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Thread: 8/30 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Slip Slidin' Away

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    8/30 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Slip Slidin' Away

    *This recap covers from noon Thursday to noon Friday BB time.

    Wow, this my last live feed of the month of August. Where did the summer go? Let me think back to my summer plans...
    • Get a tan. Nope!
    • Go on vacation, anywhere. Nuh-uh.
    • Beat the crap out of the lawn guy for always mowing at 8 PM, even though I have specifically told him not to a million times. Nah, too much effort.

    Man, nothing like a sense of accomplishment of a summer well-spent, huh? Let's see what I DID do this summer...
    • *Whiled away my hours in front of a computer screen, watching OTHERS get a tan.
      *Wrote a few less-than-stellar observations about said tanners.
      *Classified again
      *No way, taking that one to the grave!

    It appears, no matter how much I complain about the houseguests being boring...really I am no better. That my friends, is called being a hypocrite. A title I will wear proudly for the duration of this recap. On with the show!

    Dick feels the way I do about this season.

    So does Jessica.

    My shift starts with the hamsters being on lock down in the head of household room. It ends quickly after I start watching, and the cleaning of the cage commences. Amber and Jameka clean the bathroom floor on their hands and knees once more, and I wonder (yet again) why they do not have a mop? If anyone knows the answer, I would love to know. Perhaps lack of a mop is for the benefit of the camera people, thinking the hands and knees position might give them a shot of exposed g-string, or a flash of rear. I think they might have had Jen in mind for that, however, and not Amber.

    Zach corners Jessica and blathers on and on as only Zach can, that he doesn't want to leave tonight, and that he didn't appreciate being put on the block. Oookay!

    Amber pointed the spray directly at her eye, and let loose. Idiot.

    Grooming begins, and Amber flashes her goods several times in the bathroom. Eeeek! I've said it before and I'll say it again, live feed recapping should come with combat pay. No one should have to see that. Except for maybe her obviously addled boyfriend. Amber is pretty shaky, she's got to know she's going home tonight. Elsewhere in the house, the lovebirds Jessica and Eric discuss their bowel movements. UGH! Between that and naked Amber, I am ready to stop the recap right here.

    We go to trivia, as it's time for the live show...

    We bring you the HOH competition, already in progress...

    The HOH competition is in full swing when the feeds come back to life. If you saw the live show, you know what's going on. If not, here you go: the houseguests have to fill up a bowl with "tea" until a ball rises to the top. The first person to get the ball is the new HOH. They will transport the tea in a teacup, naturally, and while running through a mixture of baby oil and corn oil. I patiently wait for someone to fall on their rear.

    Zach has a lead, but for awhile Danielle is a close second, with Dick third and Eric last. Eric falls, so I am not disappointed. Zach's got a good slidey/surfy thing going, which is enabling him to go at a pretty fast clip.

    The "tongue-out" method worked for Michael Jordan, too.

    Jameka just sits there and looks pretty.

    After a bit, Dick passes Danielle, and keeps pace with Zach. Dani keeps a thumb in her teacup, which according to Jameka, takes up space that could hold more tea. Eric falls again, and Jessica thinks he's going to kill himself out there. For reasons that only a BB houseguest who over-shares could know, Danielle announces that it would suck to get her period right then. Is there no bodily function these people won't openly discuss?

    Dick moves so fast that parts of him haven't caught up yet.

    Danielle stops to tie up her hair. WHY? It's a RACE! Zach complains of a "butter malfunction", as Dick's lane didn't get sprayed twice. Then it gets its share of goo, and Dick thanks them. *riveting!* We get the vortex, and when the feeds come back, they have multiple teacups to use. Dani and Dick have three, Zach is using two. Eric is doing so poorly that they are rarely showing him. There are some beakers to the side, but no one is using them.

    What are these for? A whizz-off if there is a tie?

    Yet again they go to vortex, and when they come back Zach is still in the lead, with Dick coming in second. It sounds as if someone won a phone call, and after some time it seems as if Eric won it, but gave it to Jessica. Chivalry is not dead! There is also talk about possibly having to take cold showers for 8 days. They can always bathe in the kitchen sink like Dr. Will did last season.

    It dawns on Jessica that she might be reaping what she's sown.

    There's lots more of the same, and while Dick puts up a tremendous effort, he never overtakes Zach's lead. Finally the orge wins a competition, and one that matters.

    "Ogre Power!"

    Zach is smiling so hard I think his big old head might burst. Everyone congratulates him on his performance. Eric says that he fell early on and hurt his back, but didn't want to say anything. Excuses, excuses, ratboy. Jessica and Jameka sneak off together and contemplate who Zach might nominate. They hope that it's Dick and Danielle. Eric complains a zillion more times about his back.

    The ghost of Big Brother Past.

    Chatter chatter chatter, waiting for Zach's HOH room. They might get something special tomorrow. Zach thinks maybe a movie. Danielle hopes it's Owen Wilson bringing gifts. *sad* Eric leaves a stick of butter burning on the stove, and complains about his back more. Dick spit in the sink. Eww! The cold showers have already begun, as Danielle finds out when she goes to shower. She deems it unbearable. Dick says someone is going to have to carry him up the stairs to see Zach's HOH room.

    Zach gets his HOH room. Most everyone appropriately oohs and ahhs, but Jessica and Eric just stand around looking nervous. Zach got clothes, Twizlers, beef jerky, some book thing his Mom wrote, and a new hat. Danielle hangs out after everyone else leaves, to talk game with Zach. He say he doesn't like how Dick treats the houseguests. Danielle whole-heartedly agrees. Zach also says he'd really enjoy seeing Jameka leave. Then, the words Danielle REALLY wants, he tells her that he won't put her up this week. He wants to know if he can talk to Danielle without her running back and saying everything to Dick. She assures him that he can. Zach says he will put up Jessica and Jameka. Danielle worries about Eric winning POV and taking Jessica off, since either her or her dad would have to be the replacement nominee. Danielle advises him to put up his main targets, as everyone can play for POV this week.

    Elsewhere, Eric apologizes profusely to Jessica for not doing better in the HOH competition. He says he gave Jessica the phone call so that she can find out about her brother who is in Iraq.

    Dick's turn with Zach, and Zach tells him that he won't put him or Danielle on the block. He refers to the Donatos as his "biggest assets." Dick says he'll return the favor for their safety. Later on, Dick goes and tells this to Jessica, also telling her that she's probably going up. Jessica runs to her ratboy and repeats it all, and they grouch about the deal Dick made. You snooze, you lose, lovebirds.

    The houseguests are finally all in bed by 6:30 AM Big Brother time, but Big Brother wakes them up a very few hours later, for a lockdown in the HOH room. When lockdown is over, Jessica prepares for her phone call. I'm not sure exactly why it takes seven layers of blue eye shadow to talk on the phone, but then again, I wouldn't go around kissing ratboys, either.

    Trix are for Dick(s).

    Can you tell I lost my focus? PM me here.
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    Re: 8/30 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Slip Slidin' Away

    Great recap
    "live feed recapping should come with combat pay. "
    "Zach is smiling so hard I think his big old head might burst."

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    Re: 8/30 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Slip Slidin' Away

    I'm not sure exactly why it takes seven layers of blue eye shadow to talk on the phone, but then again, I wouldn't go around kissing ratboys, either.
    Hee! Awesome recappage, sunnycat!
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    Re: 8/30 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Slip Slidin' Away

    You are a siren, calling me to my doom. I have spent the last few weeks attempting to restore my mental equilibrium by forgetting about the existence of this group of mutants. It's a nice peaceful feeling. Then I see on FORT that there is a Suncat7 recap and I can't resist being drawn in and having my brain smashed against the rocks. I'm laughing while it's happening, but just hearing these names hurts. It's like the Paper Chase in reverse. I come in thinking like a lawyer and I leave with a skull full of mush. I almost agree with Zach about the Donatos, except that I would have left out the "t".
    Not that any of that is your fault. You didn't choose these rodents. (You didn't, did you?). Your observations about these houseguests are always stellar. Despite your modesty, as always you have written a great recap! Reading them always makes my day.
    "The sun rose promptly at dawn."
    Tom Clancy in his novel The Teeth of the Tiger

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    Re: 8/30 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Slip Slidin' Away

    Thanks for the recap sunny! Great job!
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 8/30 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Slip Slidin' Away

    Thanks for the recap, suncat!
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Re: 8/30 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Slip Slidin' Away

    QUESTION??! Why is it that if Eric takes Jess off, he cant go up? Mike took Kail off and he went up...Did the rules change?


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    Re: 8/30 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Slip Slidin' Away

    I had the same question ( Ratboy Eric being safe if he wins/removes Jess)...

    Great recap! This should be an intersting week.

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    Re: 8/30 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Slip Slidin' Away

    School's started for me, and between making lesson plans and preparing the classroom, I've had no time for Big Brother. Thank you for the excellent recap to help people like me stay up to date. Great recap!

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    Re: 8/30 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Slip Slidin' Away

    Wonderful recap, Sunny! You always have awesome screencaps.
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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