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Thread: 8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jessie's Girl

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    8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jessie's Girl

    **This recap covers events from noon Thursday to noon Friday, BB Time**

    Eviction day is always a boring day on the feeds since most of the day is blocked out by fishies or trivia. Actually, I much prefer watching fish swim around than watching April and Ollie boink. Also, fish donít talk, so of course Iíd rather watch them than watch Keesha and Libra cackle like witches.

    Before the show, not a whole lot happens except for the usual speculation on what the HoH competition might be and the usual paranoia on whether or not people will vote how they said they were going to vote. Dan and Jessie play chess and the other hamsters begin to primp themselves for their face time with the Chenbot.

    Hula this, Libra

    After we return from the live show where Jessie was evicted and Michelle won HoH, the fireworks begin without delay. Michelle and Renny are screaming at each other, and Jerry and Libra are yelling at each other. Jerry mumbles as loud as his old raspy voice will let him screams at Libra that she is going home. Libra is screaming and shouting obscenities because Michelle called her a bitch. Michelle asks Libra what happened to her word and swearing on her kids. Libra tells Michelle it was never a secret how she felt about Jessie. Jerry thinks he should have taken the cake me made Libra and shoved it up her you-know-where. Wow, these people are fired up! April joins in on the action and accuses Renny of being the biggest liar in the house. Everyone is seriously screaming at each other and itís hard to pick who I want to pay attention to! Michelle says she doesnít care what any of them have to say. Libra screams at Jerry that there will be 5 of ďusĒ and only 4 of ďyouĒ on the jury. Jerry calls Libra a dumb bitch. Get out your protective armor folks, because here come the F bombs! Libra flips out on Jerry, saying she isnít @#%#^% stupid and she @#%$$% went to @#%$@#% Rice, you @#$%#@!! I get the sense she isnít very happy.

    Jerry tells Michelle that Dan is the worst of the worst and not even worth his sweat. Michelle heads into the spa room to do a happy dance. Libra finds Dan and says she knows she will be going to sequester but itís okay because itís just a game. Jessieís Girl Michelle tells the camera that ďthat bitch is going down.Ē She heads back to the kitchen and tells Ollie and Jerry that when BB changed the voting order so that Dan went last, she knew Jessie was going.

    Letís check on April, shall we? She is crying and saying she is so embarrassed. She tells Ollie she isnít too worried about Dan, just Libra and that she needs to go. April says that Dan is a disgrace to Catholics. Jerry claims he is going to mock Dan all week by making cross signs with his fingers. Wow, is this guy 75 or just 7? Jerry, April, Michelle, and Ollie know that Libra is the mastermind behind everything and that Keesha doesnít have a mind of her own. Iím tired of these people and their constant bashing. Iím going to find Memphis!

    Danís next task: How long does it take to suffocate yourself?

    Memphis and Dan are whispering and saying about how Jerry, Ollie, and April are arrogant now. Memphis canít believe the terrible things they are saying about the others in the house. He tells Libra to lay low because she doesnít know for sure what Michelle is going to do. For the rest of the evening, the same pattern pretty much continues. Keesha, Libra, Renny, and Dan lay around and whine about Jerry, Michelle, April, and Libra and vice versa. Memphis just floats around between the 2 camps, playing it cool.

    Michelle seeks out Dan and wants some answers regarding her precious Jessie. First she asks Dan if Monica is real and if heís really a teacher, to which he responds ďyesĒ to both. She asks why he promised Jessie heíd keep him then he went back on his word. Dan says he doesnít really have a good answer and that heís embarrassed. He says he has to live with his choices and he canít change it now. Wow, one of the first talks that didnít involve Michelle screaming.

    %^#$#@$&*%*(^%&$%^#$%#@*$^&$!! !!!!!!!

    Michelle leaves and heads into the storage room to pay homage to the ghost of Jessie. She starts talking to herself, although itís obviously directed at Jessie, that her HoH win was so bittersweet. She keeps saying ďI wish you were here right now, I wish you were here right now.Ē Yikes, get over it woman. Jessie had a girlfriend at home and heís a pinhead. She goes to her bed and cries. Iíd be crying tears of joy too if I knew I wouldnít be able to see Jessie flex anymore. Memphis enters the room and tells Michelle that when Jessie left, he whispered, ďYou and Michelle take this thing.Ē

    Elsewhere in the houseÖ yep, you guessed it. Whine whine whine, blah blah blah. Libra canít believe that Ollie called her a ďdumb hoĒ because he is a preacherís son and shouldnít talk like that. Last time I checked, men in general shouldnít talk like that. Libra is also going on and on about how she know sheís going up on the block and if she doesnít with POV, sheís gone. She throws out a few clichť lines: it is what it is, this game changes on a dime, etc. April and Ollie are talking and April thinks Jerry was right when he called Memphis a womanizer. She feels so stupid that she was taken advantage of like she was. April = stupid? Naaaaaaaaaah.

    We get some fishies and come back on to find Michelle in her HoH room! She is reading her letter from home. Renny congratulates Michelle, begins crying, and leaves. Dan hugs Michelle, then goes to check on Renny. She says she just misses her family. Keesha comes down and gives Renny a big hug too. Awww. You know, I think Renny got a bad rap in the beginning, but I really like her now. Back in the HoH room, Michelle tells the remaining visitors all about her family and dog. Michelle gets called to the DR, so everyone leaves her room.

    Hey, letís check on Memphis again! He enters the room where Keesha, Libra, and Renny are. He says he is trying to get Michelle to put April up because they have the votes to get her out. He says if he canít get April up, he will try to get Ollie up. The girls arenít so sure because they know Michelle likes Ollie. Memphis then heads up to the HoH to talk to Michelle. He says they need to break up April and Ollie because they are a strong team of two. Michelle says there are four people who voted Jessie out she needs to worry about.

    Outside, Jerry is still rambling on about Dan and what a horrible person he is. He thinks that Dan hides behind his religion and that breaking his word is unforgivable. Jerry knows that either he, April, or Ollie need to win HoH. Ollie agrees and then goes back inside, most likely to get away from Father Time and his incoherent raspy babbling. Keesha is his next victim. He says he can never respect Dan again because Dan had an alliance with Jerry, Ollie, and April. Keesha said she had no idea and Jerry replies that it was ďbigtimeĒ. Jerry gets called to the DR and Keesha goes to tell Libra and Renny about Danís former alliance.

    A little later up in the HoH, Michelle, Jerry, Ollie, and April call Libra the ďpuppet masterĒ. Are they serious? Puppet Master she is not! *sigh* I miss Dr. Will and all of his smarmy dazzle. They say some nasty, nasty things about Dan and Jerry says he wants Dan to ďburn in HellĒ. Everything he says just makes his grandkids more and more proud of him. Not.

    Itís midnight in the BB house and you know what that means! Jerry is off of slop and Michelle can FINALLY take off that terrible red unitard! She takes it off and comments that her skin was peeling and her legs feel weird. The bashing between the two camps continues for awhile longer. Hey, did you know that Keesha canít stand April? Also, Keesha canít stand April. Oh yeah, Keesha canít stand April.

    The Colonel has a midnight snack with all of his friends

    Dan asks Memphis who is going to be going up on the block and Memphis says itís going to be Libra for sure and possibly Dan or Keesha in the other spot. Memphis really wants Jerry to leave, but he said if Libra goes he doesnít really care. Memphis tells Dan that Keesha and Renny are tight and Libra is on the outs. They both agree they need Keesha to further themselves in the game.

    Keesha and Michelle are now in the HoH room. Michelle thinks everything has been a blur and she feels like she didnít even get to say goodbye to Jessie. Keesha says she isnít trying to kiss Michelleís butt (yeah right) and they go back and forth on whose word means what, integrity, etc. Michelle asks Keesha if she were Michelle, who would she put up? Keesha responds with herself, Libra, April, or Ollie. Michelle starts crying and saying she lost her only friend in the house. Keesha reminds Michelle this is all a game and she has nothing against Michelle personally. Put on your boots folks because itís sure getting deep in here! They talk some more about how the game is rough and then they talk about their families. Dan comes into the room, so Keesha gives Michelle a hug and then leaves. April and Ollie are laying in bed together on the other camera, but I donít particularly care to hear more whining from her, so I think Iíll stick with Dan and Michelle. Dan asks Michelle how pissed she is at him and she tells him she is furious. He says he understands if he has to go on the block. She says that Jessie always trusted him and she knew she couldnít. She says America is probably happy she won HoH because they like cheering for the underdog. I love it when these hamsters have all their theories on what America thinks or who America likes. I donít like any of you!

    Yippee! People in America can stop poking their eyes out because the unitard is officially gone!

    Meanwhile, Keesha and Memphis are in the backyard going over who Michelle is going to put up. Keesha wants Memphis to tell Michelle she wonít put Michelle up next week if she gets HoH. Memphis assures Keesha that Libra will be going home this week if she doesnít win POV. Keesha plans on talking to Michelle again and sheís going to try to convince her to put up April. Keesha also says she feels bad for Jerry because nobody really pays attention to him or spends time with him.

    Up in the HoH room, Michelle once again has a visitor groveling at her feet. This time itís Libra. Libra says she isnít going to kiss anyoneís butt, but she has always thought there was an alliance with Michelle, Jessie, and Ollie and thatís why she wanted Jessie out. Libra doesnít know why she is the one always blamed for everything. Libra said that just because the others didnít vote to evict Jessie doesnít mean they didnít have a plan to get him out soon. There isnít much more to the conversation, then they decide to go outside.

    A little later, itís Rennyís turn to enter the HoH. Renny tells Michelle she is a great competitor. They talk about Michelleís family and her letter from home. Renny says she talked to April and told her she should have had Jerry use the POV and take Jessie down just to be on the safe side, but April was sure of the votes. Michelle says she really thinks Jessie is strong because he was on the block 3 out of 4 weeks. Renny plants seeds of doubt in Michelleís head about April and openly declares her dislike of April. Eventually, everyone slowly trickles off to dreamland. By 3:30am, all hamsters are tucked in and soundly asleep.

    Big Brother wakes the houseguests up around 8:30am and announces that the food competition will be taking place in 30 minutes. Everyone gets their morning coffee and bagels and dirty looks. Jerry and Memphis have a small scuffle over where someone put someone elseís coffee. Jerry canít believe Dan said goodnight to him last night and says that he is now going to refer to Dan as Judas. Age definitely doesnít equal maturity. BB announces an HoH lockdown and the feeds switch to trivia. It looks like itís time for the food competition.

    Phew, what an intense night in the Big Brother house! My apologies for being a little bit late with the recap, but these people completely fried my brains by Friday morning and I just needed a day to regain my sanity. Stay tuned for a fabulous recap by MFWalkoff. I canít wait to see what his Alliance Wheel looks like this week!!

    If you wish that you were Jessieís Girl, PM me.

    Thanks to Just Sayin, JustJuls, and ThePinkOtterPop for the screencaps!
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jessie's Girl

    Great job, I so enjoy these recaps. Someone wash their mouths out with soap! Jerry is a peice of work, yeah good example for his grandkids..

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    Re: 8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jessie's Girl

    Quote Originally Posted by AshleyPSU;3160865;

    %^#$#@$&*%*(^%&$%^#$%#@*$^ &$!!!!!!!!!

    Yippee! People in America can stop poking their eyes out because the unitard is officially gone!
    Great recap, Ashley! I especially liked these captions. Too funny! I tried watching this on BBAD and had to turn it off before I hurt myself.
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    Re: 8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jessie's Girl

    Awesome recap Ashley. The captions rock! Thanks for the update. I had to stop watching. My ears hurt

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    Re: 8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jessie's Girl

    Thanks for the recap, Ashley.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Re: 8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jessie's Girl

    Quotes: Keesha also says she feels bad for Jerry because nobody really pays attention to him or spends time with him.

    Gee I wonder why? He has bashed I believe everyone at least once.

    Quotes: Jerry canít believe Dan said goodnight to him last night.

    How dare he be nice? LOL!

    Awesome recap Ashley!

    Can't wait to see this on tv on Sunday!
    GO DAN!!

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    Re: 8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jessie's Girl

    Loved the captions!

    She says America is probably happy she won HoH because they like cheering for the underdog. I love it when these hamsters have all their theories on what America thinks or who America likes. I don’t like any of you!
    She probably thought she looked good in the unitard too! Oh, wait... she did!

    Great recap, Ash!
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    Re: 8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jessie's Girl

    Awesome captions, Ash! Now I'm caught up! Great recap!

    And thanks, now that song is stuck in my head.
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    Re: 8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jessie's Girl

    Bravo on the captions.
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    Re: 8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Jessie's Girl

    Thanks for the great recap, Ashley!

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