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Thread: 9/3 Big Brother Live Feeds Recap – Would Someone Please Clean Up This Mess?

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    9/3 Big Brother Live Feeds Recap – Would Someone Please Clean Up This Mess?

    *This is a recap of events from Noon Sunday through Noon Monday

    Ok, so not only is the habitrail a mess, but so is the final four. Look, we all pretty much know how this is all going to go down. Janelle has the POV, and she’s not going to make a mistake like Marcellas made in his season and not use it…especially at this point in the game. So Will is going up, and Janie will cast the sole vote to evict. Hmmm…who is she going to send packing? Janelle would be crazy to keep Erika around for what is always an endurance challenge for the final HOH. Erika is now a wreck, since she knows her days are numbered and since she basically got done like Diane did by Drew. As far as everyday living goes, Janelle and Will seem like 2 of the biggest slobs on the planet. At one point during the day, Erika foreshadowed that if Janelle is in the final 2, the question she will ask her is “How many dishes did you clean during your stay?” On the other hand, Will is used to having someone pick up after him. Hey, he’s a successful doctor who can easily afford a maid, so why shouldn’t he? Now that George and his daily cleaning routine are gone, the dishes aren’t getting done regularly, the bathroom is getting rank, and roaches are apparently moving in as if this was Joe’s Apartment. And they can’t just vote them out.

    Pee For Victory!

    As my shift starts, the players are all in their showmance couplings in different locations around the house. Erika and Boogie hang out in the kitchen making food and chitchatting, while Janelle and Will are doing their whispers and secrets thing in the bedroom. Big Brother has reprimanded this flirtmance for whispering too much, but some guy in a control room isn’t going to control these all star hamsters. They whisper back and forth…back and forth. It looks like they’re kissing, doesn’t it? Getting hot and heavy under the covers. As far as I can tell…NOT! They’re whispering to each other, that’s it. They keep on whispering to each other right through the BB wake up call. They talk about upcoming competitions, how the jury may vote, and how proud they are of each other. While they were talking about the final HOH competition, Janelle laughingly asked Will not to pee on her during the endurance trial. From what I understood, and I didn’t watch Big Brother during Will’s season, he peed his pants since he had to go so bad during the final HOH comp. Will told her he won’t and they laughed about the possibility. They also laughed about some of the classic, hilarious moments this season…such as the whole fight between Janie and James over a doll. They would whisper and giggle in bed until around 4:30 in the afternoon!

    Over in the kitchen, Erika and Boogie mostly talked about the jury votes. Like I said, Erika pretty much knows she is going to jury, and she’s planning to vote for either Will or Boogie. They go back and forth on who would vote for who and why, but the general consensus is that Will is unbeatable and it’s a toss up between Janelle and Boogie. Erika really seems to despise Janelle. She believes Janelle is really crushing hard on Will, and she is going to be so shocked after this is all over and Will isn’t into her at all. How ironic! Just a few hours before Janelle and Will were saying the exact same thing about Erika! And if Boogie’s diary room sessions are any clue, it is Erika who is truly going to be crushed about Boogie’s using of her.

    Random Stuff
    *Will wants the internet watchers to send him all the songs he has sung for them on the feeds. And don’t forget The Outfield’s “Play Deep.” Who could?
    *Will’s new nickname for Erika is “Scrubika”
    *Will is friends with Theo from MTV’s “Road Rules” and NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” (actually, “Last Comic Downloaded”) fame. He claims to have “really pushed” for Theo’s inclusion on the show.
    *Will finally told Janelle (without Boogie’s consent) about the fact that Will and Boogie won all the prizes in the graveyard POV competition, and then blamed it all on Marcellas.
    *Boogie really hated Janelle in the house at first. So much so, that in one of his drunken stupors, he considered peeing in her closest ally’s (Howie’s) asthma meds.
    *According to Will, this year’s big twist is that Janelle fell in love with Will. Janelle thinks that’s laughable.

    A Cut Above
    As the day wore on, the houseguests were really bored…and boring for us live feeds viewers. After awhile, Will finally broke down and decided to get his hair cut by Janelle. He made Janelle beg him to do it, which was no problem for her since she’s been telling him to get it cut for awhile now. He’s nervous, but in a humorous kind of way. He tells Janelle to consider this a POV comp, and it’s the most important thing she’ll ever do. He also joked about when Kaysar cut his own hair and it looked like he used a Flowbee.
    Will: “Think of however Nakomis would want it cut and do the opposite.”

    Ok, they did alright. I really did need the aerodynamics

    Another Hour, Another Shower
    I didn’t really know what to say about this, but Will and Janelle showered together again. I guess this isn’t really even news anymore. They whispered to each other some more, and again it looked like they were kissing.

    Don’t forget there’s a camera there…Let’s say hi to our ex’s!

    Here Comes Trouble
    Erika: "I still have a few nuggets I can use."
    Erika is going to pull out all the stops to try and save herself. Her plan? Tattle on Will to Janelle by telling her all of the negative things Will has said about her this year. Apparently Will told the others Janelle is a “Band slut” sometime this season. Is that the worst Erika’s got? I know a lot of girls who wear that badge proudly. They love to go see live bands and use their looks to get backstage. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. I don’t think Erika’s plan will work. Janelle is too close to the prize to look back now.

    If only Howie had taught me some of those Jedi skills…

    Naw, I’m not a skinny, clueless skeleton. Y’all just trippin’

    ”At The End Of The Day”

    Hmmm…I can’t win at playing Big Brother, perhaps I could do better in Vegas
    As the night wore on, we were subjected to a rummy tournament involving all of the hamsters, and a little of Janelle’s baking prowess. She made some cookies—from refrigerated cookie dough! She formed the cookie dough into a tribute to her favorite hamster this year: Will.

    Giving new meaning to the nickname “Dr. Delicious”

    Of course the hamsters talked into the night. Will and Janelle kept sharing whispers with each other. At one point in the hot tub, Erika asked them if they wanted her to leave so they could talk. Of course not, Erika, they’re fine with whispering! Boogie and Erika had several long talks, too. They talked some more about the jury possibilities, and Boogie opined about the fact that Will could easily find himself in the finals once again, which bugs Boogie because he has never had that experience. Soon enough the two of them headed to bed, where Boogie proceeded to fart on Erika again, much to her amusement.

    Soon, all the houseguests were in bed, save Erika, who got out of Boogie’s bed to go rummage around the house. She must have had insomnia, since she ended up playing pool by herself in the backyard. She grumbled about her position in the game, and begged and pleaded with Big Brother to give her another chance.
    Erika: "Can't you just throw in one more twist?? Give me a chance, c'mon now!! God this sucks!! "

    Down Shifting
    With only four hamsters left in the habitrail, the mornings have turned into boring sleep watching, which I can only take for so long. These four slept well into the morning, only rising to use the water closet or to scratch their asses. So, I bid you adieu and pass the baton to the illustrious hepcat.

    Thanks to suncat7 and Snapit, for the great screencaps!

    Off to do the dishes! mrdobolina@fansofrealitytv.com
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    Thanks so much for the recap. And all of the recaps that you have done this year!

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    Thank you for the recap.

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    Hey Mr.D, you certainly encapsuled a pretty boring day into an informative and entertaining read ! I enjoyed it. Thanks so, much !
    "The way to become boring is to say everything." Voltaire

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    Thanks, MrD!
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Thanks to all the recappers this year!

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    I'm sorry you had to take my boring Sunday, mrdobs!

    Very funny recap, even though you had nothing to work with!
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    Thanks for the recap!

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    ...and roaches are apparently moving in as if this was Joe’s Apartment. And they can’t just vote them out.
    Hilarious! I especially loved this line!
    ...And the strange boy continued to weave in and out of her life, leaving her with a sense of wonder and amazment, but also, a feeling of loss, knowing that life might never be the same again.

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