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Thread: 7/23 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : The Rat's Reprieve

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    7/23 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : The Rat's Reprieve

    The usual Thursday HoH lockdown was more fun than ever. Ronnie sat with his headphones on, eyes closed. The others cracked rat jokes and took swipes at him the whole time. Everyone(except Ronnie, of course) was joining in and having a good time. By the chatter in the house, it seems Laura is going to be evicted with a 9-0 vote. Considering how well she knows the game, it’s a little surprising she hasn’t fought a little harder to stay in the house. She could have campaigned hard that Jordan is the sweetheart adored by everyone and dismissed as a non-threat, thus making her a danger in the end. But…there’s no fight in Laura, only resignation.

    So Laura was indeed evicted and Jesse is back in power. Yes, I threw up in my mouth a little bit at the thought of another week with Jesse as HoH. Good thing he has a pin-sized head or it wouldn’t fit through the HoH door. His ego is the only thing bigger than his biceps and now it’s inflated even more. After the live show, there is some confusion again about the lone vote that went against the majority….who is the rat this time? Of course, Natalie denies it. They all raise their hands to say they voted to evict Laura. Talk then turns to who Laura hugged on her way out the door. Natalie is pissy because she didn’t get one. She should be more upset about how dumb she looked on national TV with that bandana around her head.

    Jesse and Natalie play chess while talking about nominations….already! Dumb-dumb Jesse forgets that they all agreed the HoH would chose nominations on his/her own and still thinks they’re drawing straws. Natalie reminds him. Jesse wants to put up Jordan and Michele and backdoor Casey or maybe Lydia. He’s sweating it because Lydia is in good with everyone in the house. Natalie thinks that Jeff will come after him if he puts up Jordan. What would he do without Natalie to be his brain?

    Chima tells Michelle that she thinks Jesse may be thinking of keeping Ronnie. Michele agrees. She thinks we’re in store for some serious drama since she’s seen some stealth whispering with Jesse’s crew. Michele tells Chima that she wasn’t the rat vote and Chim says she believes her. Even Jordan noticed and commented on how happy Ronnie was that Jesse got HoH. If these people had two brain cells to rub together, they’d be able to put it all together. Casey gets called to the DR which makes Chima suspicious of him. Meanwhile, Nat meets with Ronnie to let him know he’s safe. Jordan sees them talking and she and Jeff agree that Jesse and Russell need to go. Jeff coaches her on stepping up her game.

    A blow up between Natalie and Lydia is definitely brewing. The tension is thicker than Ronnie’s mid-section. Lydia has been all over every comment Natalie makes all night. Natalie thinks Lydia should be called out on some of the things she’s said and Jesse is trying to prevent it. He thinks it will weaken his game because the focus will be on him. Natalie, however, insists that Lydia is jealous and trying to break up their alliance. She doesn’t think Jesse should put up Jordan because Jeff will come after him. She thinks Lydia should go up. The girls also butt heads over the bed situation…yeah, they were fighting over beds. Lydia has decided she’s not sharing a bed anymore and wants Michele to sleep with Natalie instead. Natalie rudely refuses. Lydia blows up over it and walks out slamming the door. Russell tells her she can have his bed and he’ll sleep in the torture tomb room because he sleeps like a tank anyway. Aw, Russ has a nice guy moment. Lydia declines saying she’s going to stay up all night.

    So…she does stay up all night…cleaning the house to take out her aggression, she says. Actually, she’s pitifully waiting for Natalie to leave the HoH room so she can join Jesse(recapper’s opinion…Jeff and Casey agree). Natalie seems to be staying put, trying to wait Lydia out. She and Jesse discuss nominations over and over and over. It’s circular and tiring and they keep coming back to the same options. Jesse briefly comes down and has a short talk with Lydia. They make plans to get together later and Lydia tells him to hurry back up because he shouldn’t keep the child waiting. She tosses out a few other comments about Natalie and has Jesse backpedaling. Oh, it’s going to be good when those Lydia and Nat go at each other. *evil laugh* With all the jealousy-driven nasty comments floating around, it’s just a matter of time.

    Natalie finally leaves and Lydia beats it upstairs as fast as she can. She hops under the covers with Jesse and starts using that cutesy baby voice she has. Jesse quickly calls her on it and thankfully, tells her to knock it off. It doesn’t take her long to start bashing Natalie. Jesse deflects most of it, calls Lydia on her fake crying when he mentions maybe using her as a pawn, and then gives her a list of sore muscles so she can rub him. Ick! It seems Jesse is on to Lydia’s games and the poor me act, but he either enjoys hanging out with her or he’s using her. Or both. He tells Lydia not to talk to Natalie. Earlier, he told Natalie not to talk to Lydia. Something tells me these girls won’t listen. Jesse tries to sell his nomination plan to Lydia. She lets him know that everyone will be pissed if he doesn’t put up Ronnie. They talk a bit about persuading everyone and she heads downstairs. She tells him to dream of baby unicorns(WTF?) and leave the door unlocked in case she wants to come up and sleep with him.

    Points to Ponder
    • Casey thinks everyone is starstruck with Jesse and afraid to nominate him.
    • At first, Michele was the prime suspect for “rat” sympathy vote to evict Jordan. Suspicion then turns to Casey.
    • Chima tells Russ he looks like Dirk Diggler with the moustache. Michele, the super freak, giggles about it.
    • Lydia wants some wake up music that doesn’t get Casey excited. She’d like the Clash or the Ramones. Nice choices, Lydia.
    • If anyone cares, Chima lets us know that she’s loud during sex. What I want to know is if there’s ever a time she isn’t loud.
    • Hey feedwatchers…ever notice how black the bottom of Lydia’s feet are?
    • Ronnie gets called to the DR before Jesse and Chima thinks that’s because he’s America’s Player. Puhleeze! I’d rather have Eric back before Ronnie represents me.
    • 2007 was a bad year for Jordan…her parents divorced, lost their house, she went through a bad breakup…and turned to drugs. She smoked marijuana and did cocaine for a while. So that’s where all the brain cells went.
    • Lydia swears she won’t take a cold shower if her team is the Have Not team of the week. She says she just won’t shower all week.
    • During the Great Bed Debate last night, Chima told Russ he could sleep with her. He said he better not or he might get carried away. The flirting is endless with these two.

    Before the morning wake up call(which was Metallica, by the way), Lydia did slip into bed with Jesse. She snuggled up beside him and there was lots of movement under the covers. Thank OGG for those covers and also for the night cams…I’d like to keep the omelet I had for breakfast down.

    Since these people can’t just chill, the morning starts with more game talk. Jesse fills Nat in on his talk with Lydia. They pull Chima in to get her on board with putting Michele and Jordan on the block. They need her to get around not sending Ronnie home to his Xbox. Chima says it’s more beneficial for her if Casey goes home, not Ronnie. Also, they agree that Lydia has to go soon because she has no enemies in the house. No one trusts her completely. Lots of rehash going on…so in a nutshell, it boils down to this…Jesse is going to stick to the original NBK alliance plan and keep Ronnie. He wants to put up Jordan and Michele with a backdoor for Casey.

    At the close of my shift, Jesse is basically holding court with Natalie at his side. She’d make a better queen for King Kong if she brushed her damn hair though. Jesse is calling everyone in and asking the same two questions….Why do you want Ronnie up? How will it benefit you? Each person is also getting an anti-Casey speech. He’s clearly setting the stage to keep Ronnie in the house and backdoor Casey.

    Lots of people don’t care for this season but I’m telling you, these feeds(and these houseguests) are chock full of crazy.

    Big thanks to JustJuls for the Jordan and Kevin screencaps.
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    Re: 7/23 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : The Rat's Reprieve

    The tension is thicker than Ronnie’s mid-section.
    Good stuff, lil...your last caption is hilarious!
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    Re: 7/23 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : The Rat's Reprieve

    Quote Originally Posted by lildago;3607931;
    Lots of people don’t care for this season ...[/I]
    You're right!

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    Re: 7/23 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : The Rat's Reprieve

    I love your captions! Hysterical!
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