin and Natalie in the HoH. Michele has won the Power of Veto! As expected, it was the Morph challenge, with the added twist of the combined faces appearing in alien heads. Ironically, the face combination that Jeff & Jordan took the longest with was…the morph of Jeff & Jordan. Apparently Michele won by mere seconds, too. The Three Crazies jump and holler and cheer their victory over America’s Entitled Sweethearts. The Jeff-bashing goes into full swing, as if a despised dictator has been toppled by the people.

    Meanwhile, Jeff and Jordan have retreated to the Pool Room, and are downing a whole bottle of wine together. A little later, Natalie talks to Jordan in the Red Room. Jordan is resigned to losing the game, and actually sympathizes with Natalie over how she must have felt when Jessie left. Oh please. Natalie, stone-faced poker player that she is, consoles Jordan and gives her false hope that the evil Michele may not take the big money after all; it all comes down to the votes.

    Jordan joins Jeff in the Pool Room, and starts blubbering about telling everyone to vote her out and leave him in the game. He tells her to shut up, about the same time I do. Jeff tells her to get with Michele fast, and take on Kevin and Natalie. He claims he’s not going to moan and cause havoc in the house; he lost, so be it. Later, he advises Jordan to team up with Natalie to get Kevin and Michele out, since she would surely beat Nat in a Final 2. (Hmm, Jessie, Lydia, Russell, Kevin and Michele on the jury…let’s recount that vote.)

    Meanwhile, the Crazy Threesome are still counting the ways that things couldn’t be better. The power couple is now split for good. Michele won’t be called a liar anymore (don’t bet on it). They are getting rid of the last smoker in the house! They notice the time and say their goodnights, and Michele thanks them “for being on my team.” Man, if that isn’t the kind of statement that will get you cut down the road…

    Natalie settles down in the Red Room, and for some reason, Michele goes into the Pool Room and asks J&J if she can sleep in there with them. They say fine, and Jeff congratulates her for winning, and they hug. But as Michele gets ready for bed, J&J get up and go out. Jeff starts playing solitaire at the table, and Jordan goes to whisper-chat with Natalie in the dark. She (probably because she’s drunk) relays Jeff’s advice that she team up with Natalie, and why. Apparently she was drinking kamikazes, not wine…

    The breakfast of former champions.

    Jordan rejoins Jeff, as Michele gets up and goes to the Green Room to talk to herself again, only this time she keeps the words to herself, and you just see her facial expressions change. Truly creepy. Then Jeff, Jordan and Michele all wander about the house for a while, until Jordan and Michele settle down in the Pool Room. Seeing that BB has opened up the backyard, Jeff taps Jordan to come out with him so he can have a smoke, and counsel her some more on how to survive in the game without him. She’s only half-hearing it all through her sniffles, but they continue until around 6AM BBT, when the sun appears before them, and suddenly…all the power goes out in the backyard. I wonder if the lights are on a timer!

    After about 20 minutes of the control room screen, the feeds return to Jeff showering in the bathroom, and then returning to Jordan in bed in the Pool Room. They whisper and cuddle, and eventually kiss. Jeff becomes aware of the cameras, verbally flips them off, and puts the covers over them, as they continue to kiss, cuddle, and move around in interesting positions. Michele wakes up, and leaves the room, and returns. They continue making the covers go bippity-bump until they seem to drift off after 7AM BBT.

    Michele gets up a little while later to make breakfast, and Jeff gets up to use the bathroom, but Jeff goes back to bed, and the doomed couple resumes canoodling for a while.

    Not much else happens for the rest of the morning as BB lets them all sleep late after keeping them up all night. Natalie gets called to the DR as people wake up, and Jeff pours some coffee, and strolls out into the BY to enjoy the sunshine.

    Let’s take a look at what will probably be the final Alliance Wheel of the season:

    Bye bye, Mr. & Mrs. American Pie…

    Thanks to waywyrd and JustJuls for delicious stuffed cappage!
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    Re: 8/28 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: "It's locked! It's LOCKED!!!"

    Thanks for the recap, MFW!
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Re: 8/28 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: "It's locked! It's LOCKED!!!"

    Thanks for the recap--there was a lot in there I missed just reading the feed transcripts and discussion!

    Re the final alliance wheel....who knows....judging by all the to and froing since your shift ended you could probably have done three new ones since then!

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    Re: 8/28 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: "It's locked! It's LOCKED!!!"

    Loved the recap, AND the circle of power - very creative!
    When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is.

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