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Thread: 8/27 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Was It Good For You?

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    8/27 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Was It Good For You?

    This recap covers Thursday noon to Friday noon, house time.

    As you know, the live show ended with a competition that mirrored the Tea Party of season 8. This one is called “The S’more , the Merrier.” Clever, that BB crew. Our hamsters are slippin’ and slidin’ down a slippery graham cracker-like lane with cups full of hot chocolate. As you saw on the show, this is no easy task for a clumsy hamster. The first to fill their giant-sized bowl and float their marshmallow out, wins. It's not a real marshmallow, of course, but a ping pong ball. Play along. To make it interesting, chocolate water is raining down on the competition. Now that would be cool! Can you imagine what it would be like if it rained chocolate water every time there was a thunderstorm? People would be walking around with mouths open to the sky, tongues hanging….well, I would. But I digress….back to the competition.

    Kevin is kicking butt and taking names. Somehow, he’s able to power walk down his slippery lane without falling or spilling his cup. The girls, however, are slipping, falling, and sloshing their hot chocolate all over the place. Both Jordan and Michele take a couple nasty falls. At one point, Jordan falls so hard, she jokes that she might have popped a boob. Natalie can’t hold on to her cup and drops it into the barrel. Perhaps that is why Jessie turned to Lydia for a hand job, not Natalie. Just sayin.’ Feeds go to fishes for a brief time and return to reveal the new HoH. For those watching, it was no surprise to see Kevin with the HoH key around his neck.

    Jeff is called to the DR and Late Night Skippy forgets to turn off his mic. We hear Jeff saying, “Russell getting evicted was exactly as I planned and really sweet…him leaving was a joy to see. Finally…after keeping my mouth shut…you know, these past couple of days just looking the other way…this whole week finally paid off. He's out of the house." Late Night Skippy must have gotten a slap from Attentive Skippy because he then turns off Jeff’s mic. Too bad Late Night Skippy doesn’t screw up when they’re in there talking about something good. In the Green Room, Michele has a bit of a breakdown while the others are all hanging out in the kitchen. She’s sobbing uncontrollably and it’s uncomfortable to watch the poor girl. Finally, she goes to the bathroom and Jordan asks her what’s wrong. She says it’s because she and Jordan will be going on the block. Jordan tells her not to worry because they still have the POV. This isn’t much comfort to Michele since she knows that Jeff will save Jordan if he wins. Michele basically has no one.

    Kevin(post-competition regarding his HoH win): I feel like I’ve just had the best sex ever.

    Natalie has taken not one, but two showers. One before the live show and one after the HoH competition. This probably means she’s good for at least another week. Natalie also thought it was a good idea for all of them to move into the red room like one big, happy, dysfunctional family. All of the hamsters are busy moving their things into that room. Jeff jokingly says he was planning to sleep in HoH with Kevin. When Michele leaves the room, they naturally start talking about her. Jeff doesn’t feel like she gave it her all during the competition. Natalie disagrees but tells them how she uses her birth control pills as a calendar for Jedi training. Jeff then says she has to go. Seems Michele’s paranoia is spot on. She really is on her own now.

    Jeff says he loves the HoH room reveal because it gives them a chance to all come together…a break from the game and all the hate. Kevin’s HoH reveal is no different. They’re all anxious to see pictures of Kevin’s boyfriend and aren’t disappointed by how cute he is. They all comment that he looks like Enrique Iglesias. Ironically, Kevin also gets an Enrique CD…and a frighteningly colorful new hoodie, Skittles, Starburst, Hamburger Helper, and wind up toys. His letter is from the cutie pie boyf…

    Kevin my Love,
    I hope that when you get this letter, you're doing well and enjoying your experience in the big brother house, making friends, and playing a fair game. Remember there is only one chance. For my part, everything is going alright. I just finished summer school and I am getting ready to start the ADM Program next week. I'm super excited. On the other hand, it's a little bit of a challenge to live all these weeks without you. I guess it's because this is the first time in our 9 year relationship that we've been physically apart for so long. And yes, Cosas, I miss you very bad especially after a difficult day between school or work. Or even going to see a movie without you, it's not the same because I miss holding your hand. As I walk in the theater and when something relevant happens in the movie, there's nobody at my side when I turn with the facial expressions.

    However, I'm extremely happy and proud of you for making it this far in the game and because of course, you just won HOH. Just about time, baby. Our friends and family have been super excited and have followed BB really close to see how you're doing. Sometimes they come over to our house to watch. Honey, stay strong in the good and bad moments by keeping in mind that I love you and support you. There are only a few more weeks left. Dad will be waiting for you, and of course, the half million dollars. Just kidding.

    Baby, please keep your genuine essence that is the most beautiful thing in you, and that made me fall in love with you and I'm sure everybody will appreciate too.

    Always yours,

    Let me digress again by saying I’ve loved the name Alfonso since my Little House on the Prairie days. Okay, moving right along…Natalie points out that the boyf has outed himself now on national TV. Before this, the majority of his family didn’t know he’s gay. In his fridge, he gets sushi(Does BB get a discount on sushi or something?), fried chicken, and juice. He also gets a crown from his co-workers. They group hangs out for a while gushing over how cute the boyf is and finally they all head downstairs.

    When Jeff and Jordan finally get a minute alone, Jordan tells Jeff that she and Natalie had a conversation earlier. Natalie told her that she’s hoping Kevin sticks to the plan. Jordan says that plan according to Natalie, is to put up Jordan and Michele and send Michele home. Jordan tells Jeff that she has a feeling Kevin will put her and Michele up but backdoor Jeff. **Ding, Ding, Ding** Since Russell was a strong player and he is now gone, they reason that backdooring Jeff makes sense because he’s a strong player. Jordan says that if she and Michele are on the block and she wins the POV, she won’t use it on herself. That way they can’t put Jeff up and she thinks they’ll vote to evict Michele. Okay, Marcellus…you keep thinking that way.

    Michele pays Kevin a visit in his HoH room and after the obligatory Russell bashing, she gets down to business. He shoots straight with her telling her there are only three of them and two have to go up. Who will go home depends on the POV. He assures her that his decision has nothing to do with her putting Chima and Natalie up. It’s nothing personal, just business. Michele reminds him to think about who he would want with him in the F2. Kevin agrees that Jeff would definitely get America’s vote…assuming we have the 7th vote. Kevin says he needs to talk to Jeff and Jordan and Natalie. He wants to “strip out all the personal hatred and all the "this person did this to me" elements, and figure out what would be the smartest decision.” Then it all comes down to the POV. Kevin tells her that Natalie’s plan is to put up her and Jordan. He asks her who she would nominate if she was HoH. She candidly tells him she’d go after the biggest threats…him and Jeff.

    Natalie shows up and when Michele leaves, Kevin fills her in on everything. He tells her there is no question….he wants to put up Jeff and Michele. He will tell Michele that she’s staying. Natalie says that he needs to tell Jeff he’s going up and Kevin agrees. He rehearses his conversation with Jeff and plans to tell him the same things that Jeff said to them when they were nominated…“you’re not going to like this, but…”

    Exhausted from the competition, everyone turns in early. That is, if you consider 1:30am early. Beforehand, Michele and Jordan speak briefly in the bathroom where Michele fills her in on what needs to happen this week. Whichever one of them isn't nominated needs to win the POV so he/she can pull one off. This would force Kevin to nominate Natalie. The two from their side will own the vote and they can send Scrappy Doo to the rest of her crew in the jury house.

    Houseguests wake up to JayZ leading Jeff to think they were having a luxury competition for clothes today. Kevin thought the same but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead, Jeff arms himself with gloves and Raid and leads an attack on the army of ants that have invaded them. Michele doesn’t bother with gloves because she says she’s already exposed to chemicals at work.

    Jeff and Jordan still think Kevin will backdoor him. They plan to stress to Kevin how dangerous Michele is in mental competitions so that Michele will be the target. They aren’t planning to save Michele if given the chance. If it comes down to it, sounds like they won’t be voting Natalie out. Natalie is still they’re F3 plan. My shift ends with Jeff and Jordan cuteness in the green room. Jordan has her head on Jeff’s stomach and comments that he’s so skinny now. She puts her head down and all she feels is bone. I’ll leave you with Jeff’s reply…“It's not bone. It's a bone-er.”
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    Re: 8/27 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Was It Good For You?

    Thanks for the recap, lildago.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Re: 8/27 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Was It Good For You?

    Natalie can’t hold on to her cup and drops it into the barrel. Perhaps that is why Jessie turned to Lydia for a hand job, not Natalie.
    Oh, man. Loved the recap, lil.

    And that was one of the sweetest letters from home yet.
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    Re: 8/27 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Was It Good For You?

    Thanks for the fun recap---so much better than paying for the feeds and losing my life! Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated!
    Burst out laughing at the last line... gotta give Jeff credit for amusement.

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    Re: 8/27 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Was It Good For You?

    Loved the recap and the captions, lil!
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    Re: 8/27 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Was It Good For You?

    Natalie can’t hold on to her cup and drops it into the barrel. Perhaps that is why Jessie turned to Lydia for a hand job, not Natalie. Just sayin.
    I just spit my wonton soup. Thank you!

    Great job, as always.
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