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Thread: 9/1 Live Feed Recap: Games People Play

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    9/1 Live Feed Recap: Games People Play

    *This is a recap of events from noon Friday to noon Saturday*

    Looks like Operation Double Date was a success: Will and Boogie have managed to dupe Janie and Erika into believing all the BS they’ve been shoveling out, and they’ve all made it to the final four. Why does Will look so unhappy when I turn on my feeds, then? He’s lying on the outdoor couch with a frown on his face, while Erika floats around the pool making eyes at Boogie. Janelle is nowhere to be seen.

    The nuthouse in a nutshell:
    • Janelle and Erika have been nominated by Boogie.
    • Erika is freaking out: she was eliminated in her season at this point after she lost the veto comp, and she’s afraid of history repeating itself.
    • Janelle and Will got snippy with each other again.
    • Boogie still has his ever-present ear infection. Ew.
    • The hamsters got KFC for dinner.

    Will is not in his happy place.

    It doesn’t take long for everyone to gather in the kitchen and make some snacks. Boogie washes dishes since their housekeeper George is gone, and everyone does a little trash talking. Except for Erika, who is being strangely silent. The others trash James a good bit - Boogie says that James would be standing over his shoulder, telling him that he wasn’t washing the dishes right. More talk of how anal-retentive James is, and then it’s Chicken George’s turn. Will thinks CG would be a great host on a cruise ship, or maybe even a pitchman on the Home Shopping Network. They then talk about how bad George’s cooking was: the worst thing he made was a toss up between his fried chicken and some rice he cooked. Will says the rice was so nasty, you could spackle your roof with it, but the fried chicken had a thick, burnt coating and was cold and raw inside. Marcellas, however, supposedly ate it up. Yummy!

    Erika and her flotation devices.

    No, no, Boogie...put the towel OVER your face, please.

    Not much happens in the afternoon. The hamsters take their usual naps, and then wander out to the backyard to smoke and lay around. Will comments that the four of them are probably the final four with the most in common. He also thinks that they are the most egotistical, self-centered final four ever. I might just have to agree with that.

    Will: "This is truly the most self-centered, self-righteous, over-zealous, like self-absorbed superficial group of reality contestants in the history of the world. And I love it. I love it."

    Janelle asks if she should wear her tiara to the nomination ceremony, and Will says “definitely!” Janelle says “It’s so annoying. I love it.” I don’t know who it annoys. Erika? Us? The egos keep on getting bigger as Will and Boogie think they are the Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn of reality television. Umm, no. Sorry, guys.

    Poor Erika. She seems to be moping around today, dragging her feet everywhere, and the others have noticed. It’s hard to say what’s bothering her - is Will’s baby comment (he brought it up again today, too) getting to her? Or is she worrying about being nominated? Maybe she’s finally realizing what a turd Boogie is. I will say this: I think the way they’ve been playing her is downright mean. Yes, it’s a game - lying is part of it. But to really play with someone’s feelings like they have is just hateful. She really seems to care for Boogie (for reasons I can’t fathom), she was dumped by her long-time boyfriend not long ago, and her biological clock is probably ticking louder than the lifters on my neighbor’s old Dodge. Teasing her with baby talk and fake marriage proposals is beyond evil. I’m not an Erika fan, but I really feel bad for her. Okay, off my soapbox now. Suffice it to say that I’d very much enjoy kicking Boogie’s ass on behalf of screwed-over women everywhere.

    This is not what it looks like. Really.

    It is a slow afternoon, filled with card playing and talk of botox, which Erika says she would do. Will asks Janie if she’s tried laser hair removal, and she says no. “You’ve got to try it!” say Will and Erika. Erika tells her that the $500 to get your armpits done is so worth the money. I can’t believe I’m sitting here listening to people talk about armpit hair. *sigh* This is my Friday night? How sad is this?

    Sometime in the late afternoon, the nomination ceremony is held, and yes - Janelle and Erika are nominated. No surprise there, but I’m sure Erika was holding out hope that Boogie wouldn’t put her up. Poor, deluded thing. They don’t pout for long, as they turn Will into an ice cream bowl. Yes, they made an ice cream sundae on Will’s liposuctioned abs and proceeded to munch away. Erika does make a comment later about “You nominated the future mother of your children!” and Boogie replies that he couldn’t nominate their uncle and primary care physician (Will). Ugh. I can just picture a Boogie-Erika baby. It’d come out hollering something about Dolce restaurants, I’m sure.

    The weinie eats some chicken.

    After a little bit of strategy talk, the houseguests are told to check the storage room: the Colonel has made a visit, and left buckets of KFC for dinner. Woo! Nothing says congratulations like a bucket of greasy chicken parts. They tear into the fried chicken (except for Erika, who eats maybe half a drumstick) and discuss the America’s Choice that they think is coming up. Where they got this idea, I don’t know. They all think that the prize will be a trip to a football game, and Janelle jokes that she’d take Boogie to the game over Will (she’s mad at him for making more of his “sponsor” comments earlier). Boogie says he’s not as funny, but he’s much nicer and more respectful than Will. More respectful?! That’s a matter of opinion, there, Boogie. Speaking of prizes, I heard that Chicken George will be getting KFC chicken every week for a year. Not feed-related info, but I thought it was pretty nice.

    Boogie is worried that Will could go home this week, and Will knows that Erika would boot him in a skinny minute. They both agree that they have to work to win the veto, which will be hard to do with the veto queen Janelle competing. For now, it seems like the plan is to oust Erika. Of course, they tell Erika that Janelle will go, and they come up with a side-plan to convince Erika that Will has agreed to step aside to allow them (Boogie and Erika) to be the final two. They all do a little quizzing for the upcoming competition, but nobody seems to really get into it.

    It's going to take years of therapy to undo the last few months.

    Night falls, and there’s still not much happening. They play some cards, a lot of “go to the Diary Room” calls are made, and Erika snoozes. Again. Lots of planes fly overhead, and Will and Janelle do their cutesy whispering thing where we can’t hear a damn thing. I hate that! Apparently they asked Janelle in the DR what makes her think that Will won’t vote her out if Boogie wins the POV, and it makes her paranoid. She asks Will to swear that he won’t vote against her, and he does. He rehearses a possible speech to Erika, and wants to make it a shock and pretend like he’s evicting Janelle. Boogie and Will agree later that they cannot let Erika get the POV, conforming that they want Janie in the final three with them. At least, for now. Will also tells Boogie to be prepared to get flamed by the press when they get out of the house, but Boogie thinks it’ll be great. Will is worried that his reputation may suffer. Boogie thinks they’ll be forgiven because they’re funny guys, and people forgive funny. Yeah, but we don’t forgive stupid, you dork.

    Erika quizzes Boogie about why Janelle hasn’t gone after Chilltown, and he can’t give her a good answer. She’s not a good strategist, he says. They discuss who they think would vote for them on the jury, and Erika seems satisfied that she’s safe. Silly girl. Will tries to calm Janie’s insecurities, and they talk about how everyone was portrayed on the tv show. He thinks Janelle got a good edit, looking like the heroine who carried her team, and Danielle and James were probably the evil ones. Erika will be shown as a buttkisser, and Chilltown will look like morons. How wrong he is.

    This does not make for interesting feed watching.

    The hamsters turn in (relatively) early for the night, with everyone in their own bed. Good for me, because I won’t have to watch Boogie and Erika make out tonight. Bad for this recap, because tonight has been boring with a capital B. By 3am, everyone is sleeping away, with Janelle tossing and turning a bit. She’s the first up in the morning, throwing a load of clothes in the wash and then going back to bed. Will stirs a little later, washing his clothes while wearing that silly red white and blue headband. Too bad they haven’t done one of those “burn the clothes” things this year, because I’d love to see that thing go up in flames along with Boogie’s Dolce shirt. By the time noon rolls around, only Erika and Will are up and about. Let’s hope they give some alcohol out tomorrow to liven things up!

    *Thanks to Snapit and suncat for the screencaps!

    I'm going to need some No-Doze to get through this weekend...waywyrd@fansofrealitytv.com
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    Thanks for all your wonderful recaps this year.

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    The nuthouse in a nutshell:
    Erika and her flotation devices.

    Great recap Waywyrd! It may take days if not years of therapy to undo my BB addiction!
    Thanks for the season of great recaps!

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    Well done! Years of therapy, indeed! I'd almost feel bad for her...if I didn't hate her so much.

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    Thanks for all the great recaps this season - I'm looking forward to next year already (hopefully )

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    Thanks so much for the recap! And all of your hardwork during this season.

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    Bravo...Great recaps all year...

    P.S. is it time for our life to go back to normal?
    Gotta The Fort
    The place that keeps you in touch with reality!

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    But the Geisha House shirt is so much worse! And lets definitely throw Erika's flip flops in there!

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    [QUOTE=waywyrd;2053253 Suffice it to say that I’d very much enjoy kicking Boogie’s ass on behalf of screwed-over women everywhere.

    You and me both Waywyrd. You and me both. I am no Erika fan, but what Boogie and Will are doing with her emotions is totally wrong. People can call her stupid, but I would have fallen for it too. (If it was Will, not disgusting Booger.)

    thanks for the many awesome recaps. You rock.

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    thanks for a great job of recapping this season. I have loved them all.

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