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Thread: 7/16 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : The Cheese Gets The Rat

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    7/16 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : The Cheese Gets The Rat

    This recap covers noon Thursday to noon Friday, BB time.

    Ah, Thursdays! Don’t ya just love ‘em? We lose a houseguest and we get a new HoH. And the game starts all over….every Thursday night. Fire up the feeds, people….game on! Since they went live last Thursday night, the feeds have been nonstop game on. In this first week, we’ve seen three extreme blowups between houseguests, an under the covers hookup, a blossoming showmance, lots of raunchy sex talk, some nekkidness, and more alliances than I can keep up with.

    When HoH lockdown is over, everyone scatters to begin their weekly housekeeping chores except for Chima, Russell, Ronnie, and Nat. Chima says if she wouldn’t get kicked out of the house, she’d slap both Jordan and Laura. The girl is POed that the house may flip. Has she ever seen this show? The pawn is never safe. In an attempt to sound important, Ronnie speaks up from the corner to tell them he has the deciding vote. He’s so excited over the being the swing vote, he’s probably got a boner. Chima is called to the DR and promptly says she isn’t going because they’re f***ing up her game by calling her right then. She needs to talk to her teammates, not the DR. To sum it up here, Jesse and the jocks think Chima is toast. They’re all hating Laura for the way she put Jesse in his place and flipped on them. Other than Russell who has set his sights on Casey, they all want to target Laura. Meanwhile, Casey confirms to Lydia and Kevin that he is voting to keep Braden…basically because Chima has been a bitch to him and hasn’t asked for his vote. All day long, there’s been lots of whispering and game talk. Our hamsters are stressing over how the vote will go down. One thing is sure…there is going to be drama. And that is THE understatement of the season.

    Chima : What is with the crazy bitches in this house thinking everyone is talking about them?!

    Feeds come back and rather than Ronnie being so excited over his HoH win that he needs a condom, all hell is breaking loose amongst the girls. It’s rapid fire screaming as Chima explodes on Michele for voting her out. She accuses Michele of orchestrating the attempt to evict her and calls her a lying bitch and a f***ing liar. Natalie keeps tossing in her two cents and Michele finally storms off.

    Casey, Jordan, Laura, Jeff, Michele, and Ronnie are in the pool room discussing the fact that one among them is a liar. Casey asks who the “little piggy” is and directly asks Ronnie if he voted to evict Braden. Ronnie lies through his teeth and says he voted to evict Chima. Casey tells him that actions speak louder. When nominations are made, they’ll see if Ronnie sticks to the plan to get rid of the athletes. They seem to suspect Ronnie despite his denials. There is a lot of back and forth talk about how one of them is lying. They put all the heat on Ronnie, who can’t sit still, by telling him they’ll see how things go at the nomination table. Casey says when he finds out who is lying, he’s going to light their ass up! Can’t wait to see the geek burn! When Michele leaves the room, Ronnie throws her under the bus by listing all of the reasons she has to be the one who’s lying. Finally, Ronnie leaves and Laura puts it all together. She realizes that Ronnie was playing both sides to keep himself safe. He played both sides to keep himself safe and in everyone’s good graces for one more week. Jeff is beyond pissed off that one of them is a liar. If Ronnie puts him up he says he’s going to pop him in the mouth. Casey tells him he can’t do that but Jeff doesn’t care if he’s going home anyway.

    The rat runs to Jesse and Co. who are gloating and celebrating so much I can’t stand to watch. Ronnie joins them with his cooked up stories about what everyone is saying. Of course, he’s making himself look good, like he’s standing up to them. The worst part of this is that they’re all kissing his ass and calling him “The Puppetmaster.” The rat may be a liar but giving him Dr. Will’s coveted title is Big Brother blasphemy. Puppet? Yes. Puppetmaster? Heck no. The geek might be a liar but he is no where the manipulator that Will was. Sounds like Ronnie is truly aligned with them though and once nominations are made, everyone will know.

    Ronnie : After all of this, it will be Dr. Will who?

    It doesn’t take long for Chima and Michele to make nice. They went from damn near blows to hugging within an hour. Still, they’re hardly friends after all of this. The lines are drawn and there are clearly two sides in the house. And Ronnie is eating it all up. He’s still running back and forth between the two camps so fast that I’m surprised he isn’t dizzy. He’s drunk with the power of HoH now and wants to know what the Jesse clique thinks of his win. They all kiss his ass some more and tell him how much they love him. To keep from throwing up in my mouth, I have to move on. The only other thing to note is that the whole time this group has been talking, Russell has had his hand on Chima’s leg…moving higher and higher by the minute. Before long, she puts her hand over his. If Russell hooks up with Chima, I refuse to recap it.

    Alone with Michele, Ronnie tries to convince her that Casey has to be the one who is lying. He asks her if she thinks putting up Casey is justified since he’s the rat. Michele tells him not to make a rash decision because they don’t know for sure it was Casey. He’s trying to justify his nominations already. With Jesse’s group, he lets them all know that he’s leaning towards putting Casey and Laura on the block.

    Ronnie is loving it that he upset the house….he keeps going on and on with his plans to plant stories and mess with the others. He is the national champion of persuasive speakers, you know? Jesse and Co. are eating it all up. They’re all still gloating that they have the upper hand. Ronnie’s plan is to lead Casey and Laura to angry outbursts so he has reason to nominate them. Outside Jeff is joking about leaving out a piece of cheese to catch the rat. They’re all finally able to laugh at how they were played by the rat. They definitely know that it’s Ronnie who lied. Ronnie joins them in the backyard and Casey calls them out one by one asking how they voted. Ronnie lies again. He couldn’t be more obvious as he tries to change the subject several times while the others keep talking about the rat. Ronnie even notices the cheese and they tell him it’s there to catch the rat. Casey keeps saying they’ll see at the nomination ceremony. They’re pretty much telling Ronnie that if he doesn’t nominate one of the meatheads, he’s the rat. Ronnie tells them that he will do what is best for his game and it may not make sense to them. He’s setting up his plan to put one of them on the block.

    Laura says she doesn’t want to be a pawn. Casey comes out and tells her it’s too late because they already are. Ronnie calls out Casey in his attempt to goad him into an outburst. He tells Casey to just calm down and then goes on to say the one pointing the most fingers is usually the guilty one…and Casey is the one running around pointing fingers. Ronnie then rehashes the “y’all” discussion from last night and tells Casey that he should watch himself because he can’t watch his back when he’s talking smack. Ronnie then dramatically takes his leave and Casey tells them that where he’s from that’s called laying the groundwork. Even Jordan recognizes what just happened…as he walked inside, she knowingly said, “He did it.”

    Laura goes in to check for food and the discussion with the Jesse crew quickly turns into a shouting match. It started with Laura asking Jesse how his mother would like the way he was yelling at her. Lydia jumped in her face for bringing Jesse’s mother into it. Kevin and Natalie join in the yelling at Laura. They all start laying into her about betraying them. Natalie keeps telling her over and over that someone on her team is a rat and they need to figure it out. Laura starts bawling, Jordan goes in, and Natalie blabs on about them sticking up for racism. They insinuate that Casey is the rat and I can’t watch anymore. Ronnie weasels his way back to the backyard where he’s playing the innocent act.

    Everyone gathers to see Ronnie’s HoH room. He gets a snack basket with Play-Doh, a bubble wand, and a Legally Blonde soundtrack. Um…..okay. He choked up reading a touching letter from his wife and went total geek over the Play Doh. Maybe he can sculpt himself a shovel to dig himself out of all the crap he’s going to be in after nominations. He gets pictures of his wife and cat and comments that his wife looks like Denise Richards in one of the pictures. I’m not seeing it but I won’t bash the poor woman, Married to him is suffering enough. Later, Jeff helps him move his things up to the HoH room and tells him they don’t have to talk game…he should just enjoy his moment. Jeff is right, he does suck at this game. Now is the time he should be talking game. Laura is there and talk turns to Michele. Ronnie is still pushing the idea that she s the rat. He hopes there is a twist coming that mixes up the cliques so he could target her. Michele walks in and squashes his wishful thinking.

    A few other things you might want to know…
    • Ronnie tells Chima her speech was what reality tv is all about. Wonder if the censors agree?
    • Laura says her clique shouldn’t be called “Popular” but “Idiots.”
    • Jeff told Ronnie that he has a friend with a lot of money that will fly a banner over the house letting them know who the rat is. Back with Jesse’s group Ronnie’s nervousing about the banner. Jeff laughs it up with Casey that Ronnie probably went straight to them stressing over it. They’ve got Ronnie pegged now….too bad it’s a little late.
    • Michele and Jordan wonder why Natalie always pops up and starts yelling no matter who is arguing. Casey tells them to quit letting her get to them.
    • Feeds cut to fish every time Chima talks about racism and her comments on the live show. Laura calls it too…says BB probably fish tanks every time Chima starts the you-voted-for-a-racist-you-support-racism crap.
    • Laura says Jesse is the biggest Bozo and she hopes CBS is portraying him that way. Don’t worry, Laura. We know he’s a meathead moron.
    • Jeff admits he sucks at Big Brother and never had a plan on how to win.
    • Michele tells Natalie she doesn’t like her. Points for Michele.
    • Jesse and Lydia have decided to sleep in the same bed in the red room. Jordan is sleeping in there with Laura. They went to bed early so no one could steal their spots. Natalie sleeps on the floor next to Jesse and Lydia.
    • Lydia is supposed to give Ronnie a Mohawk later today.

    This morning, Ronnie holds court with Jeff, Jordan, and Laura in HoH. It’s more of the same talk….Ronnie tries to justify his plan to nominate Casey, convince them that Michele is the rat, and tells them he wants to backdoor Russell. They all try to talk sense into him, reminding him that they’ve been his friends since the beginning, and the others are using him. Ronnie says Casey will go up unless he’s honest about talking smack about him earlier in the game. Casey joins them and Ronnie asks him….Casey is completely honest and says yeah, he probably has talked smack about him. He has about everyone. That’s the game. Casey is becoming my fast favorite by process of elimination. One thing about the dude…he’s a straight shooter. They all try to convince him his best option is to put two of them on the block. If he uses one of them as a pawn in an attempt to backdoor Russell, one of them will go home. Hard to tell if Ronnie is buying it or if he’ll stick to what he told Jesse’s crew and nominate Casey and Laura. Laura knows the game as much as Ronnie does and she’s doing a good job with her argument. Not good enough though….when they leave, Ronnie is joined by Natalie and Lydia. Sounds like Ronnie is still leaning towards nominating Casey and Laura.

    The jocks overhear Jeff telling Brains they don’t have to worry about the competition today which makes them think Jeff may purposely blow the competition for them. No, you dumbasses...they don’t have to worry about it because Ronnie is HoH. My shift ends with trivia since the Have/Have Not competition is going on. And with nominations later today, more drama is definitely on the horizon…spark up your feeds and buckle up!
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    Re: 7/16 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : The Cheese Gets The Rat

    If Russell hooks up with Chima, I refuse to recap it
    And I refuse to read it.

    Thanks for the recap, lildago!
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Re: 7/16 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : The Cheese Gets The Rat

    Quote Originally Posted by lildago;3582205;
    [The rat runs to Jesse and Co. who are gloating and celebrating so much I can’t stand to watch.
    I couldn't stand to watch either....so thanks for recapping it!
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    Re: 7/16 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : The Cheese Gets The Rat

    Maybe he can sculpt himself a shovel to dig himself out of all the crap he’s going to be in after nominations.
    Not nearly enough Play-Doh.

    I missed most of yesterday - thanks for the excellent catch-up, lil!
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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