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Thread: BB 7/29 Recap: Morons and Worms in the Flower Bed

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    BB 7/29 Recap: Morons and Worms in the Flower Bed

    Welcome back everyone! Itís another week in the Big Brother house and itís time for the Veto competition. I almost wasnít able to bring you this wonderful recap, in a fit of pure stupidity, I erased the show off my DVR. Thankfully, On Demand came through for me and Iím all set to go. I donít know why I thought I should erase the show. Maybe itís all the excitement thatís been happening, or maybe itís the exploitation of a really, really, really old man. I will never know. All I know is that I hate Comcast, but they saved my butt this time. So, for that, I will raise my glass in a toast to them. So letís all sit back, with about 5 bottles of wine, and get ready for this snoozefest.

    Gossip Time
    The show returns and leaves us right after nominations. Jesse and Angie have been put on the block and Jesse is fuming. He is surprised anyone could do this to him since he is the best player in the game. I guess he forgot that he was HOH last week and nominated some peopleís friends. Every season, people get so worked up about being nominated. Itís going to happen at some point, itís a game. Itís not live in the house for a summer and have a good time. Keesha justifies to Libra and April her decision; they both think she is wonderful. More likely, they are thankful they werenít nominated.

    Jesse goes off and finds Michelle. He is raging mad and Iím concerned his tiny head might pop off his body. Jesse tells Michelle he is just going to win POV and turn the house upside down. She reminds him that her key was the last one pulled. He doesnít seem to understand or care and takes off in search of someone to kill or a secret stash of steroids. You make the pick!

    Up in the HOH, Keeshaís crew is sitting around telling her how great she is. They all are happy with the decisions since Steven is now gone. I guess they all forgot they voted him out a week ago. Outside, Jerry and Dan are sitting around and talking. For some reason, Jerry doesnít care for Memphis and thinks he should be into his career and not messing around with being a bartender. He then makes some comment about him being a womanizer. I guess heís jealous that heís getting more of the ladies than Jerry is. Jerry, I hate to break it to you, you are old, and the ladies arenít interested in a man that could break his hip at the drop of a hat.

    Jesse, not having found roids, storms up to the HOH to talk with Keesha. He tells her and that he has no hard feelings for her. She tells him how upset she was with the elimination of Steven. Jesse tells her that Libra made him do it. Libra is evil, but ultimately, he made the decision. During their conversation, April and Libra come to the door, Jesse tells them to wait two seconds. The two seconds is up before he can even close the door. Clearly, he is not a man of his word. Jesse drills into her how evil Libra is. Keesha seems upset, heís getting all crazy and I can see some made vein bulges in his face. Heís all hyped and leaning into her and talking.

    He finally leaves and April and Libra come in. They want to know what they were talking about. She just tells them that they were talking and he is upset that he was nominated. Downstairs, Jesse orders Michelle into the bathroom to talk. He tells her that Libra is gone. She gets excited and puts her arms around Jesse, he brushes that off and carries on with his ramblings. She doesnít realize the only way to that manís heart is a box of steroids and a tanning bed.

    Potted Plants
    Itís veto time and that means itís time to pick players for the veto. Keesha picks first and she gets Libra, Angie selects Ollie, and Jesse gets Memphis. Keesha selects Dan to be the host of the competition. They are told to get flowered up and meet outside. They all appear outside in flower costumes, similar to the red unitard Jen wore but green.

    Each contestant is going to lie in a big flower box, water is going to drip on their heads, and they need to lay there for an hour. When they think an hour has passed, they will get up. The person, who stays in the closest to an hour, wins the POV. The competition starts and it doesnít look that fun. Itís good for Jesse, I think he needs to cool off a bit.

    Each person talks about their game play a bit and they all seem to involve counting. While the players are lying there, wheelbarrows of worms and compost come out. The non-competing players are asked what should be put on the flowers in the pots. Jerry says worms and Ollie freaks out. He is also confused by what compost is. Ollie is freaked out by anything without legs, this includes worms, Keesha also freaks and climbs out of her flower bed. Jesse starts calling Libra on her actions from the previous week. Angie giggles, as do I.

    After about 45 minutes, compost is poured on the competitors. Ollie finds out that compost is simply rotting food. I guess BB is not really down with compost because the compost worms donít do meat and it looks like there is an awful lot of it in there. Shortly after, Libra gets out of the pot. Jesse follows Libra out. Libra and Jesse sit on the bench with Keesha and argue about what happened the week before. The other three stay in the flower beds, rotting in the sun.

    The competition ends when Angie, followed by Ollie, and then Memphis climb out of the flower beds. The winner is the person who left closest to the hour without going over. Keesha wins with staying in for 22 minutes; everyone else went over the hour. Keesha is thrilled to have won.

    Plotting to Stay

    Angie, Jesse and Michelle make some plan to get Libra on the block. Angie goes up to talk to Keesha and tells her that she should stay on the block and Libra should go up in Jesseís place. Angie tells her that she canít stand Libra and the house should decide if itís her or Libra who should go. Keesha seems to be intrigued by the proposition.

    April and Keesha are up in the HOH talking, they both agree that having Libra in their alliance could be a problem. Ollie comes up to discuss and he agrees. They all think she is ruining their alliance. I know, put her on the block and get her out. Itís time these people get a backbone. Keesha is so torn because she gave her word to Libra on the 4th day.

    Jesse pulls Keesha aside and takes her up to the HOH. Jesse goes at her again to pull him off the block. Jesse starts getting crazy and pointing and gesturing and his voice rises. The man is slightly crazy! He gives her a big talk about how she is not safe and she canít trust her alliance. She tells him that she gave Libra her word and she canít go back on that. I guess sheís not remembering that she is playing a game and the word she gave someone on the 4th day might not mean that much. Jesse gives some speech about being falsely imprisoned and losing weight. I laugh so hard I can barely catch what heís saying.

    Hey American, donít forget to vote for the new Americaís player! Remember how well that worked out before.

    Jesse is so mad that Keesha wonít change her mind. He is at the point of stalking and hounding her constantly. She is probably never going to change her mind. He gets so crazy again and starts going on about not eating and sleeping. Keesha refuses to go back on her word and Jesse just loses it. Jesse makes some irrational comment about how he didnít give his word and now heís going to be out. He is really asking to leave at this point. She tells rest of her alliance and then storms into the kitchen and announces that she gave her word to Libra and sheís not going back on her word. She looks a fool!

    The ďWomanizerĒ Heard Round the World

    Outside, Jesse, Memphis, Angie, and Michelle see a plane with a banner fly overhead. They are ordered inside immediately. They cook up some story about how the banner said something like ďLibraís a liar, Love Steven.Ē Michelle goes up to the HOH and tells everyone. They believe her and Memphis comes in and says it said Libra and someone are liars. Libra gets hostile about it. They are all in shock; you can see the wheels turning in most of their slow brains.

    Memphis then starts talking about how he has never told anyone he wants them out except Jerry. Jerry gets all crazed and tells Memphis he disrespected him the other night and then calls Memphis a womanizer. Memphis just looses it and starts screaming and coming at Jerry. Ollie holds him back and Jerry just sits in his chair like nothing is going on. He seriously loses it and then threatens Jerry if he ever calls him that again.

    Itís finally veto ceremony time. Angie and Jesse each give their speeches of why they should stay. Nothing interesting is said. The nominations stay the same and there is a good chance that Jesse is going to explode from what happens. Make sure to tune in Thursday night to see if Jesse did explode and to find out who is going home. It also means one day closer to the season coming to an end.

    If you are a Libra, but donít consider yourself evil, send me a PM.

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    Re: BB 7/29 Recap: Morons and Worms in the Flower Bed

    Ollie is freaked out by anything without legs, this includes worms,
    What a moron! Your title is so fitting. Thanks for a great recap, YG!
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