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Thread: BB10 9/7 recap: The Return of the Body in his Natural Form....

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    BB10 9/7 recap: The Return of the Body in his Natural Form....

    Hello dear readers! Tis I, Iguanachocolate, once again bringing you the latest goings on with those wacky hamsters. When we last left them, Renny had just made her departure to the house to a rock stars welcome, leaving behind a teary eyed Keesha. King Dan reigned supreme in the HoH competition and the earth was being shaken by the powerful stomps of a sumo wrestler. What surprises are in store for the rodents tonight? Come with me as we take a peek into their lives once again…

    Dan, of course is over the moon about his HoH, since it means he is guaranteed a 1 in 3 shot of half a million dollars. Memphis is happy to see his ‘secret’ (though not much of a secret anymore) alliance partner king of the house, even though he still seems to be miffed that the last time Dan was HoH, he put Memphis on the block. Keesha is worried because she feels Dan favors Memphis over her and Jerry spouts something that I tune out, but he is still there.

    When they all return to the house after the HoH, they are greeted by a giant guy in a diaper. Some kind of sumo wrestler has invaded their abode. Could this be the mysterious 14th house guest? Dan tells Jerry he should take him on, and Jerry says no way. Then the sumo dude begins to spout something that may or may not be Japanese. Memphis seems confused, Keesha seems petrified (because we all know that BB is a death match at the end) and Dan tries questioning him in English. He doesn’t answer, but keeps repeating the alleged Japanese phrase he has memorized so very well. Finally, Dan notices an envelope on the sit beneath the diapered one’s posterior. He waits til he gets up again and then snatches it and reads it, taunting his houseguests. The card from the envelope reads, “Congratulations, houseguests. By managing to obtain this letter, you have officially launched a very special luxury competition. The winner will be awarded an amazing trip out of the house, a trip that could impact the game. More details tomorrow.” Much joyfulness and rapture ensues along with the conjecture of what it could mean – a tip to Japan or maybe Las Vegas. Keesha admits to being lost with this one. I’m pretty sure the card could have said exactly what the prize was and Keesha would still have been lost.

    Keesha is also lost without her bff, Renny. Between weepy couch moments, she notes that the guys have each others backs and she is alone in the house. Jerry has taken to making things up such as all the women would vote for Keesha, so she is a threat and needs to go home. Memphis and Dan tell Keesha she has nothing to worry about and Dan reminds her that whoever wins the PoV has the final say this week in the house.

    We have a Charlotte’s Web moment when the guys notice a spider and go all Wild Kingdom trying to find its dinner. I have to admit, it is pretty cool when they fling a live moth into the web and the spider whips down and wraps it up for later. Later on, in Dan’s HoH room, Jerry comes down with a case of hoof and mouth disease when he claims Dan was fat in some of his old high school pictures. Good, Jerry. Way to compliment the guy who has the power to put your butt on the block this week.

    Oh yeah, the Body is back. In a gorilla suit. Actually, it’s not that different from his regular form, or maybe I am just thinking of his IQ level. He wakes up the other hamsters and they follow the mysterious ape out to the back yard that has a number of equally mysterious statues and tableaux. There is a bath tub full of mud (I am hoping it is mud, anyway, it looks like something from the sumo guys diaper, though), a contortionist. A big blue berry, a cracked egg with a chicken head coming out of it and the word ‘it’ in front, a stuffed dog, a giant cake with ‘ing’ on it, a diamond and some other statue type of things. The houseguests have three hours to make a maximum of three guess as to what the winning phrase is and the first one to do so will win the competition. Most of the clues are misleading, so as the time goes on the gorilla will cover up the clues they do not need.

    You decide, which one is cuter?

    Jerry is the first one to guess after just a few minutes, coming up with “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.” Keesha tries next with “Where sleeping dogs lie.” Memphis doesn’t think it can be that easy. The gorilla keeps on covering items, negating Jerry and Keesha’s first guesses. Jerry tries again with “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” which is quickly negated by the monkey. As is “the dog is man’s best friend.” Though he does look rather smug as he comes back into the back yard, leading the boys to postulate whether or not he got it. Keesha tries with “Blew it” and “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.” Dan gets into the game with “bury the hatchet” as his one and only guess and Memphis tries that oft used phrase, “fruitless exit.”

    The gorilla finally leaves with a familiar sound and the hammies think that it may have been Jessie. When they are allowed back into the house, and see the gorilla hand by Jessie’s picture, they know it was him. Then they all gather in the living room to see who, if any of them, had the right answer. The magic screen does tell them someone got it right and that person is Dan! Dan gets called to the DR and is told his prize is a trip by helicopter to a private beach. He can take someone from the house or the jury house. This provides him with a dilemma, but he quickly rules out taking anyone from the house as it could cause animosity. He also decides to keep it a secret that he can take someone form the jury house, because that would make him a target. He decides to take Michelle in an attempt to improve his standing with her.

    But before all that beach frolicking, there is some business to take care of in the house: nominations. The Renegades have a wonder twins power meeting up in the HoH room. Dan has an idea that may protect their secret alliance: He wants to put Memphis up. Dan explains it calm Keesha down and make Jerry think they really don’t have an alliance together. Memphis isn’t sure at first, but soon sees the validity in what Dan is proposing and says it might just work.

    And, the time has come. It will be a short ceremony as there is only one key to pull. Dan makes a speech about how there all winners for coming this far, etc. I expect him to break out with “Win one for the gipper”. But he is apparently saving that one for the PoV competition. He finally pulls out Keesha’s key and she is safe. Dan declares the PoV will the battle for the ages. Right up there with Iwo Jima, I’m thinking. Memphis isn’t worried about being on the block and Jerry seems to have fallen for the old bait and switch. He now considers Memphis his new best friend. Poor Memphis. Who will win the Power of Veto? Who will be saved? And who will be evicted? Stay tuned for an action packed Tuesday show and another brilliant recap by Yardgnome!

    anyone else like Jessie better as a gorilla? pm me....
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    Re: BB 10 9/7 recap: The Return of the Body in his Natural Form....

    Great recap, IC!

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