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Thread: 9/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - A Renegade Showdown

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    9/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - A Renegade Showdown

    This recap covers events in the house from noon Wednesday to noon Thursday, BB time.

    Wednesday in the BB house was full of snoozing, staring into space, and some Jedi training. The only person who was probably getting excited over feed watching was Jerry’s cardiologist if he happened to see how much bacon Jerry had for breakfast. Shortly after Housecalls with Keesha, the “Rocky” theme song began playing in the house. Dan said, “Mike O,” referring to one of the behind the scenes people for competitions and feeds went to our beloved fishies. Finally! The moment feed watchers were waiting for all day…Part two of the final HoH competition! Our worst nightmare at this point of the game is Jerry in the F2. It’s no secret that he’s getting the sweet old grandpa edit. Or that BB is boastfully proclaiming him the oldest reality TV contestant ever. Something tells me Grodner is salivating over the possibility of the old dude in the finals. We waited on pins and needles for nearly three hours, worrying that somehow Jerry might pull off a win and go head to head with Dan.

    Feeds return and all of our worry was for naught. Memphis managed the win! Looks like the Renegades will face off on tonight’s live show in part three of the most important HoH of this game. Questions abound…

    Will Dan win and send Jerry home as expected?

    Will Memphis win and send Jerry home as he’s promised Dan?

    Will Memphis win and perform the last betrayal of the season by sending Dan to the jury?
    He does, after all, have a deal with Jerry to do just that.

    The night is just as much of a snoozapalooza as the past few days have been. While on inside lockdown, Dan talks to BB and makes things a little fun to watch. He’s got cabin fever from being locked inside and wants to know if there is some magic phrase that will open the sliding glass door to the backyard.

    Dan tries several…
    • Houseguests, you are free to roam the backyard.
    • Glass doors open.
    • Glass doors removed.
    • Open Sesame.
    • Let my people go.
    • Can you show me how to get to Sesame Street?
    • Rosebud
    • Yo, Adrian.
    • I am a material girl, and living in a material world.
    • Jennifer Brennan, open the back doors.
    • Open Sesame. Open Oregano. Open Salt. Open Pepper. OPEN THE BACK DOOR.
    • Open faced hamburger. OPEN THE BACK DOOR.

    After a while, BB seems to have unlocked the doors but when Dan goes to open them, he realizes they’re just messing with him. Dan’s been punked! Skippy must be just as bored as us feed watchers.

    Dan and Memphis discuss some sort of trademark for The Renegades. Memphis already has a few marketing strategies for a clothing line but doesn’t want to mention them for fear that we will swipe his ideas and have T-shirts made before he leaves the house. Well, he’s afraid his ideas will be stolen. The T-shirt thing was my idea, but not a bad one. I’d buy one…maybe. Seriously though, these two self-proclaimed wild mustangs need to realize their 15 minutes is almost up. Time’s a ticking and no one will think twice about them until the next season of BB rolls around and they get to host a competition if they’re lucky.

    Other Random Things To Note…because really? What else is there?
    • In honor and remembrance of those who lost their lives on 9/11, the guys are flying Old Glory on a chair in the backyard.
    • Dan and Memphis are planning a trip to Vegas with girls after the show.
    • Memphis suggested maybe going to the San Diego Zoo instead of Vegas. Yeah, because looking at monkeys end elephants are much wilder than Vegas.
    • Dan wants to bet Memphis $100 that Ollie will move to Arizona to be with April. My bet would be on how long they last.
    • Part two of the competition had some sort of boxing theme and Jerry sucked at it. His time was 51 minutes.
    • Dan tells Monica to bring his laptop to LA if she’s watching. If not, he asks some of his fans to get word to her. Monica, if you’re reading…Bring Dan’s laptop, please.
    • Dan has spent most of the past 24 hours playing with a bouncy ball. For a while, he played with a toy airplane. The dude is hurting for entertainment.
    • When Jerry fell from his plane in part one of the competition, he broke off part of the propeller. How soon before it ends up on eBay?
    • Dan the prankster wants to smear shaving cream all over the walls when just he and Memphis are left so someone else can clean it up. Dan, your name is not Evel Dick. You have no special priveleges(even if you ARE a plant). You will be made to clean it up.
    • Dan and Memphis want to wear their red bandanas on their wrists for the live show as a sign of Renegade solidarity but they’re afraid the jury may see clips of the show. Better not get too ahead of yourselves, boys.

    This morning, Jerry is sick. He tossed his cookies in garbage can and went into the DR to be checked. Upon his exit, he said his blood pressure was a little high. He commented that whatever medicine the nurse in the DR gave him helped. Just a few more hours and he’ll be out of there. I’m sure he’ll be fine as he repeats his stories to the jury house. And if he’d quit picking boogers and spreading germs, he might be even healthier. I’m surprised the others aren’t puking. Just sayin’. No, I don’t want to see the old dude sick. I’m just snarking because that’s what I do. So save your hate mail for a worthy cause.

    For some reason, there is a TV in the living room. Something to do with tonight’s competition is my guess. In the past, they’ve asked the what-do-you-think-this-juror-said type questions and shown clips of the juror’s answer on the screen. That’s one possibility.

    That about wraps it up, folks. After tonight, there won’t be much to watch or report. Be sure to check the daily feed discussion and transcript threads for anything newsworthy. Only five more days and a new winner will be crowned, thus ending season 10. Let’s hope the jury makes the right pick.

    And if not…well, at least Jerry has...

    Would you buy a Renegade T-shirt? Or maybe a coffee mug or mouse pad? PM me to place an order.
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    Re: 9/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - A Renegade Showdown

    What an image to go out on...

    Thanks for a great season of snark, lildago!
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    What is an "MFWalkoff?"

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    Re: 9/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - A Renegade Showdown

    Quote Originally Posted by lildago;3195906;
    • Dan wants to bet Memphis $100 that Ollie will move to Arizona to be with April. My bet would be on how long they last.
    My bet is $100 that someone's going to send you a t-shirt order!

    Awesome recap Lil - another season bites the live feed dust....

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    Re: 9/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - A Renegade Showdown

    Thanks, lil! You did an amazing job of recapping, well, nothing. Maybe once the guys get Jerry out (if they actually keep their word for the first time in a couple of weeks) then it might get a little more interesting. Anything without Jerry is insteresting!
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    Re: 9/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - A Renegade Showdown

    Thank you , lildago, for spinning gold out of straw. Now, maybe if they gave them the left over straw from the veto comp and a spinning wheel, OUR final days in the house might be entertaining. Terrific work all season!
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    Re: 9/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - A Renegade Showdown

    Great season of recaps Lil! I definitely want a Renegade shirt. I said from the beginning I wanted those 2!
    GO DAN!!

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    Re: 9/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - A Renegade Showdown

    Heee. Thanks for the recap, lil!
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    Re: 9/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - A Renegade Showdown

    Let’s hope the jury makes the right pick.

    And if not…well, at least Jerry has...
    What a great line to end the season!! Thanks for the recap. All of the recappers this year made the season hilarious!!
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 9/10 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - A Renegade Showdown

    Thanks lildago for all your great recaps!

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