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Thread: BB 9/2 Recap: The Renegades…Not to Be Confused with “The Renegade” with Lorenzo Lamas

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    BB 9/2 Recap: The Renegades…Not to Be Confused with “The Renegade” with Lorenzo Lamas

    Welcome back everyone! Well, another week has gone by and we still have too many hamsters left. The end of the season of BB always seems to just drag by, it’s like a never ending show. They should eliminate the last five people with the fast-forward show they did last week. On Sunday, we found out that Jerry won HOH and put Dan and Keesha on the block. Tonight, we have the veto competition and ceremony. Will one of them come off the block? Will Jerry break his hip? Will Memphis go the whole show with his shirt off? Only time will tell, let’s sit back and get ready to enjoy tolerate the show.

    Old Man River Almost Breaks a Hip
    The show picks up after the nominations ceremony; Dan and Keesha are both seeking consoling for being on the block. Jerry is hoping that Dan will be leaving this week, and has put Keesha up as a pawn. I guess he forgot what usually happens when you put a pawn up. Memphis is hoping to get rid of Renny this week since he has final two promises with Dan, Keesha and Jerry.

    Dan and Keesha meet for a little nominations pity party. They talk about what happens if someone wins the veto and they come off the block. I guess they have been absent from the game, someone else goes up. They keep hashing out what happens if one of them comes down. Finally it ends and Dan goes for a little visit with Jerry. Dan tells Jerry that he has no hard feelings for being put up on the block. Jerry and Dan talk about how important veto is at this point; it determines who will stay and who will go each week. Jerry can sometimes be wise for the old man that he is.

    Down in the kitchen, Renny is talking with Jerry and asking how he is doing after the nominations ceremony. He tells her that he wants Dan out, but that all could change with who wins the veto competition. I feel like we are going to be hearing this conversation all night. Renny goes off and finds Keesha and talks with her about the veto competition. Once again, they discuss what would happen if someone else won the veto. I’m already bored and wanting to bang my head against a wall. It’s going to be a long night.

    Out in the backyard, Memphis is relaxing and Dan is swimming in the pool. Jerry comes out and talks to the guys and they all look up, because there is a sky writing plane. As they are all peering up into the sky, Jerry starts walking backwards and falls into the pool. I laugh so hard I wake my parent’s dog that I’m babysitting. Sorry Bucket! Seriously, the old man almost broke his hip. What are the chances of this happening? Memphis and Dan are nicer than I ever would have been; they ask him if he is ok. I would have been on the ground peeing my pants because I was laughing so hard.

    Not Everyone Loves a Clown
    Memphis and Jerry have a little conversation about their promise to go to final two with each other. Memphis then moves onto Keesha and they discuss how they will promise to go to final two with each other. Memphis then speaks with Dan and they promise to take each other to the final two. They somehow have a team name, the Renegades. It’s pretty funny. Renegades. Memphis seems to be sitting pretty.

    Dan likes to annoy Renny and decides to mimic her every actions. They are sitting in the kitchen and he’s just doing and saying everything she is doing. It’s pretty funny. Renny goes along with it, then gets up and attacks Dan. That also is pretty funny. After their clowning, they meet up with Keesha and Memphis in the bedroom. Dan keeps annoying her, trying to get her off her game before the veto competition. Renny seems very paranoid for some reason and storms out of the room.

    Memphis is hoping to win the veto competition, so he can take Dan down and put Renny up. This must be where Renny’s paranoia is coming from. She must sense that she is being targeted this week. That’s too bad, she seems to be one of the only entertaining people left in the house.

    Some Babies Aren’t So Cute
    Jerry pulls everyone into the living room and tells them that it’s veto time. Each person is sent to a different room in the house and they will be called to the backyard one at a time. Dan is the first one up, it’s the picture morph game. Each person has to guess what two people make up the “baby’s” picture that is shown. The person who completes the task in the shortest amount of time wins the veto. The pictures start and some of the pictures make me want to gouge my own eyes out. These are some unattractive babies.

    Dan seems to make it through the game fairly quickly. Jerry is up next and this game is not really for him. Memphis jumps in and seems to be going to town and moving right along. Renny is next, she sees the first picture and takes a few minutes to laugh at it. I guess she forgot this is a timed competition. Keesha is up last and she seems to make a good effort at it. The competition is finally over.

    Jerry calls everyone into the backyard to announce the times. Renny is first and she finished in 23.32. Jerry is next and he completed the task in 8.01, Dan’s time is 2.58, and Memphis had 2.50. Keesha’s time is last and she finished in 5.16. Memphis wins the power of veto. Long live the Renegades! Keesha is so upset that she didn’t win, Dan is just thrilled that Memphis won.

    Everyone Wants to Visit Memphis
    Memphis goes out back and talks with Dan. Memphis tells Dan that he needs to stop pulling his antics over the next couple of weeks. Dan tells him that he wants to take him to the final two. Memphis is having a hard time trusting him, but he wants to be able to trust him over the next couple of weeks. They determine if they can get Keesha out the following week, they will be in the best position.

    Keesha and Renny are inside and they see Memphis and Dan talking. They both become over the top paranoid about what’s going to happen. They are pretty sure that Memphis is going to throw one of them under the bus. Keesha goes outside and asks Memphis what he’s going to do. Memphis tells Keesha that she will be here the next week. He then goes on to tell her that he is taking Dan off the block and the plan is for the three of them to go to the final three. Keesha is freaking out because she doesn’t want to trust Dan at all. I wonder if she would feel better if she knew that she could be a Renegade.

    Renny confronts Memphis in the kitchen and wants to know what is going on. She wants to know if Dan is coming off the block. Renny tells Memphis that she has always kept him here, and never put him on the block. Memphis meets Jerry out back and Jerry is not thrilled about sending Renny home. Jerry seems to think Renny has no chance of winning this game, proving that he is a crazy old man.

    It’s finally time for the veto ceremony. Memphis calls everyone inside for the veto meeting to see if anyone will be saved. Keesha and Dan make their plea to be saved. Memphis decides to pull Dan off the block and that means that Renny gets put up. Everyone looks pissed except for Dan and Memphis. All in all, a pretty boring show with little excitement. Renegades!

    If you fell asleep or wanted to fall asleep halfway through tonight’s show, send me a PM.
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    Re: BB 9/2 Recap: The Renegades…Not to Be Confused with “The Renegade” with Lorenzo L

    I’m already bored and wanting to bang my head against a wall.
    I feel ya, Yardgnome. Great recap!
    A good book should leave you... slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading it. ~William Styron, interview, Writers at Work, 1958

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