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Thread: BB10: Interview with Angie - "I wish I had played it a little differently."

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    BB10: Interview with Angie - "I wish I had played it a little differently."

    Targeted because she befriended the wrong set of people in the first week of the game, 29-year-old Angie Swindell was not able to escape the stigma of being friends with a guy who got evicted the first week. Maybe it didn’t help matters that she hung out with the guys in the back yard, wearing evictee Brian’s knit cap all the time, but that’s the way the game works. If you can’t win the POV for yourself, you’ve got to work other avenues or accept your loss. Angie seemed to be mostly frustrated by trying to reason with people who just don’t see the game the way she does – and it put her on the outs only three weeks in.

    Hello Angie, how are you today?

    I’m doing good!

    So you ended up leaving the game before the jury. What’s your take on how you ended up on the outs so soon?

    Um, I was friends with Brian? (laughing) No, it was a little bit of everything. Number one, what I just said, being friends with Brian while in the majority of the house, there was the mob mentality of “if you’re not with us you’re against us.” It played a role. Me not showing that I was going to kiss butt all season, trying to go where the power was going to go – they felt threatened by that because if they were in power, that’s what they wanted and needed to see from people they were going to vote out.

    In other seasons of Big Brother, the HOH’s power pretty much ends with who is nominated, but Keesha managed to hold the house to voting out who she wanted this week, and so far season the HOH’s have demanded this. Why is that?

    It’s really weird how the season has gone; I’m sure you feel the same way. Most of the time in seasons past people have been more of an individual that can’t be persuaded to move a certain way and actually have a rational thought when it comes to the game stuff. But since the whole Brian getting Jerry to put him up after the Power of Veto mob mentality, nobody’s been strong enough to go against that whole idea. I think Jessie was at fault for it too. He thought he had a lot of power and then he got put in his place when he was put on the block this week. Keesha, fortunately for her there’s bigger fish to fry in the house so she might not see the block – she obviously won’t see it now that April’s won HOH, but these people love the power. They love to gloat about it. When they start self-destructing it’s really going to bite them in the butt.

    Why do you think everyone else is going along with that now?

    Because they think that’s the only way to go. And the fact of the matter is, unfortunately for all of us, the last competitions have been won by people who are in that alliance. So they see the people that are winning these things and if they go against them, they’re going to be the targets as opposed to Michelle, Jessie and Memphis being the targets.

    Keesha spent a lot of time saying she won’t break her word to Libra. Do you accept that was her reason for not using the POV?

    You know, you’ve got to accept what people give you. I think there were more underlying reasons for putting the people on the block that she put up than what she felt comfortable saying to me to my face. Her word is her word and if that’s what she’s going to be trying to pull this entire game she’s going to be surprised when she gets kicked out the minute she becomes the person they don’t feel is an important alliance member.

    Do you think there was some sort of jealousy going on with the other women in the house?

    Talking about things and getting little bits of pieces of things that may or may not have been said, maybe there was jealousy. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous, but it just goes to the show that the fact of the matter is that in the house it’s like a third grade playground. If you were friends with this group you couldn’t be friends with this person because they were in the other group and that would be the wrong thing to do. When it came down to Steven, I thought that he would be a bond that Keesha and I shared. I thought it was beyond that whole, “You’re my friend not her friend.” I think I even said that I thought Keesha was better friends with Steven. But you get tied up in the house and the whole game and sometimes reality is lost. Things that used to make sense don’t make sense anymore. If there was jealousy there that’s upsetting to me because I don’t think I did anything to make that happen. Hopefully we kind of move on from that. They will self-destruct themselves and I look forward to seeing it.

    Jessie is a big guy, and he’s kind of loud and pushy and I’m sure he got on people’s nerves. So when you put you up next to Jessie, why would the house consider you to be the greater threat?

    It just comes out to the cattiness that women have and have had for the longest time. It was really funny to me to watch over the last couple of days. Even when Jessie was being this abrasive, tense individual, calling people out left and right, it comes down to him playing American Gladiator and putting on his green unitard and having his upper body exposed, and these women are like, “Oh Jessie, oh Jessie!” And I’m like, “Really?” If I went and did that it’s obvious that was not going to happen. When it comes down to a relationship and being the flirty female as opposed to a “I don’t like you” female, the target was big on my back and I don’t think there was anything I could have done to get it off.

    Despite your speech before the vote.


    Do you think anyone listened?

    I’m hoping that people listen moving forward in the game. I tried to have conversations with people who thought rationally and who I could talk to about strategy. I was really trying to individualize them at that moment, remind them that this isn’t a playground, this isn’t a popularity vote. It’s about winning money. Whether they took that to heart, I hope they did. If not, it’s going to be their own grave that they dig.

    Can you give us your insider’s opinion of some of the houseguests, starting with Libra?

    (laughing) I think we all know how I feel about Libra. No, um, Libra’s just – I think she has good intentions but she changes who she is every day. She tries to be this graceful mother and ends up talking about very odd stuff the next day. She has this memory that falters – she basically told so many lies in the house she can’t even remember what she said. That’s going to hurt her or help her in the game based on who is left in the house.

    April is so used to being the center of attention that when the limelight wasn’t on her she went into this destructive, mean girl mode. I think that’s what a lot of the houseguests felt.

    What do you think she’s going to be like this week?

    We’ll see. I think she’s going to finally realize that me being in the house was not the reason she wasn’t getting the attention that she thought she deserved. It’s going to be a rude awakening, maybe a humbling experience for her, that maybe her attitude in general is the reason that people are not surrounding her.

    Ollie is an outstanding guy, he’s really nice. He may have said some choice words about me based on the alliance he’s in and that’s definitely forgivable. Overall, he’s the one I feel that is being hurt by being aligned with April and Libra.

    Keesha is a floater. She keeps telling people she’s not stupid, she knows what’s going on, but unfortunately for her she’s acting very stupidly so she’s not really putting actions where her voice is. We’ll see what happens with her in the future.

    Dan is definitely a floater but he’s also a talker. I think he can certainly get around the house and navigate but he has to be careful with that because when the other side of the house is in power and he tries to go to him, it’s not going to happen because they’re going to see right through it.

    Jerry is finally realizing that his tough experience and thinking he can handle kids is not going to work in the house. I don’t know, he might self-destruct, because he’s been pretty miserable these last couple of days. He’s a gentle giant and he means well, but sometimes he’s not as tactful as he should be.

    At first I thought Renny was the most insane person I’d ever met, and she actually turned out to be kind of one of the normal people in the house that I enjoyed hearing stories from, and seeing what new things she was going to bring out. I think she went into maternal mode, and I know that even though she went along with what the girls were saying in the house, I don’t really have any ill feelings towards here.

    Who else do I have left? Memphis —probably one of the greatest people I’ve ever met, we have a lot in common, he kind of kept me sane over the last couple of days. I basically told him he’s going to want to be evicted next week because I’m not there any more. But I really have a good feeling. If he lasts through the next couple of weeks, he’s got a good chance of making it to the end.

    I think Michelle and Jessie I’d kind of put in the same boat. Michelle, I related a lot with her. She’s definitely is a pit-bull in a skirt, and she’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She has a great soul and a great heart, and I hope the best for her, as far as moves for the game, but hope that she sometimes errs on the side of caution, as far as her comments her outbursts that she has, that probably could get her in trouble moving forward. And I think Jessie has been portrayed a bit more negatively than he is. Jessie’s a great guy and has a lot to learn in life, and maybe his experience in the house can help him, he can learn from those, and be a better person moving forward. I liked having Jessie on my side towards the end there—I may feel different once I see the episodes as far as his feelings towards me.

    I don’t think you’ll change your opinion. Is there anything you would have done differently?

    If I had helped Brian more to stay in the house the game would have changed completely.


    Well, here I am sitting evicted. I wouldn’t change anything as far as the experience is concerned; I just wish I had played it a little differently.

    So are you guys aware in the house how close April and Ollie have gotten—that they’re actually hooking up and stuff?

    You know what? We did not know that. I knew that there was some cuddling going on. But April and Ollie make a great couple, if you look at their dynamics. They laugh together, they fight together, they have little tiffs. Who knows what’s going to happen after they leave the house.

    Sometimes couples will be a target because they’re kind of an obvious tight alliance.

    No, I think you’re right, if April had to pick between Ollie and Libra, there’s no way that she’d choose Libra. So April feels comfortable and confident because she is in this relationship with Ollie. If one of them leaves, it’s going to be miserable for the other one. None of them have experienced a friend leaving the house. And that’s something that nobody can really share with me except for (I thought) Keesha, but she obviously didn’t care enough about that friendship to do the bidding that Steven would have wanted. But you know, what’s done is done.

    Is there anyone going around the house thinking that America loves them?

    Libra, probably actually, goes around thinking that America loves her, if only because of the questions that she’s asked on the live shows over the last couple of weeks. (Both laugh). I don’t know, maybe America really does love Libra, we’ll find out soon enough!

    So are you planning to read message boards, or watch the feeds, or After Dark?

    You know I think I’m going to ease my way into it. With all good, there’s bad. I don’t know how people have taken me, but it’s really going to start with me watching the episodes, and with the first couple, deciding if I’m going to finish up the season or not. Because it comes to the point that the only people who matter to me are my friends and family, and if they still have the same positive light on me that I came into the house with, then that’s what I need to stick with, because everyone can have an opinion, and not know me as a person.

    I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. You have a lot of fans. People like people who are intelligent, and can look at the game strategically, instead of just wandering around from room to room and getting into fights, but catfights are what make good TV.

    Absolutely, absolutely.
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    Re: BB10: Interview with Angie - "I wish I had played it a little differently."

    Thanks for the interview. I miss Angie already.

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    Re: BB10: Interview with Angie - "I wish I had played it a little differently."

    Oh Angie. You will be missed. And you'll be pleasantly surprised if you decide to wade the murky waters of the internet...
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    Re: BB10: Interview with Angie - "I wish I had played it a little differently."

    I miss Angie too

    And thanks for the interview, hepcat!
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    Re: BB10: Interview with Angie - "I wish I had played it a little differently."

    Angie...how I wish you had stayed! You'll be happy to know you were by far the most popular player in the house!

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    Re: BB10: Interview with Angie - "I wish I had played it a little differently."

    great interview. would love to see her back in the house and Libra out...

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    Re: BB10: Interview with Angie - "I wish I had played it a little differently."

    As always hepcat, great interview.

    Most of the time in seasons past people have been more of an individual that can’t be persuaded to move a certain way and actually have a rational thought when it comes to the game stuff. But since the whole Brian getting Jerry to put him up after the Power of Veto mob mentality, nobody’s been strong enough to go against that whole idea.
    Didn't Angie vote along with everyone else in the mob for the first two evictions?

    Although it turns out she wasn't a very good game player, I rather liked Angie. I'll certainly miss her pretty face.

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    Re: BB10: Interview with Angie - "I wish I had played it a little differently."

    Angie, you were by far the favorite, and we're all going to miss you in the house. I've already taken BBAD off my DVR daily taping schedule because there's absolutely nothing worthwhile to watch. The Nerd Herd is boring and Keesha has gone back to being a floater now she doesn't have HOH anymore. Wow, riveting!

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    Re: BB10: Interview with Angie - "I wish I had played it a little differently."

    Angie is such a wonderful, warm, smart and fun person.. she is well missed!

    Thanks for yet another awesome interview Hep!
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    Re: BB10: Interview with Angie - "I wish I had played it a little differently."

    Great interview, I still hope they have an "America votes back" in an evicted Hg, I would love to see Angie come back and the priceless look on bimbo Keesha's face, hehe.
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