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Thread: 8/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- Hate the Game, Not America’s Player

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    8/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- Hate the Game, Not America’s Player

    This recap covers noon Sunday to noon Monday, BB House time.

    Ugh- my head is spinning from all the circular arguments and doubletalk that went on in the BB House over the last 24 hours. We’ll get to all the details in a moment, but first…

    Some information gleaned by watching the feeds over the past 24 hours:

    • Constantly frozen feeds= a very aggravated recapper.
    • Someone put Dustin’s key in Joe’s hole. I’m guessing that’s not the first time Dustin’s key has been in Joe’s hole.
    • Daniele did not want to put Nick up!!!!! And she is furious that anyone would even suggest it.
    • Jessica wants alcohol, but figures BB won’t provide it because of all the psychos in the house.
    • Amber seriously needs medication. Seriously.
    • Amber thinks if she prays enough, BB will return Nick to the house. See point above.
    • If Dustin was not on Big Brother, he’d like to be on the Real World. In fact, he’s wanted to ever since he was young. Dream big, Dustin.
    • Dick’s mom is upset that the HGs are calling him Dick because she prefers Richard. The word is still out on whether she prefers it when Dick calls Eric a bitch or a mother f****r.
    • The best name drop Dick could come up with today was Puck from the Real World San Francisco. He’s no Johnny Depp, that’s for sure!
    • Jessica doesn’t think Christmas is a religious holiday. My 13 years of parochial school certainly taught me otherwise.
    • And finally, this exchange between Eric and Jessica:

    Eric: Do you think that there are people that are sad enough that when everyone else is sleeping and we stay up talking like this, they stay up watching the live feed?

    Jess: No way!

    Eric: There's gotta be a couple hundred, maybe a few thousand.

    Well, guilty as charged, Eric. I have a little bit of a hard time taking him seriously though, because I have a feeling that if he wasn’t in the house, he absolutely would be one of the “sad” people staying up until all hours to obsessively watch the live feeds.

    No- everything's fine, just fine!

    Eric did not have a very good day. The whole house is still up in arms about the banner that so conveniently flew over the house during the HOH endurance competition, and most of the house now wants to backdoor Eric. Dick definitely wants to backdoor Eric, and Dani wants to backdoor Eric too. I’m going to see how many more times I can use the word “backdoor” before it’s revealed that I am actually a 13 year old boy masquerading as a 30 year old woman. Backdoor.

    Dick decides that the LNC, sans Eric and Amber, but plus Jen and Kail, should all meet in the HOH room to talk over the nominations. They proceed to have the longest meeting ever, and it’s pretty easy to recap since Dick just said the same thing over, and over, and over. The gist of it? He thinks Eric has been playing everyone in the house and he needs to go. Dick thinks Eric has promised Jen, Kail, Amber, Jessica, and possibly Jameka that they’re all his #1 and he’ll take them to the Final 2. By the end of his speech, he even has Jen convinced that Eric told her this, and that she’s been lied to! You can’t pull one over on Jen!

    Dustin makes the grave error of commenting that if Dani wanted Nick to stay last week, she sure didn’t do anything about it, and Dani flips out and yells/ whines at him for what seems like forever. Look, I know the girl’s only 20, but she just has got to knock off the whining already! She whines about how she tried to defend Nick, but no one would listen to her, (she repeats this about a hundred times, until I figure that the only possible way they couldn’t hear her while she was defending Nick was that she whined so much her voice took on a frequency only heard by dogs). Nick was her best friend in the house, and she wanted to stay, but no one would listen to her!! No one!!

    Yeah, I wouldn't listen to you either.

    Oookay… I’ve had enough of that for a while. Time to switch to Eric and Amber in the backyard. I’m sure they’re talking about something interesting, right? Oh, they’re basically talking about the same thing. They know there’s a meeting going on and they haven’t been invited, and Eric knows it’s about his potential backdooring, and he’s not happy at all.

    Amber promises that Dustin and Jameka will vote to keep Eric and will defend him to the other HGs, but I’m not sure how Amber knows this. Maybe she prayed and the information came to her in a vision or something.

    The meeting in the HOH room finally breaks up, and Dustin heads out to watch the dumps, Kail’s pouring the horrifying liquid over her head, and says that it’s gotten worse because it’s now gelled, and Eric and Amber head to the hot tub.


    So does Dick, because he’s decided that he’s going to have it out with Eric. When I say “have it out,” I really mean “scream obscenities at him.”

    Dick's warming up his pointer!

    The fight went on for a loooong time, but here are some of the important parts:

    Dick: Why did you tell me that Dustin would be first to go out of the 7, but when you talk to them it's me and Daniele going out first? Is that what you said?
    Eric: That's not what I said.
    Dick: That's not what I said and not what they said, so is everybody lying but you, you're full of s**t. You are a lying motherf****r and you're a sack of s**t. That is what you said. Almost verbatim.
    Eric: I'm going to tell you.
    Dick: Tell me whatever you want. You have a deal with Jen and a deal with Kail. You persuade everyone, you do your magic. They can't believe someone they like is so full of s**t like you. They can't believe it because they depended on you. You feed s**t to everyone ...you don't give a s**t who wins HOH because you know you're safe.
    Eric: [sarcastically] I'm glad you're on to me now Dick.
    Dick: You're the only one who is calm as f**k about not going up. You know what, you're going up, bitch! It's spread out for everyone to see. I know the truth you f*****g liar! Everyone knows it makes sense.
    Eric: I am glad they gave you the courtesy of listening to your case. I won't scream at you, people will take it as they please. We'll see if they go with you or me.
    Dick: It has nothing to do with me, it's you.
    Eric: It seems like it has something to do with you. Nobody else is upset.
    Dick: I see you shaking like a leaf.
    Eric: [sarcastically] You’re right, I'm quivering in my boots.
    Dick: What happens happens. It will be very close. Don't kid yourself. You have everything figured out. You have deal with me, with Kail, with Jen, with Dustin and Amber.
    Eric: The only reason I'd take you to final 2 is because I'd beat you 7-0.

    Then, proving that Dick has some sort of disorder:

    Dick: I miss the time we spent together.
    Eric: I spend more time with others who are more trustworthy than you.

    Wow! That was a lot of swearing and some harsh words! Eric manages to keep his cool, but inside he’s probably a little freaked out, and mad at America. Sorry, buddy.

    The rest of the day is spent with Dick blaming Eric setting up Nick, and Dustin asking Dani if she would consider putting Dick up on the block. Really, Dustin? Do you think that’s a wise question? I think the lack of intellectual stimulation is rotting Dustin’s brain- he needs to stay away from Amber for at least three days.

    Eric and Jessica sneak off to the weight room for some quiet time, where Eric reveals some really vicious gossip about Amber that really throws all her bible- loving side into question. Jessica tells him that the banner should not have any effect on her feelings, but it does, and he tries to explain it all away as some stunt dreamed up by a crazy Nick lover. Finally, he tells her that he envisions the Final 3 as himself, Jessica and Jameka, not Amber.

    "I heart you, Jessica." "I heart you, Eric, but I am still suspicious because of that banner that said you are a liar."

    The HGs quiet down and head off to bed, and Eric and Jessica are left alone, chatting and making plans to make out later. Eric is trying to put his smoothest moves on Jessica, but is foiled by Evel Dick, which causes Eric to announce that the BB House is the worst c**k block ever, because every time he’s about to get somewhere with one of the ladies, someone else bursts in and ruins the whole thing.

    Eric follows Jessica to bed where they cuddle and talk game, but after a while Eric wanders off to his own bed, without even trying for a good night kiss.

    The hamsters are all asleep by 5am BB time, which is pretty remarkable for them, and a few short hours later, Kail gets up to read her bible and drink coffee, and maybe cry- I can’t tell.

    Many of the HGs have the exact. same. conversations that they had the previous day, except for Amber who has now decided to sell Eric out. She tells Jameka that Eric was super freaked out when everyone else was in the HOH room having their little meeting, but she was all “so what?” and cool about everything. Jameka echoes my feelings on the statement when she answers by saying “mmmmm hmmmmm.”

    Proof that Amber has two faces, or just my feeds freezing? You decide.

    Jameka then goes to Eric and tells him that if she wins POV, she will make sure he is not one of the nominees. I don’t know if God told her to do this, or what, but I’m sure Eric is happy about it either way.

    And that’s it for now- the HGs are on lockdown for the POV competition, and the feeds are on trivia. And I am enjoying the wonderful, Dani-whine, and Amber-sob free silence.

    As a final treat... here's a special picture of Dick. The man sure does love him some hats!

    I was made to understand there were grilled cheese sandwiches here.

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    Re: 8/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- Hate the Game, Not America’s Player

    Another great recap, SEM!

    Thank you so much for doing this.

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    Re: 8/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- Hate the Game, Not America’s Player

    Thanks SEM ... I missed a lot and you filled it all in funnily. Funnily ? I just went and looked that up to see if it was a real word, and it is but the definition is " queerly: in a strange manner; " ... and that's not what I meant ! I am a victim of Kail's linguistic influence.

    Your recap was informative, great, funny and fun. Thanks so much !
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    Re: 8/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- Hate the Game, Not America’s Player

    Quote Originally Posted by SueEllenMishke;2508742;

    Proof that Amber has two faces, or just my feeds freezing? You decide.
    Bahaha, this is great! It totally captures Amber the past few days.

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    Re: 8/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- Hate the Game, Not America’s Player

    Back at ya.

    Great job, SEM! What a wild week it's been.
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    Re: 8/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- Hate the Game, Not America’s Player

    Loved it all, SEM!
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    Re: 8/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- Hate the Game, Not America’s Player

    Great recap, SueEllen!
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    Re: 8/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- Hate the Game, Not America’s Player

    Thanks so much, SEM!
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    Re: 8/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- Hate the Game, Not America’s Player

    Great job, SueEllen!
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Re: 8/5 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- Hate the Game, Not America’s Player

    Excellent recap, SEM!

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