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Thread: 8/20 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Move Over OGG, Buddha's in Da House

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    8/20 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Move Over OGG, Buddha's in Da House

    This recap covers events in the house from noon Thursday to noon Friday, BB time.

    Howdy, feedwatchers and fellow Big Brother addicts! Can you believe that in a few short weeks the season will be over? Today is day 48 in the BB house. Time flies, ya know? Seems like just yesterday we were starting this madness. Speaking of madness, let’s get to our hamsters…

    The live show ended during the HoH competition with houseguests dropping cans from a platform into tubes. They had to have good aim, a steady hand, decent timing, and a whole lot of luck to land their cans into the tubes quickly. Feeds came back for a few seconds and it looked like Russell was closest to winning. When they finally came back on, the competition is over and Jeff is the new HoH. Score another one for Team J&J! Jeff says it’s because he gave his beers to Buddha as an offering. Last week, he gave the red Buddha in the kitchen his beer and came in second place. This week, he also gave beer and he won. Buddha apparently likes Coors and Budweiser. Also, Michele and Russell are Have Nots for the week.

    Before going up to see his HoH room, Jeff tells everyone he doesn’t want any phoney baloney. He gets lots of pictures of himself with family and friends, a gold cross that his parents gave him for his confirmation, holy water, a scarf knitted by his late grandmother, his fishing hat, cologne, a Bob Marley CD, a hand-drawn picture from his niece, and lots of Italian foods and goodies. They even gave him cookie dough for Jordan. His letter is dated August 10th and somewhere out there Chima is cursing that his letter is recent and hers wasn’t. In it, his parents let him know that they’re just as proud of him as win he scored all of his winning touchdowns. Everyone goes on and on about how different he looks in all of his pictures….his hair was darker, he was bigger, his eyebrows are different. They even ask if he has a twin and if they’re doing the old switcheroo in the house. Now that would be a good twist. Not one Jeff, but two…double yum!

    Hanging in the backyard, the houseguests are one big happy family now. They joke about how Lydia will be banging Jessie in the jury house. The conversation then progresses to sex…of course. Jordan has lots of questions for Kevin about gay sex and he has no problem answering them all. Jeff finds an excuse to get the heck out of there. Natalie tells Kevin several times that he has to at least try sex with a girl before he dies. She eventually gets called to the DR and they all say it’s to protect her “young ears.” Jordan continues asking questions. Most of it isn’t PG-13 so let’s just say I learned way more about Kevin’s sex life than I needed to know. Jordan talks candidly about her one and only sexual experience. She was 18 and dated the guy for about 2 years. He cheated on her, she took him back for a while, but they didn’t last. She hasn’t had sex since and won’t do it unless she’s in a committed relationship and knows she has a future with the guy. Notably, Jeff is mostly quiet for all of this discussion.

    Jeff tells Jordan that he’s basically planning to nominate Kevin and Natalie and backdoor Russell if the opportunity arises. She’s all giggly and slurring her words so Jeff tells her she’s drunk and goes to take a shower. Meanwhile, Kevin and Natalie talk are whispering in the dark downstairs. Kevin says if Jeff nominates him and he wins next week, he’d put up Jeff. Natalie agrees and saying they’d put up Jeff as a pawn and vote out Michele . They realize they’re at a point in the game where they need to make promises so they decide to reassure Jeff he’s safe with them and keep moving forward with LML to make Russ a target. Natalie thinks it was a huge success. I wouldn’t call it “huge” since Lydia is gone and Russ is still there, but Natalie does realize they only kept Russ for the numbers. Without Jessie, she’s a good gamer.

    Outside, Russ and Michele are also talking game. He plays the sympathy card and asks Michele why she sold him out last week. She sells him a load of crap about feeling threatened and even says she was a little drunk. They aren’t sure where Jeff’s head is and are worried about going up this week. So Michele goes up to HoH to check in with Jeff. She asks Jeff directly if Russ is going up saying Russ is worried about it. She also asks if she is going up. Jeff assures her it will be Natalie and Kevin.

    Jeff and Jordan revisit the plan to backdoor Russ this week. Jeff starts thinking that Russell is Natalie and Kevin’s target. So maybe it would be best to get rid of one of them and keep Russell in the house as the target next week.

    A few other things...
    • Michele got hair dye and as soon as BB gives her a thumbs up, she’s dying her hair. Natalie tells her she needs to act like a bitch and turn over a table like Lydia did before she’ll get to do it. Natalie actually has a sense of humor without Jessie.
    • Kevin thinks he was winning the HoH competition until they told them they could use gold cans(whatever that means). He feels it’s unfair.
    • Russell says Natalie wants to win the money so she can gamble. He says she’s too young for that and needs Gambler’s Anonymous. It makes him not want to ive her the money if she makes F2.
    • Michele and Russell do some Jedi training together. Michele uses her birth control calendar to keep track of the days.
    • For those of you who have been waiting on pins and needles, Jordan finally got her period.

    Big Brother had a hard time getting Russell, Kevin, and Natalie out of bed this morning. Jeff jokes with Jordan about how fast he used to jump up at the wakeup call. He’d look around and feel stupid because everyone else was still in bed. When Kevin finally got up, Skippy thanked him. He and Jeff laughed about him being thanked for getting out of bed. Jeff tells them that he’s never gotten a thank you. A few minutes later, Talking Skippy who has a sense of humor this morning, says “Jeff…thank you.” Good Sense of Humor Skippy becomes Pissed Off Skippy when Natalie and Russell don’t get up. When Natalie finally gets up and joins the others in the backyard, she complains about them getting her up when there’s nothing to do. She mentions how pissy they were with her and Skippy responds by pushing the block-feeds button so we can’t hear what happens next. Maybe she got chewed out for discussing private Skippy matters. Or maybe Skippy is busy planning to dump icewater on her next time.

    After some morning snuggling, Jordan tells Jeff that they should get Kevin out this week, then go after Russ. That leaves Natalie and Michele in the final 4 with them. She then wants to take out Michele since she’s “smarter” leaving Natalie to battle them for the final HoH. Jeff agrees with her so unless there is another change of plans, that’s where they stand. For another beer, maybe Buddha himself could hop down off the shelf and tell them what a dumb move it would be to risk Natalie getting to the F2. She would possibly have the jury votes to win this game.

    But...this is Big Brother and these people are as wishy washy as all get out so don’t be surprised if things change in the next 24 hours.
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    Re: 8/20 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Move Over OGG, Buddha's in Da House

    Thanks, lil! My DVR is possessed and only records some or none of BBAD. I really wanted to see last night when Jeff won. At least now I know what happened!

    Not one Jeff, but two…double yum!
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    Re: 8/20 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Move Over OGG, Buddha's in Da House

    Thanks for the recap, lildago!
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Re: 8/20 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Move Over OGG, Buddha's in Da House

    I loved the Skippies and their paragraph! Well done, Lildago!

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    Re: 8/20 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Move Over OGG, Buddha's in Da House

    Or maybe Skippy is busy planning to dump icewater on her next time.
    That would be an excellent America's Choice - how to wake up the hamsters. Great recap, lil!
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    Re: 8/20 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Move Over OGG, Buddha's in Da House

    I've missed so much stuff and I'm just now getting caught up. Thanks for watching the LF so I don't have to!

    Great recap, as usual!
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