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Thread: 8/23 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Walking in Memphis

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    8/23 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Walking in Memphis

    **This recap covers events from noon Saturday to noon Sunday, BB time**

    Hello again, Big Brother fans! If you are like me, you have been extremely happy about the recent events in the house. April went buh-bye and Dan won HoH. I know there are some people out there who aren’t fond of Dan, but he won me over the week he was America’s Player. The only thing that could put the cherry on my sundae of Big Brother happiness would be for Memphis to win the POV. My fingers and toes are crossed. At this point, the battle lines are clearly drawn. It’s Michelle/Jerry/Ollie against Renny/Keesha/Memphis/Dan. That being said, let’s invade hamster land!

    My shift begins with Michelle and Ollie discussing the veto. Michelle says if she wins and Dan asks her not to use it, she won’t but she is going to make Dan vote against the other side in the event of a tie. She is afraid if she does use it, Dan will put Ollie up. Ollie reminds her that Dan gave his word. Michelle is putting the cart before the horses here if you ask me. Jerry enters the room and Michelle thanks him for picking her to play in the veto competition. Michelle leaves and Ollie tells Jerry they need to start putting doubt in Dan’s head about Keesha. They decide that they will lie to him if they have to. Jerry is just full of integrity and definitely not a hypocrite at all. :sarcasm

    Around 12:30pm BB time, Skippy switches us to trivia. Two hours into the trivia block, there’s a quick audio leak of Keesha pondering what she can buy with two rectangles. Hmm. I think buying yourself a personality costs about four rectangles, so that’s off the table. A little after 4pm, the feeds finally come back. I was beginning to think they all just called it quits and left the game. A girl can dream. At first I thought maybe Keesha won the veto, but after a little happy dance by Dan and Memphis in the HoH room, I figure out that Memphis has won the veto! Hello cherry on my sundae of BB happiness!

    Nothing says “celebration” like making your fingers into air guns!

    Apparently Keesha or Jerry almost won it, but Dan and Memphis are glad Keesha didn’t because they don’t trust her to use it. The boys discuss how to best handle Ollie and decide not to call him out in front of everyone about the deal. Memphis wants Ollie on the block but Dan seems to be pretty set on Michelle. Keesha enters the HoH and says that she did better than Michelle because she weighs less. I can see how that could be true considering Michelle’s hair probably weighs about 20 pounds. Elsewhere in the house, Ollie tells Michelle that he wants to call Dan out and tell everyone that Ollie gets to pick the replacement nominee. Michelle tells him to wait and he declares that if he is being played, Dan is going to get a right hook to the jaw. Even though he doesn’t curse or drink, apparently he can threaten physical harm on people. Moral code is flexible I guess.

    Michelle: Backdoor action, here I come!

    Ollie continues to rant and rave, so I check back in on the HoH. Dan, Keesha, Renny, and Memphis are still figuring out the best way to use the veto. They come up with the idea that maybe Memphis should get Jerry to give him Jerry’s $4,000 in exchange for Memphis using the veto on Jerry. They would then backdoor Michelle. I don’t know why Memphis would need anymore money when he already has that 6 million dollar car! Back to Ollie and Michelle’s blabberfest. Ollie says over and over that there’s no way that he or Michelle will be going on the block. He keeps saying he wants to call Dan out and Michelle keeps telling him to chill out. I thought I could deal with those two but I can’t. Back to the HoH! Dan tells his “alliance” about the 3rd part of his deal with Ollie but assures them he isn’t going to let it happen. Keesha and Memphis exit, and Dan tells Renny that there will be people walking around thinking they are safe and everyone should let them think that. Dan gives Renny a hug and tells her they are getting closer. Aww, I’m just getting the warm and fuzzies here folks.

    The afternoon passes in the usual way with cooking, random conversations, and napping. Jerry naps a lot, Ollie tries to visit Dan but Dan is in the shower, and Renny makes dinner. Jerry finally wakes up and goes out to the backyard to sit with Michelle and Memphis. She goes on and on about how her hands hurt and she has rope burns and she didn’t do as well as she could have because of her rope burned hands, etc. Jerry says he doesn’t know what’s going to happen this week with the POV, but he wants to talk to every person in the house one on one in case he’ll be leaving.

    Someone drank their Ensure this morning!

    Renny has prepared a grand feast for dinner, and everyone eats except for Ollie and Keesha. Someone needs to hold that girl down and force feed her a sandwich or 12! After dinner, Michelle feeds the fish and asks BB in her baby voice if they could get some beer, wine, and a luxury competition. Renny, Keesha, and Memphis go out to the backyard couches. Memphis says that he will be glad to see Michelle go because she has such a bad attitude. Renny reminds Keesha that she almost won a TV. I hate it when they talk about portions of the veto competition because I have no clue what they are talking about. Memphis tells them that Jerry thinks he is going home and everyone should let him keep thinking that. Renny can’t believe Ollie wants her to go up and comments that Dan better not put her up. Memphis reassures her that Dan won’t.

    In the kitchen, Michelle and Ollie brainstorm what Michelle should say when she talks to Dan. They think she should say a lot of bad things about Keesha. Ollie is pretty sure Dan won’t go back on the deal and that Ollie will still get to pick the replacement. Michelle thinks they should offer Dan their word that he will be safe if they win the next HoH, but ultimately they might have to go back on their word. Out in the backyard, Memphis, Keesha, and Renny feel if Michelle stays in the game, she has a good shot of winning. They make fun of her for following tiny headed toolbag muscle boy Jessie around like a puppy dog. They think it will be funny when Michelle goes to the jury house this week and then Jerry next week.

    Ollie finds Dan and asks if he can talk to him in the HoH room. Ollie tells Dan that if Memphis uses the veto, Ollie wants Keesha to go up. Dan tells Ollie he is trying to convince Memphis not to use the veto. (While visions of Marcellus dance in my head…) Ollie reminds Dan that Dan promised on Monica and his family that Ollie will get to choose the replacement nominee. Urgh, I hate it when people swear on their families. Ollie tells Dan that Keesha has been badmouthing him and that he wants her up instead of Renny. Ollie tells Dan if he doesn’t go through with the deal to put up Keesha like Ollie wants, Dan has to break the tie vote by voting off one of his own and keeping Jerry. Dan tells him he needs to think about it. Ollie must be really stupid, because at this point, giant red flashing signals should be going off in his head that Dan isn’t keeping the deal. Ollie doesn’t see Memphis not taking himself off (duh) and Dan says he is still working on him. Ollie reminds Dan that if he follows through on the deal, he has 3 people keeping him safe next week. They leave HoH to go back to their respective camps.

    You’re welcome and…

    You’re welcome again.

    Dan joins Keesha and Renny on the backyard couch and they agree that they will tell Jerry they will save him this week, but he has to promise to put Ollie on the block if he wins HoH. Skippy gives us fish and we come back to find Michelle crying. The houseguests were told that America voted for one of them to receive a phone call. They don’t know who yet. Everyone talks about the call and what they would say to their loved ones. The backyard crew wonders if Michelle will win the call and if she doesn’t, they wonder if she will be mad. Michelle didn’t let the Hawaii trip thing go for weeks, obviously she won’t let the phone call winner get off easy either.

    In the spa room, Ollie and Michelle are STILL obsessing about the veto and what Dan is going to do. They think Memphis will want revenge on Dan for putting him up. Ollie reassures Michelle that Dan isn’t going to put her up but she should go talk to him still. Ollie goes to find Jerry and Jerry is in bed crying because he misses his wife and really wants the phone call to talk to her.

    The house lushes Keesha and Michelle discover that BB has given them 6 beers and a bottle of wine. Channeling hamsters from seasons past, Keesha, Memphis, and Dan decide to play beer pong, but Dan wants to use apple juice. They invite Renny to join them. Ollie and Michelle isolate themselves one again in the backyard and Michelle can’t wait to see everyone’s faces when Dan doesn’t put her up. They discuss that they really do need Jerry in their alliance. Michelle tells Ollie that karma is going to let them win this game. I think karma is on vacation, sweetie. They say they are still in the house to avenge Jessie and April. Jessie better get a restraining order now because it sounds like he is going to have a stalker after this game is over.

    Apparently the more beer pong you play, the bigger your hair gets.

    Talk turns to the phone call from home. Michelle doesn’t think Memphis deserves the call because he already has that car. Since the last time I mentioned it, I’m pretty sure it’s up to about 40 million now. She said that America will probably pick her because she had to wear the unitard and she had such a rough time after Jessie was evicted. They think whoever wins the phone call is America’s favorite. They are worried that Jerry has been in the DR for a long time and speculate he got the call from home. Michelle whines about the veto competition, saying that she was winning but then she dropped some puzzle pieces and how the magnet wasn’t working, yada yada. They say that Keesha and Renny are sneaky and they are playing the rest of the house with their boobs. I don’t particularly want to think about Renny’s boobs, thanks. Michelle finishes her second glass of red wine and then proceeds to steal Jerry’s beer. Yikes.

    In the house, a riveting game of beer pong is taking place. Renny has to drink a cup and drinks the ball too. Everyone laughs and Memphis says he has never seen anyone do that before. Renny spits the ball out at Keesha. Michelle comes inside and joins the beer pong fun. Jerry comes out of the DR and asks Michelle what happened to his beer. She denies drinking it. Drunken Michelle asks Jerry if he got the call and he just smiles at her and denies it. After the “soda pong” (as Dan called it) game, mostly everyone heads to the backyard and talks about all kinds of things. Dan and Memphis want to be better boyfriends, and Memphis also wants to get health insurance. Eventually, the houseguests once again break into their respective camps.

    Upstairs, Team Dan laughs about how they are playing Jerry this week. Downstairs, Team Michelle talks about how much time Dan and Memphis have been spending together. Ollie just thinks Dan wants to spend time with Memphis before he leaves. Wow, he is absolutely blind as to how this game works. Does he really think Memphis won’t use the veto on himself? Michelle finds a spot on the bathroom couch and sobs, again. She gets called to the DR and when she comes out, she hunts down Dan in the HoH to kiss his ass talk with him.

    *sniffle* Jessie, I miss looking at your giant arms and tiny… head.

    Michelle tells Dan that she was told Memphis and Keesha promised each other final 2. She also says Keesha has an alliance with Renny. Michelle then says that Keesha told her it was going to be girls vs. guys. She then says Keesha pinky swore with April she’d take her to the end. Michelle tells Dan that Keesha has alliances with everyone in the house. She continues to ramble on about how Dan shouldn’t trust the other side of the house and they are just using him to do their dirty work. She might have a point, but hey, it’s a game. She claims she has Dan’s back and that they are both so nice and lovable that nobody will want to go against them in the end so they should take each other since they are equals. Does anyone have five bucks to buy this girl a clue? Michelle leaves and Dan tells Monica goodnight if she’s watching. All the hamsters drift off to dreamland.

    The wake up call comes kind of early in the morning and the hamsters aren’t happy. BB tells them to be ready for the day in 45 minutes. They all speculate that the phone call will happen then. The hamsters get put on outside lockdown and the feeds go to trivia. The feeds come back and we found out that Jerry won the phone call. Good for Jerry. He talked to his great grandson, granddaughter, and wife.

    Jerry: Thank you America!

    Aww… you are welcome Jerry! The other houseguests seem genuinely happy for him and tell him he deserved it. Renny and Memphis head back outside and decide America probably hates them. From what I’ve gathered on most message boards, it’s actually the opposite. Michelle goes to her bed, covers her head with pillows, and cries. Apparently Jerry didn’t tell his wife he loved her during the call, and Renny won’t let it go. She just can’t believe he didn’t tell his wife he loves her.

    I have absolutely no idea what happened to Dan’s Michigan State hat!

    Renny and Keesha head to the bedroom and both agree that the Colonel is a scary guy. Renny hopes that Dan sticks to the plan. Keesha tells Renny they have a good shot at staying in the game next week because Ollie will target Dan and Jerry will target Memphis. Keesha also tells Renny that she will stick by her because Renny has done the same. They are bothered by the fact that Jerry hasn’t asked either of them for a vote or even really talked to them at all. With that, we hit the noon hour and my shift comes to an end.

    Come on back tomorrow when the wonderful and talented waywyrd will turn a day of absolutely nothing into a recap full of laughs and snark!

    Do you steal beer from 75 year old men? PM me

    Thanks to waywyrd, JustJuls and Just Sayin for the screencaps!
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    Re: 8/23 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Walking in Memphis

    Does anyone have five bucks to buy this girl a clue?

    I think it might take more then 5 bucks to buy this girl clue.

    I very much enjoyed my presents of Memphis and Dan. Thanks!

    Awesome recap!
    GO DAN!!

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    Re: 8/23 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Walking in Memphis

    Your PSU hat is hilarious! Leave it to you. Great recap!
    Getting lost will help you find yourself.

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    Re: 8/23 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Walking in Memphis

    Hilarious Hat! *makes airgun with hands*

    Great recap!
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    Re: 8/23 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Walking in Memphis

    Thanks for the presents Ash! Great recap as always!!!

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    Re: 8/23 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Walking in Memphis

    Apparently the more beer pong you play, the bigger your hair gets.
    If you need me, I'll be out playing beer pong.

    I have absolutely no idea what happened to Dan’s Michigan State hat!
    Don't worry, I'll say you were in the backyard when it went missing.

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    Re: 8/23 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Walking in Memphis

    Great job, AshleyPSU! hmmm, where did that Michigan State hat go......
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    Re: 8/23 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Walking in Memphis

    Great recap!!! Thanks so very much!

    But in Dan's defense the only item of the deal that he swore on was to not put up Ollie on the block. The rest of the deal was made later and not included!

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    Re: 8/23 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Walking in Memphis

    Great job, Ashley!
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Re: 8/23 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Walking in Memphis

    wow!!!!!!!!!!! I wich I had found your recaps before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Needless to say I'll be reading every one from now on.

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