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Thread: 7/27 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Backdooring and Under The Cover Whoring

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    7/27 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Backdooring and Under The Cover Whoring

    **This recap covers from noon Monday to noon Tuesday, BB time**

    Hey, hey, hey live feed fans! I'm back again to fill you in on all things live feed. Casey's banana antics, Jessie and Lydia's nauseating under the covers action, and most importantly, Jeff and Jordan just sitting around being cute. Oh yeah, and there's that little matter of the veto ceremony.

    My shift begins just as the hamsters are put on outside lockdown. Oooo me thinks it's just about time for the veto ceremony! A few minutes later, we get fish and then trivia. A short while later, the feeds are back, and it's just as I had suspected. The veto ceremony was held and Michele took herself off (duh). Did Jessie pull a last minute switcharooni and nominate Ronnie or Lydia? Nope... Casey is the replacement nominee. Urgh. Another person I like is going to be out of the door. Well, out of the “back”door really.

    Casey wants his alliance members to be outraged, and as he's talking, Jeff appears outside. Jeff tells Casey it's one thing he's on the block, but apparently Jessie threw in some kind of “zinger” toward Casey. Hmm... I wonder what kind of senseless babboon babble Jessie was spewing this veto ceremony? Meanwhile, elsewhere in the house, Ronnie is all smiles as he skirted by another week thanks to his bodyguard Jessie. Ronnie digusts me. I would love to wipe that crappy grin off of his face. Blah, back to the backyard. Casey is now excited for Thursday's show because he says he has a couple of zingers to throw Jessie's way. Somehow I can't imagine they will be that scary considering Casey is dressed like a fruit. Casey admits he “gave up” during the veto competition because he thought he was safe this week.

    Apparently, Jessie conducted the veto ceremony while wearing sunglasses. That doesn't surprise me. Jeff thinks he did it because he can't look people in the eye like a man. Jordan calls Jessie a douchebag and she hopes America can see him for what he is. Yep, I see him as a giant douche/tool/pinhead/monkey, so I think I see him for what he is. Remember when America voted him out last season? I will say that Jessie does entertain me with his stupidity. He is a beautiful butterfly, remember? Jordan tells Russell that Ronnie is all about the backdooring to which Jeff replies that Ronnie wants it in the backdoor from Jessie. Bwahahaha. Jeff seriously cracks me up. He has the game of a dead fish, but boy is he a funny one.

    She just oozes class, doesn't she?

    Lydia decides it's time for a little afternoon delight and she marches herself up to Jessie's HoH room. Jessie is sleeping in bed with his headphones on, so she crawls right into bed with him. This can't lead to anything remotely non-revolting. She tries to pull their blanket skank shield over top of them, but Jessie throws it down and says he's too hot. He puts a pillow between them and turns away from her. She starts talking in a baby voice (uhh... creepy) and Jessie tells her to get out. She tells him to chill then remarks that she and Kevin had no idea what was going to happen at the veto ceremony. Lydia then asks Jessie what would happen if her clothes magically disappeared. Uh, I can probably answer that. My feeds would be shut off and I would promptly find a fork to poke my eyes out. He says if they disappear then they would disappear. Jessie asks her why she is dressed like a boy and then he tells her she looked hot at the veto competition (can't wait to see that one). She lifts the covers and tells him she isn't dressed like a boy anymore. Gross. She talks in a baby voice and asks him if he wants a Tootsie Pop or a lollipop. Is that code for not-to-be-named acts that might make me start projectile vomiting all over my screen? Jessie doesn't seem that into her and she gets up to leave, telling him she will let him nap and come back later looking like a girl. Jessie points under the covers and tells Lydia to look at what she did to him. Good Lord, I don't want to know. Lydia has apparently awakened Pinhead's Jessie pin. *shudder* She immediately hops into bed with him, covers them with the booty blanket, and it sounds like they are kissing. She is a desperate mess and Jessie loves every minute of it. She is pathetic. Not long after, she gets up and leaves.

    The revolving door of whoreness continues as Natalie enters as soon as Lydia leaves. Boy, that Jessie must be one hunk of a man in person. Maybe there's a button on my TV I need to adjust to make him look attractive. Hmm, I'll look into that. She bashes Lydia and says she hates her and hates the way she uses Jessie. If you only knew, Nat.

    I can't stand anymore Jessie, and Skippy finally gives me another viewing option! Yay, thanks buddy! Bananarama and Kevin are in the backyard. Kevin wants Casey to stay and asks if Casey thinks they can get the votes. Kevin tells Casey that if he is sure he has the numbers, Lydia and Kevin would both vote to keep him. Casey continues to chit chat with Kevin, Russell, and whoever else will listen. Casey claims he is going to call Ron a dorkapotumus on TV. That's a real zinger there.

    The hamsters once again get put on outside lockdown and nobody really says or does much of anything for quite some time.

    Some more afternoon delights:

    *Ronnie thinks his family voted for cocktail weenies because they know he loves them. If you are a weenie and eat a weenie, does that make you kind of like a cannibal?
    *Kevin thinks that he and Lydia are out of the loop and he realized they have been lied to. Alert MFWalkoff and the alliance wheel!
    *Lydia buddies up to Jordan and Jeff and comments that it would be funny if Jessie goes home in Week 4 this season like he did last season. We can only hope.
    *Jordan, Jeff, and Lydia are realizing that everyone hating Ronnie was just a big show.
    *Kevin and Jessie play chess while Lydia sleeps in the HoH room. Snooze.
    *Jordan didn't know anything at all about Big Brother before coming on the show.
    *Casey sings songs about being in a banana suit. We don't get fishies because they aren't real songs. Casey is a strange one, but I like him.
    *Casey thinks his wife is hot. Imagine that. Marrying someone you find attractive. What a concept.
    *Somebody clogged the toilet. Again. Russell wonders who keeps taking 'explosive dumps'. They blame it on Ronnie.
    *Casey doesn't care about the game anymore and says in his mind he is already home.
    *Jeff asks if they are having 'sad burgers' and 'cheese cries' for dinner. Okay, Jeff. Usually I think you are funny, but that was pretty lame.
    *Casey, Jeff, and Jordan talk about the live feeds and message boards. They aren't sure people they know will pay for the live feeds, but they are sure Laura is watching them.

    A lonely banana looks around for the rest of the fruit salad.

    The rest of the evening is just as dull as the afternoon. Seriously. My past 2 shifts have been full of drama, fights, and all sorts of craziness. This shift is a full on snoozer. Russell is whining about his head because apparently he hit it while diving into the pool. Chima, being the good pathetic latch-on that she is, rubs it for him. He promises Chima he will teach her to play chess. Hey, any activity that keeps her mouth closed is good with me. Casey sings more banana songs and does impressions of the houseguests. He struts through the yard pretending to be Natalie. Natalie almost outs her true age by commenting that Obama spoke at the school she went to. She then corrects herself and says he spoke at the school she is going to go to. Nobody even notices and they continue on with their evening of boring nothingness. Seriously folks, there is like absolutely nothing going on. The hamsters are even visibly bored. They are just laying around, going in and out of the hot tub, munching on food, playing pool, and verbally whining about how bored they are. I hear ya.

    Jessie, Natalie, and Chima think it might be fun to play practical jokes on the other hamsters. They want to do stuff like move furniture around or hide different items. They talk about hiding some food and they even contemplate taking down the backyard hammock and hiding that.

    If I'm going to be this bored, I might as well listen in on what Jordan and Jeff are talking about. It won't take too long for Jeff to say something hilarious or Jordan to say something completely idiotic. I might get a little chuckle out of it. She tells Jeff that she tries to flirt with Russell a little bit but only to benefit herself in the game. She tells Jeff to be nice to everyone. Jeff hopes that either he or Jordan will win HoH this week so they can go on a crazy power trip. Jordan claims Russell assured her that Kevin and Lydia will be out of the house before Jordan. Jordan also tells Jeff if he wins HoH, she'll be in his room with him because they are a package. Aww. Don't you just get the warm and fuzzy puppy and kitty rainbow gum drop feelings when you watch these two?

    Later, Natalie assures Jordan that she isn't going home this week. Pretty much everyone is hanging around in the backyard chit chatting about movies and whatever else. Jessie is asleep on the backyard couch. Lydia tells everyone to be quiet because she wants to paint Jessie's toenails while he is asleep. Wow, these people must be bored. Lydia does indeed paint Jessie's toenails a lovely shade of pink while everyone else laughs and laughs. Eventually, the jock strap wakes up and Lydia starts talking in her baby voice again. Ugh, shut up. He says he is hungry and she volunteers to make him some food. Of course. Jessie has these dumb girls waiting on him hand and foot. He eventually notices his toenails and laughs. I'm surprised he can see his feet with the massive size of his pecs blocking the view. Nobody admits to the nail polish caper, but eventually Ronnie spills the beans that it was Natalie. Yeah, like it could have been anyone else. Nobody in their right mind would go near his feet. Eww.

    Tough guys wear pink..... nail polish.

    Ronnie, Michele, and Chima are hanging out in the bedroom when Ronnie decides to start cracking jokes about Jordan's boobs. He says she has to take at least second place to pay off her boobs. He can't believe she paid money for them because they look awful. Sorry that they aren't cartoon/anime boobs like you are used to, Ronman. Chima actually sticks up for Jordan and says she thinks Jordan's boobs look good. Michele then tells Ronnie and Chima how Kevin approached her and asked her to join an alliance with Kevin, Lydia, Jeff, and Jordan. Shut up Michele! Ronnie the snake slithers upstairs to spill this newfound info to his rat buddies Jessie and Natalie. Ronnie tells Jessie he is starting to trust Michele, so King Jessie summons for this possible new alliance mate. Michele makes her way up to the HoH and Queen Natalie declares that Michele shall now become part of their team!

    Apparently these hamsters don't like to sleep when they are supposed to, because around 4am, some of them are still awake. Here are some late night highlights:
    *Lydia wants Natalie gone. Nothing new here. She wants the title of #1 ho.
    *Lydia and Casey don't trust Michele.
    *Chima wants BB to move Jordan to the offbeats team so they can all be put on slop.
    *Natalie asks Jessie why he talks to Lydia. I don't think he likes her mouth for talkin' reasons, honey.
    *Jessie is frustrated that he hangs out with Natalie all the time but can't have her.
    *Natalie got a bronze medal in the Junior Olympics in Greece.

    Eventually, Natalie goes to bed. Jessie claims he is going to go to bed and lock the HoH door, but instead he goes trolling for Lydia. She whines and bitches more about Natalie. She says Jessie and Natalie were being loud and rude while everyone else was trying to sleep. She bitches about Jessie and Natalie leaving dirty dishes everywhere. Lydia then complains that Jessie always sticks up for Natalie, wah wah wah. Lydia tells Jessie that their relationship is so love/hate. I think it's more like bed/hate, but what do I know? It appears as though Lydia will do anything to get back “in” with Jessie, as she is now throwing her best friend under the bus. She tells Jessie that Kevin said Jessie gets the girls in the house to do his dirty work. Oh yeah, and she's talking in that damn baby voice. I wish everyone else wasn't asleep because I cannot stand these two. Finally, when the rest of the world is awaking for the day, these two decide to go to sleep. May my ears and eyes finally rest in peace.

    Yes Jordan, I'd cover my eyes if I saw Russell cradling his lovemuscle, too.

    The other hamsters are awakened around 8am by Big Brother's wakeup call. The drama begins early as Natalie confronts Kevin in the shower. She tells him that she heard he is targeting her. He denies it and asks who told her this information. She won't tell. She then retreats to the HoH room where Jessie, and Chima are camped out. Jessie isn't happy that Natalie confronted Kevin and says now he has a reason to come after them. Natalie finds Kevin again and tries to cover her tracks by saying she heard this info awhile ago. He says someone is trying to stir things up, probably Ronnie. Queen Gnat goes back up to her chambers and the little HoH crew decides they should tell Kevin that Casey told them the info to be sure that Kevin votes Casey out. I hope Kevin gets HoH this week and puts up Natalie and Jessie. It will be nice to finally see the Jock Strap team stir a little bit.

    As my shift comes to an end, a few of the hamsters have actually gone back to sleep. Boy, 3 hours sure is a long time to be awake! Lazy, lazy. The others are in the backyard lounging. This looks to be the start to another exciting day!!

    Thanks to JustJuls, TheIrishEyes, and ThinkPink for the screencaps!
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    Re: 7/27 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Backdooring and Under The Cover Whoring

    Thanks for the recap, Ashley!
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Re: 7/27 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Backdooring and Under The Cover Whoring

    Ronnie thinks his family voted for cocktail weenies because they know he loves them. If you are a weenie and eat a weenie, does that make you kind of like a cannibal?
    Good stuff, Ash! Great recap!
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    Re: 7/27 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Backdooring and Under The Cover Whoring

    Aw, poor Casey at the table all alone.

    Fun recap, Ashley - thanks!
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