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Thread: 8/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: A Bad Case of the Mondays

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    8/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: A Bad Case of the Mondays

    **This recap covers from noon Monday to noon Tuesday, BB Time**

    You know, the thing that bugs me the most about the houseguests this year is the fact that they sleep all day. All. Freakin. Day. I mean really. Is it THAT exhausting to wake up at 9am and stay awake for more than 3 hours before taking a nap? Walking from bedroom to bathroom to kitchen can really suck that energy out of ya!

    As my shift begins, I'm assuming that everyone is back to sleep already. Well, everyone except for Michele, Chima, and Jeff because those are the only 3 I can see roaming around. Lazy hamsters. Not long after, the houseguests are put on outside lockdown. Oh joy, it looks like the veto ceremony is going to be coming up soon! Absolutely nothing happens after the hamsters are in the backyard. I mean really. Do something!! The feeds go to trivia which is the usual Monday afternoon sign that the veto ceremony is indeed going on.

    Seriously guys. It wasn't me who farted. Guys?

    It turns out that Kevin did not use the veto, just as we all had pretty much suspected. I'm a little confused by this move because everyone already knows that Kevin and Lydia are bffs in the house. Why not take his friend off and keep himself safe in the process? Maybe Meatwad Jessie has finally torn the offbeats apart. Chima tells Kevin that by not using the veto, it keeps him and Lydia off the radar. She also thinks that Kevin and Lydia will be buddies again once Russell leaves the house. I'm going to laugh so hard on Thursday when Russell DOESN'T leave the house. She continues to rip on Russell. He bullies, befriends, then backstabs people. Yada yada. Chima good Russell bad, etc. Chima is also pissed that Natalie never follows the rules and BB constantly yells at Natalie but she doesn't listen. Lydia and Jordan join Chima and Kevin in the backyard. Chima keeps chirping about Russell and how he's a bad, bad boy. Jordan says Russell is following her around and comments that he was definitely wasted last night.

    Wow, this afternoon is probably one of the most boring, slow-moving, and painful I've had on my shift yet. In other news, it's August 10. Not only is it my birthday (shameless personal plug) but it's also Kaysar's birthday. WHAT UP KAYSAR! Ooops, sorry. I start to ramble when nothing is going on in the house. Wake up, it's list time!!
    • Chima and Lydia think Jeff is the Wizard because he gets called to the DR more than anyone. They really do have a point.
    • The hamsters lay around, shower, eat, then lay around some more. Seriously. This is bad. Let's put Jessie in a gorilla suit and let him run around or something. Or let's grease the floors and watch people fall down. Come on BB, I want to see action even if it involves people falling. Maybe a fall will knock some sense into some of them.
    • Jeff complains that his shorts are getting too loose and they keep falling down. He asks Jordan if his crack is showing again and tells her to “Let a brother know when it's out”. Oh honey, keep losing that weight. We don't mind one bit. *drool*
    • Jordan really is an idiot. I love the girl, but wow. She can't cut a pineapple and can't determine whether something is a peach or nectarine. She's lucky she's pretty because she's definitely a few eggs shy of a dozen.
    • Lydia finds a blow up pool raft in the storage room. That doesn't sound like it will bring much excitement to these slugs. No thanks, BB!
    • Jordan and Lydia clean out the refrigerator. Exciting stuff. I think they found Lydia's dignity hidden behind the expired milk. Sorry folks, I can only work with what they give me... and today it's nothing!
    • Monday's Skippy is no better than the weekend Skippy. We have all 4 feeds on Jordan then all 4 feeds on Chima then all 4 feeds on Lydia. Watch this Skippy. Yeah, it's all 4 feeds on my middle finger.
    • Chima is still spewing her “girl power” crap. I might be on board with this, except the last time a female won the show was in Season 6 when wonderful Maggot took home the prize money. I'm having flashbacks this season.
    • Russell asks Jordan if she would save him if she had the Wizard power. She says yes, if she had it.
    • BB gives the houseguests some Play-doh. I guess watching the hamsters make useless and/or dirty sculptures is better than nothing.

    Jeff can't stand to look at Natalie's unwashed hair anymore, so he begins to poke his eyes out.

    Queen Chima holds court in the HoH with peasant Michele. I can't keep up with the relationship between these two. Are they friends? Do they hate each other? I don't know. I think it changes daily, or hourly really. Anyway, Chima says she will never vote for a male to win the game. We know, chicks rule, yada yada. She noticed that Jeff hasn't come up to the HoH to hang out, but Jordan has. Chima doesn't like to feel terrorized and walk on pins and needles, etc etc. Russell is horrible, Russell is bad, etc. The girls make fun of Ronnie's eviction speech and how he said Michele is the worst human being ever. Chima realizes that Ronnie kept her in the house with his vote and she wouldn't be there without him. The girls think Russell goes around picking fights with people to make the other person look bad. Michele didn't vote to keep Ronnie in the house because he was never straight with her and she just wanted him to be honest. The sleepover party is broken up when Chima is called to the DR.

    After Chima is done in the DR, she finds the other 2 rodents in her alliance, Jessie and Natalie. Jessie is worried that he could be going home this week. He thinks it's crap that people in his alliance have had HoH two weeks in a row but he still isn't safe. Chima tells Jessie and Natalie they should both be outside talking to Jeff (in case he has the Wizard power) instead of laying around inside the house. Chima tells Jessie that Jordan told her that Russell is annoying Jordan and following her around but it doesn't matter because Russell's going home. Jessie then thinks maybe Jeff still wants Russell to go home. Jessie is convinced that either Jeff or Jordan has the power. Chima is pretty sure Jordan doesn't have it because she isn't a good liar. Awww, poor Jordan. But like I said before, it's a good thing she's pretty.

    I think Kevin is starting to migrate toward the dark side because he jumps head first into the Russell/Jeff bashing party that Natalie and Chima are having. Kevin claims he heard Jeff ask Russell why he should save him. Chima thinks that Jeff and Jordan are only nice to Russell so he won't flip out on them, but she's pretty sure they are going to vote him out.

    Elsewhere in the house, Lydia is really going to town on making the houseguests out of Play-doh I'm really not surprised she's good at arts and crafts type stuff. Chima comes out to the kitchen area and complains that her Play-doh person is too dark. In the backyard, the man squad is holding court. Russell is out there, along with Jeff. They start talking about how the votes will go and begin to go over different events that happened on different days in the house. It appears they are prepping for something that might come up during an HoH competition. I guess Jessie has found his opportunity to suck up to and make awkward conversation with The Wizard, because he comes waltzing over. They start to play pool and make small talk. Jeff leaves, and Jessie whines to Russell that not being picked by him to play in the POV was a slap in the face. Russell tells him to put aside his pride (yeah right) and focus on winning the game. Russell tells Jessie he wasn't sure if Jessie would have tried to win the POV. Russell also plays it off like he's just trying to trick everyone. He thinks Jessie will be be able to get info from Chima if she doesn't think Jessie and Russell are still tight. Jessie believes he has never done anything to wrong Jeff. Russell tells Jessie that if Russell leaves, there's no way Jessie is going to win the game. Big ego much? Okay, I'm done with this. Let's check out the Play-doh party!

    Women around America long to be this towel.

    Inside, the busy hamsters are still working on their “mini me” houseguests. Jeff is making a beach ball and a UCLA hat. Chima wants her person to have on some designer shoes. This Play-doh thing is actually pretty funny. Jessie makes Natalie a ring but it breaks right away. Lydia makes a huge diamond ring for Queen Chima.

    The late, late night passes without much happening. I can't believe it. I usually get a crazy drama filled Monday-Tuesday shift. Tonight I get Play-doh. Jeff and Jordan talk about her family and how her mom and dad don't get along. Her dad caused her family to lose their house and her mom was really depressed for awhile. Not long after, Jordan got the call for BB and told her mom everything happens for a reason. Aww. This conversation is really cute... oh wait. Jordan was scratching Jeff's back and he took her hand, put it on his butt, and farted into it. That was real smooth. They think that Jessie and Russell are both kissing their asses because the Meatwads assume either Jeff or Jordan has the power. The conversation ends and Jeff heads toward the have not room where Michele is already moaning. It's sleepy time (again) in BB land.

    Kevin is the first one up the next morning, followed by Lydia. Kevin and Lydia are in the kitchen and she tells him that Russell told Jeff that once Russell is gone, the whole house is going to be gunning for Jeff and Jessie. Follow that? This so and so told so and so about so and so stuff is always confusing to me. BB gives the morning wake up call around 8:15, but the only people we see get up are Chima and Russell. BB then announces an outside lockdown. That will get them out of bed! Good thinking. Well, maybe not. The hamsters move from being lazy inside to being lazy outside. Sheesh.

    Jeff and Jordan play cutesy in the hammock. He pokes fun at her for having hairy legs. He tells her she better shave or she is going to start tripping over her leg hair. Lovely. Lockdown is over a short while later, and guess what everyone does? That's right! Back to bed!

    Can we exchange the real Chima for this one? This one doesn't talk.

    Jessie and Chima actually manage the strength to stay awake and talk in the HoH room. Don't hurt yourselves! Jessie tells Chima that Russell said all the girls are going to be coming after Jessie once Russell is gone. He also says that Russell did him wrong when he didn't do anything bad to Russell. Chima thinks Russell is digging his own grave. Jessie then calls Russell a ding dong. Woo... tell us how you really feel, kindergartner. He then says that Natalie is so hot. Hmm. Are we talking about the same Natalie here? The one that didn't shower for a week while on her period? The one who never combs her hair or wears any makeup? Yuck. Chima comments that Jeff doesn't like to talk game or cause drama, but if he has the power and uses it Thursday, there will be drama. Chima and Jessie continue the Russell bashing for awhile longer. She is going to tell it like it is to Russell because she doesn't care anymore. She knows Russell won't vote for her if she makes it to the Final 2.

    As my shift comes to an end, Chima and Jessie are laying in the HoH bed watching the spy screen and making fun of anyone they see on there. Ugh. I can't wait until Jessie leaves. Is it Thursday yet?

    Thanks to my gals Snapit and TheIrishEyes for the great screencappage.
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    Re: 8/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: A Bad Case of the Mondays

    I think they found Lydia's dignity hidden behind the expired milk.

    "the amount of non-drinking that goes on in this place should be illegal" - Brandi

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    Re: 8/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: A Bad Case of the Mondays

    Jeff can't stand to look at Natalie's unwashed hair anymore, so he begins to poke his eyes out.

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    Re: 8/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: A Bad Case of the Mondays

    Happy Birthday Ashley! And Kaysar!
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Re: 8/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: A Bad Case of the Mondays

    Watch this Skippy. Yeah, it's all 4 feeds on my middle finger.
    I've been feeling like that a lot lately. Great recap, Ash!
    Getting lost will help you find yourself.

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    Re: 8/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: A Bad Case of the Mondays

    What up Kaysar!
    And happy birthday Ashley!

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    Re: 8/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: A Bad Case of the Mondays

    Aww....What up Kaysar!! Thanks for that memory! Happy (late) Birthday you two! And thanks for the recap girl!
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    Re: 8/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: A Bad Case of the Mondays

    Can we exchange the real Chima for this one? This one doesn't talk.
    If only!

    Loved the recap, Ashley - and very cool that you share a b-day with Kaysar!
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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