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Thread: 8/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: You Can't Fix Stupid

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    8/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: You Can't Fix Stupid

    **This recap covers from noon Monday to noon Tuesday, BB time**

    Hello again hardcore live feed fans! What an incredible past few days this has been in the Big Brother House! If you are like me, you were going crazy when FORT was down this past weekend. For all the weekend happenings, check out the wonderful recaps done by our amazing writers, MFWalkoff and Waywyrd. The nasty troll Chima is out of the house which gives me flashbacks of Howie chasing April around the house calling her Busto and telling her to put in her DOR. *sigh* The good ol' days. Anywho, as far as I can tell, the house is now 4 against 3. Jordan won HoH in a surprise HoH competition Saturday. Well, it was a surprise to me! On with the goods...

    As my shift begins, I'm treated to some lovely trivia. I've come to expect this from the beginning of my shift, but it looks like instead of my usual Veto Ceremony, I'm going to get Nominations. I might possibly get a Veto Competition this afternoon too. Hooray! Anyway, the feeds come back after Skippy is done taking his afternoon nap, and we find out that our dear sweet Jordan has nominated Lydia and Natalie. Lydia is on the block? You don't say! This is only her, what, 54th time on the block this season so far? I'm not surprised that Jessie's Widows are the 2 unlucky hamsters this week because Jordan still likes Kevin. Natalie whines around that it sucks to get put on the block again. Um, you were on the block for like 2 minutes on Thursday night and then like a day when Chima flipped out. Shut your mouth.

    Natalie and Lydia begin immediately planning all of the Kindergarten antics they can pull against “the other side”, but Kevin acts as the voice of reason. He tells them that they need to just play the game and keep the stupid childish stuff out of it. He put his neck on the line for them by playing delivery boy for “The Lie”. They continue to whisper and giggle and Kevin finally has had enough and tells them they haven't been listening to him and they will do what they want anyway.

    Elsewhere in the land of cuteness, sunshine, and rainbows, Jeff and Jordan both share that they believe the people in the DR are trying to keep them from putting Russell on the block this week. Jordan almost changed her mind last minute, but claims the DR put thoughts into her head on why she shouldn't put him on the block. They continue to be paranoid about “The Lie”. Jordan thinks Michele isn't being straight with them. They want to confront both Russell and Michele together to see who is lying. Wait, here's an idea... Kevin lied to you!! Jeff and Jordan are cute, adorable, and so sweet I could eat them up, but they definitely aren't the brightest. I really don't feel like either of them have a whole lot of game or strategy. Jordan isn't sure how Kevin knows everything he knows because he doesn't really talk to anyone. They talk a bit more and Jeff then declares that Michele is the one who isn't telling the truth. A rocket scientist you are not, Jeff. But hey, you aren't hard on the eyes so I guess that makes up for it.

    All smiles, as usual.

    Russell and Michele actually are talking game in another room and Russell tells her they need each other until the end. Hmm... maybe Jeff isn't as dumb as I thought he was. Russell tells Michele that if she is on the block and he wins POV, he will take her off. That Russell is an upstanding fellow, isn't he folks? Especially when he is screaming in girls' faces and nearly pushing them down steps.

    After some random chit chat between various pairings in the house, game talk is back on when Natalie tells Jeff that the people he trusts are going to be coming after him. She also claims that she isn't coming after him. I find that hard to believe. Jeff nominated her precious Meatwad and got him kicked right out the door. Natalie and Lydia have had revenge in their eyes ever since. Natalie claims that Chima was her best friend and closest ally in the house and now she's gone crazy. She also claims that she knew Jessie liked her and she used that to her advantage. I can't stand to look at Natalie. She is kind of repulsive. Natalie reveals that Jessie and Ronnie had a final 2 pact. Jeff, in all his Jeffism glory, responds that they had a deal because Ronnie wanted to have sexual relations with Jessie. Funny (and probably true). Jeff wants to know why she cried so much over Jessie if she wasn't that close with him and she tries to play it off by changing the subject to Lydia and how Lydia really likes Jessie and wants to be with him. Natalie wants to get Michele out because Michele is crazy and a liar. Natalie can't believe Jeff took Jessie out because Jessie wasn't coming after him. They wanted to get Lydia out first. Blah blah blah.

    Later, Michele and Jeff talk in the backyard and Michele tells Jeff that Russell wants to get Kevin out next. Wow, if these people aren't careful, Lydia is going to float her way to the end. She says Russell is really worried about winning POV just to be sure he is 100% safe. Paranoia runs rampant in this house. Only this time, Russell has good reason to be paranoid. Oh yeah, and apparently the Veto competition is Tuesday and it won't be on my shift. Boo.

    Jordan and Jeff meet up once again to be adorable and talk again about who is more trustworthy, Michele or Russell. They think maybe they will tell Kevin that Russell is going after him so Kevin will then want to go after Russell and not Jeff or Jordan. Jordan wants Jeff to talk to Russell to see where his head is. They really don't want Natalie to win POV. They consider putting Russell up in her place if she were to win. Jordan schemes that if Natalie goes home, maybe they can get Lydia and Kevin on their side to take out Michele and Russell. Who doesn't want an unstable Jessie worshiper on their team? Where do I sign up?

    And Russell thinks he has the lovemuscle.

    Michele comes up to the HoH for a little bit and plays some cards with Jordan. Michele leaves, and paranoia continues between Jordan and Jeff. I'm getting a little tired of recapping this same thing over and over again. They think Michele wants to sleep downstairs so she can report things to Russell. They compare Michele to Ronnie. Wow. That's harsh, guys. This is one of the first times all season I'm kind of annoyed with these two. Now it's Russell's turn to meander up to the HoH. He says that they are allowed to eat at 9 instead of midnight. Jeff leaves the HoH and Russell asks Jordan who she wants him to vote out. She doesn't want to talk about any of that until after the Veto competition. Jordan admits that she isn't used to talking game all the time, she's just used to hanging out. Russell says he has been trying to give Jordan and Jeff some alone time in the HoH, but Michele keeps hanging out with them. Jordan says that she and Jeff are just friends. (Insert the disappointing sigh heard around the world). Russell leaves and Jeff comes back. More talk ensues about how/when to talk to Jeff and Jordan. Boring.

    Jordan gets called to the DR and when she comes out, she gathers everyone in the living room. It's time for Russell's massage. He hopes he gets a hot lookin' lady. Me thinks Russell wants all his muscles massaged, including his love muscle. Eww. Sorry for saying that. While Russell is outside getting rubbed, Kevin sees that as his chance to head up to the HoH to lie some more to Jordan and Jeff. Jordan tells Kevin they have his back. Oye. Jordan tells Kevin that Russell has been pressuring them to put Kevin up. That girl has a bit of a word vomit problem. Her hair color is definitely natural, that's for sure. (I'm blonde too, so don't be offended fellow blondes!) Jordan is still considering backdooring Russell, but she's afraid Natalie will come after her or Jeff. Kevin says he can't speak for anyone else, but he definitely isn't coming after them. Jordan continues to spill her guts and makes Kevin promise not to tell Natalie and Lydia. He says he won't. Yeah, and I'm Peter Pan. I don't trust Kevin as far as I can throw him. Jordan tells Kevin a few more times that Russell keeps pushing to get Kevin out but Jordan wants to keep him. More blah blah blah, and then Kevin leaves. Jordan claims she loves Kevin, but she is pretty sure they still need to get Natalie out this week and not target Russell. Kevin runs to Lydia and Natalie and spills the beans. What a trustworthy guy. Good job, blondie.

    The evening passes pretty much like any other evening in the house. The hamsters eat, lay around, eat, and lay around some more. Michele, Russell, Jeff, and Jordan stuff their faces full of candy and cookie dough all while having various random conversations. They talk about nicknames, funny times in the house, and first impressions.

    Russell and Jeff decide to play pool while Jordan, Natalie, and Kevin loaf around the hot tub. Natalie gets into the hot tub wearing her bra and panties. They all compare notes on Jessie. Natalie spills that Jessie told her he wanted a relationship with her outside of the house. Natalie knew that Lydia was just a hook-up and that Jessie didn't really like her. Natalie is hoping not to go to the jury house this week because she doesn't care to see Jessie. Where is Natalie and what have you done with Jessie's pitbull? Jordan says she used to get mad at how Lydia and Natalie waited on Jessie and Natalie says she never made him food and Kevin immediately corrects her. Ah, how quickly we forget that we were once Jessie's bitch. Natalie claims that she played Jessie more than he played her. Lydia says she can't help it she has a heart and leaves in a huff.

    Hey look. It's Captain Crazy!

    It's almost bedtime in hamster land, but first everyone plays about a bazillion games of cards. Lydia gets called to the DR and laughs when she comes out because the DR basically asked about Natalie and Lydia figuring out that Jessie was a jerk. Michele heads to bed, and she actually doesn't sleep in the HoH. Normally I'd be excited about the Jeff and Jordan alone time, but I know they are just going to use it to talk about the same thing they've been talking about all day long.

    Up in the HoH, Jeff and Jordan use playing cards to make a calendar and review all of the events that have happened and on what day in the house. He admits to Jordan that he's cranky because he feels like he always has to put on show and he wishes he had more alone time with Jordan. He says he always wants to be around her because she calms him down. Aww. Now there's the Jeff and Jordan we know and love. They decide to stick with the plan to get Natalie out and worry about Russell next week. They lay together in the bed and Jeff tells Jordan she is soft all over and he wants to make a blanket out of her. Ah, there's the old Jeff with his quirky Jeffisms. They snuggle up and fall asleep.

    The hamsters aren't too concerned with waking up, as the only people awake at 10:30am are Russell and Michele. Getting up before noon really is inconvenient, isn't it? They are in the backyard and Michele is upset because she thinks people were talking about her the night before. Russell tells her to stay strong and reminds her they are still partners. I guess she isn't too psycho to be your partner, eh Russ? Both of them agree they wouldn't throw a competition to either Jeff or Jordan because they aren't part of that pairing. They decide they should keep a little distance between themselves and maybe Jeff will snap out of whatever is bothering him. As my shift comes to an end, it appears that Michele and Russell are still the only people awake. Nice. Looks to be the start of another exciting day in Big Brother Land!

    Natalie takes her weekly bath.

    Here is a list of random stuff that happened during my shift. Enjoy.:
    • Apparently Natalie does to something other than spew venom, she also does dishes!
    • Lydia called Jordan a fat ho. If Jordan is fat, I must be a sumo wrestler!
    • Someone in the DR told Lydia that she and Natalie have to give Jessie's clothes back.
    • Michele and Russell think Jordan and Jeff have been in bad moods lately. I would be too if I had to live with Natalie.
    • Lydia thinks Natalie has an 85% chance of staying. Natalie thinks it's the other way around. Here's an equation. Natalie 50% miserable+Lydia 50% miserable= Me 100% annoyed.
    • Jordan's friends call her by her middle name, Haley, when she's moody.
    • Natalie tells Jordan that she isn't Natalie's target.
    • Chima is a hot topic as they all continue to talk about her. She's gone, she's a horrible person, get over it and move on!
    • The hamsters play card games to pass the time. Playing solitaire is bad enough. But watching someone play solitaire? Yikes.
    • After Natalie and Lydia compare notes on Jessie, watch out! Let the Jessie bashing commence! Jessie's Widows are now Jessie's Bitter Bitches.

    Thanks to ThinkPink and TheIrishEyes for the screencaps!
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    Re: 8/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: You Can't Fix Stupid

    "flashbacks of Howie chasing April around the house calling her Busto and telling her to put in her DOR. *sigh* The good ol' days"

    Ahhh, hurricane Howie, inmuture but fun to watch.
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    Re: 8/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: You Can't Fix Stupid

    Thanks for the recap, Ashley!
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Re: 8/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: You Can't Fix Stupid

    great job as usual!

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    Re: 8/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: You Can't Fix Stupid

    Thanks for the recap (especially the cap of Jeff LOL)

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    Re: 8/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: You Can't Fix Stupid

    Good morning Jeff!

    Great recap, Ashley!
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    Re: 8/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: You Can't Fix Stupid

    Ah, Busto...brings a tear to me eye!

    Great stuff!
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    Re: 8/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: You Can't Fix Stupid

    "Ah, how quickly we forget that we were once Jessie's bitch."

    HAHA they will figure it out even more when they leave the house and get back to reality.

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    Re: 8/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: You Can't Fix Stupid

    Great recap as usual. For some reason 2 of the 4 pics "exceeded my bandwidth", but luckily not the Jeff one!

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    Re: 8/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: You Can't Fix Stupid

    And Russell thinks he has the lovemuscle.
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