Welcome back, Big Brother friends. If you need to get caught up, please check out IguanaChocolate’s excellent recap from last Sunday’s show here: http://www.fansofrealitytv.com/forum...-pinheads.html The super-short recap of the past week and a half: Ronnie got busted playing both sides and it seemed like everyone wants him out. Jessie won HOH, and Ronnie was relieved that the one person least likely to want him out was calling the shots. Others in the house were overly confident that Ronnie was the real target, even when Jessie nominated Jordan and Michele instead of Ronnie. Ok, I think we’re caught up.

For a number of seasons, the unofficial slogan of Big Brother is Expect the Unexpected. Julie Chen even mentioned that in the first episode this season when announcing that she was “expecting” as if he hadn’t noticed by the continuing parade of the world’s least flattering and uncomfortable looking maternity wear sported by Ms. Chen every Thursday. I don’t think even “You look marvelous today, Mrs. Chen” suck-up Dan from last year would have had complimentary things to say about those outfits. So what has been unexpected this season? No interchangeable twins or lost siblings to shock us.

I think the two most unexpected surprises I’ve had all season both involve Jessie. First, as I mentioned last week, Jessie appears much more strategic than he did last summer. Maybe it helped him to be put on a “team” that can help him focus, and Natalie is perceptive enough to know that Jessie is actually a better teammate than Russell. The second Jessie surprise is that women in the house are fighting over him. Really? Natalie and Lydia both can’t even talk to each other while trying to elbow their way into Jessie’s arms. Yuck. This from a person who still doesn’t realize he’s using the female spelling of his name.

The Houseguests play a round of truth or dare which mainly involves making people go hug people that they don’t like. The “highlight” of this is Ronnie hugging a clearly not pleased Casey for a long time. Little does Casey know that this is really his high point of the whole episode.

Household Shampoo: Blather, and Repeat.

We find out that Jessie has no intention of putting Ronnie on the block, and that Casey is his real target because he mentioned that not nominating Ronnie would make Jessie a target. As usual, the nominees are clueless as to the real plan, even the supposed “pawn” whichever one or ones that is this week. Jordan (and her best bud Jeff) show their cluelessness by saying that Michele is going home if Ronnie wins the veto and can’t be the replacement veto. Michele shows her cluelessness because she talks to Ronnie and decided not to fall for his tricks when he tries to talk her into picking him for the veto ceremony if she gets her pick. She thinks this could screw up the plan to put up Ronnie as the replacement nominee. Oh, but it is not.

Jessie has other plans, and his using his HOH bachelor pad to lobby the house. Here is where Jessie exercises his feats of stratagery. He calls various houseguests into his room, including Lydia and Kevin, and tries to get their support for taking out a “bigger threat than Ronnie” by assuring them that Ronnie would not be targeting them if he’s around next week. They may guess that Russell would be the target after how he tormented Ronnie last week, but two weeks is an eternity in the Big Brother house, and Russell and Ronnie (with the assistance of Jessie, who wants to keep them both around as human shields for him) may make them best friends by then.

Veto Challenge – Truffle Hunting Pigs

For the veto challenge, the contestants dress like pigs and run through a mud filled obstacle course to find truffles which contain cards which have either numbers or prizes. They need to collect a certain number (was it 4 or 5, I can’t remember) of cards, without getting to see all of them first, and try to get the highest number of all contestants to win the Power of Veto. There is also a bonus round of cards which players can either take or decline. The bonus round cards could add numbers, subtract numbers, or be a surprise.

It’s time to figure out who is playing the veto contest this week. Jessie, Michele, and Jordan are joined by Casey, Jeff and Chima, with Natalie being a rather lame MC. Michele actually selected the “player’s choice” ball and she picked Casey, after thinking that Ronnie was the intended replacement veto target.

Michele unwittingly gives Casey the opportunity to save himself, but does he take it seriously? Obviously not, as he opts to forgo one of his number spaces in favor of keeping a card marked “Margarita Party.” No-one would nominate a guy who wins the house a Margarita Party, would they? Don’t you #$%^( let us down, Jessie. Just a little homage to the Bachelorette fans out there.

In the bonus round, Michele gets a plus card that gives her the win for the veto ceremony. Casey gets an even better card. He thinks he’s won a trip to the Bahamas, but no, he won the pleasure of wearing a banana suit for a week. Much like the famous red unitard for two seasons past, this is a fabulous prize that I think should find its way into many contests

Veto Ceremony – You Can’t Nominate the Dude In a Banana Suit Who Won a Margarita Party for the House

Michele won the power of veto, and not surprisingly, used it to save herself. Jordan stays on the block, but who will join her there? Many houseguests are hoping that it will be Ronnie, but that isn’t in Jessie’s playbook. Instead Jessie nominates Casey for having the nerve to state that not nominating Ronnie wouldn’t be popular.

The banana suit is quite fetching. Now will Casey be around long enough to wear it for a whole week, and is Casey going to have to have his interview with Julie while in the banana suit. Tune in Thursday to find out.