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Thread: 9/4 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Miss Congeniality

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    9/4 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Miss Congeniality

    *This recap covers events from noon Tuesday to noon Wednesday, BB time*

    Iím going to start off by saying that this Tuesday-Wednesday shift was probably the most boring to date. There werenít a lot of conversations of any kind and nothing exciting whatsoever occurred. Before you close your browser thinking, ďCome on AshleyPSU, this recap sucks already!!Ē, please take a minute to remember that Zach and Eric are still in the house. Even if absolutely nothing happens all day, itís still easy to make fun of them! Oh yeah, I added some superlatives for your enjoyment also. On with the show!

    My feed watching experience begins with Daniele and Zach in the kitchen munching and Jessica in the bedroom organizing all of her clothes. She wants to see what needs washed before she begins to pack. Daniele comments that she is bored out of her mind. I hear ya, princess. The hamsters are on lockdown and Daniele is whining that she had a plan to lay out and now she canít. Jessica comes into the kitchen and asks if they are stuck inside because of banners. Daniele doesnít think so. Iím sure nobody cares enough about them anymore to even put forth the effort of sending a banner plane. Zach complains that he is bored. He says is so bored that heís resorted to reading nutritional labels. Last time I checked, reading labels was actually a good thing, ogre boy. Jameka is up roaming around too and stops in the bedroom to chat with Jess. Eric and Dick arenít on any of the feeds.

    Jameka: ďDo you wear turtlenecks, Jess?Ē
    Jess: ďNah, but Iíll wear cute turtlenecks!Ē

    Daniele gets on the treadmill, shoeless I might add. I guess you donít need support on your feet when you weigh 50 pounds. Jessica and Jameka decide it would be a good idea to paint a bathing suit on one of the rats. Hey, when there isnít anything else to do, why not decorate some vermin? Jessica wonders if she should paint a thong bikini or a regular bikini. Jameka thinks a thong bikini would be best since the rat is ďedgyĒ. I think itís official, the houseguests really have gone mad from boredom. Daniele, being friendly as usual, comes into the kitchen and sits at the kitchen table without saying a word to Jameka or Jess. Nobody says anything for, ohh, 10 minutes. Ugh, Iím falling asleep here. Come on BB, give me something to work with!

    Most likely to have his fingers in/around his nose: Eric

    Eric goes for the gold and misses

    BB announces that lockdown is over, and Miss Personality heads outside to lay out [s]with all of her friends[s] alone. Eric and Dick finally come into the picture, but bring no entertainment along with them. Dick sits on the backyard couch alone, spitting and smoking. Eric, Jameka, and Jess lay in the living room chatting about past seasons and things they could do to entertain themselves. Dick comes in to join the party. By ďpartyĒ, I really mean the never ending torturous hell of any conversation with Eric. Dick says that Dani thinks that BB is going to close one of the bedrooms after Thursday. He wants his own bedroom, stating that he doesnít think anyone wants to put up with his teeth grinding and farting. Eric wants a deck of cards or a game of some sort, but heís afraid Zach would start to do magic tricks. I find nothing odd about the thought of Zach doing magic tricks because, well, it is Zach. Dick says he is annoyed with Zach and his meow songs. Eric thinks they should have a fight club today. Dick thinks they should just beat the sh** out of Zach. Zach bashing makes me chuckle. The thought of all of the hamsters beating each other senseless makes me chuckle even harder. A girl can dream.

    Most likely to be attracted to rodent-like objects and people: Jess

    Jess paints mini-Eric

    The day progresses very slowly. I know we all think these hamsters are boring, but wow, today they really live up to that reputation. Eric goes to Daniele to get reassurance that Jessica is indeed safe this week. Dani swears up and down that Jess has absolutely nothing to worry about. Eric tells Dani he is asking on a personal level, not a game level. He tells her that if Jessica is going to get voted out, he wants to know so he can spend as much time as possible with her. Iím sure Dani zoned out for a few minutes with thoughts of her precious Nick and the time they spent together before he got booted. 153? I have a 163 for you, Daniele. I loathe you.

    Daniele heads out to the backyard with Dick and Zach. Dick tells her that when Nick was in the house she never left the bedroom. She whines that they both left the bedroom and she still hung out with Dick. Dick thinks Daniele is the biggest complainer in the house, which she adamantly denies. Dick chuckles and asks Zach who he thinks the biggest complainer is, to which Zach has no answer. PsssstÖ itís Daniele! Daniele says that Jess and Eric complain all the time and she isssssssssnít the biggest complaaaaaiiiinnnnnerr. I seriously cannot take her voice for one more second, so I check in on the other half of the house.

    Eric, Jameka, and Jess are playing Quarters in the kitchen. My guess is they are using water because I havenít seen any alcohol being delivered by the BB Beer Fairy. Another clue that there isnít any alcohol yet is that these hamsters suck. There are no interesting conversations and there is absolutely nothing exciting going on. Itís right about this point in the season that I want my feed money back. The Quarters game is over and Jessica and Eric head out to the backyard. She sulks around a bit. Iím not a fan of Jessicaís recent pissy attitude. She stomps around like someone hid her favorite pom-poms.

    Eric: ďLet the good times rollÖ get me out of this sh**hole!!Ē

    Dick, Eric, and Jessica are in the hot tub complaining again about Zach and the meow song he keeps singing. Eric wants to get trashed. Dick thinks that Jameka is going to turn into Jen by Thursday. Eric says Jameka is already going crazy. Dick complains that she pretends to sleep but is really eavesdropping. Eric fills Jess and Dick in on how angry Jameka is getting at BB. He tells them that BB asked her to turn the lights out and she started yelling and flipping out. The whole time Iím watching the hot tub conversation, Eric keeps dipping his mouth into the water. It looks like heís drinking it and spitting it back out. Eww. So essentially: Dick spits in the hot tub + Eric drinks the hot tub water = Eric drinks Dickís spit. Awesome.

    Most likely to date your daughter: Dick

    Does anyone know when Janelle will be back? *sigh*

    The almighty BB voice comes on and tells the hamsters to check the storage room. Ta da! It looks like the BB Beer Fairy has visited these good boys and girls after all! There are 10 beers and a bottle of white wine. Jameka rejoices with the discovery of the white wine. Zach grabs a beer and drinks alone in the kitchen. Oh wait, Daniele is standing there too. She is silent and scowling. Sometimes I forget she is around when she isnít whining. Jess and Jameka discuss if they want to just drink, or play games while drinking. Jameka doesnít want to do anything with dares and tricks. Jessica doesnít think they will get any alcohol tomorrow, so they should live it up tonight. Is Jameka okay with that? Mmm hmmm!

    Inside, Zach talks about anime and cartoons. He likes to watch Dragonball Z and play Pokemon. (Hang on, I canít type, Iím laughing waaaay too hard). Okay, I think Iíve composed myself. Zach, Zach, Zach. *shaking head* Seriously. He is just so very, very sad. I donít even have the heart to make another snarky comment about him. Wait, yes I do. Imagine going on a date with Zach. Zachís date: ďSo, what do you want to do after dinner? Go see a movie?Ē Zach: ďWhy donít we go back to my place for a glass of apple juice? I have all 3 seasons of Dragonball Z on DVD and my mom just bought me 2 new packs of Pokemon cards! I donít know if there is enough room for both of us on my bicycle though, sorry.Ē

    Most likely to dress up like a superhero for his own wedding: Zach

    Hey, do you guys remember that one time I had ringworm?

    Nobody wants to play any crazy drinking games, so Jessica and Jameka sip on their wine and chat about their fun days in the house. Were there any fun days in the house? They toast ďto the good timesĒ. Jameka thinks that Dick and Daniele are liars and Jessica shouldnít trust them. Jameka says sheíll be pulling for Jess and rallying the troops for her in the sequester house if she goes. Jess says if she gets voted out, she wants Jameka and Eric to be strong and go on to be the last two standing. Meanwhile, Eric is chatting with Dani in the kitchen about how much he hated Jen. Iím going to need a bottle of wine myself to get through the night watching these people!

    Daniele and Dick hit the sack around midnight. Jessica, Jameka, and Eric sit outside talking about the show and the other houseguests. Jessica reveals that she was 16 the first time she got drunk. Eric says he was too and that his parents let him drink in the basement. How responsible of them. Jessica and Eric head to the bedroom to cuddle and Jameka heads to bed. Dick and Daniele wake up and wander around. Dick farts a lot, commenting about how f***ing bad they smell. I am paying to watch a 44 year old man give the play by play on his flatulence. Hey, if anyone finds my life and/or dignity, please return it to me. Thanks.

    Most likely to shave her head and pierce her belly button while drunk out of her mind: Jameka

    What do you mean thereís no white wine tonight?

    Morning arrives and Dick is still awake, spewing the F word every which way. Daniele is in the backyard sunning herself and Zach is making breakfast. Jameka, Jessica, and Eric are still asleep. BB plays ďFriends in Low PlacesĒ for the morning wake up call, to which Daniele complains that she hates that song. Zach asks Daniele if she thinks there will be a double eviction on Thursday. She whines that theyíve talked about it a million times and itís too late for a double eviction. Guess again, blondie.

    Lists are the coolest:
    *Jessica doesnít want to leave and she doesnít want Jameka to leave either. Really? You donít want you or your close friend in the house to leave? Astounding!
    *Jameka wonders what the gas prices are. She says they were $2.70 a gallon when she came into the house.
    *Eric loves tumbling. It makes him happy. Eric tumbling down the stairs would make me happy. Whoops, did I just type that?
    *Daniele thinks lube is an ugly word.

    Finally, the most coveted superlative of them all. Most likely to be voted Miss Congeniality: Daniele!

    Thanks to Snapit and Jewelsy for some of the screencaps!
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    Re: 9/4 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Miss Congeniality

    Eric loves tumbling. It makes him happy. Eric tumbling down the stairs would make me happy.
    You and me both!

    Great recap, Ashley!
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    Re: 9/4 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Miss Congeniality

    153? I have a 163 for you, Daniele. I loathe you.
    Thanks Ashley. Super job.
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    Re: 9/4 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Miss Congeniality

    Worth the wait, as always! Thanks, Ash!
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    Re: 9/4 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Miss Congeniality

    My favorite part "Iím sure Dani zoned out for a few minutes with thoughts of her precious Nick and the time they spent together before he got booted. 153? I have a 163 for you, Daniele. I loathe you."

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    Re: 9/4 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Miss Congeniality

    Eric loves tumbling. It makes him happy. Eric tumbling down the stairs would make me happy. Whoops, did I just type that?
    You sure did, and it would make me happy as well.

    Excellent recap, Ashley.
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    Re: 9/4 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Miss Congeniality

    GREAT JOB ON THE RECAP...you always do so much with so little to work with.

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    Re: 9/4 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Miss Congeniality

    Awesome recap, Ash!
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    Re: 9/4 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Miss Congeniality

    Thanks for the recap, Ashley.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Re: 9/4 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Miss Congeniality

    153? I have a 163 for you, Daniele. I loathe you.
    Hee! Great recap, Ashley!
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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