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Thread: 9/2 Live Feed Recap: Three's Company, Four's A Crowd

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    9/2 Live Feed Recap: Three's Company, Four's A Crowd

    *This is a recap of events from noon Saturday to noon Sunday*

    When last I left the hamsters, only Will and Erika were up at noon. BB finally wakes Janelle and Boogie up around 12:30 and they stumble outside. Honestly, I wish I could reach through my monitor and poke these people with a stick. In fact, they should add a button to our live feed viewers next season. Press the button to poke a hamster, 50 cents a pop. It’d be worth it.

    Here’s the highlights of the day (or lowlights, as you see fit):
    • Janelle won the POV for the fifth time, breaking James’ record. Ouch.
    • Boogie’s ear infection has cleared up after they took a chunk of something out of there. Yee-haw!
    • Will says he forgot how to drive after season 2. Yes, really.
    • Erika is desperately campaigning to stay in the house. She's wasting her time.
    • Supposedly BB has put a ban on Will and Janelle’s whispering, but they’re still doing it.

    I CAN eat this entire orange. I can!

    Erika still seems to be the outsider of the group, as the other three talk trash while she’s not there, and smoothly change the conversation when she appears. Will makes sure to tell Boogie and Janelle anything that Erika shares with him, too. Janelle, Boogie, and Will talk about opportunities after the show, and they decide that they won’t go on any shows without the other Chilltown members - all for one and one for all! The three do some more quizzing in preparation for the POV comp, until Erika comes outside and they change the topic to laundry. Smooth, guys.

    Don’t aim that thing at me!

    Later, Will tells Boogie that Erika said to him “Good girls versus bad boys.” Boogie thinks she’s right about that, and they laugh. Will thinks it’s the perfect show now: showmances, two girls, two guys, two America’s Choice picks and two producer’s picks. It couldn’t be better if it was scripted! They then talk about who hates them more, James or Marcellas. Will is convinced that James hates him more than he does Boogie, while Marcellas thinks Boogie is “vile.” Hey, something we agree on!

    Will: "He hates the core of my being, but you are just like, vile to him."

    Will admits that he got chewed out in the DR for talking about things he’s not supposed to. They wait until the season is almost over to reprimand him? A skywriting plane flies overhead, but it’s just an ad. Will wanted to run and tell Boogie it was a banner plane just to mess with him because it would be gone by the time he came out. He thinks that if a banner plane were to fly over, it would say things like “Chilltown sucks” or “We all hate Chilltown.” Now where’d he get that idea from, I wonder? Boogie and Erika chat about Janelle, and Erika compares her to a machine. Boogie does an impression of robot Janie: “Bitches. Leave.” Okay, you had to be there. Erika thinks Janie is unstoppable, and she looks worried.

    It’s time for us, the internet viewers, to get trashed once again. Boogie, Erika, and Will think that if we’re sitting around on a Saturday afternoon on Labor Day weekend watching their sorry behinds, then we have a problem. Boogie says if we’re not an invalid or have a health problem, we are definitely not doing the right thing. “You better have both of your legs broken. It’s your only excuse,” says Will. Boogie: “Do something, but do not watch our boring asses. We don’t want to be here. You shouldn’t be.” Oh, yeah. It’s going to be a long ten days, people. This wonderful conversation ends with Erika complimenting Boogie on his “great-looking” body, and I wonder if girlfriend needs her eyes checked along with her head.

    Now this just reeks of pure desperation.

    The afternoon is filled with more snacks, naps, card games, and general chit-chat. They are on indoor lockdown for a while. I feel myself lapsing into a coma until Erika and Janelle start a somewhat interesting conversation about relationships. Erika talks about her ex Josh (from BB1) and how she didn’t want to move to Miami with him because all of her family and her job is in L.A. Oh, and he only made 90K a year, which isn’t enough for queen Erika, apparently. Scratch everything I said yesterday about feeling sorry for this chick. “Some guys don’t know when they have a catch,” she says. The talk turns to dating pro athletes, and Erika thinks every woman should date one and get it out of her system. Janie is dating one, and says he’s 32, divorced, and they don’t go out much. They had a big blowup before she came on the show, and Janelle thinks he’s going to be mad about the shower scene with Will. Erika confides that she dated a pro hockey player when she was 26, and when they start throwing names around, we get the damn flames again.

    The POV comp is getting close, and the hamsters start their quizzing anew. Boogie tells Will that Erika came to him earlier because she overheard Will quizzing Janie, and now she’s suspicious. Will tells him it won’t matter in a few hours. They giggle over how Boogie will act shocked if Will votes out Erika, and he says he’s been practicing. Nice. Will goes off to make sure the girls aren’t conspiring somewhere. Erika finds him and asks about his prepping Janelle for the comp - she wants him to give Janie the wrong answers next time. Will goes back to Boogie and tells him that he’ll be glad when the POV is over because he can’t keep up the charade much longer. They say that if Janelle wins, they can relax and have a good time, but if Erika wins it, they’ll be stressed out and Boogie will have to keep the “romancing” up. Will tells Boogie to help him win the POV all he can, because Will wants to make a big show out of it and drag out the ceremony. All in the name of good TV, of course!

    Janelle puts on her ass-kicking gloves....

    And comes back with the veto!

    When we come back from flames, we find that Janelle has indeed won the POV. Again! This breaks James’ record of four POV’s, and she has tied Drew’s record of four HoH’s. Apparently the challenge included questions about former houseguests and food comps, and somehow a purple liquid was involved. Afterwards, they sit around and discuss the comp. Erika complains that she was thisclose, but something broke or she had trouble with a game piece. She even bitches about it in the DR, but it gets her nowhere. Will talks about how amazing Janelle is at this kind of thing. We didn’t get to see the actual competition, of course, but here’s a 3 minute clip of the chat after the comp (it turns into talk about Cristal, but it’s funny to hear Boogie offer Janie a chance to train his waitresses):


    Erika is close to tears, knowing that she’s a goner. “I can’t get past fourth place!” she wails. Boogie tries to console her, and says that he’ll probably see her in a week anyway. “I’ll let these two lovebirds have the f-in storybook ending” he says. Later, Erika tells Will that she’s going to have to campaign against him, and not to take it personally. He won’t, he says. She still thinks she’ll be the one evicted, and they all agree. Boogie says they are just postponing the inevitable, anyway. “What can you expect?” says Will. You can’t play golf with Tiger Woods, either, so why would you expect to win POV against Janelle?

    She looks like she just ate one of those spiders.

    It doesn’t take long for Erika to begin her campaign, and she starts with Janie. You can beat me and Boogie in the final two, but not Will, she tells Janelle. Erika wants to know why Janie would give the money to a doctor, and reminds her that they agreed to go to the final two together. Janelle reminds her that she (Erika) has lied to her several times, especially when she voted out Chicken George instead of Boogie. Erika acts stupid and says she didn’t realize that, and keeps on plugging that the guys already have money, they don’t need it. Janelle thinks that she can win against Will, and knows that none of them would take her to the final two so she’s going to have to do it herself. “I need the money, too, Erika, and you won’t take me,” says Janelle. Erika keeps on with the pity party, whining about her mortgage and how her boyfriend left her, yadda yadda. Umm, you’re not the only one with bills, Erika. Janie finally tells her that she’ll think about it (just to shut her up), but it’s going to be a hard decision.

    Janelle goes outside around midnight to smoke, and Will slides up beside her and asks what’s wrong. He wonders if Erika told her something about him that upset her, and she replies “Have you said anything about me that would upset me?” No, no, of course not, says Will. After a while she finally spills the beans about some of the things Erika has been saying: “I’m ruining Will’s life” being the big one. Will insists that Erika is lying and wants to call her out on what she’s said, but Janelle tells him not to. Damn, that would have been fun to watch. Will and Boogie continue to cover their asses until Erika wanders outside, and the conversation dies.

    Bitter, thy name is Erika.

    Janie’s not buying what Erika’s selling.

    A few hours later, Will and Janelle go to bed in the red room, and do their little holding hands thing (they still have the pillow blockade between them). I guess he’d better make nice again since he has a (small) chance of getting the boot. They chat about the others in the game, who really needs the money versus who doesn’t, and Janelle talks about how weird Michael was after they got out of the house. Will tells her that both James and Kaysar called him before the game and asked to be allies. He could tell from the start that James was shady (ha!) but Kaysar was as loyal as he could be. Boogie and Erika are still outside, talking about the jury. Erika keeps trying to get a commitment for the final two out of him, but he acts all shifty and never really answers her. Give it up, Erika. You're toast.

    Will and Janelle continue their chit-chat until the wee hours of the morning, talking about her high school job at Dairy Queen and Will’s job at Del Taco, where he cut his fingers open on the tomato slicer. Will asks about her best friend Nate, and she obliges with some more stories. Neither one can go to sleep, it seems. Janelle: “I don’t know why I can’t sleep!” Will replies “I know why you can’t sleep. Because you’re in bed with the man of your dreams!” Oh, brother. He’s laying it on thick tonight. Erika and Boogie are asleep in separate beds (she wanders by the red room door first, as if she’s trying to listen), but Will and Janelle keep up the small talk until daybreak. When my shift ends at noon, they are still in bed. Unbelievable.

    *Thanks to Snapit and bbnbama for the screencaps!

    Woohoo! A whole weekend without a Boogie/Erika makeout session...waywyrd@fansofrealitytv.com
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    I CAN eat this entire orange. I can!
    Wonderful, Waywyrd! *claps paws* The whole thing cracked me up.
    Always looking for cat treats!

    Breathe out, so I can breathe you in...

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    "Janie puts on her ass-kicking gloves" ... "and comes back with the veto!"

    Loved that! Great read all the way!
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    Woohoo! A whole weekend without a Boogie/Erika makeout session!
    Something to be thankful for!

    Great job, waywyrd.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Julian Pyke
    I loved your picture quotes!

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    Excellent recap, Way.
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    Boogie’s ear infection has cleared up after they took a chunk of something out of there. Yee-haw!
    Erica's tonge? ewww

    Great recap, thanks!

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    These hamsters are ruining MY life ! Thank goodness your funny, funny recap saveed me again.

    Here's a toast to waywyrd with Cristal ... and your recap is enough sparkle for me. Thanks !
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    Another amusing recap Way! Thanks for all your recaps this season.

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    Janelle puts on her ass-kicking gloves....
    I've got to get some of those!

    Great recap, waywyrd!

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