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Thread: Big Brother 11 8/13 recap: Bitter, Party of One? Your Jury House Is Ready

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    Big Brother 11 8/13 recap: Bitter, Party of One? Your Jury House Is Ready

    Hello dear lovemuffins! Tis I, iguanachocolate, and I know you are wondering about the lovemuffin bit – well, I am in an extraordinarily good mood, yes I am! The reason for all this happiness? Well, tonight, our dear wizard Jeff will be using his Coup d’Etat powers to rid the house of evil. Well, I hope he will as that is why the candles on my BB shrine have all been lit and the appropriate prayers have been said, though
    I did stop short of sacrificing a small animal. I love my cats and could not do without them, even for ridding the world of Jessie.

    In the aftermath of Kevin not using the Veto power on his House BFF, Lydia, Kevin says he left Lydia on the block so he would not make enemies. Lydia thinks that is bogus - you save your best friend. Chima is gloating because she really wants her arch nemesis, Russell gone. Russell knew Kevin would not use the veto on him, so he will fight and lobby his fellow hamsters til the end.

    Jessie tells Lydia he is scared. He tells us he is worried about the wizard power. Woe is Jessie – he’s lost before and he knows what it feels like – cry me a river, Pinhead. You’re not even on the block yet.

    Russ asks Jeff, hypothetically, if he was the wizard, who would he put up? Jeff says he doesn’t even know what the power is. Russ says it’s not Lydia Others say it could be Russell, Kevin thinks it is Jeff. Jeff loves having the power and thinks everyone will be surprised. Natalie says she and Jessie think it is between Jeff and Jordan and begin operation ass kiss. Natalie cannot play badminton with Jeff and Jessie whines in the pool with Jordan. Jordan wants to know why they want to be hers and Jeff’s BFF and thinks there is something scandalous going on!

    Russell tells Jessie the only way any males will win is to keep him in the house because the girls will take him out. Jessie is still whining about not be able to play in the veto. And he whines more. And whines again. Russell said he didn’t pick Jessie and he is crying about it. Jessie says Russell is kissing up to Jeff just like when he put Ronnie up and Ronnie went home. He tells Russell that he took his ability to win the game out of his hands and placed it into Russell’s. Errr, Jessie? Newsflash: this season of Big Brother is not called the Jessie Must Win Game. It’s not your consolation prize for America haring you last year. Mainly, because we still hate you this year.

    Russell asks Michele for her vote. Jessie and Natalie are worrying about Michele and Russell talking so Jessie barges into the pool room to cause trouble and to make sure Michele knows that Russell called her psycho. Jessie, her brain is about 10x the size of yours and she can remember things for more than 6 seconds. I know this is a novel concept for you. They go at each other a bit – Russ says Jessie is playing god all mighty. Russ doesn’t know who has the mystery power and he doesn’t think it will be used on him, but he is playing the game to win.

    Chima wants Russ to go out 6-0 – she’ll dance on his grave. Jessie says Russell needs to be talking to Julie. Chima blowhards that if Jeff wants to see a wild animal, there will be drama and it will be directed at him. She’s 99.9% sure Jeff has the mystery power.

    Julie wants to know who is nervous about right now, and Kevin says he isn’t, since he holds the PoV and cannot be put up by the Wizard. He hopes Lydia can forgive him and she reluctantly says it can only make them stronger. They all applaud themselves for making it to the halfway point: they will all be either the final two or will be in the Jury house. Julie wants Natalie to tell her what the most surprising thing is and Natalie says it is the boredom and Julie is surprised she could say that and wants to bring cameras to her house. Jeff says the most difficult thing is the tension and that you think you have everything all figured out when you arrive but you don’t, every day is a ‘mind ****’ and Julie thanks him for not filling in the blank.

    We meet Chima’s grandma and she tells us that she raised Chima while her mom was doing her basic training for the Navy. Chima says she is being herself and Kevin calls her ‘divalicious’ and Chima says she is not a diva, she is just slightly high maintenance. Cue the montage of Chima’s demands on Big Brother and her fellow houseguests. Chima says she is very strong and won’t let a man bully anyone of her friends. Cue the montage of Chima arguing with Russell and her grandmother admonishing the tv that Chima should be listening a little more and not be so sure of her own judgment. Grandma is not happy with her grandbaby. She doesn’t like that it has gotten ugly. She says that Chima is an open book and what you see is what you get. Well, then, I am glad it’s not a book I have to read on a daily basis.

    Chima and Julie talk up in the HoH room: Julie wants to know how they became mortal enemies and Chima says that Russ was talking behind her back and bullying them and she has no regrets about anything she said to him or about him. She claims that when she argues she rather stick to the issues. I crack up with laughter at that. Julie wants to know if the mystery power has affected her game and Chima said no, she just wants Russell out.

    And here it is folks, will Jeff use the Coup d’Etat? Julie asks and we here a little ‘aaahhhhhh’ like voices from the heavens when Jeff stands and says that he is the wizard and he will be using the power. Julie explains that Jeff can overthrow the HoH and change one or both of her nominees. Neither the HoH nor the PoV winner can be put up and both Chima and Jeff will be able to compete in the HoH competition coming up. Jeff takes Lydia off the block and puts Natalie up and then takes Russell off the block and puts Jessie up. Jessie takes off his polo shirt and reveals a tee shirt underneath that says “The Man, The Myth, The Pinhead”. At least that is how I read it. Jeff says that these two have had the run of the house and haven’t had to feel the pain of being on the block and so that is why he used the power. Enjoy!
    Natalie says a non descript speech and however Jessie does surprise me and tells Jeff it is the best move he has made so far.

    The voting goes like this: Lydia and Russell evict Natalie, Jordan, Michele and Kevin evict Jessie. Rejoice in the Wizard powers as Jessie is evicted!
    Julie delivers the news and America rejoices. He leaves feigning hilarity but practically beats up on the audience as he makes his way to Julie’s hot seat.

    Chima says America did it to him again and that is the truth. She then overhears Jeff saying something about keeping his word and says that he knew about the power and declares she will have to be talking to the producers about that and goes to loudly console a weeping Lydia when Jeff tries to explain what he meant.

    Jessie blames America for not liking him last year for his eviction. Julie wants to know why he didn’t try to talk to Jeff more rather than sleep for twelve thirteen hours a day. Jessie says it would have been pointless and says something about being a sports entertainer. Yeah, if by entertainer you mean we’ll be laughing at you as you wash the jock straps of real athletes, then yes, you’ll be entertaining. Julie congratulates him on making it further than he did last year and the tool is gone from our lives, with the exception of the passing glimpses of him in the Jury house. I will make sure to be looking away when those threaten my screen.

    The HoH competition is one of those that pairs two houseguests against each other with questions as to whether a competition was an HoH, Have Not or PoV. The first pairing is Kevin against Lydia, which Kevin wins and then looks to Chima who points to Jeff and Russell. Jeff wins and puts up Chima and Natalie. Chima wins and puts up Jordan and Jeff. Jeff wins this and puts up Chima and Kevin. Kevin wins and puts up Jeff and Michele. Michele wins and goes against Kevin and Michele wins the HoH!

    So, who will Michele put up? Which side of the house is she really aligned with? All will be told on Sunday’s show when the nominations are shown. See you then!
    A good book should leave you... slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading it. ~William Styron, interview, Writers at Work, 1958

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    Re: Big Brother 11 8/13 recap: Bitter, Party of One? Your Jury House Is Ready

    cry me a river, Pinhead. .
    You crack me up.

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