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Thread: 9/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - The Renegades and The Wrecks

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    9/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - The Renegades and The Wrecks

    **This recap covers events from noon Friday to noon Saturday, BB time**

    Previously, on Big Brother Live Feeds:
    This morning, the houseguests were awakened by a gorilla! Well okay, a guy in a gorilla costume. He jumped on the beds and after waking them up…

    …They find a mid-luxury competition in the backyard. Seems Gorilla-Guy brought some toys with him that are clues to a phrase. Houseguests have 3 hours and 3 chances to guess the correct phrase. When they’re ready to guess, they must ring a bell and wait to be called to the DR…

    …This goes on for a while as houseguests take turns going in to make a guess. All except Memphis, that is. Jerry uses up his three guesses quickly. Gorilla-Guy starts to play around a bit while covering up the props…

    …Gorilla-Guy finally covers everything except the blueberry and the cracked egg with “IT” on it’s side. Keesha immediately rings the bell and goes inside for a guess...


    ...Time’s up…how will the luxury prize impact the game? If it has anything to do with the veto, this could get really interesting!
    Thanks lildago, and YES this luxury competition is getting interesting! Keesha has gone inside to guess…and comes out again, shrugging her shoulders. BB calls the 5-minute mark for guessing, and we hear a producer add "No pushing on your rush to the bell!" as they all lie around on the couches. Finally, Dan rings the bell and confidently walks into the house, ahead of BB’s call for him to go to the DR.

    The challenge is over, and after the feeds go the fishes, the houseguests are inside. The first bombshell we hear is that the funny man in the gorilla suit was none other than Jessie! Apparently they were convinced after his parting gesture to them, making that flatulent “phrrrrrt!” sound he always made as he exited. We’re still not sure who won, though…

    Was Jessie the gorilla…or the tub of dirt?

    The final four eat and/or nap after the morning’s excitement. The house is fairly quiet until Jerry, napping alone on a couch, suddenly shouts “Today is Day 60!” to no one in particular. Did Renny leave him some of her Ambien? Will he start looking for candy bars and doing the Charleston next? After another fish break, we learn through the hamsters’ small-talk that Dan has won by correctly guessing “Bury the hatchet.” (Memphis’ guess of “fruitless exit” may have provided a chuckle, but no dice.) Everyone in the house decides to be happy for him, although there still is the matter of his nominations for eviction to cover later.

    Dan returns from the DR more distressed than happy, and tells them that the prize was a day trip to a private beach, and he had mere seconds to pick someone to go with him. The pressure got to him, and rather than create animosity in the house by picking one person, he decided to pick none of them. (That’s not going to create animosity, Dan? Something’s not right here…) The others are extremely understanding, and say supportive things like “at least you get to leave the house,” etc.

    Jerry doesn’t buy this setup as easily as Memphis and Keesha, and wonders if the trip is actually to the jury house to bring an evicted houseguest back in the game. After all, the luxury comp was introduced to them as having a twist that would impact the game. The others agree that with BB, anything can happen. Dan tells them he’s feeling scared now, as BB still hasn’t told him any details about when or how he’s leaving.

    During an outdoor lockdown, we hear some interesting chat between Dan and Memphis. They wonder if Keesha has given up, because she really didn’t seem to try in the last few competitions. Then they imagine what would happen if Jerry wins the POV later this week. Dan suggests to Memphis that he will have to make a “Final 2” deal with Jerry. Memphis chuckles and says it hasn’t come to that yet. (Ha!) I guess the Renegades charter doesn’t include an honor code.

    Upon returning inside, we (and eventually they) notice that the dining table has shrunk yet again. Another milestone has been reached. Then Dan goes off to the bathroom and says something to himself/us that tells us there’s more to the prize than what he told the others:

    “Let’s see if I can get Michelle’s vote.”

    The first assumption from this would be that, rather than having to choose another houseguest to take with him, he has to choose someone from the jury house. This would indeed fulfill the “impact the game” requirement, eh? Regardless, I don’t buy his explanation to the others at face value. Looks like we haven’t seen the last of the Dantics after all. What’s going on in that percolating brain of his?

    An indoor lockdown follows the outdoor lockdown, where not much happens other than Jerry pouring salt on his finger and licking it off (keep that defibrillator handy, BB) and Memphis and Keesha discussing dental work, notable only for Memphis calling veneers “velours.”

    Another outdoor lockdown follows the indoor lockdown which followed the…anyway, Dan gets called to the DR at the same time, so it must be time for the nomination ceremony. Dan puts on the Japanese bandana he received in his HoH basket and heads downstairs. Will he add a samurai theme to today’s ceremony? Oh, that Dan and his Dantics…he certainly is a caution.

    Dan prepares for another yet kamikaze performance.

    After about 45 minutes of trivia, we return to see that, as the boys discussed last night, Memphis and Jerry are on the block. Keesha thanks Dan for sparing her for now. Jerry takes his alleged Final 2 Buddy Memphis aside and tells him that they have to win the POV this week. Trying to reassure Memphis, Jerry says that if he goes to the jury house this week, there are 4 votes he carries in his pocket to use as he pleases. Memphis thanks him, and after Jerry leaves, he lets out a snide chuckle. Keesha finds him and he has to do another “we gotta win that POV” performance for her. He finds Dan and replays his conversation with Jerry, and they both chuckle snidely and twirl their mustaches.

    "Maybe I can leave the house for a while if I suffer from malnutrition…"

    As Dan starts pumping Keesha…for information on how Renny really feels about him, Jerry talks to Memphis again – obviously the stress of being nominated yet again is starting to get to him. While trying to pump Memphis up, he simultaneously threatens him: “You better not be playing me for a fool or I will go to the jury house really pissed off. I will lie, cheat, steal, anything to turn the jury against you!” Memphis says whoa, old dude, loosen your garters, we’re cool. Jerry thinks that since Dan didn’t nominate Keesha, the two of them must have a deal. "You're my only hope, baby. Let's do it." He felt at the very beginning that he had a feeling it would come down to the two of them, and that they're a lot alike. Memphis mmm-hmms and tries to get through the rest of this conversation without a snide chuckle. Then Jerry does something which might make a lesser player’s lip start to quiver, but doesn’t faze stone-faced Memphis in the least: he gives him a rain jacket to wear during the POV comp in case it involves water and endurance. Awww, way to get all fatherly with your moneymaker, Col. Desperate!

    Of course Memphis finds Dan again so they can laugh at Jerry again. Dan says “we set a trap. I didn't expect to catch anything, but we caught a monster!” They review their options for after the POV, and decide that “we got ourselves an insurance policy in the form of a 75 year old man.” They think everything fell into place too easily. Um, that’s when I usually start worrying, guys…

    Memphis thinks he’s going to look like an ass on TV for the way they are stringing Jerry along. Dan agrees and thinks they are looking like devil kids. They come up with a few more devious ways to lead Jerry on, and Dan jokes, “you might have to do some antics this week.” Then Memphis exits the HoH talking over his shoulder about “track 2” on the CD player, to cover his tracks. These boys are smooth… Memphis finds Jerry as if to report that Dan thinks he convinced Memphis to vote as instructed, and Jerry launches into a soliloquy of Shakespearean proportions:

    ”He's gonna do the same thing with me. It's not gonna work. Your best bet is to work with me. In any case, he's playing for second place. He can't win against any of us…I don't understand why anyone would play that way…I've never broken my word with you. You had no reason to play with me, you could easily have just worked with Dan as a bloc. There must be a reason why you were put up. Why are they treating me like s**t, when I can be such a big force in the jury…it makes no sense. It pisses me off! Our best chance is together, you and me. That's what I think.”

    Memphis blinks, and utters “me too.” Exeunt. (In this case, “exeunt” means Memphis tries to leave but Jerry follows him around for the rest of the day…and yes, he throws in another “does he think we’re all stupid?”)

    Dan asks Keesha more questions, this time asking if she told anyone about the deal he made with Ollie to save her. She says no. Could Dan be pumping Keesha for what the jury house members know and don’t know, in order to make the right choice to take on his trip?

    Later, Keesha is upset because Jerry was apparently short with her earlier. She complains to Memphis about Col. Rudepants, and he concurs. It occurs to me just how incredibly good Memphis is at this game. He has completely different stories to keep straight with each of the three other players, and he slips in and out of them with such ease, it’s uncanny. With Dan, you can see the man pulling levers behind the curtain too often; he’s more interesting in entertaining us while making his moves. But Memphis is the true sleeping tiger in the house. Keesha is the crying tiger these days…

    It becomes clear that once again, the POV will be held later tonight instead of tomorrow, which means the houseguests will be up late, and the viewers will be up even later if they want to find out what happened. (Note to self: don’t pick Fridays to do recaps next season)

    Jerry and Keesha are in the kitchen making dinner for themselves, and, sure enough, Jerry is being rude to her. As she tries to make small-talk, he either ignores her or gives her curt, condescending answers. I guess since Jerry put all his eggs in Memphis’ basket, he thinks it’s okay to hate on the other two. With apologies to Nikomas, I call this Jerry’s One-Finger Strategy.

    They each finish eating and retreat to their rooms. Dan pops in to check on Keesha, and she points to Jerry’s door and makes an icky face. Dan just wanted to make sure she ate something before the competition, and high-fives her before popping back out.

    As will happen in the After Dark portion of the shift when the POV is being held at night, there is much napping and small-talk, and not much action. Dan and Memphis are talking in the Hippie Room, and Jerry walks in, gives them a look, and walks right back out again. Memphis utters, “Weird,” and Dan points at Jerry’s door and makes an icky face. I’m starting to wonder if it’s the door they hate more than Jerry…

    While waiting out Showtime, Dan and Memphis hang in the HoH, bash Jerry, talk strategy concerning Keesha, and read passages from the Bible for kicks. Coming up next on Showtime Too: Softcore porn and boxing!

    Dan and Memphis have become good at imitating Jerry’s rasp of a voice. They watch Jerry on the spycam as he wanders around the kitchen. Memphis wonders what is going on in that man’s mind. Dan adopts The Voice and says “Kill Dan…kill Dan…eat salt…kill Dan!” They crack up, and continue to amuse themselves in this manner as Jerry walks to the living room, dressed and ready for the POV, and sits silently for the remainder of After Dark. They catch him grazing his nose with his fingers, and Memphis announces to us, "Live on Showtime! Jerry sits in the same damn spot for hours and doesn't do a thing except pick his nose!" Interestingly, the boys have a feeling that Jerry is probably getting a “sweet old man” edit on the TV show, and that they will cut to the two of them making fun of him like they’re evil. Right you are, boys!

    ”Live on Showtime…”

    Finally, just before midnight, Memphis is called to the DR, which makes the boys scowl and complain to BB. After he comes out, Memphis does his duty and joins Jerry in the living room to banter and bounce the plastic ball across the table. Finally, at 1AM BBT, the feeds go to fishes and then trivia, and after we return, Memphis is wearing the POV around his neck like it was Flavor Flav’s big clock.

    Keesha retreats to her bed and Dan checks in on her. She worries that Memphis might evict her, and Dan tries to reassure her. She thinks she didn’t do as well in the comp as she should have (what a shock). Apparently it was the game where there are a list of descriptions/events from the season, and pictures of the houseguests, and they had to place the common event/description between 2 pictures to complete the chain of events. Keesha is nervous, but Dan comforts her by engaging her in some Jerry bashing, and then leaves to take a shower.

    Later, the three remaining Cool Kids gather in the HoH and review their situations, and generally shoot the breeze. Someone mentions that the HoH shower is totally see-through, which worries Keesha. They adjourn to the bathroom, and Keesha steps into the shower so the boys can tell her how transparent things are. Memphis suggests she take off her clothes to be sure. Then he goes in, and remarks that they could definitely see his junk. Keesha freaks and wonders if she was shown that way on TV. Memphis says definitely on the Internet, but maybe not TV. He suggests that she Google “Keesha Big Brother 10 Nude” when she gets home to find out. Keesha truly freaks, and he suggests she may want to contact a lawyer. Way to keep her calm, Hellboy.

    After Keesha leaves, Dan and Memphis decide that if they flip and evict her, they should do the right thing and let her know beforehand, as she has pleaded with them to do. This is the first we’re hearing that they were even thinking of keeping Jerry. Hello boys, remember Cowboy?

    After this unsettling turn of events, Memphis leaves the HoH and everyone settles down to bed, although Memphis and Keesha seem to shift a lot before getting comfortable. BB lets the houseguests sleep late, so the rest of this shift is filled with breakfast and small-talk. Interestingly, BB chose Rage Against the Machine’s “Renegades of Funk” as the wake-up song. Dan and Memphis are half-amused and half-freaked, as they should be.

    "Hey Julie! This is 75 too! Why don’t you kiss it!?”

    What is the deal with Dan’s mystery trip? And will the Renegades take Keesha or Jerry to the Final 3? Check here tomorrow for AshleyPSU’s take on our double-dealing hamsters. Thanks to JustJuls and waywyrd for screen cappage!

    When’s the last time you Googled yourself? PM me with your horror stories.
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    Re: 9/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - The Renegades and The Wrecks

    HAHA! I love all the caps MF!

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    Re: 9/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - The Renegades and The Wrecks

    I miss Renny.

    Dan and Memphis are going to screw it up and that vile old man will end up winning

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    Re: 9/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - The Renegades and The Wrecks

    Awesome recap as usual, MFW!

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    Re: 9/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - The Renegades and The Wrecks

    Awesome graphics, MFW! I'm pretty sure Jessie was the tub of dirt.

    Thanks for the update!
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    Re: 9/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - The Renegades and The Wrecks

    With apologies to Nikomas, I call this Jerry’s One-Finger Strategy.
    I love it! Super recap and graphics once again, MFW.
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    Re: 9/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - The Renegades and The Wrecks

    Quote Originally Posted by MFWalkoff;3191873;
    Finally, at 1AM BBT, the feeds go to fishes and then trivia, and after we return, Memphis is wearing the POV around his neck like it was Flavor Flavís big clock.
    This totally made me snort!!!

    Fab recap MFW!!! I wonder if they'll flip and keep PickNFlick....

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    Re: 9/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - The Renegades and The Wrecks

    Funny recap of the scant action in the house. Thanks, MFW!
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