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Thread: BB 8/19 Recap: An Eerily Good Veto Competition

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    BB 8/19 Recap: An Eerily Good Veto Competition

    Welcome back everyone! I was on a two week hiatus. I almost died of boredom from this season of BB and was recovering the last two weeksÖor I had finals for school and was studying away. I guess I will leave it up to you to decide. This week, we find ourselves with Renny as the HOH, and April and Jerry on the block. Personally, I donít care about either of them, so Iím kind of happy to see them on the block. Tonight, we are in for the veto competition and ceremony. I hope itís something really exciting like, pick the house guest you hate the most and make them leave. At the very least, that would cut the amount of time in the season down by half. I would be ok with that. So, letís prop our eye lids open with tooth picks and get ready to be bored thrilled with all the exciting events as they unfold.

    Please Stop Plotting
    As the cameras take us into the house, we are watching the aftermath unfold after the nomination announcement. Jerry takes it like a soldier and hugs Renny and shakes the hands of the other houseguests. April whines about being put up and taking it personally. Ollie praises the camera that Jerry got put up instead of himself. Everyone else in the house is already plotting about what they are going to do with the nominations.

    Meanwhile, in a bedroom, April and Ollie have sex a discussion about Ollie saving April with the POV. I guess these two forgot the cardinal rule of veto, if you bank on winning the veto to save someone, it NEVER happens! They still continue on with their plan and make false promises to each other. Up in the HOH, Keesha makes a visit with her friend Renny, to discuss how everyone is taking it. Renny tells her that she likes Ollie and that is why she didnít put him up. Everyone seems confused about Ollie not being on the block.

    Jerry is lying in bed having a great conversation with himself. Ollie is even in the room and Jerry is still having a conversation about random things. He starts going on about missing his family and his puppy. He then remarks on his talking with himself. Itís a little to Twilight Zone for me and Iím glad for the interruption of Renny screeching about players for the Veto.

    A Goolish Competition

    Itís veto picking time and everyone makes their way to the living room. Renny selects first and gets Dan, April gets Keesha, and Jerry picks Ollie. Renny chooses Michelle to be the host of the competition. Hopefully she doesnít wear the red unitard, itís really not that flattering on anyone. April and Ollie scamper off to a bed for sex discussion of their excitement that he was selected to play in the veto competition. Upstairs, Dan laments to Keesha and Memphis about Ollie being selected. Paranoid much?

    Itís veto time and the guests head out into a haunted backyard. There are cauldrons, smoke, a real snake, and fake crows- they almost make Ollie wet his pants. Literally. There is a voodoo doll of each houseguest. The houseguests are told they have 5 minutes to look over everything. There is a box of cockroaches and Keesha freaks out over the thoughts of putting her hand in it. Each player needs to earn 3 points, they will be asked about objects in the backyard. They can also stay and fold, fold means they canít win a point but are still in the game. Stay means they are confident in their answer and if they are not the closest to the correct answer, they are out.

    The first question deals with the snake and how long it is. April should ace this one, with all the snake handling she has been doing this season. Jerry wins the snake question and Renny is out for being the farthest away. The next question deals with how many pins are stuck in the voodoo dolls of all the houseguests. Jerry wins this one as well and April is eliminated. Jerry has two points now and everyone else has zero. Now, they need to guess how many cockroaches are in the box. Keesha is freaking out because she never stuck her hand in. Dan wins the round and Keesha is eliminated. If Jerry had stayed in, he would have won the POV.

    The next question is kind of gross, they have to guess how many ounces of blood are in all the containers on the table. Ollie and Jerry fold, Dan wins a point. The next question has the houseguests guessing how many nails are on the bed of nails. Dan wins the question and also wins the POV. Jerry and April look very disappointed at the results. Ollie is disappointed in his performanceÖas am I. April is going to do whatever it takes to get Dan to use the POV on her. I wonder if Ollie would approve of that.

    Good Lord, More Plotting?
    After the competition, Michelle comforts Ollie and April on the jobs they did. Ollie calls April into his bed for sex comforting and to ease her worries about being voted out. April is now toying with the idea of using her gold bars to bribe Dan to get him to use the POV. Ollie is convinced that will work and that Jerry will be going home this week.

    Dan for some reason really wants Ollie on the block, to break up the April/Ollie alliance. I donít understand that at this point, April seems to be favored to be going home so the alliance gets broken up. Dan and Jerry have a little conversation and Jerry apologizes for what he said to Dan at the last POV ceremony. We know he is serious because he is wearing his Marine hat. Dan appreciates his apology and seriously considers using the POV.

    Dan and Memphis have a discussion outside about using the POV. They are also talking about Ollie and what would happen if Ollie won HOH. They have no idea the type of player he is and what he would do with that power. They are considering trying to get him out this week since April is so much more predictable.

    Someone is Getting Cut
    Dan approaches Renny to cut his hair; she is a hairdresser back home. Renny jumps right in and Dan is a little uneasy since they have not had a conversation about the new do. Dan says a little prayer to give Renny the strength to do the best job possible while cutting his hair. Renny tells him if he doesnít shut up, she is going to scalp him. Renny finishes the job and it looks good.

    Meanwhile, the houseguests seem to have been on outdoor lock out and the kitchen table has been made much smaller. They are all excited about the new piece of furniture and what that means to the whole game. Iím slightly shocked that they needed a new table to show that they are losing players in the game.

    Dan is outside lounging in the pool when April approaches him to find out what his plans are with the veto. April offers Dan her word and some cash for him to use the veto on her. Dan tells her that he will think about it. Dan goes up to Renny to get some information from her about whom she would put up as a replacement if he used the veto. Dan asks her who she would put up if people were taken off the block. She has no answer for him and that freaks him out a bit.

    Itís almost time for the veto ceremony; Dan is inside looking at all the photos and trying to decide what he is going to do. He calls everyone in for the meeting and Jerry and April are each given a chance to make their final plea. Neither speech amounts too much but a little butt kissing. Dan makes his final speech that ends with him telling them that he is not going to use the veto. Ollie, April and Jerry all looked shocked at this.

    What would you do for a veto? Send me a PM and let me know!
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