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Thread: 7/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- A Skanky Skankini on a Skankilicious Skank

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    7/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- A Skanky Skankini on a Skankilicious Skank

    I turned on my feeds to find Dick and Jameka talking in the harem room. Dick is campaigning hard but Jameka is pretty non-committal. She comes across as sympathetic but like a true counselor, she doesn’t respond with much other than “ mmmm hmmm.” Dick complains that Joe betrayed him. He’s upset because he thinks Jameka was talking about him but she says she wasn‘t. She has isolated herself because she doesn't know what she's going to do. Dick says that trust in this game is such a rarity. Jameka is talking fast as Dick listens half-heartedly and interrupts at every pause. He rehashes past talks with Carol, Jameka, Mike and Kail. He goes on and on about how he doesn't hold back and has been honest with everyone. Their conversation somehow turns to the portrayal of Africa in the media. She wants people to realize Africa isn't just about starving pot-bellied kids with flies all over them. Dick keeps interrupting Jameka saying he knows that Africa and he has been to Egypt. I’m not sure what this has to do with anything. Jameka starts to cry because of the pressure she feels as the only African American in the house. She wants to portray African Americans positively. Whatever issues Dick and Jameka had, they seem to resolve and their talk ends with a hug. She still doesn’t say who will get her vote but promises to reveal it before they go live tomorrow. As they leave the room, Dick says he doesn’t want to campaign. Huh? What was all of that?

    Over in the HOH room, Kail is trying to convince Dustin that Dick has to go this week. She’s using Dick’s earlier outburst in the kitchen as a reason to get rid of him this week. She says that no one will put Dick up again for fear being attacked by him and if he doesn’t go now, he’ll be there until the end. She rehashes their entire confrontation and says she should have just walked away from him. When Dustin isn’t convinced, she goes on to say that Dick has made deals with everyone in the house. Sooner or later, he’ll have to start breaking them. Dustin replies that he hasn’t made a deal with him. Kail is working every angle but Dustin isn’t buying it. He tells her that he’s not pro-Dick but anti-Joe and wants Joe gone. Jen is worried about being seen as a liar because she told Dick if she had to break a tie, he'd stay. But that's when Daniele was up against him, not Joe. Dustin patiently tries to explain the basics to Kail and Jen, how things change every week in the house. Kail still doesn’t get it so she whines some more about how Dick wants her gone and will be coming after her if he gets HOH. Dustin tries to tell her that Joe feels the same way about him. Kail is obviously rattled and running scared that Dick will stay behind and target her. They ask Dustin if he thinks it will be a tie. Dustin says he doesn't know because he isn't running around making people tell him their votes. The only ones doing that are Kail, Jen, Joe, and Dick when prompted. He is letting people decide for themselves. Finally, Dustin agrees to disagree with them and I give Dustin a virtual high five.

    Daniele : Hey, do you have a crab in your pants?

    BB announces an outside lockdown and everyone scrambles to go to the bathroom.
    While on lockdown:
    • Dustin fills Nick in on his pow wow with Kail and Jen. Nick says he’s tired of everyone asking him how he’ll vote. His mind is made up and he’s annoyed by all of the questioning.
    • Dick talks about how stinky cowboys must have been and how stinky the prostitutes must have been that slept with the stinky cowboys…..because doesn’t everyone wonder about that? These people are too bored.
    • Just in case she wasn’t annoying enough, Amber does a Fran Drescher impersonation. Jameka joins in with The Nanny theme song.
    • Jen and Zach hang out in the hammock. Zach says he's not changing his mind and he'll never vote to keep Joe.
    • Daniele questions Nick about why he’s mad. He’s pissed about Kail telling him how to vote and because his tacos are still in the house. He threatens to shave his head. Me, I just hope he shaves the pervy moustache! He tells Daniele to kiss him and she tells him to stop or shut up or something like that. Nick wants to know what song comes to Daniele’s mind when she sees him. Of course, she says nothing. He says he knows what song it is for him and mentions Meredith Brooks, teasing her about the bitch song. He confesses that he really thinks of You’re Beautiful by James Blunt. Lockdown is over quickly and we’re spared more of their junior high lovebird act.

    Nick : She only wants me for my pimp juice.

    Joe comes into the kitchen and tells Kail she needs to cool it because think she's pushing so much. He warns her that it looks like she has too much invested. Kail tells him that she’ll cool it, lay low, and forget about it. Too bad she doesn’t mean it.

    Zach grabs Mike for a meeting of the minds in the workout room. Zach tells Mike that Kail is constantly coming at him and it's putting him at risk. Zach fears that if Joe stays in the game that the four of them, the MRA, will be gone. Zach feels that Nick is still with them but there isn't any way to save Kail who is becoming a “crazy liability.” He also thinks it's bad for them that Jen knows the four of them are together. Mike disagrees but Zach says Jen is too free with information. He doesn't want to split from the group but he has to have Kail stop coming to him the way she does because it isn’t discreet and lets everyone know that they’re together. Doesn’t this dumbass realize that everyone already knows?

    Zach tells him that Jen threatened Mike and Kail would hang him out to dry if he didn’t vote with them. He also says he has some secret, something he saw, but can’t tell Mike because it’ll affect his game. They talk some more and I think this is the most I’ve heard Mike speak. They disagree about who should go this week. Mike lists the reasons it should be Dick. Zach lists the reasons it should be Joe. They hash and then rehash. Zach tells Mike that he can join in with he and Nick; but if he chooses to stay with Kail and Jen, he is going down. Mike doesn’t like being threatened but Zach backpedals when called on it. They don’t really know what to do about their deadlocked alliance so Zach returns to his tired chessboard analogy that Joe is the long term threat and Dick is the short term. He thinks it’s best to look ahead to down the line and take out the bigger threat(Joe) now.

    An Afternoon With Bob Saget
    I have to tell you…..the afternoon was painfully boring. Honestly, I listened to the feeds through one ear as I watched reruns of America’s Funniest Home Videos. Sad to say that Bob Saget was at times more entertaining than our hamsters but it’s true. I think I heard enough to give you the highpoints. They played a game of dodge ball and I watched long enough to see Jen trying to gather balls and keep herself from flopping out of her red skankini. Amber explains the difficulties of cocktail witnessing and then says she really wants to be a nurse. With all of her experience in hospitals, she knows what it takes to make people feel comfortable. She’d also like to be an inspirational speaker because of all the things she has had to overcome. It’d be easy for her, she brags, to be in front of 10,000 people because the words would just flow out. I need no convincing. That I believe! The next time I glance at the feeds, I see our future inspirational speaker pretending to be at the gynecologist with her feet in the stirrups. So I quickly hit the mute button to laugh at a cat falling into an aquarium on AFV. Afterwards, Jameka talks about her job counseling kids and being a mentor while Kail sulks nearby looking as if she’s going to cry.

    From there, we go to the kitchen where all four feeds are on Jen baking banana bread in that damned red skankini. She stands around chatting and stirring and eating batter in that sleazy get-up. Whoever thought it was a good idea to let her make that thing should be shot! I don’t know why the girls aren’t complaining about her in the kitchen handling food with her hooha hanging out but they don’t. Amber even tells her she looks good in it. Maybe she’s practicing being inspirational. She does comfort poor Jameka who cries as she forces down her bowl of slop. Or maybe she’s crying because Amber won’t shut up and stop rubbing her back. Who knows.

    Kail finds Jameka reading the Bible and indirectly hounds her about her vote. Jameka doesn’t know what to do because neither Dick nor Joe has done anything to her. She likes them both. Kail goes on about how she hasn’t lied to anyone in the game and Dick just doesn’t like her because she wouldn’t open up to him. She just doesn’t feel comfortable opening up to a bartender. I beg to differ. If Dick poured her a few shots of Goldschläger, she’d be singing like a bird. Anyway, she whines a little more about how he’s coming after her and decides that maybe God will give her HOH or POV. Heh, I thought God was playing the game for Amber.

    I’m afraid the evening isn’t much more interesting than the afternoon. Nick and Daniele flirt in the hammock. He tells her she’s beautiful, wants her to kiss him, and talks about the house they’ll have together. Daniele is starving and repeats it over and over. Nick does what any good boyfriend would do. He stuffs his face with cookies right in front of her. I’m sure they say a lot of other important things to each other but I can’t listen to them any longer. The other houseguests are playing a question game similar to the HOH competition, but Skippy feels Nick and Daniele’s junior high ramblings are deserving of all four feeds, so I take a break.

    Eric and Jameka talk game. He tells her that Dick has the votes to stay and she shouldn’t risk voting with the minority. She agrees but still isn’t sure what to do and doesn’t want to lie to anyone. Eric tells her that Nick, Daniele, and Joe went to Jen and offered her a deal when she became HOH. Jen would put up one of the "floaters" (Jameka, Eric, Jessica, Dustin, or Amber) instead of Nick or Joe and then the following week two more "floaters" would be put up. Jameka realizes she can’t trust Nick or Daniele as much as she thought she could.

    The Dick at Night Show guest starring Jen
    Early this morning, Jen hangs around for Dick’s late night show. I’ll hit the highlights.
    • Jen only put him up because he was a vote for Daniele to stay and she wanted her out.
    • Dick says it turns his stomach when Kail calls Daniele her stepdaughter. Jen says she's just trying to be a mom but Dick feels she’s out of line.
    • Dick says Kail made a big mistake campaigning against him after their hammock talk.
    • Dick says Eric called that either Jen or Amber would get HOH.
    • Dick says Joe has made alot of deals to stay in the game. Jen says she doesn't think he's made any deals. Dick jokes that Joe has deals with both the topiary moose and the giraffe.
    • Jen says she'd rather vote Dick out now because it’s easier to figure Joe out. Dick says he has the votes and he’s not going home.
    • Jen reveals that people close to Dick(Amber) offered themselves as pawns to make sure he went home. He asks how often the pawns go home and tells her she should have put them up.
    • Dick confides in Jen that Daniele is struggling with the whole Nick thing and is a wreck worrying about her boyfriend outside the house. He tells Jen to keep that information to herself and I wonder why he’s trusting Jen.
    • Dick tells Jen how stupid she is for aligning with Kail who is “the most hated chick in the house.”
    • Dick pretty much tells her she’s a spoiled bitch and so self centered that everything is always about her. She says she’s been through some hardships in her life and is now successful. I think somewhere in all of this Dick and Jen half-assedly bonded.

    Our hamsters wake up this morning to a lockdown in the HOH room. I think things might actually get interesting with everyone in the same room. Perhaps someone will piss off Dick and he’ll go on another rampage. Or maybe the voting talk will resume and things will get heated. Wrong! We get the HOH bathroom where Jameka does her hair for what seems like hours. Amber helps as Kail looks on. I wonder why Amber isn’t talking and finally realize the audio isn’t on the bathroom. I can hear occasional laughter and whispering coming from the bedroom, I assume, and someone is snoring. My guess is it’s Skippy who’s fallen asleep on his post. What other explanation could there be for The Silent Jameka Hairstyling Show?

    After the lockdown, Zach and Nick get together in the storage room saying it looks like Joe goes with a 6/4 vote. They talk about some kind of signal since it’s a live vote. Zach doesn't want to be the only one to go against MRA if they’re all voting out Dick. Nick says he is voting Joe out. Mike and Nick are next up in the storage room and Nick tells him he is switching up the vote. He claims Joe said he would put up Kail and Mike. Mike realizes he’s a target and meets with Kail who decides to stick with her plan to vote Dick out.

    Zach and Mike attempt a strategy talk that’s broken up by Jen. She flops down beside Mike and my shift ends with another shot of Jen’s skanky red ass.

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    Re: 7/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- A Skanky Skankini on a Skankilicious Skank

    skanky red ass

    Great job Lildago!

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    Re: 7/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- A Skanky Skankini on a Skankilicious Skank

    Loved the recap lildago! Hilarious captions with the photos! And hey... Bob Saget can be entertaining at times... uh yeah.
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 7/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- A Skanky Skankini on a Skankilicious Skank

    Thanks lildago! Great job!

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    Re: 7/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- A Skanky Skankini on a Skankilicious Skank

    Great recap, lil!

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    Re: 7/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- A Skanky Skankini on a Skankilicious Skank

    "skanky red ass" hahahaha

    Great recap

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    Re: 7/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- A Skanky Skankini on a Skankilicious Skank

    I'm glad I just get to read the recaps. They are a lot more fun than the live feeds seem to be at this point. Thanks for another great recap Lil!

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    Re: 7/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- A Skanky Skankini on a Skankilicious Skank

    Hee! Awesom recap, lil!
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    Re: 7/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- A Skanky Skankini on a Skankilicious Skank

    This only happens after a full moon - priceless!
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    Re: 7/18 Big Brother Live Feed Recap- A Skanky Skankini on a Skankilicious Skank

    I don't think I need to say it again, since I seem to say it a lot, but another great recap lil!

    Keep up the great work =)

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