Hey there, Big Brother fans. Sorry this recap is late, but work has been a bear and I need to get this recap up before Thursday’s recap, so it’s going to be an abbreviated recap. Tuesday wasn’t all that interesting anyway, so let’s just hit the top ten things that happened:

1. Ronnie pulls a page out of Lydia’s book and visits Russell in the Head of House room to lobby his case. He doesn’t receive as warm as a reception as Lydia usually gets in that room. Maybe it’s because Russell hates him, or just doesn’t want to share a bed with him.

2. To win Russell over to his side, Ronnie decides he should add some tears to make his heartfelt plea sound more believable. Even Russell isn’t fooled by his crocodile tears, and his silly claims that Ronnie’s wife makes him be a better person. I didn’t realize that imaginary people had those skills of persuasion.

3. Russell should audition for a role on As the World Turns after he gets out of the house as he has totally perfected the “accidentally overhearing” a conversation about you by people who say they are on your side. The folks of Oakdale have perfected this move, and Russell seems to have really good ears.

4. The show is still taking calls for the secret new power, and it seems like the producers are pulling for Ronnie to get it because they show repeated clips of Ronnie begging for votes. He does bring a lot of drama to the show.

5. Natalie and Jessie both lobby Michele to support Ronnie. Russell stated that he nominated Ronnie to see where people stand in the house. I think that should pretty much tell anyone who is interested in knowing.

6. The Power of Veto competition this week involves guessing how many items are in a collection, like guessing the number of jelly beans in a jar. The contestants write their guess on a paper, see everyone else’s guess, and then decide whether they’re willing to bet their continued participation in the contest on whether they are the closest. In addition to Russell, Lydia and Ronnie, the other players are Michele, Kevin and Jesse, with Chima hosting the competition. Michele is a good bluffer and wins the Power of Veto.

7. Ronnie turns the focus on his all-powerful weapon of persuasion towards Veto holder Michele. First he tries to convince her that saving him with the Veto is the best decision for her based on impeccable logic that what’s good for Ronnie is good for Ronnie, and that is all you need to know. Michele may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night, and she isn’t buying his line of bull. Then he resorts to petty threats. I don’t remember that chapter in How To Win Friends and Influence People.

8. Lydia and Kevin are ticked that Lydia is nominated because they had a deal with Russell. However, Kevin is secretly happy that he didn’t get a catty nomination just for being the first to drop out of the HOH contest and also winning $5,000 in the process. Kevin ends up being a “Have Not” and gets to eat all he wants squid and squash. Honestly I love calamari and squash, but I was a little disappointed that they didn’t get the braunschweiger, as I love that stuff. Mmmmmm, smoked liver sausage is awesome.

9. Chima doesn’t like that fact that Russell has been spending some time with Michele, and starts taunting them like a grade schooler. Despite the fact that we’ve all seen film of Chima suggesting her group try to get Russell out, she thinks that anyone else talking to him isn’t a close personal friend of Russell’s like she is. Apparently the food they’re giving the houseguests this year is causing some side effects, largely delusions and rampant hypocrisy.

10. At the Veto Ceremony, Ronnie sweetly says that he will respect Michele’s decision, whatever it is. Michele chooses not to use the Veto, and then Ronnie immediately goes back on his word and is an angry wet kitten in a sack, lashing about with lots of howling, but only milk teeth and tiny claws unable to inflict any real damage. Chima cozies up with Ronnie and then wonders why Russell doesn’t think they are super close. Please pass another bowl of delusional slop chili.

Join us soon for the next recap, which will reveal who wins the coup d’etat, do they use it to upset the nominations, who gets evicted, and who is the next HOH. And all we have to discuss on Tuesday shows are new variations on slop soup.