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Thread: BB10 recap 7/27: Blondes in Glass Houses...

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    BB10 recap 7/27: Blondes in Glass Houses...

    Hello fellow hamster watchers! Here we are again about to spend another hour with our rodents in the big house. During the last show (and make sure to read Waywyrd’s recap here of all the action), we saw our self-absorbed oaf, Jessie, step down from his reign of muscles and onto the sidelines as Keesha won one for the blonds and finally gave Big Brother 10 its first female leader. Let’s see what the she-wonder does, shall we?

    The house is still reeling from Steven’s parting comment of “Suck it, bitches”- in his mind an homage to his favorite comedienne Kathy Griffin, but a terrible insult in the minds of his ex-roommates. Michelle was shocked, just shocked, and Jerry felt it was a slap against all the houseguests. Truly, these people have the collective sense of humor of a potato. Dan is just relieved that he is still in the house and plans to continue on with his strategy of becoming the weakest player of all and therefore a non-threat. Good strategy in this house where the houseguests seem to pounce on anyone who is not in total agreement with them and by total agreement I mean by bending to their every whim and unspoken rule about who to socialize with.

    Keesha is elated to have gotten the HoH and we hear her mutter something about revenge and turning the house upside down. Yeah, if I had a dollar for every time an HoH had said that over the years, I’d be living in permanent retirement on an island near Bora Bora by now. Renny is thrilled that her good friend in the house has won, but oddly it is Libra who is bouncing off the walls with joy that Keesha has won. I’m sure it is only because Libra feels she can control Keesha and not out of any sincere joy for her. Keesha says that Angie should be worried since she bailed on Steven. Errr, what? Didn’t Keesha also bail on him? And anyone else who professed to like him? I do believe he was evicted by a vote of 9-0 by these cowering sheep, but I may be mistaken. No, I am right. 9-1. Keesha does get one thing right, though: there is a long line of house rodents waiting to kiss her ass. Later on she talks about her alliance of 8 and how they have discussed Dan, Renny and Jerry for eviction. She says they don’t have the decision, she does.

    Keesha gets the key to her HoH room and they all troupe up to see her goodies. The room is plastered with pictures of her dog, Gizmo, and I know that Jessie is wondering where all the pictures of himself are. They all troupe out again to give Keesha sometime to read her letter from home. Unbeknownst to Libra, Keesha has asked Renny to stay and share the moment with her. The fact that Renny is staying is just setting Libra’s blood to boiling and I love it. Whilst she is in there with Keesha alone, Renny takes a moment to talk strategy with her. She tells Keesha that she is the only one she trusts and that Libra will stab her in the back the first chance she gets. Ah, Renny, can I get a witness? Keesha agrees with her, but before they can get into anymore detail, April shows up. Renny is not happy that the “boobs and the blond hair” intruded, she leaves to go downstairs. This of course leaves the door open for Libra and Ollie to make their way up there. Keesha tells them she wants to put up Angie and April counters that they need to get rid of the stronger players and throws out Memphis’ name. Keesha agrees, but in confessional says that maybe Libra needs to go.

    In the 60’s room, Michelle is regaling the houseguests with the tales of Portuguese villagers and the dancing pig corpses. She then lets us know that no part of the pig goes wasted in her culture. “Eat it Portuguese style, “she tells them as Keesha notes that pigs have the intelligence of a three year old child. Errr, ok.

    Food Comp - BB Valley Sock Hop

    Keesha comes out of the diary room in a poodle skirt and announces it is time for the food competition. They all change into the 50’s style costumes and grease back their hair and tromp out to the back yard. There are two giant rotating records with a basket of socks in the middle that are separated by a giant wall. On the wall are food categories and numbers. The girls will be on one side and the guys on the other. One at a time, a person from each side will hop up onto the record and to their basket. They will yell over to the other side different sock colors/patterns until they have a match. Then each person will hang their respective socks under the category they both choose. At the end of the game, every matched pair will result in the corresponding food for the week. Up first are Michelle and Jessie who quickly make a match and give it over to lovebirds April and Ollie. This is pretty much April screeching at Ollie until they finally have their match and get them hung. Renny and Dan go next and Renny seems to want to touch every sock and scream it out without giving Dan a chance to match it. April thinks the whole problem is that the guys just aren’t listening. Yes, well, that is a universal problem that has thwarted great minds throughout the ages. Libra tries to make nice with Jerry and they get a match. Eventually, time is up and they have won a variety of breads, deserts and drinks, including beer. Renny is disappointed that her mismatched sock with Dan costs them wine. Michelle is over the moon about getting pigs’ feet and I throw up a little in my mouth. No offense to pig feet lovers everywhere.

    Up in HoH, Keesha is in full on get Angie out of here mode and tells Memphis she wants to put her up for eviction. Without giving away the fact that he and Angie are in a secret alliance, Memphis tells her that Angie wants Dan and Jerry out, and has never said she wants Keesha out. Angie rings the doorbell and is politely told to leave, so she goes down to the sauna room convinced that she is being put up. Jessie and Michelle can’t believe that Keesha is thinking of putting her up and Jessie can’t believe she was blocked from going into the HoH room. Memphis comes down and confirms the whole thing and Jessie wants to know why they can’t convince her to put up Libra.

    Meanwhile, Libra is ass kissing, I mean straightening out any misunderstandings with her new BFF Keesha. She is contrite and apologetic and Keesha warns her that Libra’s mouth is putting a huge target on her. Later on, Jessie makes his way up to the HoH room to meet with Keesha and try to convince her that Libra is born of the Devil. He suggests she put up Dan and Libra and that Libra would go by a landslide. Poor Keesha’s head begins to spin with all the information being thrown at her, but she gets down to business and readies the keys for the nomination ceremony.

    Finally, everyone is seated at the big round table and the nomination ceremony begins. She blathers and cries a bit and pulls Dan’s key first. Jessie remains stoic. Renny is safe and Jerry, and even Memphis and Libra are safe. Angie sits there looking resigned and indeed at the end it is Jessie and Angie up for eviction. Keesha says that Angie is up for not being Stephen’s guardian angel and Jessie is up for being the cause of Stephen’s destruction. Oh, and he is arrogant. In confessional Michelle says it is on “like Donkey Kong” (I guess her sense of righteousness is trapped in the 80’s, as well as her hair style) and Jessie show is arrogance once again by spluttering and posturing about the upcoming Veto competition.

    And that is all, folks. Who will win the Golden Power of Veto? And who will save us from boredom if Angie is evicted? Stay tuned for Tuesdays show, or save yourself and just read Yardgnome’s recap of the show.
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    Re: BB10 recap 7/27: Blondes in Glass Houses...

    (I guess her sense of righteousness is trapped in the 80’s, as well as her hair style)
    She is one big mess, isn't she? Great recap, IC!
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    Re: BB10 recap 7/27: Blondes in Glass Houses...

    Thanks for the recap, ic! I missed the first 20 minutes of the episode, so this was great!
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    Re: BB10 recap 7/27: Blondes in Glass Houses...

    Thanks for the recap, I can't seem to catch the beginning of the shows this year, and come in on the tail ends...

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