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Thread: 9/5 Recap Welcome to Chilltown, Population One

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    9/5 Recap Welcome to Chilltown, Population One

    9/5 Live Feed Recap Welcome to Chilltown, Population One

    *This recap covers from noon Tuesday to noon Wednesday

    Silly me. I stocked up on Diet Coke and got ready to stay up all night to recap part one of the final HOH competition. After all, it is traditionally an endurance competition that can last for hours. Thanks to the ever cocky Mike Boogie and Janelle’s hand slipping, it didn’t even last until the end of Tuesday’s live television show. So instead of reporting on an exciting competition the results of which won’t be shown on CBS until Thursday, I get to recap how long it takes Erika to blow dry her hair, the unease of Chilltown before the eviction, and hours and hours and hours of Janelle and Erika rehashing how they got revenge on Dr. Devious and the Booger and how much they hate them. I recommend that you print this recap out to read next time you are having trouble sleeping.

    You Really Blow

    As my shift starts, Erika is showering while Will, Mike, and Janelle continue to hibernate. After some wake up flames, we return to Will, Mike and a lump that appears to be Janelle together in the HOH bed with Erika propped up in a chair in the room wearing sunglasses, barely moving and looking like she has a hell of a hangover. They spend time making fun of Chicken George yet again and joking about Chicken George and Alison coming back to compete. They then discuss whether there will be a live show on Tuesday. There is also some riveting talk about working out.

    After more flames, Janelle is in the kitchen with Boogie and Will. The three of them are bitching about being sick of the Big Brother food. I wish Big Brother would tell them that if they are tired of the food, they can just eat slop for the rest of their time in the house. Erika, who couldn’t care less about food, is in the bathroom drying her hair. Either Big Brother has given the houseguests the world’s worst hair dryer or just like my infant niece, Erika finds the sound of the hair dryer comforting because she continues to use the blow dryer for the next five hours. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration but she used it long enough that I was sure her hair was going to catch on fire.

    Most of the rest of the pre-show time is spent cleaning the house, primping and napping. Boogie and Will do have a quick whispered conversation about what the girls are up to and clearly are a bit worried. Will tries to make sure of Janelle by flirtmancing her some more. At one point, he yells out to Boogie that he “taught his Barbie robot to do dishes.” Janelle does a fairly good job of giggling and playing along like she is still happy to be the third wheel in Chilltown and is in the thrall of Dr. Delicious.

    It becomes clear that Will’s fate is sealed when Erika joins Janelle in the workout room at a little before four o’clock hamster time and the two of them whisper together while putting on makeup. A lot of the conversation is unintelligible but Janelle clearly says, “It’s awesome! It’s so awesome!” and the two of them discuss how much fun it will be to get their revenge on Chilltown.

    Damn, the whispering always worked on the horses

    Will’s inner self tries to warn him of impending doom

    Hell Hath No Fury

    About an hour before the live show, Erika proves to be quite the good actress. She tells Will that she is sad and he plays like he is repentant telling her that in retrospect he wishes it could be different. When Will leaves, Erika shows us what she really thinks of his act:

    I’m not anorexic, I’m bulemic

    Right before we go to flames for the live show, Erika and Janelle again discuss just how much they have gotten played and how everyone on the internet has probably been making fun of them. The two of them are looking forward to getting revenge on the men. Meanwhile, Will has cut himself shaving and is walking around with the ever fashionable toilet paper stuck to his chin. Little does he know that his shaving cut is nothing compared to the cut that is about to come.

    Dude, This is All Stars

    When the feeds come back up after the show, a blindsided Boogie is in the DR for quite awhile. Although this isn’t really about the feeds, what was with Boogie answering Julie’s question about his relationship with Erika after the show by saying it depends how she votes on the jury? He might as well have been playing liar’s poker with his cards face out on his forehead while everyone else was playing Texas hold’em.

    In the meantime, Janelle and Erika are in the kitchen. Janelle has on her tiara and the two of them continue to bash the boys. The highlight of the conversation is Janelle telling Erika that Will always told her that he was the fox and she was the bunny. Janelle says, Who’s the bunny now, bitch?”


    After Boogie emerges from the DR, Erika goes in and Janelle and Boogie have a conversation. Boogie is feeling a little lost because it is the first time he’s ever been in the Big Brother house without Will. Boogie tells her that it was a great strategic move and likens it to when Howie was taken out. He apparently has yet to figure out that it was a move orchestrated by both Janelle and Erika. Boogie tries to convince Janelle to make the right decision in a few days and not be fooled by Erika. He tells Janelle that when Will left Erika looked at him and said, “checkmate.” Janelle acts surprised.

    Janie spends some time alone in the kitchen and sings, “Voulez vous avec moi ce soir” while opening the fridge and then tells herself to stop eating.

    Erika joins Janie and says that if the two of them continue to make Boogie think they’ll take him to the finals he’ll tank the competition. Janie is skeptical but seems to believe Erika when she points out that she was right that Boogie threw part one. It would never occur to Janelle to lose a competition on purpose so she is having a hard time grasping the concept.

    Janelle tells Erika that she knew what she was going to do and she lied to Will. She hates lying but it was, “payback, baby!” She then says that his expression was worse than when Jase found out there were twins in the house. The two of them agree that they had a great summer and Janelle tells Erika about Boogie saying he was going to hell for the way he has been playing Erika. Janelle tries to attribute some real feelings to Chilltown but Erika will have none of it. As the two of them say, “Dude, this is All Stars” and “That was so Season 4.”

    Janelle apparently can’t find her competition gloves. Erika says that she saw them on the washer and wanted Janie to go grab them. Janelle tells Erika that she needs them because they are her Jedi Janie gloves.

    The two of them discuss how to continue playing Boogie and assure each other that they will take the other to the final two. Erika delights in saying that she is sure the jury house will appreciate the little present they sent. There is more talk of regret over past moves in the game. They make fun of Boogie’s face when Will was evicted and laugh about how many times they put each other up. During this whole conversation, Erika is annoyingly holding her bear and rubbing it against her microphone. Big Brother is much more patient than I would have been. It takes forever for them to ask her to quit obstructing her microphone.

    Janelle asks Erika if the next HOH is live. Erika is ecstatic that the two of them are one competition away from the finals. Janie is happy with herself for booting Will and speculates that Kaysar was watching and is proud. Janelle is obsessed with winning part two of the competition and keeps talking about Boogie letting go in part one. Erika says that he thinks he is sitting pretty.
    Janelle is still pissed she didn’t manage to win the endurance competition. Erika reassures her that she would have let Janie win by saying she was ready to let go. Janie then decides it is time to do some Jedi drilling for part two of the final HOH competition.

    I hope part two of the HOH will be how many former houseguests can you bitchslap

    Boogie comes back and talks to Erika alone. Janelle must be in the DR. Erika tells him that Big Brother is probably disappointed about the HOH competition because they wanted the volcano to erupt and get the houseguests all messy. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to Boogie before Erika mentions it. He asks Erika if the two of them are still okay and she says of course. I’m impressed that she didn’t burst out laughing. Mind you, I’m laughing because this whole time she has that ridiculous bear clutched to her or perched on her head.

    Mr. Snuggles wants you gone too, Boogie!

    Boogie tells Erika that he’s not mad but he is hurt and calls Janelle’s move Chilltownesque. He decides to work out his frustrations on the treadmill.
    Big Brother puts the three of them on an inside lockdown during which Janelle munches down a bag of Cheetos. Erika starts going a little stir crazy and presto the sliding glass door is unlocked when she tries it. The three remaining houseguests go outside. Janelle and Erika sit on the couch and smoke while Boogie swims.

    Lather, Rinse, Repeat

    At 9:45 hamster time, they are called to the storage room where they find a take out meal which appears to be sushi. Erika and Janelle dig right in while Boogie takes his time coming to the table. Yes, that’s right. Erika actually ate. Food.

    Boogie plays solitaire by himself and then goes to bed in the bug room eventually choosing to sleep on the floor. Perhaps it is his tribute to Will?

    Meanwhile, Janelle and Erika rehash how much they got played by the boys over and over and over. Eventually, after they get ready for bed, the two of them end up on the red couches outside a bit after midnight hamster time. Erika shows a little insight by telling Janelle that Boogie isn’t happy because he’s not successful at what he wants to do which is performing. As that conversation is happening, we are treated to pictures of a tossing and turning Boogie.

    Janelle proves to be a nicer person than me by telling Erika that Boogie is smart. Erika tells her that Boogie is intimidated by Janelle. The two of them then engage in some gratuitous James bashing. By now, one of the camera operators is as bored as I am and chooses to focus exclusively on a bug. The two of them spend quite a bit of time discussing whether Will or Boogie is worse and talking about how Janelle has to win part two of the competition. They also speculate on whether Big Brother had time to get their teaming up into Tuesday night’s episode. They then bash Boogie for comparing himself to Richard Hatch when he bowed out of the endurance competition. The angry and hurt talk continues until almost 3:30 in the morning when the two of them finally turn in.

    Wednesday morning all is quiet in the house other than Boogie occasionally stirring in his little nest on the floor. The other two also reposition themselves occasionally but not a single hamster is awake as my shift comes to an end.

    Thanks so much to suncat7 and Snapit for the awesome screencaps

    I enjoy a good payback.
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    Thanks for another great recap, Mariner.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    This is better than bacon, Mariner!
    Always looking for cat treats!

    Breathe out, so I can breathe you in...

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    Julian Pyke

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    Kudos Mariner...Great recaps (all year )

    ETA - You title cracks me up everytime I see it!!
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    I love the caption about Mr. Snuggles. Great recap, I'm just sorry it turned out to be such a dud of a night! Damn that Boogie for ruining the endurance competition!
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    Great recap! The photo captions are priceless!

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    Great recap, Mariner! Thanks!

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    A bunny with a pancake on its head. . I love that bunny. He has a whole website devoted to him and he balances everything on his head, just in case someone needs, oh, a bunny wearing a donut in the future.

    Well done!

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    Grand recap Mariner. You call 'em as you see 'em.

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