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Thread: BB10 9/9 Recap: Keesha Makes a Fruitless Exit

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    BB10 9/9 Recap: Keesha Makes a Fruitless Exit

    Welcome back everyone. Itís another Tuesday night of Big Brother, but tonight is not like any old night, tonight we have a live eviction and the start of the final HOH competition. Yeah thatís right, the FINALE HOH competition. This season is finally wrapping up and I couldnít be any happier. Itís been a season of ups and downs, mostly downs, but maybe that has more to do with the fact that I think BB has become a boring show. They need to spice it up next season, like on day 15, release snakes in the house, on day 31, take away the water and make them camp in the backyard, you know, good old fashion reality TV fun. Well, letís get ready to watch this live episode unfold with our favorite snacks and drinksÖor in my case, shots of the good stuff.

    Old & Delusional
    To kick the show off, we go back to the key ceremony and see that Memphis and Jerry have been put on the block, leaving Keesha as the sole vote at the elimination ceremony. Memphis and Dan had secretly worked this out to get Keesha on Danís side and then hope that one of them wins the veto and takes Memphis off the block. It seems a bit risky, but lately, nothing can stop the Renegades!

    After the nominations, Jerry seeks out Memphis and they plot getting to the finals together. Jerry is a delusional old man and is falling into the traps of Dan and Memphisís plan. Keesha goes and finds Dan and wants to know if Memphis knew what was going on. Dan tells her that he knew, Keesha though he looked shocked. Iím shocked that these people are falling for this little game. I think we all know that a high IQ is not a prerequisite to be on the show, though.

    Jerry and Memphis get together again and Jerry wants to make sure he is not being played for a fool. Heís more being played for a senile fool, but thatís not really my place to say anything. Memphis ditches Jerry and heads up to HOH to fill Dan in on whatís going on. They both have a good laugh over it and I secretly hope that they start holding hands while they lay in bed together.

    A Romantic Platonic Getaway

    Itís finally time for Danís luxury competition trip. The rest of the house doesnít know, but Dan has chosen to take Michelle on this luxury trip to a private island. Dan gets to the airport and boards a helicopter to the private island of Catalina, he for some reason has no clue. Dan flies over the ocean and is in awe at the beauty. He claims being from MI he never gets to see this. Dan must have forgotten that MI is surrounded with the largest lakes in the country and are absolutely gorgeous.

    When Dan arrives at the island, Michelle greets him and doesnít punch him like I thought she would. They have a lovely little lunch together and talk about what went down. Dan decides to get Michelle loaded so she will start talking. Michelle seems to be happy enough, I donít know if itís her relaxation or the wine thatís talking. Michelle asks if everyone knew about her backdooring and Dan says that everyone was in on it. He basically throws everyone under the bus.

    Dan then lays the big question on her and asks if he has any chance of winning. He tries to get her to commit voting for him if it comes down to him in the final two. She seems to be warming up to him and grateful that he chose her to go on the trip.

    Step By Step
    Itís finally time for the veto competition, finally time to see who will hold all the power in this game. The game is stairway to veto, each step has a clue and the players have to identify whose name goes with the clues. Once they place the name, they ring the bell, if they are correct, they can advance. The first person to make it to the top and ring their buzzer, wins the power of veto.

    The competition starts and Dan says that he has no intention of winning the veto. Everyone seems to be moving along well, Dan better than the rest. Jerry doesnít seem to have a clue and Memphis is guessing like crazy. It finally nears the end and Dan starts putting up wrong answers, Memphis finally catches up and wins the power of veto.

    A Crazed Girl Canít be Comforted
    Memphis runs up to the HOH and him and Dan partake in some sort of weird little secret handshake. They talk and celebrate their win and then discuss who they want to eliminate this week. They discuss that since Jerry is so old, heís not going to do very well in the final HOH competition and they can win. Keesha joins them in the HOH, the first thing she says is, youíre not going to vote me out, right? There is an uncomfortable silence and then uncomfortable laughing from everyone.

    Keesha is downstairs painting her toes and seems to have an epiphany; the boys are going to vote her out. She starts to cry and then freaks out. She runs up to the HOH and kind of jokingly threatens the guys about voting her out. The boys are not caving to her and then she starts demanding to know if she is being voted out. She starts crying and then gets crazy, I guess she forgot this is a game and everyone has to leave at some point. She storms out and then Memphis follows her downstairs. She gets upset at him and nothing is accomplished except her crying lots.

    Memphis and Dan are hanging out in the living room and Keesha comes screaming out at them, realizing that she just got played. She seems to think she is the ultimate player and canít believe that she is going down this way. I guess when you donít have a whole lot of game, it eventually catches up with you. Dan and Keesha have a little talk and Dan tells her that itís Memphis who wants her out. Heís definitely playing to get votes now.

    And Weíre Live

    Julie finally comes on and talks to the houseguests live. She reveals to them that the ape (as opposed to monkey that Julie keeps calling him) is Jesse, their good friend they previously eliminated. She asks Memphis what a fruitless exit is. She then asks Dan about his trip and then Jerry how he feels being so freaking old and on this show.

    Keesha and Jerry are each given their opportunity to ask Memphis to keep them in the house. Jerry gives a boring run of the mill speech. Keesha says she doesnít want to talk to Memphis and thanks Dan for being a good friend. She has been played! Memphis votes and evicts Keesha from the game. She is mad and doesnít even hug him or say goodbye. Keesha makes her exit and goes out to talk with Julie. Inside, Dan makes snide comments to Memphis about evicting Keesha. These guys are just going for an Emmy now.

    Keesha sits down with Julie and she asks what Dan said to her before she left. She tells her that Dan told her he took Michelle on the trip. Dan is just really working for the votes. She asks her about Memphis and what happened. She is very upset with Memphis and just canít get over the fact that itís a game and everyone has to leave at a certain point. Iím just tired of all this delusion.

    High Fliers

    Itís finally time to start the three part HOH. Each player is standing on a tiny plane and they are holding ropes to keep balanced on the planes. The winner of this round advances to the finals automatically, the other two compete, and that winner faces off against the first winner to find out who the ultimate HOH is. The game gets started and everyone is standing on their planes. Itís an endurance competition so we arenít going to find out anything before the episode ends.

    Make sure to tune in Thursday to watch the final HOH competition and see who is crowned HOH. Also, itís a live night and the last person will be evicted from the house before the finale on Tuesday night. IF you miss any of the excitement, make sure to check out MsFroggy and Iguanachocolateís great recaps.

    If you are seriously concerned that Jerry is going to fall off that plane and break his hip, send me a PM.
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