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If you call that an apology...WHICH I DON'T. I think that Renny is the biggest piece of crap work that has EVER been on this show. HATE HER! Whining I'm sorry with a hateful nasty tone that reeks of sarcasm is not apologizing. She said it in an "I'm sorry that you're such an idiot" kind of tone and then proceded to bash him loudly all over the house calling him a baby when he was OWED A LEGITIMATE APOLOGY because was RIDICULOUS shrieking like that when she knew he was sleeping. He was never disrespectful to her until she started showing her A$$. Aside from that part that I VEHEMENTLY disagreed with, your recap was great
That's true she said she apologized but it clearly shows she didn't mean it, she's annoying as all hell can be. :nono