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Thread: BB 10 8/10 recap: Portuguese Stiletto's on Fire!

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    BB 10 8/10 recap: Portuguese Stiletto's on Fire!

    Hello folks, here we are again getting ready for another hour of hamster watching. If you read MsFroggy’s recap,here, then you know that the Portuguese Bombshell Michelle beat out her arch nemesis, Libra, to become the HoH. Who will she nominate for eviction? Oh the suspense. More importantly, which of the alleged ‘stars’ from season past will be on the show tonight?

    Michelle is seeing red over Jessie’s eviction. I’m furious, too, but I’m furious at Michelle for wearing silver stilettos with that red unitard. That is a crime against humanity and my eyesight. And as furious as Michelle and I are, Keesha is ecstatic saying she can’t believe she could pull something like that off. Libra is so excited, she’s pimping herself out for toothpaste commercials. April considers Jessie’s eviction as a personal attack and poor America’s Player Dan is devastated. He knew that no matter what America chose, he was going to be in trouble with half the house.

    Michelle, with her now faithful companion April, is out for blood. “Karma is a bitch”, triumphs April. And you should know having been a recent victim of it. Keesha knows that their wrath will come down on her, since she “sent Jessie back to his real girlfriend” – wait, Jessie has a girlfriend? I thought he was only in love with himself...

    The house is one huge boiling cauldron of tension and we all know what that gets us: Fight. Fight. Fight! April just has to mention to Michelle that Renny was laughing at her earlier in the day for trying to memorize the wake up calls they had the night before. Renny tries to tell Michelle she didn’t mean it to be derogatory, but Michelle’s hearing has been dampened by her fury. She goes into scream mode with Renny, but keeps Libra in her sights telling her not to hide. Libra, the shy retiring flower she is, begins to yell back accusing Michelle and April of being best friends – oooh, them’s fightin’ words. Jerry has to put his two cents in and yells at Libra that she is “going out the door”. Then he breaks out the big guns, he calls Libra a ‘dummy’. Ooooh, gasps from the crowd.

    The disgusting part in my mind is what takes place next when April goes on a tirade that Dan is a ‘disgrace to her religion’. Hmmm, I could say something about that, but since this is not a live feed recap, I will have to keep my mouth shut. Let’s just say I respectfully disagree with April’s interpretation of ‘her’ religion. Memphis and Libra think she has taken this tirade too far. So do I.

    Dan does the wisest thing he can do at this point, he lays low. He goes back into his bedroom and lays down pulling his pillow over his face. He decides he should play the “I’m really sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking, I will commit hari kari if you want me to” sympathy card. Memphis goes in to talk to him and tells him thank you for voting for him. They agree that Dan’s best bet is to hide and let the others engage each other in useless arguing. Stay the course, Dan!

    Michelle has calmed down enough to go and talk to Dan. She wants to know why he voted they way that he did, especially since she feels Jessie supported him. (by putting him up?!) Dan says he is just a weak player and he made the choice to go to the dark side and he is awfully sorry about it, gosh gee willikers. Michelle says that Jessie stuck up for him as she exits and Dan gives a triumphant smile to the camera. I am loving Dan for causing all this upheaval and most of all for getting rid of the Body.

    Finally, it is time to see Michelle’s HoH room. Libra and company are annoyed to see April being all buddy buddy with her and April’s fakey sweetness makes me throw up a little in my mouth to watch as well. Sorry, FoRTer’s for that visual. Keesha calls April fake, fake and more fake and even Memphis is disgusted by April’s fawning. As per the norm, Michelle cries through the reading of her letter home and Renny gets very upset and has to leave the room. When Dan comes to check on her, she says she is just missing her family a lot. Dan pats her leg on his way out and tells her to hang in there. I have to say, Dan is growing on me quite a bit.

    Food Comp! In the News?

    The hamsters come down to find their living room set up somewhat like a game show set. They grab their name tags and take their places and onto our screens comes Brian! Remember him? He who was out first after coming out too strong in the first week leaving animosity in his wake, not to mention hapless victims in the form of Steven and Angie? He will be the host of the festivities and introduces familiar faces from Houses past, Hi Chicken George! Hi Janey! Hi Jen! Go away Boogie! And take Matt with you! The others I am not all that familiar with since I have not always been an avid watcher of BB <hangs head in shame>. The current hamsters will be pitted against a houseguest from seasons past in a game called “In the News”. One by one, a hamster will choose one of the guests who will give them a current news story – or is it? The hamster will have to decide if the houseguest past is telling them the truth or not. If they guess correctly, they will win food for that day. If they are incorrect, the past houseguest will win $1000.

    First up is Dan who chooses Boogie to play with. (Ewwwgh. That last sentence brought back bad memories of Boogie and Ericka.) He is told that Brett Favre from the Green Bay Packers has come out of retirement and is now playing for the New York Jets. Dan says no way, and Boogie wins $1000. (I can’t fault him for that one, I haven’t been isolated in a house all summer and I can scarce believe it.) Renny chooses Jen to play with and decides that no way has gas gone up to $6.00 a gallon. Renny wins food for the house for one day. Jerry loses to Janelle, probably blinded by her Blondeness. Memphis loses to Season 3’s Amy, Ollie loses to Matt. These houseguests are going to be eating a lot of slop this week – I know Libra will be a joy because of it. Keesha loses to Bunky, but Michelle happily is one of the hamsters who believe the earthquake was real and she wins a feast for the house. April loses to Chicken George who is thrilled to have finally won something on Big Brother! And he didn’t have to eat slop for the rest of his life to do it. Good going, George! Keesha finishes the game by losing to Season 4’s Jun so the hamsters are on slop 5 out of the next 7 days, but they will get a feast.

    Memphis gets some alone time without Michelle’s new shadow April up in the HoH. He lets her know that he is still loyal to her and he is most definitely not in an alliance with Keesha, Libra and Renny. He advises her not to get into an alliance with Ollie, April and Jerry, since she would be the first one to go. Michelle says that she sees the house as divided in two, and Memphis takes that moment to let her know that Dan is not in an alliance and that maybe they could work with him. Renny takes her turn after laying pretty low to lobby for April going up. She tells Michelle that April has been talking smack behind her back, which Michelle seems surprised by. Michelle – hello! April talks smack about everyone, even Ollie! Why would you be exempt?

    Michelle is seen mulling over the keys, thinking hard about her nominations. Wow, like we haven’t seen that scene played out every week for ten years on Big Brother. Finally, our suspenseful agony is over and the nomination ceremony plays out. At the end, it is no surprise that Keesha and Libra are nominated.

    Who will win the PoV? Will they use it? This and other burning questions will be answered Tuesday. Or, you could spend your time watching the Olympics and just read Yardgnome’s recap instead. That’s what I plan on doing. Make sure to catch LG’s analysis of the show as well!

    Want to petition to have them put Chicken George back in the house? Pm me…..
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    Re: BB 10 8/10 recap: Portuguese Stiletto's on Fire!

    Great job.

    Thank you

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    Re: BB 10 8/10 recap: Portuguese Stiletto's on Fire!

    Quote Originally Posted by iguanachocolate;3163205;
    Want to petition to have them put Chicken George back in the house? Pm me…..
    Heh I'm all for that but what you say we kick out Jerry and put Chicken George in his place?
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