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Thread: 9/6 Live Feed Recap: Wake Me When It's Over

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    9/6 Live Feed Recap: Wake Me When It's Over

    *This is a recap of events from noon Wednesday to noon Thursday*

    After the debacle that was Tuesday's show (and the fact that we were all gypped out of seeing an exciting, hours-long HoH competition on the feeds), I was really hoping for some good things with the second part of the comp tonight. Well, it didn't happen. The comp was blocked from the feed watchers, and it was basically the only noteworthy thing that happened on this slow Wednesday. Remind me again why we all plopped down our money for the feeds?

    House happenings:
    • Boogie won the second part of the HoH competition.
    • He also won a car, a convertible.
    • He also admitted to crying in the DR after Will was evicted. Hee!
    • It looks like Boogie and Erika are working together again. I think. Unless she's lying.
    • Boogie and Erika kissed, and promised on all kinds of relatives that they'd take each other to the final two.

    When my shift starts, the hamsters are all still sleeping – no shocker there. They don’t stir until about 1:30 Big Brother time, when we see Janelle in the gym getting ready for the day. Erika drags herself out of bed, complaining about an allergic reaction to something. I think it’s Boogie-itis myself, but she thinks it may be from a bug bite or the sushi from last night. “Maybe it’s this f***ing house,” she complains. Is it just me, or has she been complaining about something the whole time she’s been in the house? First it’s her rib, then headaches, then stomachaches, now allergic reactions. Speaking of Boogie, he's being very standoffish this morning, not saying a whole lot to either of the girls. I'm sure that just ruins their whole morning. Not.

    You can't wash the lies away, Boogie.

    Praying that he doesn't get his ass kicked after the show.

    Boogie manages to get Janelle by herself for a moment when Erika goes to the DR, and tells her that he doesn’t want Erika to sway Janelle’s decision. Since Erika has so many friends on the jury now (what friends?!), it would be hard to win against her in the final two, he tells Janie. He tries to convince her that she’d have a better chance of winning against him at the end. "I don't want Erika slipping in and taking your 'banana bread,'" says Boogie. Janelle agrees with him, and it seems like she wants him to think she'd take him if she wins. Whether she's playing him or not, I don't know. The conversation ends when Erika returns, they play some cards, and then take their usual afternoon naps. Thrilling stuff, this.

    Looks like the hamsters were under lockdown in the HoH room, but when lockdown is over, Janelle refuses to come out. She’s not done listening to her music, dammit! BB sends Erika to drag Janie out of the room, and we see them in the kitchen soon afterwards. The girls chat in the kitchen, talking about the silly “banana bread” and “big picture” analogies that Chilltown used for splitting the prize money. Boogie keeps bringing the terms up, and Erika and Janelle laugh: no way are we bringing him to the finals! Janie compares Boogie to a “bratty younger brother” as they both wonder how someone so disgusting could be successful in business. Money doesn’t buy class, that’s for sure.

    This, my friends, could be one of your final two.

    For the next two hours, Janelle and Erika have the same discussion we’ve heard a million times already this week – how awesome it is that they figured out Chilltown was playing them. It was almost too late, but they saw through the lies. Rewind, repeat. They finally begin to realize that Danielle and James were part of Chilltown, too, and they now see how Will and Boogie got them all to go after each other. Erika tells Janie "I can't wait to see the episode where we're talking in the backyard...that was the moment it all turned around!" "Yeah, you were so pissed!" replies Janelle. Erika says "It was so juicy that it was on Boogie's clock (Will's eviction). That Boogie had to put his friend up...I love it!" They continue to pat themselves on the back for figuring things out (yeah, one week before the show ends) while Janelle starts to think about part two of the upcoming HoH competition. She really wants to win this one. Boogie lies on the bedroom floor like an old rag, because, well, nobody wants to talk to him.

    8 pm hamster time, and Erika and Janelle each get a turn in the DR, while Boogie is still lying around like a slug on the bedroom floor. The girls prep for the competition, going over possible questions and answers ad nauseum. Boogie (whom I thought had died there on the floor) comes to life after getting a DR call, telling the girls that the comp will be between 9 and 10 that night. While Janelle does her makeup and hunts for her lucky ass-kicking gloves (which have mysteriously gone missing), Boogie tries to convince Erika that she can’t beat Janelle in the final two. Not 20 minutes later, Boogie goes to Janelle and tries to weasel a final two commitment out of her. Janelle is either having second thoughts about her alliance with Erika, or she’s flat out lying to Boogie. She tells Boogie that she can’t take Erika to the end and that she’d have a better chance with him, and Boogie tells her that she’d have no trouble beating him in the final two. “I scumbagged all those people,” says Boogie. They both think that Erika is so well liked on the jury that she’d be hard to beat (again, where is this coming from? Howie hates her, and Dani is still upset about her betrayal!).

    Janelle: I think I would lose to her. She’s so well liked, so nice to them.

    It's alive. It's ALIVE!!

    This should be the face of anti-smoking campaigns everywhere.

    Janie goes on to tell Boogie that she misses Will. She wonders if she did the right thing, and did she possibly blow a chance at being with him by evicting him in the game? She asks Boogie if Will had real feelings for her, and Boogie says that when Will had a chance to say something on live TV to Erin (his girlfriend), he didn’t. So that must mean something, according to Boogie. I don’t see how, but what do I know. He seems to be setting his friend Will up just in case he did want to pursue something with Janie outside of the house. Who knows. Erika joins the two in the gym, and Janelle is feeling really bad about kicking Will out. Where’s the strong, decisive woman I saw make her “no more mistakes” speech the other night? These people are going to drive me insane.

    Soon after this, we get flames for close to three hours. Must be part two of the HoH comp! When the feeds come back, I’m all excited to find out the winner of the second part is….Boogie?! Aw, damn. Looks like the little weasel won it by two minutes, as I hang my head in disgust. Janelle is quietly munching some chips, and says that the comp was geared toward a man because it required a lot of upper body strength. It involved smoke, mirrors, and lasers of some kind. Oh, and Boogie won a (Buick?) convertible. Lovely. He admits that the car isn't cool by L.A.'s standards, but his hometown boys would love it. Gee, sorry they didn't have a budget for a Bentley, you ungrateful turd.

    And here we go with the conniving and plotting: while Janie is in the DR, Boogie tells Erika that he's taking her to the final two because Janelle has too many friends on the jury. Erika tells him that she'll take him to the final two if she wins, and wants Boogie to throw the HoH comp to her. So much for the girl's alliance. Boogie refuses to throw the comp, though, saying they should play it straight up. Here's a clip of Boogie sucking up to Erika, and discussing who would vote for him:


    After dinner and wine, Erika talks with Mike again in the red room. She asks him about the way he's been playing her, but he lies and denies, saying it was all to advance them in the game and to protect her. *snort* He then swears on his mother and grandmother (these swears don't mean a damn thing to these people, do they?) that he'll take her to the final two. Erika responds in kind, saying that she always wanted to go with him to the end. Boogie trashes Janie again, saying that she's not worthy of being in the final two, and she's not a trustworthy person. He lies some more, insisting to Erika that he never laughed at her behind her back or said anything nasty about her. In a most disgusting turn of events, Erika tells him that she still wants to have his baby and she *gasp* kisses him. This broad is either delusional as all get out or she's one hell of an actress. Here she is, confronting Boogie in the red room about his actions:


    All the voting we did, for this. Janie got nada for being prom queen.

    Once the queasiness leaves me and I can watch the feeds again, I hear Erika lie to Janie, telling her that she and Boogie were just chit-chatting, and didn't talk about anything important. Janie touches up her roots, and she helps Erika study for the next part of the HoH comp. They hit the sack, and get a rude awakening in the morning: after a short inside lockdown, BB tells them to get up, and they are put under outside lockdown. There's a porta-potty, so this is going to take a while. It doesn't take long for Janelle to go back to sleep, and Erika tells Boogie that she's going to tank the competition so she doesn't have to be the one to evict Janelle (and break her promise). "I could really use second place!" she whines to Boogie. You'll win it, he assures her. Before they were forced outside, Erika had confronted Boogie again: "Why did you call me a snake?" she demands. He didn't, he says. She wanted to know why he didn't just tell her that he had the same deal going with Janelle, and he replies that he didn't want her (Erika) to freak out. As my shift ends, we get a few boring conversations about nothing in particular, and intermittent flames.

    Before I reach for the Advil to get rid of my Boogie-induced headache, I'd like to thank all of the wonderful FORT members for their kind and funny comments this summer - this will be my last recap for the live feeds this season, and it's been a blast watching with you all!

    *Thanks to Snapit and kendra k for the great screencaps!

    Is it over yet? waywyrd@fansofrealitytv.com
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    Quote Originally Posted by waywyrd View Post
    this will be my last recap for the live feeds this season, and it's been a blast watching with you all!
    A sad moment for all of us.

    Thanks to you for all of the great recaps. It's often been more enjoyable than the show itself.
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    Excellent, Waywyrd! Your recaps have been a joy to read!
    Always looking for cat treats!

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    Waywyrd, thanks for a fantastic recap and for rounding out the season.
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    great job! thanks for all your work over the season, sitting through the boring and the fun.

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    As a newbie who contributed nothing to this conversation, I would like to thank you all for your hard (mostly boring) work. Having said that I am kinda glad its over and I can find something else to obsess about. It won't be Survivor (on principle, I refuse to watch it this year), but perhaps Amazing Race. That's my favorite. At lease no one votes anyone off on that...it is a real competition. Or is it? Hmmmm...

    Thanks again everyone!

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    Another great recap way

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    Also, thanks for all your hard work with the recaps this season! I have really enjoyed reading them.

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    Thanks waywyrd, great recap!
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    Wayward....Thank you for the awesome recaps this year. You are great.
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