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Thread: 7/17 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Ultimate Leader

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    7/17 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Ultimate Leader

    They say “A picture is worth a thousand words” I say “The Big Brothers live feeds are worth a thousand YAWNS”. This herd of hamsters is low on energy; void of personality and full of themselves. As I begin my shift, the hamsters are all in the kitchen talking about SLOP. Yep, its time for the food competition so they are all commiserating with each other and stuffing their faces prior to meeting their food fate for the week.

    As this conversation evolves we are reminded yet again that Libra knows all. She is the Queen Bee and informs us that the reason “poor” people are heavier is because they can’t afford food that is good for them. humm..Did yall know that? I didn’t, someone told me that it was because they were not educated in good nutrition. Anyway, because these hamsters are so rude and keep talking over one another, I’ll just say that the pre-food comp conversations were….Yawn…..I mean typical for this group, all noise and no depth.

    I am "Jessie The Body" Ultimate Leader.

    As our shutter door into the big brother house opens after the food competition, we immediately see the resident Barbiegirl April laid out on the living room floor looking oh so sad. We can assume by her pouty face and red outfit that her team lost and has to endure a week of slop. Off we go looking thru the feeds for people wearing red. Looks like April will be joined by Keesha, Memphis, Jerry, Renny and Libra.

    This is where the fun ends and the complaining begins. According to Libra, She is “all good”. She will be a pickle eating and salsa eating fool. The comp had too many variables to blame anyone and then begins telling Jessie how she really feels. She’s “all good”…but she had the two old people on her team.” Jerry is half blind according to Libra and couldn’t tell the green corks from the red corks, but she is all good. Jessie, the body reminds her that at least they got to do something fun today instead of just sitting around. Libra proclaims, “It’s great, but try sticking two of them on your team”. She continues raging about the old people on her team, being on slop for two weeks straight, the variables in the comp and that she absolutely will not talk in diary room. (psstt…someone needs to remind her what show she signed up for) This behavior literally continues for the rest of the night. She rants, stomps, rants, pouts and informs anyone who will listen how slop will affect them BUT…..She is “ALL GOOD”. Fort Friends, please let me know when things go bad for Libra so that I can take cover.

    I promise....I'm all good

    I’ll sum up the slop drama with this bit of info.
    • Jerry needs to stay busy so he won’t think about eating. Turns out…sleep is the best way to forget about food so he sleeps most of the day.
    • Barbiegirl April gets teary because her sister will be so concerned about her not eating.
    • Memphis eats his slop cold with brown sugar and does not seem to be bothered.
    • Keesha had a relatively good day and is handling her 2nd week on slop better than I expected. (Except for one short moment, last night after listening to Queen Libra for an hour straight. I’m not sure if her frustration came from the slop or hearing the Queen say the same things over and over and over and over and over.)
    • Renny is memorizing the list of condiments allowed. No verbal complaints as of yet.
    • Libra……well…..remember…..she is……”all good”.

    A leader knows what best to do, but the managers know how best to do it.
    Later in the day, the leader, Jessie the body, has the task of putting two hamsters up for eviction. We all know his managers, I mean his alliance wants him to put up Dan and Steven. Jessie really wants Renny on the block but the managers tell him no. So, what does leader Jessie do? He’s a good little boy and does exactly what his management told him. Steven and Dan are on the block. Cowboy Steven turns to the bible for inspiration and Dan goes straight to Jessie’s HOH room. Dan asked for Jessie’s help and throws himself at his mercy. Unfortunate for Dan, Brian’s spirit still lives in the house and is the reason for Dan’s nomination. According to Jessie the body leader, the reason for Steven’s nomination is that he has not shown enough respect. He didn’t show respect when Jessie won HoH or when he got his HoH room. Perhaps Libra needs to call a meeting of the management team alliance so that they can establish a list of guidelines for the HoH.

    Respect....Why can't I get any RESPECT around here?

    The rest of the evening is spent listening to....... yada, yada, yada. They talk about slop, Mariah, Boxers, Ultimate Fighting, Movies, Lab Rats and Monkeys. (YAWN)

    Attention!!! That's all I want. Why can't I get any attention?

    When the hamsters wake up this morning we get much of the same. The eaters, eat and the sloppers, don’t talk. Libra, the Queen Bee didn’t move out of her hive before noon except for the picking of Veto players. It appears, Jessie, Steven and Dan will be joined with Michelle, Libra and ? to play for veto. Jessie had a little sit down with his boy, Memphis to confirm their alliance within the alliance of managers. Jessie suggest getting rid of Angie and taking in Dan. ?????Don’t ask me….I’m just the messenger. (YAWN)

    As the end of my shift looms…I’ll take a moment to hit on some random moments.
    • Don’t go anywhere with Renny unless you plan to stop at Dairy Queen. She loves this place.
    • April and Ollie had a tiff over the word “ass”. Is it a cuss word or not? The debate ends in a draw in my opinion. Both of them might look it up and find their faces plastered by it in the dictionary. (Old joke…come on, give me a break…I’m just a fill-in re-capper)
    • Michelle was a boxer. Not a “real” boxer but a boxer. (I’ll let you decide what that means but my gut and the internet says….stripper! Yikes…sorry world)
    • Steven requested more cowboy costumes from home. If Queen Libra gets her way…he will GO home and round-up all of the cowboy clothes he wants.
    • April and Libra bash anyone that walks.
    • This herd of hamsters count down minutes until BBAD but they still don’t do any tricks. Yawn!!!
    • Angie is not going to watch the season because she doesn’t like to hear or see herself on video.
    • Libra does not know how to play pool…..but…..Remember Forters She is “ALL GOOD”!! (YAWN zzzzzz)

    Dairy Queen....The place to find Dip Cones

    Thanks to Photobuckets cool editing tools for my shot of Jessie the Body Leader
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    Re: 7/17 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Ultimate Leader

    Great re-gurgitation! ...I mean re-cap .. Sorry reading some of it (after reading some of it in the live feeds) caused me to ... well....

    Jessie needs to be knocked into next year .. someone soon will be tired of his "Need for Respect"
    Wasting away another summer...

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    Re: 7/17 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Ultimate Leader

    Excellent recap, Snapit!

    I love the photos, especially the one of Jesse.

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    Re: 7/17 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Ultimate Leader

    Great recap, you are a fabulous fill-in.

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    Re: 7/17 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Ultimate Leader

    that is an awesome pic of Jesse - it made me crack up.

    thanks for a lot of fun - great job!
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    Re: 7/17 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Ultimate Leader

    Thanks for the recap Snapit! You did great. Especially considering that these hamsters didn't give you much to work with!!

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    Re: 7/17 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Ultimate Leader

    Great recap and photos! Almost feel like I was there!!
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    Re: 7/17 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Ultimate Leader

    Excellent job Snapit! Thank you so much for stepping in.
    "I miss Darva Conger." - Phonegrrrl

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    Re: 7/17 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Ultimate Leader

    Great recap, Snapit! The Renny caption is perfect.
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    Re: 7/17 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Ultimate Leader

    Thanks so much for the recap. I am sure that it is much more amusing than watching the live feeds themselves.
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