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Thread: Big Brother 7/14/09: Can I Get a Line-Item Veto for the Season?

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    Big Brother 7/14/09: Can I Get a Line-Item Veto for the Season?

    Big Brother 7/14/09: Can I Get a Line-Item Veto for the Season?

    Welcome to the first Tuesday night show for the season, home of the Veto Competition and Veto Ceremony. In honor of the Tuesday night veto-fest, I’ve made a list of activities from past seasons of Big Brother that I would like to veto:

    • Ollie and April on night-cam
    • Mike Boogie rap videos
    • Bikinis made of food
    • Houseguests whining about slop (or, from the early years, houseguests whining about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches).
    • Hypocritical claims of Christianity from “the Righteous”
    • Jessie talking about his muscles for hours on end

    As you recall from Sunday’s show (and Iguanachocolate’s excellent recap, available here http://www.fansofrealitytv.com/forum...ing-begin.html ), Head of Household Jesse had nominated Oddball Lydia, despite her excessive efforts of sucking up to him, and “Brains” clique member Chima, who has yet to demonstrate why she’s in that clique, other than the show can’t handle more than two full-on nerds in any given season. Chima went on the block supposedly as the decoy, but we all know how often the pawns get the boot rather than the target. We’ll see.

    The show starts with Ronnie running around, trying to be the next Brian (who also thought he was smart and strategic) by scheming with everyone. Ronnie actually tells Chima that she has nothing to worry about because (and this is top secret, need a decoder ring, let’s put this into a cryptogram – level of confidential information) he was a national winner in persuasive speaking. I can understand why he wouldn’t want to admit that to anyone, but my reason would be fear of humiliation, not the appearance of intimidation. As a former nerd and band geek, I’m very disappointed in the Brains clique so far, as they are not showing a whole lot of game play or even simple logic. Dr. Will would be very disappointed, as would my former mathletes and academic olympians.

    In the aftermath of the nominations, Lydia pouts and whines about being nominated, which is understandable if she was expecting to get some type of payback after spending days massaging Jessie’s ridiculously juiced muscles, and even worse, talking to him for hours on end. People rush to console Lydia, but Chima notes that no-one is consoling her. Is it perhaps because you are a diva that they would all love to have leave? I know the Have-Nots room of extreme discomfort is not where I’d like to sleep, but what is the point about venting to everyone that you have such a posh life outside of the house. Unless the point is to make people think you don’t deserve to win and want you gone. Way to go, Brains clique member.

    Time for the Veto Competition, and the whole Athlete clique is competing, along with the two nominees. Chima was allowed to pick whomever she wanted, and rather than picking Ronnie or Michele from her own clique, who would have the logical most reason to want her to stay for numbers purposes, she picked Natalie, who appears nothing but loyal to the Athlete group. Lydia notes that it is up to her to save herself. Chima doesn’t seem to care about saving herself.

    The competition is a really gross version of Scrabble (or my new favorite version, Bananagrams Bananagrams game ), with players popping enormous and disgusting zits to pull out letter tiles. There are piles of slimey goo and the players need to scrape it off the read the tiles. They have 10 minutes to form the longest word they can make with the letters they find. Rather than coming up with words from the letters they had, about half of the contestants take the really illogical strategy of trying to find letters to match the only long words that they knew how to spell.

    Jessie had a rather long word, but spelled it incorrectly. Too bad. Natalie’s word “last” was only 4 letters long, but it was at least spelled correctly. Chima tried to show off and wanted to spell “superficial” but didn’t have an “f” and ended up getting credit for just “super” which is one letter more than Natalie’s word. Russell spelled “shotgun” and took the lead. Lydia focused on just one word and never found the letters. Great job in saving yourself, Lydia. Then Jeff showed his huge pile of letters and claimed that he was trying to spell “technotronic” but didn’t have the letters, and by the way, it isn’t actually a word. I thought Braden was the Houseguest who bragged about inventing words. Russell wins the Power of Veto with the longest word, “shotgun.” His teachers must be so proud.

    Now the muscle brothers of Jessie and Russell need to assemble their brain trust to decide whether to use the Power of Veto. Lydia shows up to re-adjust the target of her flirting and begging to Russell, while making sure that Jessie doesn’t feel neglected because she knows that the two of them are currently sharing one brain. Jessie and Russell decide that they like someone complimenting their muscles and giving them massages, so Lydia stays.

    Other members of the Athlete clique thought that Jeff was intentionally bagging the challenge in order to avoid having the Power of Veto. The fact that everyone in the contest except the nominees were in the same clique seems to have escaped them.

    Later by the pool, Jeff is running on the elliptical machine and Russell is shadow boxing. Russell picks a fight with Jeff, claiming that he intentionally lost the Veto Competition to keep the “veto exercise blood” off his hands. First, it’s a game. Second, Russell totally loses his cool and looks quite psycho. Third, Jeff never raises his voice or even breaks a sweat even though he’s running on the elliptical machine the whole time this “fight” is happening. Russell pulls Natalie into the fight, and she sides with Russell and says that Jeff isn’t a team player. Jeff says it wasn’t his idea to nominate Lydia, so why should he have to stand behind it. Jeff wishes he weren’t stuck with his clique of meatheads, and I don’t blame him.

    I haven’t had much of an opinion of Natalie since she claimed that she was 18 years old (6 years younger than her actual age) on the first day, which is pretty dumb when you’re going to be spending months and months talking to people. Come on Natalie, if you were 18, you wouldn’t even be legal drinking age. Do you really want to go with that lie for 3 months locked in a house with a bunch of people you can’t stand? I’m also bugged that Michele lied about her profession when it wasn’t even necessary to elaborate, other than she worked in a lab. Why go out of your way to claim you’re nothing but a lowly lab tech and then get busted the next day when you’re placed in the Brains clique, which apparently has very low standards.

    We have the lovely Veto Ceremony. Lydia begs for her continued stay in the house and Chima really acts like she doesn’t care at all. Russell uses his Power of Veto to save Lydia, and Jessie names Braden the replacement nominee. Ronnie ran to tip off Braden, and then got busted by Russell and Jessie. If Ronnie can’t outsmart Russell and Jessie, then there is no way he should be representing “brains” of the world. Just being a dork does not mean you’re smart.

    So thanks for joining me to relive the first veto show of the season. You can feel free to nominate your own list of things you’d like to veto, but I just might veto them. I’m drunk with power, I tell you. But I’m not so crazy with power that I’ll be inventing new words, like our friend Braden. I like Braden well enough, but someone who prides himself on inventing words may think he’s groovecellent but I think it’s rather stupidiotic. I was going to save my Braden’s imaginary words jokes for later in the season, but who knows if he’ll make it to be fodder for future recaps. Here’s hoping that Chima gets the boot instead, because someone so dumb has no business representing the brain clique.
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    Re: Big Brother 7/14/09: Can I Get a Line-Item Veto for the Season?

    OK, we already have the Best Recap Title of the season. This will be hard to beat.

    Great stuff, LG!
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    Re: Big Brother 7/14/09: Can I Get a Line-Item Veto for the Season?

    I agree...great title! Love your veto list too!

    Awesome recap, LG!
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