Howdy, Big Brother fans. I’m under the time crunch again this week, but wanted to weigh in on the world’s most pointless veto ceremony and all sorts of other non-important events that happened on Tuesday’s show. Head of Household Chima had nominated her nemesis Russell and perpetual block-dweller Lydia. Everyone is wondering who holds the mysterious “wizard power” that could change the game.

Since the last episode it seems that the houseguests have been informed that the Head of Household (Chima) and the Power of Veto winner (TBD) are both safe from whatever powers the wizard holds. Jessie, as I’ve mentioned in prior weeks, seems to be a much smarter player than he was last year. He seems to have figured out that Jeff holds the wizard power, even though Russell hasn’t clued in on that and Jordan is clueless. Jordan’s cluelessness is a given, but apparently Jeff is not sleep-talking about his wizardly-like power. Either that, or he said he holds the “coup de etat” which Jordan had no idea what it means, but thinks Jeff should be tested for STDs.

With Jessie suspecting that Jeff holds the wizard power, the stakes are even higher for Jessie to participate in the Veto Contest. He mentions this to Chima in hopes that she will pick him to participate if she gets “houseguest choice.” Chima does not, as she draws Natalie’s name from the bag. Lydia gets “houseguest choice” and picks Kevin. In an event I’ve never noticed before, there is actually two “houseguest choice” discs in the bag and Russell also has his choice. Now Russell is stuck with a dilemma, does he pick Jessie to appear loyal to his old alliance (of which Chima is a member and who happened to put him on the block), or does he opt for Jeff. He picks Jeff, and Jessie is visibly upset. Either that or he is just reliving old memories of being in the gorilla costume last season – good times.

The Veto Contest was a novel idea. The contestants are dressed like chickens, and need to navigate a dozen real eggs about 5 -6 feet through a chicken wire fence. So they need to crouch over, pick up an egg with one hand sticking through the fence, and then pass it to their other hand just a few inches up, and keep switching hands through the fence to get it to the opening. Then carry the egg across a bacon-shaped platform and put it on a rack. The first one to get 12 unbroken eggs into the rack wins. Russell and Kevin are both doing well. Russell tries to psych out Kevin, seeing if he can make Kevin drop his egg, but Kevin wins. Lydia is excited, thinking that her best bud Kevin will use the Power of Veto to save her.

All season Kevin has been the most quiet and under-the-radar openly gay contestant I’ve ever seen on a reality show. Maybe it’s his fear of making Marcellus’ mistake when he famously got over-confident and failed to use the power of golden veto to save himself. Maybe he really doesn’t like Lydia that much, or thinks his odds of winning may actually be better without her in the house. Maybe he’s terrified that Chima will yell at him for upsetting her nominations. Maybe he thinks Jessie won’t be his best best buddy if he takes Lydia off the block, even though she isn’t the jock clique’s real target anyway. Maybe he’s just a weenie. Whatever the reason, Kevin didn’t use the veto, and his best bud Lydia stays on the block. I really don’t think he would have risked anything, as he was safe for the week by virtue of winning the POV, and he isn’t really going to move up on anyone’s list of favorites doing this. By not using it, he showed himself to be not at all loyal to his best friend. Not cool.

Well, that was pretty much it for this episode. Thursday’s could be very interesting if Jeff decides to use the wizard power and shake up the whole house.