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Thread: 9/4 Big Brother Live Feed Recap – “Showmance This!”

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    9/4 Big Brother Live Feed Recap – “Showmance This!”

    This recap covers from noon Monday to noon Tuesday.

    It’s Labor Day, and if ever there were folks who don’t need a day off to loll around and do nothing, it’s the BB final four. At noon they are barely vertical and still making breakfast. No one is talking strategy or manipulating anyone, they’re all trying to stave off boredom by bitching about the landlord. Will thinks that the producers hate him, and enjoy needling him with petty inconveniences, like taking their time about stocking the house with paper towels or napkins.

    Speaking of utter boredom, the house has settled into a predictable pattern. With little strategy left to discuss, they cluster in their respective showmances: Will and Janelle, to whisper and act like lovesick puppies; Erika and Boogie, to converse like an old married couple. They all settle in for long, long naps. Eventually, the men get bored, and hit the weights in the back yard, where they can safely gloat about how well they’ve snowed the women. Stuck together for a few minutes, the women try to talk about neutral, girly-girl subjects. Then the four try to spend time in the same room together eating or playing cards, but it never lasts long; afterwards, they split back into coupledom and trash the others, as if they could barely stand being together as a house for more than a few minutes. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    End Game Confusion

    Boogie has managed to work out that the show must be on a shorter schedule than they were originally told, due to some hints that were dropped in the DR. Will, Janelle, and Erika have been told to pack their suitcases before Tuesday’s show, so they know that a person will be leaving. Erika thinks it’s amusing that they had to make goodbye messages for Janelle; she would have to go the BB3 Marcellas route to get evicted, but I guess they have to cover their bases. Could it really take until the 24th to play the final games and whittle it down to two? The answer, of course, is no, and they’re not idiots. Either there will be a fantabulous luxury competition and one of them will be whisked away for a few days, or the show was shortened due to the impending fall schedule. It’s starting to sink in that CBS may not really think they’re so special that they would merit an All Stars luxury competition. But before they can dwell on that depressing thought too much, Will has a better explanation. Maybe they’ve found Osama Bin Laden and the eyes of the world are focused on serious news stories instead of Big Brother. Great. Now we have to feel shallow because we watch this show?

    The afternoon boredom stretches on. Erika asks Janelle if she can borrow a cute outfit to “meet Julie” in. Janelle seems to have clothes stashed all over the house, and Erika spends a long time trying on tops that look a little too baggy to “pop” right. Janelle is polite and friendly, but Erika seems to be straining a little, making dubious noises whenever she tries something on or merely saying, “With?” as if it barely passes muster, but it could all go down the drain if Janelle doesn’t find precisely the right skirt to go with whatever top she’s modeling. At one point, Erika asks if she can wear Janelle’s black spaghetti strap dress again, and Janelle hesitates, then says she can as long as she leaves it with one of the handlers. Erika says she’d see Janelle in sequester again anyway, so she can give the dress back then. Me-ow! After that, I noticed that Erika made a lot of comments about Janelle’s skirts and tops being way too huge on her, and Janelle started offering choice selections such as a cashmere sweater that has a pudding stain.

    BB relents a little and gives them a few games to pass the time – but not the Monopoly game Janelle wanted, for mysterious reasons of the almighty copyright. Instead, they get some lesser-known entertainments. Hmm, do the math with me here:
    • a game called “Liars Dice
    • a game called “Pass the Pigs”
    • a foam airplane kit
    • a bead kit

    So BB is sending a plane (you know, the traditional way to communicate with the houseguests illegally), games about liars and pigs, and a kit they can use to make friendship bracelets. That adds up to he’s not that into you. Or maybe, “Friendship? They’re liars. When pigs fly.” What do I win? I hope it’s one of those Pass the Pigs game; I thought they were pretty cute.

    Boogie and Will think the games are insulting; Will breaks the Liars Dice box and throws the plane on the roof (accidentally). Janelle thinks the pigs are cute and tries to learn the rules, but the men are incensed enough that they want them all to storm into the DR and demand something else. Erika has already found solace in the bead kit, and says they don’t need her, but Boogie insists that they all stage a walkout at the same time, so she goes along with them. Flames go up, and when they come back, Erika is back at the dining room table making earrings and bracelets by herself, seemingly content.

    Soon they are all back, and there’s not a paper towel nor a better board game in sight. Boogie and Erika head upstairs for old couple time – namely, he listens to music on the bed while she sits in a bathrobe and makes jewelry at the HOH table. Will and Janelle settle in for a session of whispering, giggling, and hand-holding. Big Brother needs to break out the cattle prods, like, yesterday.

    Erika Takes on the Master

    Erika ends up alone with Will in the back yard for a few minutes, and we learn that she’s got a bit of fight left in her after all. Tense, smoking a cigarette, and looking more like a waitress in a truck stop than a Pilates instructor, Erika confronts Will:

    Erika: You've got her pretty wrapped up, huh.
    Will (pleasantly): It happens.
    Erika (scornfully): Can I ask you something? Does she really think you are going to take her to final two?
    Will: You grow close to people quickly here. She needs attention, and I need attention, and we give it to each other.
    Erika: Do you really like her? Like, really have feelings for her?
    Will: I adore her, she’s awesome!
    Erika (laughing): You’re an ass****.
    Will: I’m serious, I adore her.
    Erika (sarcastically): Do you really.
    Will: She's hilarious. I adore Janelle. You don't think she's funny?
    Erika: How is Erin going to take all this?
    Will (dropping weights abruptly): Not great. I don't know.

    Will does his best to dodge the last question by ducking into the house. He works out for a little bit, but finds his way to Janelle before long and tells her that Erika is trying to bait him into saying something that would hurt her feelings. He tells her he didn’t fall for it, he only said that he adores her. Janelle brings it on home: “She’s a psycho!” That Will is good, I’ll give him that.

    Woogie Woes

    Boogie and Will are a little worried that Janelle will do the unthinkable and vote out Will instead of Erika, despite their efforts to keep the two women poised at each other’s throats. Boogie says he will pee in Janelle’s face if she sends Will home – thanks for that visual, Mike. But when Will cautions him not to celebrate so much if Janelle isn’t in the final two, Boogie flares up against his buddy, saying that the game is shaping up in Will’s favor quite well. As much time as Will spends with Janelle whispering, Boogie spent working on James, he tells Will. They have some sort of financial agreement that BB won’t let them discuss, but Boogie says that he wants the glory – he wants to be the one that wins. Will assures him that he still wants Boogie to be in the final two; he will tell Janelle that when the time comes. He just doesn’t want her to feel bad because she has been good to Chilltown.

    While the Chilliams are bickering, Erika takes note of Will not being attached to Janelle at the hip for a change, and makes her case to Janelle in the privacy of the gym. But this time, she gets Janelle’s attention when she says that after their shower scene, Will said that every band needs their slut. Janelle seems upset, and says he told her about that, but that he called her a groupie; Erika says, “No, he called you a band slut.”

    Erika makes her case, saying the two men don’t need the money, and she and Janelle do. Meanwhile, she points out that Will is a doctor with an athletic build – of course he’s going to do well in the final competitions, and of course he’s been throwing them until now. She’s mad as hell at how cocky and arrogant the two of them are when Janelle isn’t around. They’re planning “their” wrap party; they’re counting “their” jury votes. She’s decided that she wouldn’t take Boogie to the end if she’s given the choice; she wants to go up against the best – and that’s Janelle. She begs Janelle to spare her over Will – she will even throw the endurance competition to Janelle if Boogie drops off. She promises on her mother to take her to the final two, stressing that she would never, ever take Boogie.

    Janelle tells her she’s nervous about trusting her, since Erika agreed to go after Chilltown, they shook on it, and Erika didn’t. Erika counters that Janelle did the same thing, and she would have been gone instead of Chicken George if she hadn’t won the POV. Can they figure out the common denominator here? It’s a large rift; can these two put aside their differences and work together? While they are still hashing it out, Will walks in the gym, and the women ask him for some time alone. He leaves, going straight to Boogie, and he’s pissed. That Erika could ruin everything!

    Back in the gym, Janelle has gone from saying that she’s scared and confused, to admitting that Erika’s offer is tempting. If only she could be sure Erika isn’t lying to her like she did Danielle. Erika says that she didn’t have a final two agreement with Danielle; she had no one to talk to in the house at that point. The women are starting to agree that Woogie has been trying to pit them against each other all along. Erika points out that he’s kicked out all of her friends, called her a slut on national TV, and doesn’t Janelle think it’s suspicious that he didn’t sleep in her bed until after Janelle won the veto? Janelle seems stricken at the thought, and admits that it’s true, he had resisted up until that point.

    Erika tells her to think of how it would rock the jury house if Will walked through the door, and they both burst out laughing. Janelle seems to be coming around, especially at the thought of turning the game around so unexpectedly. “It is sooo tempting…I think I just might want to.”

    Erika: I promise you, on my family. They have played us hard. Let's get them back. Let's get these boys.

    They start to hash events earlier in the house; Erika tells Janelle about James having a hissy fit when Janelle nominated Diane, and how he pushed Erika to go after her. They’re seeing the hand of Chilltown in everything now; they both say they were after Chilltown at various points in the game but were pushed into going after other targets. Janelle seems genuinely puzzled that James would want her out, since they were in an alliance together. “What a psycho,” she concludes.

    By now the girls have moved from the gym, to the back yard, and back to the kitchen without being interrupted by the men folk. They pour a glass of wine and make it official with a toast to the final two. Outside, Will and Boogie see, and they’re worried. “They're toasting something in there…oh my God, they're hugging!"

    Boogie is livid. “It's our show and these bitches think they're going to steal it from us?" I can’t possibly convey the cocky, arrogant, nasty tone of voice Boogie is using now. This is Boogie at his ugliest; I don’t care which hamster you want to see win the game. “If she votes you out I will sh** in her face!” He tells Will that it wouldn’t hurt to “get tough with her” now, just lay it out there and tell Janelle she’s being stupid. Will says that it wouldn’t work with her. They calm down a little, and decide to treat Janelle the same way; after all, maybe she’ll be running to Will in a few hours to tell him what Erika said. But if she’s distant tonight, they’ll know what’s going on. Will says that for all the time he’s put into Janelle, this shows him that he doesn’t control her. They plot to tell Janelle that they have inside connections on The Amazing Race; they don’t, but Janelle would be lured by the thought of being the next Rob and Amber. If Will goes, Boogie promises to devote many DR sessions to trashing Erika.

    Will catches a few moments alone with Janelle in the bathroom, and he asks her what she was talking about with Erika. Janelle lies and says they were talking about ex-boyfriends. Wait…could this actually be happening? Maybe Janelle really is going to pull the rug out from under Dr. Delicious’ feet, because she actually lied to his face.

    Trouble in Paradise

    Will invites Janelle to swim or get in the hot tub, and she declines with a smile. Boogie teases that it’s the perfect place for “whispering”, because you don’t have to wear a mike…but Janelle still says no. Will is stressed; he actually slams his dishes in the sink when she turns him down. He and Boogie share a tense, whispered conversation when Erika and Janelle go outside; Will repeats what Janelle told them about her conversation with Erika, and they’re both alarmed. Erika monopolizes Janelle and doesn’t bring up the game? Impossible. “F***ing bitch, it’s so annoying,” Boogie fumes.

    Erika is stressed, too; she does laps in the pool at a furious pace. She and Janelle both smoke cigarettes to ease their worries. Later, Boogie sneaks down in the middle of night to make himself a big bowl of mint chip ice cream. Erika doesn’t share the HOH room tonight, but whatever bed she landed in, she’s wide awake in the dark and looking nervous at 1:30 in the morning.

    But before we get to the wee hours, there’s a few hours of awkwardness to get through first. At about 10:30, Boogie and Will have realized Erika may have got to Janelle, and they’re not happy. The four sit in the back yard making small talk – so small that they run out of anything to say and listen to the crickets chirping in the warm Southern California night. Will is staring at Janelle, and he’s decidedly not doe-eyed this time. In fact, he looks downright edgy. Janelle says “What?”, and Will says “Nothing, I just have a lot on my mind.” Then a few moments later, he adds, “You look like you have a lot on your mind.” Janelle doesn’t take the bait, but agrees to go with him inside. Left alone with Erika, Boogie asks if she wants “alone time” and seems relieved when she says yes. While he plays pool by himself, she sits on the hammock. We hear her snicker a little that they’re “scurrying like f***ing rats.”

    Boogie vents about having to be nice to Janelle, then asks Erika what they talked about. Erika says she “conceded” to Janelle, and that she’s done fighting for herself; she’s not meant to play this game. Boogie tries to cheer her up, but when she goes inside it’s obvious that he’s suspicious. He says under his breath that Erika is acting “weeiirrdd”.

    Meanwhile, Will has lured Janelle into the shower, and asked her what the girls had to talk about for so long. Janelle says that Erika is just upset, that the reality is setting in for her that she’ll be leaving the house next.

    While Janelle is still finishing up her grooming rituals, Boogie gets Will in the backyard and tells him he thinks Janelle must have said something to Erika. Something’s not right.

    Back and Forth

    Alone with Will, Janelle asks him a few pointed questions, like, why did he not sleep in her bed until after the POV competition? Will is surprised that she would read anything into the timing, saying it was because of Chicken George and Danielle still being in the room. Actually, he whispered it unintelligibly, but that’s the answer Janelle repeated for Erika later in the night.

    Janelle may have been waffling again, and Erika is determined to stick with her. Will is called into the DR, and Erika talks to Janelle in the dark about not trusting Will farther than she can throw him. Janelle isn’t so sure she’s being played, but Erika is passionate in condemning Chilltown – “it’s f***ing embarrassing.” Janelle tells her that Will had a good excuse for not sleeping in her bed. Erika looks impatient. “Janelle, come on!”

    Janelle says that she’s just worried because there were so many times in this game where she was determined not to change her mind and ended up going a different way. She just wants to have a plan and stick with it. Erika tells her that the Internet is begging for her to evict Dr. Delicious, and that seems to cheer Janelle up. They agree not to say anything to the men, but the deal seems to be cemented.

    Around midnight, Big Brother surprises them with … games. Public domain ones, this time – you know, checkers, backgammon, etc. Erika, Will and Janelle end up playing for quite a while, even though their faces couldn’t reflect more boredom if they tried. Having got a promise out of Janelle, Erika was not about to leave her alone with the magical sweet-talking doctor. During the game, the cameraman had fun panning between the word “GAMES” on the box, then panning over to Will.

    By 1:00 a.m., Will and Janelle seem to be actually going to sleep instead of flirtmancing the night through. Janelle was definitely a lot less touchy-feely than usual all evening, and Will is nervous. Erika tries to sleep but ends up pacing the house, staring at the memory wall, laying wide awake on the hammock. After Will falls asleep, Janelle inches away from him and lies on her back, eyes wide open, wheels turning. Good night, gentle hamsters.

    But Wait -- It Gets Better

    When the sun comes up on Tuesday morning, I expected to see that the hamsters had slept through the night, but it turns out they were as wakeable as cranky newborns. After I went to sleep, Janelle and Erika ended up outside, smoking together and spilling it all. I mean, ALL.

    It starts with Erika pressuring Janelle to put up Will, and at first it seemed like Erika was venting and Janelle was going along with her. Erika tells her to think about how she ended up putting Marcellas, and how they turned on Howie. She says she was emotionally vulnerable when she came in the house this time (having just left a long-term relationship) and she hates both of them for manipulating her. Janelle makes comments about being “embarrassed” but it sounds a little like she’s letting Erika run with it, and not committing to anything. Erika sounds very bitter, and the chain smoking isn’t helping.

    But Janelle’s reactions become more genuine when Erika says that they told her she was the third member of Chilltown.

    Erika: Will was like, "This is Chilltown right here" (making a circular motion)
    Janelle: That's what they said to me!
    Erika: Oh, my God!
    Janelle: They really did say that you're a part of Chilltown?
    Erika: Yes, a million times!
    Janelle: I hate them.
    Erika: Me too... let's get them! Let’s make it right.
    Janelle: Did they tell you that you're the only female member of Chilltown? They were like, "You're the only female member of Chilltown since Shannon."
    Erika: Oh my God. They said the same exact f***ing thing to me.
    Janelle: Really?
    Erika: Yes! I hate them.

    Maybe Janelle was playing along with Erika, but the phrasing Erika uses convinces her that Will and Boogie were saying the exact same thing to both women. She seems especially shocked when Erika tells her that Will was telling her all along what he was “whispering” to Janelle – she’s dumbfounded. “Chilltown, remember?” says Erika, making the circular gesture again. Janelle won’t say out loud what the whispers are, saying she doesn’t want to be even more humiliated on the Internet, but says that Erika wouldn’t believe what he’s been telling her. Holy Toledo, she wouldn’t believe it. Erika says that she knows.

    Erika: We’ve been had by a couple of boys. A couple of boys.
    Janelle: I should be like, “Showmance this!” (extending middle finger)

    They commiserate a little more, then Janelle leans close and whispers a question to Erika, who whoops out an angry “Yes!” in response. “The big picture – they called it the big picture!” Janelle says that all the talk about splitting the money was what she found so tempting. They both admit they took that deal. “We’re so dumb,” mopes Erika. “You’re smarter than this, Janelle. What happened? The Internet is going crazy right now!” They both talk about how nice they have been to the men in their Diary Room sessions; they want to do a DR session together but decide they will know about it and figure it out. They want to evict Will the exact same way they took out Howie, James, Danielle and Marcellas -- with no warning.

    Will comes out in the backyard, cutting short the bitch session. Soon, Erika leaves them alone to flirt, and Will wants to know why she’s so “confident”. He’s turned the charm on again, gazing at her, but she’s not as susceptible, and Will can sense it. Janelle doesn’t talk about the game with him, keeping the conversation on neutral subjects, but she does work into the conversation that she’s a very forgiving person to her friends…perhaps giving him food for thought after he’s booted? A few minutes later, Will mentions that he’s not forgiving at all, that once someone deceives him, that’s it for him. Perhaps there’s a little subtext there, as well.

    They head to bed, and Will prods for info several times, asking if Erika was nice to her tonight. She tells him they need a pillow barricade, and they laugh and flirt a bit. But the magic is visibly tarnished, if not gone forever.

    The hamsters are all asleep at noon, with the exception of Erika, who has been up by herself for a few hours. At times, she chuckles or talks to the camera in the manner of a crazy woman muttering about the curse of the red room. Do NOT miss tonight’s show, people!

    Thanks to Snapit for some choice screencaps.
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    So BB is sending a plane (you know, the traditional way to communicate with the houseguests illegally), games about liars and pigs, and a kit they can use to make friendship bracelets. That adds up to he’s not that into you. Or maybe, “Friendship? They’re liars. When pigs fly.”

    Too funny! You have hit the nail on the head! Great recap, Hep!

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    Well, that's just too cool. Time to send those jerks packing. How about to Chilliwack, BC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drnick View Post
    Well, that's just too cool. Time to send those jerks packing. How about to Chilliwack, BC?
    Chilliwack! Too funny!

    Great recap! I cannot wait for tonight's show! The next 3 hrs will DRAG!!!

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    Julian Pyke
    "Don't Leave Janelle Alone." GAME! I LOVE IT!

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    I actually think that she might send will packing. All the information is right in front of her face! I think tonight will really dictate who should win BB. If she doesn't vote will out then he not only should win BB but should be president of the United States.

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    Well done, Hep! Superb recap of a confusing night! Glad to sit down and read everything I missed because I just could not stay awake one moment longer!

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    Great recap. I loved that BB was sending the girls a hint with the board games. If getting a game about liars and pigs isn't obvious, I don't know what is!

    I can't wait to see tonights show.....

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    Great recap Hep! I can't wait for tonight!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat View Post
    Boogie is livid. “It's our show and these bitches think they're going to steal it from us?" I can’t possibly convey the cocky, arrogant, nasty tone of voice Boogie is using now. This is Boogie at his ugliest; I don’t care which hamster you want to see win the game. “If she votes you out I will sh** in her face!”
    This made me sick! I truly cannot stand that man, and his childish, idiotic sense of entitlement. UGH.

    This recap rocked so hard, hepcat, that I had to call my dad IN THE HOSPITAL to read it to him. Thank you so much, and for the entire season, too. Can't wait for tonight!!
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