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Thread: 8/24 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: America's Not-So-Sweethearts

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    8/24 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: America's Not-So-Sweethearts

    **This recap covers events from noon Monday to noon Tuesday, BB time**

    Hello again, avid recap readers! It is the day we have all been waiting for. The veto ceremony will be held and today is either going to be boring as usual or Roid Rage Russell is going to be out in full force. I'm kind of hoping for the latter. At least it will keep me awake. On we go...

    As usual, my shift starts with trivia due to the POV ceremony. It's an unusually long ceremony, so me thinks something is going down. A little over an hour later, the feeds are back and Russell looks PISSED out on the back couch. Yep, Kevin was taken off the block and Russell is being backdoored. Jeff is outside with Russell and all hell breaks loose. Russell and Jeff tear into each other, with F bombs dropping left and right. Jeff says he is going to cut Russell's throat and Russell says if Jeff comes to the jury house, Russell will mop the floor with Jeff's face. Lots of loudness, F bombs, and threats ensue. Jeff is acting like a complete toolbag. He tells Russell he's going to stab him and tells Russell to bring it. Who is this crazy guy and what have you done with our sweet, funny Jeff? Jeff says he doesn't care if he loses the prize money, he will pop Russell right in the mouth. Every other word out of his mouth is F. Russell reminds Jeff that he really wasn't going to put him up. Jeff calls him a dork and tells Russell that he has no character and Jeff is better than him. Russell yells back at Jeff but sits pretty calmly on the couch. Jeff says that Russell broke the Final 4 deal first because he made a Final 2 deal with Michele.

    Meanwhile, Jeff, Natalie, and Jordan are around the pool table giggling at Jeff and Russell's pissing contest. This whole scene is absolutely ridiculous. I have lost so much respect for Jeff after watching this. It's one thing to say Russell is a threat and Jeff wants to take him out, but Jeff is personally attacking Russell's character and physically threatening him.

    Talk to the hand cause the lovemuscle ain't listenin'!

    Jeff heads inside with his new posse of Jordan, Kevin, and Natalie. Kevin says if Russell was smart, he would go into the DR and push to have Jeff expelled because of the threats. Jeff says he won't f%&*^* get expelled. Ugh, right now I kind of wish he would. They talk about how Michele had tears in her eyes during the veto ceremony and that she is upset about everything. Jordan trash talks Russell some more to her new buddies. Okay, I'm on Team Kevin now. Who's with me?

    Jeff heads back outside to smoke. He sits out there in silence with Russell who is still out on the couch. Jordan is inside acting like she is all awesome because during the big fight, she told Russell he's going home Thursday. Looks like Jeffie has himself a pitbull too. Natalie is really sitting pretty now. I can't believe the stupidity of all these people. Oh well, I guess the paranoia that easily runs so rampant through the house got to Jeff and Jordan. Taking out Russell may be a good game move, but as soon as Natalie or Kevin gets HoH and puts up Jeff and Jordan, I think they will realize their stupidity. Or not. You can't fix stupid. Jeff and Michele decide to take a little dip in the pool and float around in silence. Natalie and Kevin are celebrating the success of “Operation Last Minute Lie” and call themselves the Lone Rangers.

    The afternoon is full of, of course, lots of Rush bashing. Natalie and Russell talk in the kitchen. He warns her to watch out because he's sure that Jeff and Jordan are still going to go after her and Kevin. They hug. Awww. Natalie touched the leper... someone tell King Jeff! Natalie hates Michele but Russell tells Natalie that she needs to keep Michele to further herself. Natalie gets called to the DR and Michele walks into the kitchen. Russell thinks it sucks that he is being painted as the bad guy but he really was going to stick with the Final 4 deal. Michele knows that she is going to be the next target. Russ says he will be rooting for her. Natalie is out of the DR and runs to Jeff and Jordan in the backyard to tell them about her talk with Russell. Then she hides away with Kevin to tell him that Russell thinks Kevin and Natalie should take out Jeff and Jordan. Natalie knows they have to, but want Jeff and Jordan to feel safe. That Natalie sure has turned up her game mode in the last few days. Now Little Miss Social heads to the backyard with Russell. She tells him she isn't going to ignore him. How sweet.

    Put on your striped tank top and nasty hoodie... I'm on Team Kevin!

    Kevin joins Russell and Natalie in the backyard. Russell tells Kevin that he wasn't happy when Kevin laughed at Chima calling Russell a terrorist and that Russell never did or said anything horrible to Kevin. Kevin claims that he had no idea he laughed and apologizes. Keep kissin' ass for Russell's jury vote. That a boy, Kev! Russell tells them about how Jeff claimed he would come after Russell's family if Jeff got backdoored before the Final 4.

    Michele and Jeff are in the HoH, and what are they doing? You got it! Russell bashing! Michele is laughing and giggling at Jeffy-poo like a little school girl while he talks crap about Russell left and right. He offers for Michele to sleep in the HoH if she doesn't feel comfortable being in a room with Russell. She reaffirms to Jeff that if she wins HoH, she won't put up Jeff or Jordan.

    Russell and Kevin are now outside playing pool. Russell keeps hinting to Kevin that if Kevin would vote to keep Russell, he'd have a new ally and they could take out Jordan and Jeff. Russell thinks the money is already in Jeff's hand because with Russell gone, nobody can compete with Jeff. Big head much? Kevin throws a few “mmm hmmms” and “uhh huhhh” Russell's way. Russell says that Kevin wouldn't be a target for awhile because if Russell stays, he will continue to be the target. Russell wants Kevin to talk to Michele to see where her head is at. I can't imagine Kevin would ever vote out Natalie in a million years, but hey, he didn't take Lydia off the block with the veto a few weeks ago either. He's unpredictable.

    *sniff* Yeah, I should be good for another 3 days.

    I'm expecting an evening full of blowups and more drama between Jeff and Russell, but all I get is a bunch of sleeping hamsters. Laying in the sun and trash talking all day is hard work you know. Well, this is exciting stuff. Who is going to snore the loudest? Stay tuned! Eventually Kevin wakes up and Jeff comes out of the DR, so why not meet up to talk about Russell? Jeff says that Michele claims her alliance with Russell was fake, but Jeff isn't sure if he believes that. Kevin tells Jeff that Russell is trying to get Kevin to keep him and that Russell thinks he already has Michele's vote. Jeff says Michele is going to vote out Russell, not keep him. Jordan joins the conversation. Kevin thinks Michele thought Jeff's threat about killing/coming after her family was serious. Jordan laughs and says of course Jeff was just kidding. Natalie wakes up and hobbles outside claiming she thought it was morning. Random chit chat ensues.

    The late night hours leave us with Jeff and Jordan in the HoH room making fun of Michele. When Jeff isn't busy trashing Russell, he trashes Michele. He says he hates her. My disappointment in Jeff grows every second he's on my feeds. Jeff wants to keep Michele around for another week because he thinks she will protect them. Then he wants her gone. The more Jeff and Jordan talk, the more stupid (of course!) they become. They talk themselves into a tizzy about how they don't trust Michele. Jeff wants to flip out on her and tell her to vote to keep Russell if she wants. He makes fun of her yawn, the noises she makes, her toes (yes, her toes), and says that she stinks. What the hell crawled up Jeff's butt and died? I mean seriously. It takes a real man to make fun of a woman's toes! After he's done thoroughly ranting about Michele, it's Russell's turn. Russell is a douchebag, Russell this, Russell that. Jeff wants to beat Russell's f*$(%#@ head in. Yes, we know Jeff. You are tough, Russell isn't. You are awesome, Russell isn't. Wow, I never thought I'd actually not like watching Jeff and Jordan together in the HoH room. Jeff does realize he has been a little stressed and tense and says he needs to get off the bitter bus. It's more like the bitter Titanic. Around 4am, our little negative Nancies finally fall asleep.

    Here a list, there a list, everywhere a list list...
    • Jeff rescues a praying mantis from the pool. Don't tell Jeff the praying mantis is out to get him... he might backdoor it!
    • Jordan goes on all day about how angry she is that Russell called her Jeff's lapdog.
    • Apparently there was security on hand during the POV ceremony. Russell claims he heard them behind the walls.
    • Jeff and Jordan are convinced that Russell isn't a real fighter. Jordan also probably believes unicorns and mermaids are real.
    • Since Russell knows he's going home, he wants Kevin and Natalie to ask him questions about Jeff and Jordan so he can spill the dirt.

    I swear I had an IQ test and my IQ was this big. Yep. *giggle*

    My shift officially ends at 12pm BB Time. What are the hamsters doing at the noon hour you ask? You got it! Sleeping! Well, Jordan is actually floating around in the pool. *sigh* What a rough life.

    Thanks to ThinkPink, TheIrishEyes, and lildago for the caps!
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 8/24 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: America's Not-So-Sweethearts

    "Jeff rescues a praying mantis from the pool. Don't tell Jeff the praying mantis is out to get him... he might backdoor it!" I loved seeing him rescue the praying mantis.. after acting like a total tool he saved the bug, shows he has a good heart in there somewhere.. Kev was like "kill it" lol!!

    Great Recap
    “I fell off my pink cloud with a thud.” ~ Elizabeth Taylor

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    Re: 8/24 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: America's Not-So-Sweethearts

    Thanks for the recap, Ashley.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Re: 8/24 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: America's Not-So-Sweethearts

    Ha! Nice recap of all that nastiness.

    I'm on team Kevin, can not wait to see Jeff nominated.

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    Re: 8/24 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: America's Not-So-Sweethearts

    Way to go Ashley! I loved the "bitter Titanic" comment. Jeff sure has taken a nosedive lately, I'm drifting toward Team Kevin myself.

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    Re: 8/24 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: America's Not-So-Sweethearts

    Thanks for the recap and I think Kevin is turning out to be a crafty player; if he keeps up he well may have my vote as best player.
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    Re: 8/24 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: America's Not-So-Sweethearts

    Yes go Kevin!!! And I bet Jeff has something there when he says Michele smells. Come on, she had pit stains on the HOH she won, she even said her hubby says she stinks. That's great love when your hubby says that. And she also wear the dang sweater EVERY DAY, and I have never seen her clean it. Chel is ICKY.

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    Re: 8/24 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: America's Not-So-Sweethearts

    I don't know about the rest of you but my respect for Jeff has gone up, now he just needs to ditch Jordan and I may become a fan

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