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Thread: 8/25 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Hurricane Ollie and Tropical Storm Michelle

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    8/25 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Hurricane Ollie and Tropical Storm Michelle

    **This recap covers events from noon Monday to noon Tuesday, BB time**

    It looks like I'm the lucky recapper who gets to wade through all the post veto ceremony pandemonium! If Memphis doesn't use the veto, which we all know is about as likely as Jerry washing his hands after using the bathroom, then there won't be much to report. If Memphis takes himself off and Dan replaces him with either Keesha or Michelle, there are sure to be fireworks. My best guess is that those fireworks might be coming from Miss Rhode Island, but we will just have to wait and see.

    I tune in to find Keesha and Renny in the bedroom. Keesha is getting a bit antsy about things and just wants the veto ceremony to begin. Apparently during the veto ceremony, Dan is going to go around the room and ask everyone who they'd like put up as the replacement nominee. Renny reports that Dan is going to ask "them" (Ollie/Michelle) first and Memphis is going to come out of this smelling like a rose. Dan finds Renny and Keesha and tells them he hopes he's proved his loyalty through what is about to go down. I look around the feeds for April, then realize he is talking about a different kind of going down. Oooo okay that was a low blow. Zing, there's another one. Memphis is beckoned to the DR and an outside lockdown is called. A few minutes later, we have fish and then trivia.

    Enjoy the calmness because all hell is going to break loose!

    A half hour or so later, the feeds come back and we find out that Memphis used the veto on himself and Dan replaced him with... Michelle! Oh boy, let the craziness begin! Waywyrdís recap yesterday was titled ďThe Calm Before the StormĒ. I think the storm is about to come in the form of Hurricane Ollie and Tropical Storm Michelle! Ollie, Jerry, Renny, and Michelle are in the living room. Michelle is crying, and Ollie is livid. He thinks that Monica is fake and that Dan and Monica are both producer plants. Ollie claims that Dan coaxed him into saying he wanted Renny nominated. Ollie tells Renny that Keesha didn't go on the block because obviously Dan has a deal with her. Yes Ollie, Dan has a deal with Keesha... and Renny and Memphis. Ollie gets himself quite worked up and he and Michelle decide to go outside and call out Dan. Woo hoo! Bring on the psychos!

    Everyone is now out on the backyard couches and Ollie flies outside and starts ranting and raving and explains the deal they had and how Dan broke it. Dan gets up to go back into the house and Ollie yells at him to sit back down but Dan cowers inside to the HoH. Ollie tells the others about the deal and Keesha and Memphis pick up what Ollie is putting down, but throw it right back in his face by admitting they already knew about the deal. The whole time, Michelle is screaming in the background that Dan is a plant and that Monica was at the cafeteria. Are you sure you didn't see her at recess or maybe in the principal's office? Ollie starts spouting off lies that Dan has told about Monica and Miami and this and that. Memphis asks him who the @#$% cares and Ollie screams back at him. Ollie really flips his lid and screams at Memphis:

    Memphis: What did you call me? You better watch your @#%@^(& mouth!
    Ollie: Suck my @#%^ you @$&&@^ !!!

    Uh oh, Hurricanes Ollie and Memphis have now touched down in the BB house. These two scream at each other for a minute and Ollie retreats into his bedroom. Keesha squeaks about something and Memphis is still yelling curse words. Renny and Jerry stay quiet during the entire scene.

    If I smack my hands together it emphasizes my point better!

    Michelle finds Dan in the HoH and asks why he would do this to her. She says she is the only one in the house that hasn't screwed him. *insert joke here* He reminds her that Ollie is the one who took the deal. She leaves and Renny and Keesha enter the HoH. Dan asks if they are mad at him and Keesha wonders how she could be mad because she was supposed to be on the block but because of Dan she isn't. Renny and Keesha leave and now it's Ollie's turn. It's like musical hamsters today! Ollie asks why Dan played him like a fool. He says that Dan disrespected him, took his manhood away, and mocked him. Yikes. Ollie had no personality while Ape was in the house, now he's nutso. I almost want April to come back. Nah, scratch that, I'll take psycho Ollie. He asks Dan why he is lying about Monica and wants Dan to come clean that he is a producer plant. Dan assures him that Monica is real. Ollie says that Dan is going to be the laughing stock of America and that Dan isn't a coach and all of his pictures are fake. Wow, this is a pretty elaborate conspiracy theory. Hurricane Ollie leaves the HoH.

    Ollie joins Michelle and Jerry and they of course talk more about how Dan is definitely a producer plant and the veto ceremony was definitely scripted. Jerry asks if they are mad at him because he wasn't involved in anything that happened. The camera zooms in on Tropical Storm Michelle and she tells the camera to get the @#$@% off of her, @#$@%^@. Skippy is feeling a bit harsh today, and actually zooms in on her further. She starts dropping F bombs like she's in a war and goes to the storage room to hide. The camera follows her and we are treated to more @#$@# you @#@#%!! Where is my grandma when I need her? This foul mouthed creature would have eaten at least two bars of soap by now. She goes into the living room with Ollie and curses some more at the cameras. Ollie comments he is going to bust someone's face and Michelle claims she didn't sign up for this ^&#%#$%@. Actually, you did. Ollie rambles about how he is going to get kicked out for hitting someone and that BB better get someone in the house because he's going to smash someone's face.

    @#^@ you! @#^& you, you @#&#$%@!! Hi Mom!

    Renny joins Ollie and Michelle in the living room and asks Ollie if she was originally supposed to be put up in the first part of the deal. Ollie answers that he originally wanted Keesha up but Dan saved her and forced Ollie to say "Renny" during the POV ceremony. Michelle is in the background whining about how Dan got to wear a raincoat during the HoH competition but other houseguests weren't allowed. Where does she get this stuff? Renny leaves the living room and heads to her room to cry. Michelle comes in and asks Renny why she is crying. Renny doesn't answer and Michelle turns the conversation back on herself, of course, and says she is the one who should be crying because she got @#%@ over. This whole thing is going to be funny on the show because they are going to have to bleep every other word.

    Memphis and Keesha have made their way to the HoH room. Dan thinks Michelle and Ollie get so pissed off because Dan doesn't react to their anger. They believe that Michelle somehow knew she was going to be nominated and shouldnít have been shocked, but flipped out anyway. Dan says that BB better put Michelle's eviction on 20 second delay because there are going to be a lot of obscenities flying around. They still think they need to make Jerry sweat it out this week and think he isnít safe.

    Hey guys! I think I hear Jessie and April down there!

    Renny enters the HoH and she looks pissed! She starts rambling about Ollie and making him say things and Iím having trouble following. Dan asks Renny if she trusts him or if she trusts Ollie. She screams that Dan keeps asking her to trust him and tells him not to @^#&@^% play her like a fool. Hey, thatís Ollieís line. Dan gives her the mature ďwhateverĒ response and tells her if she has such a problem with him then vote him out next week. He says he had to do some shady things to get their alliance further and Renny claims he could have done it without all the bull@^^$. They talk a bit more and Dan tells her he appreciates her coming up and letting him know she was mad. She says she isnít mad she just doesnít understand. Neither do I. Is this alliance falling apart already? Maybe not. She tells him she is too old for him to keep messing with her and they hug. He asks her if he can sleep with her tonight and she tells him no. He even says he will put a pillow wall between them. I love it when Dan screws around with Rennyís head. They crack me up.

    Downstairs, Hurricane Ollie is gaining strength once again and now itís crazy time! Ollie takes a lollipop and throws it in the kitchen. He takes all the keys off of the memory wall and throws them on the floor. He goes outside and knocks over some weights. We find out a little later that he also knocked over a light. He talks to himself and paces around the backyard. BB calls him to the DR and he says he isnít going. The HoH crew upstairs saw Ollie throw something inside the house and think BB might ask him to leave. BB calls for Ollie again and once again he refuses. We get fish and come back to a missing Ollie. Me thinks he had to go to the principalís office for being a bad boy. The HoH crew goes downstairs to assess the damage and Memphis puts furniture back where it belongs and Renny picks the keys up off the floor. On the way down, Dan remarks, ďLetís do this like Judas!Ē

    Now that Ollie is in the HoH getting a scolding, Michelle either hides away or glares at everyone from afar. Jerry is nowhere to be found, but I assume heís napping because that seems to be his usual routine.

    A listastic, listalicious list!

    *Keesha told Renny to chill out because they donít want the boys turning on them.
    *Michelle came outside and again told Keesha that she is positive she saw Monica before she came in the house. She also doesnít believe Dan is a teacher.
    *Ollie didnít get removed from the house, but was a lot calmer after his lengthy DR session.
    *Ollie wants Michelle to try to strike a deal with Memphis for her to stay. Yeah, we know deals work out real well this season.
    *Michelle offered a deal to Memphis, much like the one Dan offered Ollie, and he said heíd think about it.
    *Michelle thinks she might get Memphis to start doubting Dan and join her side. Speaking of delusional thoughts, has anyone seen Amber on the cover of Vogue yet?
    *I believe I heard Memphis say his girlfriendís name is Ashley. I know what youíre thinking. It must be AshleyPSU, right? Yep, itís me he just doesnít know it yet.

    Renny and Dan meet again in the HoH and he asks her if she thinks he did the right thing and she says yes. Renny tells Dan that Michelle has been running her mouth and has also asked Renny for her vote. She said itís hard to see such a look of desperation in someoneís face. They talk about their families and then Renny leaves.

    Iíll never let go Jack Dan. Iíll never let go!

    The speculation as to Secret Agent Danís real identity continues with Michelle, Jerry, and Ollie. They think he is definitely a plant or Americaís Player and they think BB told him he canít win the prize which is why he did what he did at the veto ceremony. They go through everything heís done since the beginning of the game and figure he is getting paid for every task he does since he canít win the $500,000. I donít know how they keep track of all their conspiracy theories. Maybe they should work for the government. Ollie and Michelle find Keesha outside on the backyard couch and try to convince her Dan is a plant. They tell her that Dan was trying to get votes to save Libra. I must have missed thatÖ oh wait, IT DIDNíT HAPPEN! Ollie keeps reminding Keesha that Dan saved her, so Iím not sure where he thinks this conversation is going. Heís not helping his cause, thatís for sure. Ollie claims he wanted to tell Keesha and Renny about the deal but Dan threatened him not to. Put on your boots folks, itís starting to get deep!

    A little later in the evening, Dan, Keesha, Renny, and Memphis are sitting outside making fun of Ollie and Michelle and all of their conspiracy theories. Renny tells them that Jerry is really pissed off about something and not to go up to the Colonel, because you can see steam coming out of his ass! They arenít too sure why Jerry is so mad but they think itís because he knew about the 3rd part of the deal. Memphis wonders if BB will give them alcohol tonight then they all laugh and say the day was crazy enough. They pass the time by talking about sex and movies and fights in previous seasons. Dan wants to sleep in Rennyís bed, and she tells him if she wasnít married, sheíd break him in. Wow. They all start laughing hysterically.

    Ollie, what did that light ever do to you?

    I check in on Jerry and Ollie and they are discussing getting Memphis out next week. They agree they would put up Memphis and Keesha. Jerry calls Keesha a tramp, compares her to a mouse, and includes many F words. His family must be so proud. Not a whole lot of action happens after this vile conversation, and one by one, the hamsters hit the sack.

    BB wakes the hamsters up with a medley of love songs and everyone thinks it is a little weird. Michelle canít believe Dan had the nerve to say good morning to her. She claims she wants to stab him in the eye. After you are done Michelle, please pass along whatever you are using because I might have to stab my own eyes out after seeing you in the morning. They think that Dan might be a child molester. Ollie, Jerry, and Michelle spend a large portion of the morning badmouthing the other half of the house while the other half of the house chases birds in the backyard. Bitter much? As my shift comes to an end, Dan and Memphis are in the pool and everyone else is on the red couches chatting. For now, it appears as if the worst of the storms are over, but who knows what tomorrow will bring!

    If you @#$@^@ want to @&#&@$%@... PM me.

    Thanks to JustJuls for the screencaps!
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 8/25 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Hurricane Ollie and Tropical Storm Michelle

    They are truely a clueless couple.
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    Re: 8/25 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Hurricane Ollie and Tropical Storm Michelle

    Wondeful recap!!!! congrats on getting such a FUN day.

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    Re: 8/25 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Hurricane Ollie and Tropical Storm Michelle

    Reading recaps all day and this was the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: 8/25 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Hurricane Ollie and Tropical Storm Michelle

    Awesome recap as always Ashley! :

    I truly have never seen such vile, vulgar, paranoid and delusional peeps.....

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    Re: 8/25 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Hurricane Ollie and Tropical Storm Michelle

    Wonderful recap! I started feeling sorry for you at about 27 seconds after the veto competition was over.

    @#^@ you! @#^& you, you @#&#$%@!! Hi Mom!
    Seriously, this is the best caption ever.

    *Michelle thinks she might get Memphis to start doubting Dan and join her side. Speaking of delusional thoughts, has anyone seen Amber on the cover of Vogue yet?
    No, and I look every time I am in the grocery store, because she has a perfect face and figure.

    *I believe I heard Memphis say his girlfriend’s name is Ashley. I know what you’re thinking. It must be AshleyPSU, right?
    I am not at all surprised.

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    Re: 8/25 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Hurricane Ollie and Tropical Storm Michelle

    You certainly got an eventful shift, Ash! I enjoyed your vivid descriptions of all the hoopla and laughed out loud reading about how angry Ollie was. Thanks for a great recap!
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    Re: 8/25 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Hurricane Ollie and Tropical Storm Michelle

    You made great sense out of a crazy day Ashley. (and I knew it was you (AshleyPSU)that Memphis was talking about the whole time )
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    Re: 8/25 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Hurricane Ollie and Tropical Storm Michelle

    Michelle thinks she might get Memphis to start doubting Dan and join her side. Speaking of delusional thoughts, has anyone seen Amber on the cover of Vogue yet?
    Priceless! Fantastic recap - I was enthralled. What a load of drama!
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    Re: 8/25 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Hurricane Ollie and Tropical Storm Michelle

    Ashley, you rock! Awesome recap. I missed the drama and just read bits and pieces. It's great to have the entire story in one place. Can't wait to see the door hit Michelle on the way out Thursday nite!

    And congrats on Memphis. I'd fight you for him, but after recapping this season, you deserve him!
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