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Thread: Big Brother August 25- All Hail The Mighty Otev

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    Big Brother August 25- All Hail The Mighty Otev

    Tuesday night, time for the veto competition. HOH Jeff is comfortable with his nominations of Natalie and Kevin, but is also listening to their pleas to take the opportunity to backdoor Russell. Russell thanks Jeff for not nominating him and vows never to vote to evict him. And we all know what a stable person Russell is, so I’m sure you can take that to the bank.

    Kevin talks to Jordan and tries to convince her that she and Jeff are better off with Kevin and Natalie as their final four. The art of jury house math is truly lost on Jordan, and apparently Jeff too. The fact that Jessie and Lydia are both more likely to vote for either Natalie or Kevin (moreso than Michele and Russell anyway) would cause one to want them out. If one were logical. And nut drunk with Big Brother power, like Jeff has been this week. How drunk with power is Jeff? He told Michelle something to the effect of “Jeff’s on a roll this week, and he’s talking about himself in the third person.” At least he is a self-aware power-hungry fool.

    Not so much in power, Michele enjoying a week as a “Have Not” and having her fill of churros and chitlins. Well, more churros, as she isn’t that big of a fan of chitlins.

    Michele meets with Jeff and Jordan and tries to talk strategy, lobbying for Kevin to go this week. Michele is perceptive enough to sense that Jeff and Jordan are not really into their final four deal with Michele and Russell, but she doesn’t really lobby for the pact either. After Michele leaves, Jeff lays into Jordan for not asking questions and probing Michele (as to whether Russell was planning to get Jeff out next). They seem to have a silly fight, and honestly I thought Jeff was hard on Jordan for no reason.

    For the Veto Ceremony, we have the return of the challenge where contestants need to find items (this season it is bananas) with answers written on them, and then not be the last person back to the ever-decreasing number of “home bases” with the right answer. This week’s contest is hosted by former houseguest Casey, who has assumed the form of giant gorilla named Otev, or more specifically, Casey is a banana in Otev’s belly (thus all the bananas all over the yard). Jordan realizes that Otev is “veto” spelled backwards.

    The questions are pretty easy, but finding the right bananas is more challenging, as is physically getting up a wet slippery slide to the “home bases.” Jeff is the only one who seems able to climb the slippery slope without using the ropes. Michele can only seem to slide up inch by inch on her butt. Not flattering. It comes down to Michele and Jeff.

    I’m thinking that this is the perfect way for Jeff to break up Kevin and Natalie without having to take responsibility for it, just by letting Michele win and she keeps the nominations the same. Does Jeff take this approach? Oh heck now. Mr. Drunk With Power has to win the Veto Competition so he can decide whether or not to overturn his own nominations.

    Jeff thinks about his options. People line up to congratulate him on his victory. Well, everyone except Jordan, who was dodging Jeff’s attempts at a victory kiss. Jeff meets with Kevin and Natalie (without Jordan present) and secures promises from them that he (Jeff) won’t go on the block if either of them win HOH next week. As soon as he is out of sight, they both promise to nominate him the first chance they get. Way to go, Mr. HOH and Veto Holder. You’ve just sold out your girlfriend to make a deal with two people who have their fingers crossed behind their backs and plan to break a deal with the two remaining people in the house.

    The Veto Ceremony is held, and there is still some rather artificial suspense as to what Jeff is going to do. The Jeffster uses the Power of Veto to overrule his own nomination, takes Kevin off the block and puts Russell up. How will Russell react to this back-door nomination? Will Russell be able to sweet talk either Kevin or Jordan to vote with Michele to save him? Tune in on Thursday to find out.
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    Re: Big Brother August 25- All Hail The Mighty Otev

    Thanks for the recap LG! I think you ought to bring the signature line back!
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