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Thread: 8/11 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jerry-atric Mental Ward

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    8/11 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jerry-atric Mental Ward

    **This recap covers events from noon Monday to noon Tuesday, BB Time**

    A big thanks to iguanachocolate for filling in for me on my Saturday-Sunday shift this past week. I was off trying to find my sanity and my life. She had a craaaaazy night to cover, that’s for sure. Hopefully the hamsters are a little more calm and subdued during my shift now. I don’t think my poor ears can take anymore. I complain when they are fighting and I complain when they are boring. I guess I just have a short attention span when it comes to these trainwrecks. Oh hey look, something shiny…

    As my shift beings, we are on fishies. I gather that the Veto Ceremony is now taking place. A short while later, we are back, and apparently The Colonel went a little overboard with his speech during the ceremony. I guess he just rambled on about Dan and talked about a bunch of gossip he has heard in the house. We find out that Jerry didn’t use the veto. April talks outside with Dan and tells him that what Jerry said about him in Jerry’s veto speech was very inappropriate. April knows that Dan wasn’t the entire reason that Jessie went home. Dan says that even though Jerry keeps commenting on Dan’s religion and values, Dan still likes Jerry on a personal level. I don’t particularly care for Jerry on any level. He’s a crotchety old man who makes completely uncalled for judgments about other people. Oh yeah, and he doesn’t wash his hands after he uses the bathroom. That’s just ew. Michelle comes out and also declares Jerry to be a crazy old bat and she tells Dan she doesn’t feel the way Jerry does about him. Michelle doesn’t think Jerry realizes that SHE would have replaced the vetoed houseguest, not Jerry.

    Did someone say Photoshop?

    Michelle heads up to the HoH and Danny Boy follows her. They laugh a little more at how delusional Jerry is and how ridiculous his speech was. Jerry thinks he saved Dan this week even though he’s a Judas. Dan thinks that Michelle knows that at some point in the game he can help her. She says she doesn’t know that. Elsewhere, in the backyard, Keesha and Ollie talk about Jerry’s speech. They think it was too long and he definitely took some low blows. Ollie tells Keesha there was no Ollie/Dan/Jerry alliance like Jerry said. They think he needs to take his medication because he’s going nuts. Renny and Michelle join the conversation and Renny comments that Jerry is obsessed with people’s words. Renny imitates Jerry and his POV speech and Keesha laughs.

    Jerry is the hot topic of conversation today. Note: This is the only time you will see “Jerry” and “hot” in the same sentence, so enjoy it. Now, Michelle and Ollie are in the HoH room rehashing Jerry’s speech. This must have been some speech! Ollie thinks that Jerry is trying to make Dan suffer. Apparently Jerry used the phrase “expect the unexpected” in his speech, and at that moment, Michelle thought Libra was coming off the block. Ollie says if someone from the other side got HoH, Jerry would float over to that side. Ollie gets called to the DR.

    I know America thinks I’m @$%@%^ gorgeous. I went to @#$^@ Rice!

    Much of the afternoon is spend lounging around outside, talking about random stuff, then lounging around inside. A banner flies overhead, but it has nothing to do with the game. BB doesn’t like it though and the hamsters get put on inside lockdown for less than 5 minutes. Michelle gets called to the DR… wait, I can still see her! Yay, DR leak! Skippy must have fallen asleep for a bit here. Michelle plays with her hair and a voice tells her that she looks great. Michelle tells the DR voice that she would have put Renny up if Jerry had used the POV. She says she wanted to toss Jerry the HoH key since apparently he thinks he is the one in power this week. She says she would have been very pissed off at Jerry if he would have used the POV. The DR voice tells Michelle she needs to start using “Jerry” more instead of “he”. Wow, this is a long leak! She tells them that her HoH week has gone well but she wants more power. The DR asks who she wants out and she says Libra. She says hello to her boss, Roger. She also says she misses her family and friends, but she misses her cell phone more. The DR asks her what issues are important to her in the upcoming election and she says that she wants America to change for the better and that the economy and gas prices are important. She is glad that Craig Ferguson is a weekly thing now. Michelle starts saying why she thinks Dan is a hypocrite when finally Skippy wakes up and realizes he’s giving us a little no-no sneak peek and changes to Renny in the kitchen.

    This lazy eye is for you, Jessie!!!

    While Michelle is in the DR, Jerry and Ollie are talking on the backyard couches. Jerry laughs and says everyone is going to hate Dan, including all the Catholics. Ugh, shut up Jerry. Jerry wonders if BB liked his speech because he warned them he was going to do it and Ollie tells him that nobody liked his speech very much. Jerry says if he wins HoH it’s game on, but if he doesn’t then it’s game over. He also thinks that BB may have gotten Dan straight from federal prison. There’s a concept. Big Brother: Convict Edition. Now Jerry bashes Memphis and says that Memphis is a fighter and will probably kill someone. Jerry is pretty sure that Dan, Memphis, and Michelle have an alliance. Jerry is completely fixated on his hatred for Dan. He rambles on and on and on about Dan and what a wimp he is. Ollie just kind of sits there, obviously bored to death. He finally manages to escape and heads to the kitchen with Renny and Keesha.

    Renny, Keesha, and Ollie talk about, you guessed it, Jerry. Renny asks why he left poor ol’ Jerry out there alone and Ollie says he was out there way longer than he should have. They all laugh about how they are sure Jerry thought he would have been the one to name the replacement nominee. They look at the memory wall and comment that everyone around Renny is black and white. Ollie thinks Jerry needs to get some kind of counseling. No comment.

    A lot of time passes without much happening, and then we find Keesha and Libra in the bedroom. Keesha is packing. She says she is going right back up on the block next week and Libra tells her not to even unpack. They laugh that everyone is trying to figure out who orchestrated Jessie’s eviction and they both say they wanted him out very badly. Libra says that Ollie blamed the whole thing on her and she thinks they all think she has some kind of magical powers to make people vote the way she wants them to. Libra counts the votes and thinks it’s going to be a tie this week with Michelle casting the deciding vote. She jokingly says she’ll offer Michelle the Hawaii trip for her vote. Hey, that’s probably not a bad idea. We have gone about 20 minutes without talking about Jerry and then the conversation goes to… Jerry. Jerry Jerry Jerry!! Libra thinks Jerry is going to vote for Keesha to stay but Keesha doesn’t trust anything Jerry says. Jerry bashing ensues, then talk turns to previous seasons. Libra thinks most of the winners flew under the radar and got other people to do their dirty work for them.

    Pssst, Ollie. I found you a condom.

    I scan to see what else is going on, because I tire of Libra easily, and see that Memphis and Dan are chatting and Michelle and Renny are chatting. I check in on both. More Jerry. It’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooo frustrating hearing about him all of the time! Memphis thinks Jerry is a wild card and Michelle/Renny think he has his facts messed up. Yes, we established that about 4 hours ago, but thanks for the reminder.

    The houseguests go in and out of the house, not really saying a whole lot. Ollie is sitting on the backyard couch when he sees some crows in the backyard. He has a mini freakout and starts climbing up on the couch. He quickly goes inside and says he is afraid of crows. I guess he isn’t afraid of old nasty crows because he still keeps April around. Zing. He says that his mom used to make him watch birds and he’s been scared of them ever since. Everyone makes fun of him and the guys make bird call noises. Ollie thinks California birds are crazy because they aren’t afraid of people.


    The rest of the late afternoon/early evening conversations are about Jerry and his lack of sanity. Yes, we get it. What’s that you say? You want a list? Okay!

    *Renny got on her knees and did an impression of a little person.
    *The houseguests talked about Jerry and his POV speech. Again.
    *Keesha said being in the BB house is like being in a mental institution. Memphis thinks it’s like taking a bunch of acid and then watching the movie “Groundhog Day”.
    *Keesha has lost 10 pounds.
    *The houseguests talked about Jerry and his POV speech. Yes, again.
    *At midnight, the hamsters got off of slop and were allowed to eat.
    *Keesha wants Renny to win HoH so everyone can see what Renny’s husband looks like.
    *Memphis and Renny sang a lot. BB yelled.
    *April and Ollie did the nasty. I’m not shocked.
    *Renny would do All-Stars if asked.

    Around 3am, all the hamsters are asleep. Around 8:30am, BB gives the day’s wakeup call. The hamsters are getting called to the Diary Room early today, and of course complain about it. Keesha wonders what her boyfriend is up to. Libra misses her grandmother and husband. Hmm.. hey Libra, what about those kids of yours? Do you remember them? Both girls comment that they liked Ollie when he first came into the house, but now that he’s with April, they don’t like him so much. Talk turns to race, and Keesha says she wouldn’t mind a black president. With this conversation, my shift ends.

    BB’s own American Idol

    Come on back tomorrow when marybethp will dish all the dirt from Tues-Weds. Maybe these hamsters will quit talking about Jerry for a second. Or not.

    If you are obsessed with Jerry too, PM me.

    Thanks to Snapit, JustJuls, and Rehtaeh for the screencaps!
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    Re: 8/11 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jerry-atric Mental Ward

    Great recap!

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    Re: 8/11 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jerry-atric Mental Ward

    Great recap, Ashley!

    And I totally support the idea of "Big Brother: Convict Edition".
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    Re: 8/11 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jerry-atric Mental Ward

    OMG, I love your condom caption! Great recap!

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    Re: 8/11 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jerry-atric Mental Ward

    three cheers for Ashley

    Great recap and reeeeallllllyyy funny captions.
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    Re: 8/11 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jerry-atric Mental Ward

    Note: This is the only time you will see “Jerry” and “hot” in the same sentence, so enjoy it.
    You are so right Ashley. What is his problem?!? First he was all dipped in Memphis hate, now he's moved on to Dan. Maybe he had a man-crush on Jessie...
    I really appreciate the recaps. Great job Ashley
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    Re: 8/11 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jerry-atric Mental Ward

    Great job Ash. Waaaaay too much Jerry - you must have been ready to hang yourself!!

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    Re: 8/11 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jerry-atric Mental Ward

    Thanks for the recap, Ashley!
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Re: 8/11 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jerry-atric Mental Ward

    I guess he isn’t afraid of old nasty crows because he still keeps April around. Zing.
    hehehe - great recap, Ashley!

    seriously - anyone else think Jerry was on meds for old timer's disease before he came into the house? and then suddenly stopped them?
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    Re: 8/11 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jerry-atric Mental Ward

    Ashley, you are hilarious! Excellent recap, but way too much Jerry.

    I wouldn't mind an empty recap because the day was filled with Jerry quotes and Jerry deeds and Jerry references.
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