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Thread: 8/2 Big Brother Live Feed Recap, In Which Alice Gets Her Wonderland

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    8/2 Big Brother Live Feed Recap, In Which Alice Gets Her Wonderland

    This recap covers from noon Thursday to noon Friday, BB house time.

    From a day of boredom to a whirlwind of action. Yes, something actually happened on the feeds today, and I don’t mean the endurance competition!

    • Daniele won the endurance competition, beating out Kail and Jen at the finish.
    • A banner plane flew overhead during the HOH competition that named Eric and Amber as “liars.” Several of the houseguests saw it.
    • Before the live show, Amber cussed Kail out for not doing any housework.
    • Some audio leaked from the Diary Room, and we heard an upset Kail wanting to leave because of Amber’s attack, and a producer trying to talk her out of it.
    • Daniele and Dick are convinced that Eric has been lying about his votes, and that he’s in an alliance with Amber, Jameka, and Kail.
    • Daniele plans to nominate Jen and Kail, but ultimately wants to backdoor Eric.
    • Daniele, Dick and Jessica were supposed to be the only three who will know Eric is the real target, but big mouths went to work all night and now even Eric knows he’s the target.
    • The houseguests are convinced Friday’s competition will be a luxury comp, not a food competition.
    • Daniele shaves her arms and hands. Sorry, just had to include that because I don’t know anyone does that.
    Endurance competitions are ever so fun. Who would pass up the chance to see if a houseguest will cave to the pressure of the bladder or, say, gravity? So there was much gnashing of teeth at 6:01 p.m. house time, when the feeds were not turned on, not at all. They remained blocked for over an hour as the internet wept and CBS made a liar out of Julie Chen, who had exhorted everyone to sign up for the live coverage starting right after the live show. Pants on fire! Pants on fire!

    By the time the feeds came up, the only hamsters left hanging were Jessica, Kail, Jen and Daniele. Dick kept up a running string of harassment against Jen and Kail, peppered with praise for Daniele and Jessica sticking it out so long. Jameka was the cheerleader for everyone, giving out “great job, ladies!” periodically. Zach gave specific instructions to Daniele, telling her to cross her legs, hook her elbows, shelter her eyes. Not so annoying now, is he, Daniele?

    Jessica soon slipped off, and later admitted that she pretty much threw the competition. In fact, this is what we missed, according to Daniele and Dick: Eric was disqualified for sitting too far up and going too far onto the crossbar. Jameka sweated a lot, which made her slip. Amber got down “so freaking fast,” as Daniele put it. Jen got a leg cramp and just quietly told Kail she couldn’t stay on any longer. But wait – that was later, on the feeds that we did see.

    Before we get to Jen’s demise, we’re subjected to a lot of projected “bird poop” (soap suds) and lots and lots of R-rated taunting. Feed watchers were treated to Dick telling Jen he wished she would choke, and he had just the right item for her to choke on. “Eww, that little thing?” she quipped back. Actually, this has turned into a regular joke between the two of them. Who knows? Maybe they’re working together and that was code for “You can get off now, I’ll make sure you stay in another week.” Because Jen doesn’t go the distance, despite her physically strong physique and the fact that she has several years on Kail. Somewhere in there, Jen was proposing a deal to Daniele, which she reacted to with outrage, and Dick started yelling. Predictable, no? But surprisingly, Eric (who was on the ground, watching) got up and started yelling at Jen that Daniele had never done anything to Jen, so how dare she bring her name into any argument? It’s not long before Jen makes a questionable move on the bar, we get blocked feeds while they verify it, and when it comes back we find that Jen is out. She didn’t even wait to hear the judgment call on part of producers; she jumped down because she knew she’d broken the rules.

    Now it’s down to Kail and Daniele, and the two start dealing. Daniele pleads for the HOH, telling Kail she can’t promise not to put her up but she absolutely positively is SURE that Kail won’t be going home this week. So pretty please, can Kail jump off? Kail makes a stab at trying to preserve her only friend in the house, telling Daniele that she doesn’t know if she can do that to Jen. Guess what, she can – and with a hop, she’s down. She didn’t even get a promise not to go on the block, so I guess she was near falling off at that point.

    Everyone rushes over to hug Daniele and congratulate little Alice on her win.

    Happy happy, joy jo—huh?

    BB puts the vortex up, most likely for a producer to give instructions to the hamsters. When the feeds come back, Daniele is hugging her dad her dad alone in the back yard – and sobbing. Wait, didn’t she just win the competition? She’s mad that her dad didn’t listen to her about Nick’s vote last week – namely, that Nick did vote with the house – and that someone is setting her up now. Her mind has been swirling, and it’s clear she’s not lying down and taking the rap for that vote like Nick did the week before. Dick knows that something is wrong; there is definitely a leak. Kail knew she wasn’t going. She was eating a bowl of slop an hour before the live show. Who in their right mind would do that if they expected to be in the CBS greenroom shortly? Dick tells her they will talk later, and she heads off to the shower while he stalks around and looks visibly ticked off to the entire household.

    The hamsters await dinner eagerly (pizza), but Amber is off in a bedroom by herself, kneeling in prayer with an air of drama around her. She spends a lot of time looking pensive and just a little bit teary-eyed. Hooray for not giving into full-on sobs, Amber! When dinner does finally arrive, and is pounced on by the men who have been on slop, everyone gathers to eat except Amber, who is still in deep contemplation. Eventually she wanders out and chews morosely on her pizza. There’s quite a few stony faces around the table – Amber, Jen, Kail, and even Daniele looks glum. Daniele uses a plastic knife and fork to eat pizza, by the way. In the time it takes for her to delicately eat one piece, Zach has cleaned out a box, it seems like.

    It’s a banner day.

    Someone’s been spending cash on an itsy-bitsy plane pulling some sweet, juicy Big Brother info….who are you, fess up! Janelle? What’s clear is that a banner flew over the house, and that Jessica, Amber, Dustin and Eric saw it. What did the banner say? Let me refresh your memory. Damn, but I love banner planes!

    Ruh roh!

    No one will tell Jen what it says, although to be fair, they were given instructions not to discuss it in the Diary Room. But here’s a feed watcher pro tip: when the hamsters lean together and whisper really quietly, like, so quiet that they have to tell each other to repeat that because they didn’t quite catch it and neither did any of the 77 mikes or cameras, they’re talking about forbidden stuff. So it’s safe to say they are talking about the banner plane.

    You can almost see the gears shifting in Daniele’s head. Nick swears he was loyal, and didn’t throw that vote to Mike – check. An unexplained vote yet again, and now she’s the one being set up – check. She even talks to Zach about it in the bathroom, and he tells her he almost has it figured out, just give him another day. But she doesn’t need no stinking day. Alone with her dad in her new HOH room, they piece it together. Daniele gives the traitor a name: Eric. By jove, she’s got it!

    Dick remembers that Eric was the only person last week who didn’t waffle on who to vote out. He persistently pushed for Nick, where everyone else had doubts and wavered between the universally detested Kail and the quite likable Nick. (Yes, even the hamsters in the house think Eric didn’t make a stab at evicting Kail last week, and I’d like to go on record as saying CBS acted like rat bastards to imply through editing that he did work to sway the house, because he simply did not.) Nick taking the fall for his vote was perfect, because keeping him was dangerous since Nick knew he hadn’t done it. Daniele tells her father ominously that “it will be dealt with.” Then she’s back in valley girl mode. “Whatever.”

    They are unclear on the motives, or who Eric is working with. Daniele thinks it’s Jameka, going back to a couple of weeks ago when Nick told her not to trust Jameka. Which goes back to some further game playing. Remember when someone was telling someone that Nick was playing Daniele, yadda yadda yadda? The reason I’m being vague is that it really doesn’t matter; what matters is that out of that little circle of gossip, Amber concluded that Nick was untrustworthy, and Nick concluded that Jameka was untrustworthy. Both of them shared their exclusive piece of information with Daniele, who filed it away for future use. Daniele is using it now. Eric. Jameka. The secret power couple.

    Dick: All these bible-toting ass****s are unbef****ingbelievable. I’m the biggest ass**** and I’m the most honest one in the house!

    They break up for a bit, but the night is young. *sigh* They reconvene after midnight, and discuss more particulars. Periodically, Dick starts pacing around and cursing that he knew it. He f***ing knew it! Daniele repeats ad nauseum, “I told you. I told you!” She has a way of talking strategy one moment and making it into a Dad issue the next; she’s hurt that her dad didn’t listen to her about Nick. “It should have been Kail out this week!” Dick rages. “I told you, but you didn’t listen to me!” Daniele rages back. As the night goes on, they’ve said this to each so much that it’s a much more lighthearted ribbing. Dick tells her he has a very smart daughter, and says he’s sorry at least a dozen times. “I’m not fifteen anymore, Dad!” Dick tells her he owes Nick and her a dinner at TGIFriday’s when this is all over.

    What is up with Big Brother this year? It’s a new HOH room, and it looks exactly like last week’s with only slight variants in Gloom and Doom Grey. The chairs are white, how shocking! Daniele invites everyone upstairs to see her room, but before she unlocks the door, she stops them all for a speech. She tells them that last week was really hard for her, the hardest week so far. She voted out a good friend. But she’s looking forward to spending time with everyone this week. Enough wallowing in the past; make with the goodies, Big Brother!

    Daniele got Skittles, M&M’s, Godiva chocolate, pretzels, a Gap sweatshirt, and other random nibbles. Her pictures were of her boyfriend, her grandmother, her best friend, and her dog. According to Daniele, producers nabbed the photos from her Myspace. Everyone visits, then stands around trying not to look like they are wondering when they can leave. Dick is allowed a cookie but no one else is invited to munch. Oh, and she got a letter, that she says is from everyone, not just one person. No one says it outright, but you can tell they’re wondering if it’s from the boyfriend. She says it’s from all of them – her grandmother, best friend, boyfriend, dog. Yeah, I don’t get it, but it deflects everyone’s questions. She saves it to read when she’s alone.

    What not to do when you’re named on a banner plane.

    So you find yourself called out by a banner plane as a liar. One other hamster is mentioned. In a panic, you know you must do something. Do you:
    • Spend the evening strengthening your bonds with the other hamsters, spreading a laugh or two, hitting the chess board, and chatting amicably; or
    • Spend a couple of hours in the hammock engaged in deep conversation in full view of the rest of the house with the one person who was also named on the banner as a liar?
    If you answered Hammock Time, give yourself a gold star. America’s Player is in a panic, and he’s not making good choices. Before hammocking with Amber, he made a point of casually approaching Daniele to discuss the mysterious vote and in nervous rapid-fire tones tell her that it couldn’t be him, he was the one pushing for Nick to go. At one point, talking to Amber, Eric said that America votes for people who are good looking and entertaining, so no wonder Nick has fans. Um, America is voting? He then corrected himself and said that America is not voting, and I’m not sure if Amber caught that little slip, but it was a sad lapse on the part of our Puppet Boy.

    Eric does his best to spin the day’s events, saying that it would have to be a deranged Nick fan. He says that they apologized to him in the DR for the plane (which we have no way to verify, really) but what good does that do him? Amber doesn’t understand why they were labeled “liars.” “You and me are the least liars in this house,” she moans. Eric thinks they must have aired a LNC session where they were outspoken, and are victims of editing. There’s no way they can be the Nerd Herd, who were hated by America but mistakenly thought they were loved by the outside world. No way.

    The father/daughter duo, again.

    Daniele is trying to come up with a way to get out Eric without having to cut deals with any other side in the house. Dick does not want to work with Jen, but maybe they can backdoor Eric after the POV competition. “Imagine you taking Jen off the block,” Daniele giggles. Then she hits upon the idea of putting up Kail and Jen, then removing Jen because she won’t want to vote for Kail, whereas Kail has not shown 100% loyalty to Jen and couldn’t be counted on to vote to evict Eric. That would have the double whammy of freaking out Kail, keeping her a mess, and keeping Eric unsuspicious. Meanwhile, they could get Jen to do what they wanted without revealing Eric as the target.

    They need a third person, but since Nick is gone, who? Daniele thinks that of the people in the house, they are closest to Jessica. Dick heads out at 12:45 a.m. to bring her into the fold. She’s in the pool, but happy to get an HOH invite.

    In private, they run down the case against Eric, and Jessica agrees with their take on things, but she’s not as animated as they would like. She tells them she’s hurt and she’s in shock; if all this is true, then Eric has been using her. Jessica agrees to keep it between the three of them until the POV is played, and she’ll even use it to remove Jen.

    Jessica does wonder, have they ever seen Eric talking to Kail…or whoever Eric is supposed to be in alignment with? But Daniele tells her that Nick told her how the MRA operated. Nick was never supposed to be seen with Kail; if he needed to communicate with her, it went through Mike. This alliance obviously works the same way; it’s real, all right.

    “Goodbye to the LNC,” says Daniele gleefully.

    Jameka’s not happy.

    So it seems that Jameka isn’t happy about Dick’s demeanor, and she’s complaining to Eric about it. However, I don’t catch much of the conversation because any time anyone else in the house has anything to say, the camera whips to another corner of the house. From the bits I hear, Eric is venting that he’s glad Nick is gone, and that Jessica is looking at him funny. Jameka gets her quota of mmm-hmm’s in for the night. But when possible, Jameka turns the conversation back to Dick. He acts like he’s good, but he’s saying horrific things. Eric eagerly plays along. There were so many times he couldn’t stand to hear it from Dick anymore. Never mind that he was right in there yelling at Jen during the endurance competition.

    Dustin is nervousing, big time. He pops in the HOH for a time but Dick flat-out tells him that he’s keeping his mouth shut for the time being. Dustin awkwardly takes the tepid assurances and leaves. After Jessica spends her time in the HOH, he’s on her like a bunny on carrots – fluffy and adorable, but skittish at the slightest noise. Jessica does a good job of playing wide-eyed “I don’t know” but he does get from her that he’s not under suspicion – which pretty much tells Dustin that you do know something, doesn’t it, Jessica? Ah well, she gets points for holding it in that much, because Eric becoming the focus of Daniele is pretty damn big news for the house.

    Dustin talks to Amber in the storage room, and he knows that Dick suspects Eric to be a traitor. Dick had approached Kail earlier and told her he figured out who her secret partner was. Dustin lays the blame on Zach, and says Zach is trying to stir up suspicion in the house. “We can’t get involved in that,” is Amber’s advice. From Dustin’s point of view, Dick was out in the back yard raging, he went up to the HOH room, and Zach followed him up there, where they talked for a long time. Which is partly true – Zach did follow them up, but he was outside on the landing, playing chess on the ground. But Dustin obviously thought he was in the HOH room, plotting.

    Amber asks Dustin to tell him straight out: does he believe the banner? Dustin doesn’t hesitate – he doesn’t believe it. Amber says that she used to do drugs and she used to be a liar, so seeing her name attached to the word liar makes her – *sob* Dustin tells her that he trusts her, just ignore it, don’t act like it’s true, shake it off. Dustin also thinks that Eric doesn’t have it in him to lie, and Amber agrees. They think Jessica, Jameka, Eric, and the two of them are the only ones who saw it.

    Outside, Dick is putting in time with Eric, keeping the illusion alive that everything is a-okay. Together, they speculate on that pesky vote, with Eric being sure that it’s Jen. Dick “confides” that he blew up at Kail to try to get her to spill who the leak was, since she knew she wasn’t going this week. Eric, speaking a mile a minute and breaking into nervous giggles much too easily, tells Dick that he would never have risked a “funny vote”, and Dick tells him to get the eff out, as if it was the last thing that had ever occurred to him. Who knew Dick would turn out to be a good actor?

    Dick puts in time with Dustin as well, hinting darkly without coming right out and naming Eric. He tells Dustin to observe and see who never talks to whom. He makes comments about people who read the Bible who seem to hate each other, but… You can tell Dick is dying to dish on Eric to Dustin, but he’s working hard to follow Daniele’s directive to keep his mouth shut for a change. As a result, Dustin feels like Dick doesn’t trust him, because, well, he just proved that he doesn’t. Dick gets called to the DR, breaking up the conversation.

    Jessica’s the one we can trust…why was that again?

    Luckily for Dustin, some of the other houseguests aren’t so guarded with their information. He wanders in the kitchen to find Eric and Jameka, and they share some frustrations about Dick’s paranoid rants. Jessica joins them, and at first she holds back what she knows about Dick and Daniele’s plans. But when she gets Eric alone, she spills it all. The cautious, guarded manner she had up in the HOH room is gone, and she seems to be firmly planted in Eric’s corner.

    Eric’s response is to say the backdoor plan would never work anyway; he has the votes to stay, so who cares? But his manner belies his casual words. He covers his behavior to Jessica quickly – he apologizes for not staying in the HOH competition longer, and by the way, the reason they go out of their way to protect the hamsters from seeing banner planes is because they’re 99% not true and fans are crazy lunatics. Surely, Nick inspired some real loonies with his manly physique. No way is he a liar. He’s upset and it’s unfair. He’s been nothing but genuine and trustworthy.

    Jessica believes him, even when he says he would take her over Jen for the final two. Or at least, she says she believes him, but who could possibly believe that any of them would not take Jen to the final two, when that’s like a guaranteed win? Jessica also mentions that the Diary Room told her something like, “Now why would Eric be involved in a conspiracy? Silly little blond hamster.” Yeah, that’s not manipulating houseguest opinion at all, Big Brother. Jessica soaked that right up as proof that Eric is on the up and up, and hearing that it came from the producers, it’s hard to label her as “gullible.” Eric contributes that the DR told him the banner was the ramblings of a deranged Nick fan, and that they apologized.

    Eric tells Jessica that he’s going to tell Jen about Dick’s plan to backdoor him, and that he thinks she can be used by the LNC (excluding Dick and Daniele, of course). Jessica thinks it’s a good idea because Jen is good at competitions. Eric says that she’d be easy to get rid of in a final four situation, and that anyone could win against her in a final two vote – not that he would take her, he says again. He’d take Jessica. *snort*

    Around four in the morning (these people!), Dustin joins the two of them in the hammock and they share all the talks they have had with Dick over the course of the night. Dustin seems to be coming out of this conversation with the feeling that Dick is just trying to stir the pot for pot-stirring’s sake alone. Eric takes the opportunity to point out how tight the father-daughter pair must be.

    Eric: They may as well start making out. I mean, there’s nothing left to f***ing do.

    At last, the busy houseguests are settling down to sleep. Eric and Jessica are whispering in bed, Jessica swearing that she trusts Eric 100%. She’ll cozy up to Dick and try to get as much information as possible. Eric is very thankful Jessica told him.

    Lo and behold, by 5:00 a.m. she’s already holding true to her word. For some reason, Jessica gets up and goes to the back yard to talk to Dick instead of going to sleep. Dick rehashes all the evidence pointing to Eric lying, saying he’s like Columbo; he asks leading questions then sits back and lets others mouth off until they’ve buried themselves. Dick tells her that Amber’s faking her tears, and he’s seen her outside talking to Jen. Voting out Nick was his biggest mistake. But that Eric was responsible for this because he was pushing hard for Nick to be gone. The week prior, Dick wanted Kail gone but it was Eric who convinced him that Mike was the brains behind the MRA alliance. During all of this, Jessica is making noises of agreement but he is mostly talking her ear off. The dude needs to talk to someone, and this keeping stuff under wraps does not sit well with him, obviously.

    Like every night, Dick stays up late muttering to the live feeders but it’s a complete rehash of everything he’s been saying for hours about Eric, how he can’t believe he voted out Nick, how smug Eric is, he needs to go on slop, Daniele has the heart of a lion, I can’t believe that f***ing Eric, Eric, Eric! Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey.

    The only hamster up in the morning is Kail, who reads the Bible outside until she falls asleep on the couch. Big Brother plays music for about 20 minutes to wake them up, and when the feeds come back the houseguests are getting ready for a day of filming. Some sort of competition is in the works, but they don’t think it’s a food competition because the storage room was so well-stocked the night before. They wouldn’t load them up with chips and soda only to yank it all a day later, would they?

    While the father-daughter team are upstairs in the HOH, safely venting against the people in the house they hate, Jen and Kail are outside. Jen thinks it’s interesting that Jessica was cozy with Daniele the night before, because she knows Jessica doesn’t like cheaters. Jen says she’s good at faking that she likes people. Kail agrees, and Jen thinks that Jessica will “like” Daniele this week just fine. But she also thinks that people will be on to Daniele this week, because she went from hanging on Nick to talking about her boyfriend at home the instant Nick was gone. Me-ow!

    For some reason, Daniele tells her father that no one was cheering for her during the HOH competition; Amber and Jameka were cheering for Kail. (My impression was that everyone was visibly rooting for Daniele, but that Jameka was trying to be nice and cheering for everyone equally. I don’t remember Amber doing much of anything. Maybe Dick’s incessant cheering of Daniele drowned any other cheers out in her memory?) She goes downstairs and says good morning to people, and they respond in kind. A few minutes later, she complains to her dad that people are chatting to her. As if!

    Big Brother calls a lockdown around 11:20, and everyone goes outside to await the day’s events, chatting in the stilted manner of people whose trust in each other has been smashed to pieces. Jameka and Eric sit on a towel behind the hammock, hunched over and whispering close together. Way to play it casual, guys. He tells her that Dick has figured out that he and Daniele would be the first two out of the LNC alliance, and that they are probably going to make a pre-emptive strike. Jameka mmm-hmmms along. Eric calls them bullies and liars, and Dick is watching from across the yard. Eventually, he goes over to bust them up, saying he’s going to use the hammock. They try to play off that they’ve been talking about Jameka’s home life, but Dick doesn’t play those games. Jameka gets uncomfortable and leaves, and Eric and Dick settle in for a tense argument.

    Eric says he’s thought about what Dick said the night before about the mystery vote, and he doesn’t agree. They need to forget about the vote for now, because it’s just leading to paranoia and conspiracy theories. Dick is adamant that they need to know who threw that vote in. Jameka wanders back, then Dustin, then Daniele – and it’s gloves off as far as Dick is concerned. He tells them that Nick told him before he left the house, when he knew he was going and had nothing to lose, that he did NOT vote to keep Mike. Someone in the group is lying. He thinks Eric is not being honest about the vote. Jameka is acting like this is news to her, but Dustin agrees with Eric that they need to let it lie, because it’s just breaking them apart. Why can’t Dick accept that it was probably Jen? Dick loses it, throwing around the hammock and screaming at Eric that he’s a motherf***ing liar. Eric stands up to him, and screams back at Dick not to yell at him ever again. Dick says tauntingly that what is Eric going to do, get him kicked out? Eric responds that he wouldn’t do that because he is true to his alliance. Dick isn’t really helping his image of a paranoid psycho at this point, but Eric is scoring points in spades with Jameka and Dustin.

    They calm down, but the argument is still going on as the noon hour passes.
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    Re: 8/2 Big Brother Live Feed Recap, In Which Alice Gets Her Wonderland

    Awesome job, Hepcat! I am going to float a banner that says "We *heart* Hepcat and the FORT!
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    Re: 8/2 Big Brother Live Feed Recap, In Which Alice Gets Her Wonderland

    Great recap!

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    Re: 8/2 Big Brother Live Feed Recap, In Which Alice Gets Her Wonderland

    I think I'm all caught up now. Thanks for an awesome recap, hep!
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    Re: 8/2 Big Brother Live Feed Recap, In Which Alice Gets Her Wonderland

    Wow! Thank you so much, hepcat, for sorting through all that and delivering such a great recap!!!
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    Re: 8/2 Big Brother Live Feed Recap, In Which Alice Gets Her Wonderland

    Thanks for the great recap Hepcat! That was a lot to cover! Enjoyed it all.

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    Re: 8/2 Big Brother Live Feed Recap, In Which Alice Gets Her Wonderland

    Great recap hep!! Thanks!
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    Re: 8/2 Big Brother Live Feed Recap, In Which Alice Gets Her Wonderland

    That was exciting! Thanks <3

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    Re: 8/2 Big Brother Live Feed Recap, In Which Alice Gets Her Wonderland

    Thank you, Hep, for staying up late and writing a really great recap!!
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    Re: 8/2 Big Brother Live Feed Recap, In Which Alice Gets Her Wonderland

    Hep, you are the unrivaled master of the BBLF recap. You manage to be thorough and interesting and hilarious, and I bow before your prowess.

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