Welcome back, Big Brother friends, to this season’s second Veto Tuesday. If you missed Sunday’s episode, check out IguanaChocolate’s excellent recap here: http://www.fansofrealitytv.com/forum...-s-return.html Last week we had a list of memories from seasons past that we would like to veto. I nominate that we add Russell’s new beard to the list. I’m not sure why anyone who intentionally create a beard like that, but I’ve heard that the Village People are reuniting and looking for a new construction worker, so maybe he’s trying to audition for the role. Young man, if you get booted from the Big Brother House, there’s a place you can go. You can stay at the YMCA. I’m sure someone living at the Y would loan you a razor.

The Popular Clique Dissected.

We get some out-of-sequence shots which show us that the remaining popular clique members, Jordan and Laura are friends, but they are rather far apart on the intelligence and common sense scale. Jeff tries unsuccessfully to teach Jordan how to tell time on a clock with a face. That’s a non-digital clock, which are usually round and have a “big hand” and a “little hand” for anyone who didn’t have the “how to tell time” lesson in grade school. The concept of “quarter to” and hour and “quarter after” were just beyond Jordan’s comprehension. Jordan seems like a sweet girl, but she’s coming off as the living incarnation of every dumb blonde joke I’ve ever heard.

By contrast, Laura is a lot smarter than her big fake assets would indicate, as she has pegged Ronnie as the vote switching weasel that got Braden kicked out last week. Whatever cleverness quotient Laura accumulated with that deduction was immediately erased, however, when she shares her suspicions with all the wrong people and it immediately gets back to Ronnie. That makes Laura the main target for eviction, unless someone else makes an extremely bone-headed move. That’s your cue, Russell.

Russell’s ‘Roid Rage.

Ronnie scurries off to bed like a rat hiding his ill-gotten cheese. Folks immediately start talking strategy, and Lydia cozies up to Jessie for some monkey grooming and mutual flattery. Lydia’s existence too close to Russell’s Big Brother idol proves enough irritation to Russell to cause him to go off on her. He’s yelling like a felon, screaming like a demon, and pretty much lost his cool like a fool. Lydia follows the conventional wisdom to not let an adverse event pass without profiting from it, so she cries and whines until everyone comes to comfort her.

The next day, pretty much everyone but Russell talks to Ronnie. They want Ronnie to put up Russell should the veto be used. Ronnie, not one to state any potentially controversial statement openly, makes sure that Jessie and Natalie would be ok with losing their hot-headed clique-mate. So it looks like the fix is in for Ronnie’s deal with the athletes and it all depends on the Veto Challenge. But will shadow-lurker Ronnie actually have the fortitude to tell Russell that he’s on the block?

Pennies From Heaven Veto Challenge.

This week’s veto challenge involves big fountains of currency raining down on the contestants, who then need to scoop up an amount closest to the target amount to win the round. The furthest from the target total in each round is eliminated. Our players are Ronnie, Russell, Jeff, Laura, Natalie and Casey. There are four rounds: quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.

Jeff wins the first round and is offered the opportunity to take one of three mystery bags in exchange for dropping out of the veto competition. Jeff declines, wisely avoiding the curse of arrogance that sometimes causes people on the block to not zealously go after the power of veto for themselves.

Ronnie is horribly, horribly off base and loses in the first round. Michele (is she still on this show?) thinks that Ronnie was losing on purpose and doing it too obviously. Some viewers in my house didn’t think he was losing on purpose, just that he’s an idiot. I thought he was smirking and goofy enough that he was blowing it on purpose. I also think that he was trying to make it super-obvious so that people would know that he was taking a dive, rather than not be superiorly smarter than everyone, which of course he is, and super persuasive as well. Later Ronnie over-shares that he found 5 quarters wedged in his butt cheeks. He should have stayed in the contest for a couple more rounds and maybe he have could caught enough change to get a new Star Wars figurine for his collection.

Rather than blowing it in the first round, here’s another plan, Ronnie. Win an early round and take the prize bag. There was cash in there, or a slop pass, and as HOH, you wouldn’t risk anything by taking it. Oops, did I just outsmart this season’s Big Brother mastermind?

Jeff wins the second round and declines the prize bag again. Natalie wins the third round and takes a prize bag, winning a slop pass. Jeff wins the final round and the Power of Veto. I wonder if he’s going to use it on himself?

Veto Ceremony of the Perpetual Chicken.

To end your suspense from the end of the last paragraph, yes, Jeff used the Power of Veto to take himself off the block. To my great relief, he didn’t even ask Laura to make some pointless speech about why he should save her instead of himself, as neither Jeff nor Laura are dumb enough to think that was ever a possibility. I think some of our cast-mates this year are in the wrong cliques.

Everyone in the house (except Russell) wants Russell nominated. Heck, even Ronnie wants Russell nominated. But Ronnie is a chicken who doesn’t want to join Jeff and Lydia in the party of folks who’ve had their asses chewed up by Russell. He doesn’t want to risk even a couple uncomfortable days. So instead, he nominates Jordan, hoping that Laura is the one to go. Jessie is happy, as he would prefer to keep volatile Russell around as a buffer. Jessie actually seems smarter this week too, and calm and rational in comparison to Russell. Maybe I should remove that “Hey, I’m really not a moron” filter off my Tivo, as it seems to be affecting my viewing.

Join us Thursday to see who goes home, who wins HOH, and what clique is safe and free to hate each other but can’t do anything about it next week.