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Thread: 8/8 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Bustoed and Besmirched

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    8/8 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Bustoed and Besmirched

    This recap covers Wednesday noon to Thursday noon, house time.

    What a Wednesday! The action began in the early afternoon with by far the best blow-up this season……better than any of Evel Dick’s raging tirades even. It was fabulous! If you missed it, you missed a doozy! Amber went OFF on America’s Player and I’m not sure he knew what hit him. He sat in silence (Hell, everyone sat in silence!) while Amber literally screamed at him. We already know she’s crazy but caught a firsthand glimpse at how unhinged this chick really is! I’d be remiss if I didn’t transcribe the emotional rant that rivals the awesome “Busto” incident of BB6.


    Had I not sworn on my daughter’s life to vote you in this week, I would be voting you out. For the simple fact that-how dare you use something against me that I told you about my boyfriend, that I lied about-to make me look bad and tell Dick that you’re going to keep it in your back pocket to hold against me so this house doesn’t look at me the same when you know damn well what I told you in confidence because I trusted you and you’re going to f***ing use it against me-A lie that I said to my boyfriend-when I realized I f***ed up-when I was on drugs. Are you f***ing kidding me? How dare you? What kind of person are you? And you sat there in the jacuzzi and you f***ing had the nerve to say to me “I just want you to know I’m really glad you’re here. I’m really thankful and grateful to share in those experiences with you.” All my life-changing experiences-I didn’t tell you those for you to go and f***ing blab around the goddamn house to use against me. That’s so f***ing sick, dude! That’s f***ing twisted! And I know it’s twisted what I lied to my boyfriend about and if you want to go and tell the house right now, then go and f***ing say it. Say it to everybody right now cause everybody’s down here. I made a big mistake and I f***ing hurt the person I love so much and you have the f***ing nerve to f***ing use it against me and f***ing say you’re going to leave it in your what? You’re going to just bring it out whenever? Then tell everybody now what I did-since I’m such a f***ed up person. You know what? I haven’t lied once in this f***ing house! Not one goddamn time to anybody in this house! Not one f***ing lie! My diary room sessions, you’ll see when you get out of here, Eric. You’ll see! I haven’t said shit about nobody! And you’re going to hold one f***ing thing in my personal life against me? How f***ing dare you? How f***ing dare you, dude? You have f***ing balls! You’re a f***ing devil in disguise is what you are! You’re so lucky, you’re so f***ing lucky that I swore on my daughter’s life-when everyone was upstairs in that meeting-you’re so lucky that I sat out there and swore on my daughter’s life. Because if I hadn’t, you, you would not have my f***ing vote this week! And I’m kicking myself in the ass for swearing on my daughter’s life to you. Because I don’t want to f***ing give you that goddamn vote! And I’m just forewarning you, my good-bye message to you is going to be f***ing brutal! You f***ing got Nick out of here! You f***ing set him up! You’re a piece of s**t! And you’re f***ing going home! I f***ing hate you. You’re f***ing so f***ed up, dude! You got my f***ing brother out of this goddamn house. You made him look like he was doing everything wrong when it was f***ing YOU! Nick is home with his f***ing family which he should be here with us because he’s a good person. He should be in the good person’s group, not you. Uggghhh! That felt so f***ing good! Thank you God!

    Eric: (speechless)

    Dick: Some people get what they deserve.

    Afterwards, everyone leaves Eric sitting in the living room. I almost feel sorry for my little alliance. Almost. He asks Kail to wait and tells her that he never shared Amber’s secrets with anyone. He congratulates her and says that she’s won. Before leaving the house, he wants to tell her everything he knows and advises her to get Dick and Daniele out. He wants her, Jess, or Jameka to win. Kail tells him not to give up yet and reminds him that he still has time and that the house changes. The funny thing is she doesn’t realize just how prophetic she is! I think these people would flip on their feeble old grandmothers if given ample opportunity. Meanwhile, Dustin ran after Amber. Dani hugs her as the others gather around and I hear Amber say that she is so happy right now. Do what? She was just red-faced, screaming her head off, and choking back sobs. Now she’s happy. Did I mention how unhinged this crazy bitch is? Dick breezes through and puts Eric’s suitcase on his bed. They speculate that he’s in the diary room asking to leave.

    Dani has her HOH camera and the group, sans Eric, has fun posing for silly pictures. They make faces through the distorted bedroom window, hang upside down on the couch, and show their butts on the balcony. Amber, looking every bit like a trashy trucker, poses for one giving the finger to Eric’s memory wall picture. So classy, that girl!

    • Jameka admits that she screwed up by giving up 5 HOHs.
    • Jen and Zach made a deal not to nominate each other if either of them wins HOH.
    • Dani’s period is a week late and the girls speculate that she might be pregnant.
    • Jameka says her dog is bipolar, but a trained bipolar. Alrighty then.
    • Jen has an earache and is in a lot of pain. Apparently, some of the slop mixture settled in her ear during the dunkings. Ew!
    • Amber says she remembers getting a horrible vibe from Eric when he walked into the house. She can tell by the way he walks that he’s a liar and “guilt ridden.” Must be the super human powers she gained from large quantities of amphetamines.
    • The bunny suits attract some sort of bug. Fleas or gnats. Jen counted 5 on her suit.
    • A small earthquake shakes the house.

    Up in the HOH room, Eric settles in to work his magic on Dani. He denies casting the two mystery votes and putting mustard on Jen’s pillow. In fact, he hates mustard. They talk about Nick and Eric points out that the group thought it was a good idea to vote him out and it wasn’t just him. They agree that he’s really smart and probably the biggest threat in the game. They talk about the votes. Eric is disappointed that he’s going to leave the house with his character besmirched. He has a little pity party over the idea of no one speaking to him at the wrap party and his last few days being tense in the house. Poor Eric says he only went to the diary room after his ass-chewing because he had nowhere else to go. America’s Player is a great actor. He even manages to squeeze out a few tears. Dani, of course, has the same icy cold expression as usual. Finally, she tells him to camp out there in HOH while she spreads the word that everyone should take it easy on him. She goes to Dick first, pleading with him to lay off Eric so his last few days in the house are pleasant. He agrees but only for Dani.

    Jess joins Eric in the HOH room and he tells her that what he’s said to her is true and he cares what she thinks. He lists all of the reasons that he’s worth keeping over Kail and goes through the whole tarnished character speech again. Allegedly, the diary room told him to keep fighting and that’s what he’s doing. Jess isn’t sure if he has a chance of staying but knows he has Jameka’s vote since she gave her word. She tells him not to bother talking to Zach because Dick has brainwashed him. Jameka comes in and Jess quickly leaves so they can talk. Eric again launches the same spiel about how true and loyal he is, he’s never badmouthed her, and Dick is the real manipulator. He repeats himself several times and Jameka lets him know that she’s keeping her word and voting out Kail but she won’t trust him. Jen comes up and asks him why he’s “holding meetings.” She then gets right to the point asking him if he told Dick about Amber’s business. He says he doesn’t like the way she asked her question and won’t talk to her if she’s just going to run and repeat everything to the rest of the house. Out in the hammock with Dustin, Eric rehashes the same story. Been there, heard it all. Even Dustin tells Eric that he doesn’t have to keep repeating himself to get his point across. Finally, I agree with Dustin. He leads Eric to believe he has a chance to stay and then promptly runs and swears to Amber on his mother and brother that he will vote to evict Eric.

    So if you’re following along, the votes are as follows. Dick, Jen, and Zach are voting out Eric. Jameka, Amber, and Jess(who keeps saying she’ll vote with the group) are voting out Kail. Dustin who was the wildcard just promised Amber he would be the fourth vote to send Eric home. Got it? If not, don’t worry. They’re sure to flip and flop and change their minds again. In fact, it’ll happen by morning.

    Eric grabs Zach and pleads his case. Zach hears him out and tells him to come talk to him again tomorrow. He later jokes with Dick that he’s voting Eric out but just wants to see what he’s got. He then goes on to explain the M&M’s and baggies that he’s been playing with all day. Apparently, he’s been using Vaseline to “glue” them (along with popcorn and other goodies) to make a calendar on the side of his "toy box." He’s marked the days they’ve been in the house and rattles off what happened on each day. He remembers who went home on what day, when the competitions were held, what they were called, who won, and recounts it all up to day 41 when he says Eric will be evicted. Maybe Zach isn’t quite the dumb bunny we all thought he was. Maybe.

    Ready for the flip? I told you it was coming. After a diary room session, Dustin gets together with Amber and tries to convince her that keeping Eric is the best move for them. Hmmm, coincidence that he changed his tune immediately following a trip to the DR? It’s a numbers game, he says. They need Eric and Eric needs them. Amber isn’t sure so he hugs her and leaves her to think about it. Jameka comes along and they talk about someone named Eddie in the diary room who tried to persuade Amber to keep Eric. They are reprimanded by the booming BB voice for discussing their diary room sessions. Sounds like production is once again influencing the game. Reality TV, my ass! Later, the group discusses it all again and seems to be convincing Amber. Jessica wakes up and agrees with them that it is the smartest move but tells them not to tell Eric. They all finally agree that keeping Eric is their “official” decision. I am doubtful.

    So if you’re still following along, the votes have changed. At of the end of my shift, they were as follows. Dick, Jen, and Zach are voting to evict Eric. Jameka, Amber, Jess, and Dustin are voting to evict Kail.

    Will they flip flop again before tonight’s vote? How much are you willing to bet? PM me with your wager.
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    Re: 8/8 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Bustoed and Besmirched

    Thanks for the recap, lildago.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Re: 8/8 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Bustoed and Besmirched

    Lil, I was so engrossed in your recap, I forgot that BB had started and almost missed the fight! Thanks for another great recap.

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    Re: 8/8 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Bustoed and Besmirched

    As much as I like the show...and I dont believe its ALL REAL....but if producers or whoever are convincing people to keep ERIC! then Im seriously considering a boycott or complaining to the show (not that it would do anything)...That makes me furious that they did that just b/c they want the additional money from text messaging votes....YUCK!! That influences EVERYONEs chances and they might as well guarantee him a place in the final four....Im soooo mad...ALSO, b/c they cant bring Nick back as long as Erics there since Nick knows about Eric! Anyway, GOOD RECAP AND THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT RECAPS BC I CAN ONLY DO THE CBS SHOWS AND AFTER DARK BC SO MANY OF THEM ANNOY THE CRAP OUT OF ME!!

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    Re: 8/8 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Bustoed and Besmirched

    Hilarious recap, lildago! Thank you so much for sorting through all this and keeping us up-to-date!

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    Re: 8/8 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Bustoed and Besmirched

    Freakin hilarious Lil!

    Dustin looks just like Matthew Perry in that distorted window picture

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    Re: 8/8 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Bustoed and Besmirched

    Thanks for the recap lildago!! I'm glad you finally got an exciting Wednesday!
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 8/8 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Bustoed and Besmirched

    Great job Lildago, thanks
    Wow can't believe influence of Eddie from the DR; it certainly worked.

    I can't believe the look Erik has these past few days. He went from bad to really really bad. A totally new dimension of bad hair day.

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    Re: 8/8 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Bustoed and Besmirched

    Thanks for the transcript of Amber's blow up. It was pretty spectacular to watch even with all the beeps....

    ITA, the DR influence is a downer..

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    Re: 8/8 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Bustoed and Besmirched

    Loved the transcript of Amber's rant! Excellent recappage, lil!
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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