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Thread: 8/28 Live Feed Recap – The Dry Spell After the Storm

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    8/28 Live Feed Recap – The Dry Spell After the Storm

    This recap covers noon Monday to noon Tuesday. So it goes.

    When the noon hour rolls around, this recap shift begins on an exciting note – flames! But seriously, that’s a good thing on a Monday afternoon, because it means the Power of Veto Ceremony is taking place on time.

    When the flames are vaporized, the hamsters scatter quietly. Danielle runs up the stairs to the HOH room, but Erika isn’t there. In fact, she’s downstairs with Janelle in the red room, saying that she “can’t believe how hard that was. Oh. My. God!” A BB elf interrupts them over the speaker to say that the red room is off limits (this was part of the food competition bargaining from last week). Janelle makes a cat mrear sound and they pop out to the back yard, running into Danielle. Sorry girls, there’s no where to hide from the Mother of Doom. They act casual as if they were only coming out to smoke a cigarette.

    Meanwhile, Will and Boogie use the storage room, for a quick finish to their strategy meeting. Will fills Boogie in on the events of last night; this seems to be the first time they’ve talked since getting up for the day. Boogie, it seems, has been a grumpy beyotch and Will is visibly annoyed at having to baby-sit someone else’s showmance for the night. He tells Boogie that he got no sleep; that Erika woke him every hour and needed a lot of hand-holding.

    Last night, Danielle rang the HOH Quickie-Mart-style doorbell an insane number of times – make that 177 times, for those of you counting at home. Boogie says that the doorbell woke him up, but he didn’t know what was going on, so he went back to sleep. Will tells him that he and Erika were inside hiding in the HOH bathroom cowering in fear. They laugh, but Boogie cuts to the chase. This means everything’s cool, right? Will tells him it is, but he can’t throw a sympathy vote to Danielle because he knows that Danielle has already begged Janelle for one. Boogie is instantly incensed.

    Boogie: No! She can't have that. No!
    Will: Okay, okay. Stop. Stop, just stop.
    Boogie: But she can't.
    Will: Stop, stop.
    Boogie: Okay, but you work that out, okay?
    Will: You can't either, why can you?
    Boogie: Okay, that's fine. But she can't either then.
    Will: Fine! But what I need you to do is…like… Boogie, just –
    Boogie: I don't really want to talk anymore.
    Will: That's fine, but could you please just do this for me –
    Boogie: Sure.
    Will: Just take a deep breath. We're going to have a better day than yesterday.

    Will goes on to share his vision of the final three, working backwards: the two of them with Chicken George. Operation Double Date has worked to well; Janelle is now in love with him, and Erika is getting harder to handle. He wants Erika to be the fifth wheel, with Janelle going fourth. That way they would be up against George in the endurance competition.

    Before he can continue, Erika enters the room. Apparently, sitting in the backward, smoking a cigarette while Danielle sits sporting her cryin’ sunglasses was a bit awkward, and she gave up after a few tense puffs. Speaking of smoking, Danielle has recently taken up the habit – but only while sitting in the corner behind the red couches, because she doesn’t want her family to see her puffing away. There’s an awning that provides a partial shield from the cameras, but she’s fooling herself. The eye of Big Brother sees all, and she just looks like a little troll waiting to pop out and scare someone; it’s freaky.

    Will and Boogie laugh it up about the previous night with Erika, reinforcing the idea that Danielle was out of control. Will tells her that she just needs to be calm, because Danielle won’t be bothering her now, she’ll be going after votes. Erika leaves, and Boogie and Will decide it’s time to work on getting Chicken George on board. They plan to tell him that they know he “adores the girls” but the boys are running the game.

    Danielle Goes to Work

    Danielle has some clean-up to do after last night’s drunken meltdown. Will had her pegged pretty well when he told Erika that she would be pestering the voters for the rest of the week, because she grabs a moment with Will on his way from the bathroom, her first opportunity to get him alone. She asks him if she’s safe, are they keeping her, is she SAFE? Will tells her to chillax already. Danielle is worried because Boogie has been so moody, but Will tells her he’s just being a baby. He misses his real life.

    During their talk, Will’s cracking jokes, and she tries to look easy-going, but for every time he teases her or tries to change the subject, she brings it back to game talk. Will tells her she was crazy last night. Sometime during her ranting she screamed at him that he was lying when he said he didn’t want to get in the hot tub. Now he says, “I had just taken a shower, I didn’t want to get in. You were crazy!”

    She tries to bring the talk back to the game as it stands now, telling him he’s her number two – Boogie is number one, he’s number two. Will tells her he never freaks out about those things, then says if Chicken George wears any more costumes that slow down a ceremony he’s going to scream. “This game is a trip,” Danielle laughs. Then she adds that she’ll need to act mad at Erika all week or she’ll know that she’s going on Thursday. Will tells her to just relax, that’s not necessary; “Erika has to go before Janelle.” But not before Danielle, eh Dr. Delicious?

    As Will heads off to try to lure Janelle into taking a nap with him after his exhausting night of showmancing the wrong bimbo, Danielle finds Erika upstairs in the HOH room. She continues her talk from last night, without all the slurring and a lot lighter on the self-righteous anger. Erika tells her that she wouldn’t be able to win against Danielle in the final two, and that she felt like she had no choice. Danielle says that she doesn’t believe that, and that it hurts her to know she is being taken out by a friend instead of Janelle or Chill Town. Erika isn’t making the argument that she heard of Danielle plotting (as she did last night), but says that it has been a horribly hard week, and she’s hurting. “Oh, I’m hurting too,” Danielle is quick to say. Considering they both think they know something the other doesn’t, they’re laying it on pretty thick if you ask me.

    Danielle breaks the tension by saying she can’t believe that anyone would not want to take her into the finals. In her season, everyone wanted to take her because they knew they would win against her. Erika says it’s different this season:

    Erika: You are too loved. You are too strong. You are too good.

    They break up and head for the backyard. Danielle can be heard saying to herself over and over again, “Unbelievable. Unbelievable.”

    The Longest Afternoon Ever

    Oh, the boredom. I’ve seen some slow days in the habitrail, but today was one big slugfest of sleeping, bored hamsters. An hour after the excitement of the POV ceremony, Boogie is upstairs listening to Erika’s CD with a pillow over his face; Will and Janelle have cute-talked each other to sleep; Danielle is playing solitaire in the back yard and muttering into her microphone for the DR to call her; and Chicken George and Erika are making small talk in the kitchen about marriage and divorce. Chicken George shares with us that he likes candy. By now, I’m playing online poker in desperation to keep from pitching my laptop out the window.

    We haven’t heard much from Chicken George over the course of this season. Some of the other houseguests think he sits around listening too much, but I’m starting to suspect he hasn’t been a chatty Cathy simply because he doesn’t have that much of anything to say. He’s a little more talkative these days, so we’re hearing at length about Las Vegas, his wife, grilling meat, and opportunities that have come along since the first season. There’s nothing sinister about here, it’s just plain boring. Sorry, Georgie. You’re okay, Georgie.

    He also spends a lot of time in the kitchen. A week of meat and booze? He’s in heaven after the extended visit to Slopsville. Unfortunately, he seems to have attended the BB5 Cowboy Culinary Institute of Over-Cooking, and I don’t mean that his dishes all come out tasting Tex-Mex. He wants to grill everything indiscriminately, and while he might not mind blackened chicken that’s raw in the middle, or rubbery filets of fish, the others are fed up. They’re just not sure how to break it to him gently.

    Will gets up from his nap and finds George in the kitchen, preparing to grill the heck out of yet another portion of delicate seafood. While discussing how to cook the shrimp (George votes for the grill, Will wants to boil them), Boogie and Will finally spring their next move – they tell George that he’s an honorary member of Chill Town, and that he’s the one they want in the final three with them when it turns into “girls against boys” in the house. George seems happy to join the group, even though Will tells him they want him because he stinks at competitions. They happily return to the shrimp talk.

    The afternoon drags on. Boogie jumps on the trampoline while others in the house remark that he’s in a better mood than yesterday. Danielle smokes behind the couches and the others laugh at the subterfuge. They complain about the non-brand name detergent they’re forced to use. George licks the knife he is using in the peanut butter. It’s that kind of day all around.

    Somewhere in between the constant snacking in the kitchen and jumping on the trampoline, Boogie and Will talk game again; Will tries to defuse the worry that he’s being played by Janelle to Boogie. He tells him that Janelle thinks she’s marrying a doctor in a few months. They both gloat a little about surprising the production people in the DR, who say they can’t believe they got manipulated someone to put up her close friend instead of themselves. Will says he thinks the DR is just plain shocked they are both still in the game. He asks Boogie to step up his game in the showmance deparment. “I just want you back. I didn’t like that momentary lapse you had or whatever.” Boogie agrees to start giving Erika shoulder rubs and the like. They agree that they want Janelle to win the next HOH, and it sounds like they’re planning to toss it in her direction – but only after Chicken George is eliminated, because they think he would nominate them both.

    Tuesday is the five-star dinner that the houseguests won in the challenge, so while the menfolk lift weights in the backyard, Janelle and Erika hunt for appropriate clothing in Janelle’s suitcase. She pulls out two dresses of the slinky sheath variety, one in red, one in black. Erika wants to wear the black one, and Janelle says she’ll wear the red, even though it was supposed to be her eviction dress. They’re silent for a moment, then they both burst out laughing.

    Later, when the group has once again gravitated to the kitchen, Boogie and Will are ripping on the season six America’s Choice players. Will says that James did nothing in the house except bite his nails and complain about the pool. Janelle tells him he’s jealous of season six because they’re so much more popular than he was. Will counters that Kaysar was nice, which is good for “Iraqi Bachelor” but not Big Brother. Janelle isn’t amused, and tells him she’s mad at him again. “I don’t make fun of Boogie,” she pouts. Will says that he’s just telling her where they made their mistakes.

    George tells everyone that in his season, they made five bucks a day, and he made his own beer. For those of you playing at home, that’s quite a contrast to the $3000 a week they are making as All Stars. Still, Will is jealous of George’s season because they had a trampoline.

    Trampoline, oh joy! Will loves the trampoline so much he wants to sleep on it. A few minutes later, he’s lured Boogie and Erika out to have fun, since Janelle is ticked off that he was making fun of her departed friends. He complains that Janelle is mad at him, but he was only trying to explain their mistakes. He seems annoyed, and says that Janelle doesn’t understand because she didn’t have enough time since the end of her season to decompress from the Big Brother experience. But in the meantime, the trampoline is so cozy they decide to camp out on it. Erika runs in for pillows and blankets, and Janelle comes out and joins her in making the trampoline into a makeshift bed.

    Soon all the hamsters except for George (who is in the hot tub) are lying around the blankets, watching the clouds and making small talk. And by that, I mean that Boogie is complaining that Diane had small breasts. “Imagine Diane’s body with a little augmentation! That’s all I’m saying,” he says, while Janelle and Erika remain strangely silent. Will says that he doesn’t think of Diane as anything other than a sweet, sensitive girl – showing that he’s the sensitive one who knows when a comment isn’t going over well with the other women. He breaks the tension by telling the others that he’d like to strap George down and lipo him, and they all laugh.

    We Need Alcohol, BB

    This day is going to kill me, I’m sure of it. Nothing is happening. No one is mad, no one is talking game. No one is even complaining or shooting dirty looks at each other. Erika takes a bath and shaves her legs. Boogie looks comatose on the HOH bed listening to Coldplay yet again. Will and Janelle are faux-fighting, so there’s no lingering gazes, winks, or numbers traced on each other’s hands.

    George is ever in the kitchen, planning his next meal. Today, seafood seems to be on the menu, probably because they ate all the good stuff earlier in the week. George opens a can of smoked oysters, and Erika tries one, then gags. She can’t get the taste out of her mouth fast enough, saying she feels like she “ate a piece of poo.” They open a pack of shark meat, but it’s gone bad. George is planning to do something with a $30 pack of frozen salmon, and the others smile politely.

    Outside, the others confer about George’s (lack of) cooking skills. They’re appalled that he plans to defrost the salmon in the microwave, then grill it. They remember grimly a batch of Mahi Mahi that George reduced to a dry, choking mess a few days ago, and are sad to see the salmon be treated so cruelly. Will says there’s nothing for it but to revoke his slop pass so that he’ll keep his hands off the food. (Janelle and Danielle later convince George to bake the salmon in tinfoil with some marinade, saving dinner heroically.)

    After dinner, Danielle and Erika have a more calm, reasonable talk about the nomination. Danielle seems to have come to terms with it, most likely because she is confident that she won’t be voted out. She now admits to Erika that it was probably, maybe, sort of a good move for Erika to get her out of the game. Erika says that it hurt her, but she thought that Danielle would understand it was a strategic, not personal, decision. Danielle changes the subject, mentioning how expensive her daughter’s braces will be when she gets home. Ouch.

    Danielle complains that the POV contest was tailor made for Janelle, and that she knew from the instant she walked out that Janelle would win. Then she adds, “I should have known when I asked you that question about Jack.” Apparently, Erika said to Danielle earlier in the game that she would have stabbed Jack in the back to win the money, because she knew she wouldn’t win against Jack in the final two. Danielle says that for her, she wouldn’t have done that to Jason. “There was never a question. I didn’t really care if I lost.” Erika doesn’t let that slide by, for a change. “Didn’t you want to win?” Danielle tells her that she felt like she was put there to help him win. Don’t you just love it when a houseguest gets all spiritual about moves in the game?

    Elsewhere, Will, Boogie and Chicken George are asking Janelle about her life outside the house, and Chicken George is amazed to hear about her “sponsors.” Janelle protests the term, and says she’s just “friends;” the oldest one is maybe 40. She hasn’t traveled since last January, when she made a trip to Dubai with a “friend.” I admit, I’m pretty confused at this point about how Janelle earns a living, other than to say how can it not be what we’re all thinking? In the same breath, Janelle says she wants three kids, and doesn’t believe in nannies. But she will have a housekeeper.

    Big Brother has let them have a couple of bottles of wine, which Boogie figures will equal a glass and a half for each of them. He reminds anyone entering the DR to beg for some beer or at least another bottle of wine, but every request is turned down. Boo, hiss, BB! Will says it’s a good thing, though, because if Janelle drinks any more wine she’ll be on him “like a bum on a cheese sandwich.” Janelle tells him to shut up.

    Late Night Nada

    Danielle sneaks outside by herself to mutter into her microphone that she wants to be asked into the DR. She huddles behind the couch to smoke, talking to herself. If she wins HOH, she wants to evict Erika. Then she says, half-jokingly, “Why aren’t you calling me into the DR? Is it because I’m going home?” Hmm, that’s what Jase said on his Monday night shift many weeks ago.

    The house settles into a game of poker, and the mood is mellow. Without unlimited booze, no one erupts or lets out any catty remarks, other than to tease Will and Janelle for staring at each other so much. Eventually, most of them head off to bed; Danielle pulls Boogie out to the back yard to tell him some hot info. She says that earlier, Erika told Danielle she was in a secret alliance with Janelle, and not to count her out in the finals because “this old dog has some new tricks.”

    Boogie finds Will in the bathroom a few minutes later and passes this along as evidence that Janelle is playing them, but Will bursts his balloon by saying it proves Erika is a “blabbermouth” – he told Janelle to make alliance advances to Erika, and this proves that Erika cannot hold on to any piece of information when she’s under pressure. He tells Boogie again that he is 100% positive that Janelle is solidly with them, but Boogie isn’t sure, saying, “there’s something in her eyes” that he doesn’t trust. But he agrees that it would be best if Janelle won HOH this week.

    As the house goes to bed, Will and Janelle settle on the couches in the living room to play cards and flirt. Now we hear that the fight was staged earlier; they’re trying to convince the rest of the house they’re not so close anymore. Will asks Janelle what her plans are after the show, and she tells him she wants to go to Minnesota because her dog is there. He’s planning to head straight back to work. Now add in a lot of “ummm hmmm”s, a few “what are you saying?” and “no, what are you saying?”s and you have an hour of Will and Janelle in a nutshell. Will likes to trace the number 22 on his hand – in fact, this was most likely what he was doing the other day when they were holding hands during naptime. It refers to August 22, which the houseguests think is their prison release date. Yeah, it’s cute and all that sappy stuff, but I still say it’s 99% game and 1% love-the-one-you’re-with.

    Tuesday’s Child is Smoking and Weepy

    Even Janelle and Will must sleep a few hours a night, so by 10:00 a.m. the only one up is Danielle, who has once again found her sanctuary behind the red couches so that the world won’t see her indulging in a nicotine fix. This morning, however, she has the letter she won as HOH with her, and she’s not happy. She cries and tells us, “I miss you mom. I miss you dad.” Then she tells Sarah that she’s sorry she couldn’t save James. She gets up and lies on the couch in a slump, and then we hear the real reason for the tears, if you ask me.

    Danielle: I can't believe I’m in this position that one wants to take me to the final two. I can't believe it.
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    very nice!

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    A couple more weeks and she'll be able to squeeze through those bars.
    No kidding!

    Great recap, hepcat!
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    Great job, Hep!
    Always looking for cat treats!

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    nice recap.
    btw, this is my very first post!

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    You did a great job making the most out of a BORING day.
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    Nice recap, Hepcat...talk about spinning straw into gold....
    There's some spec that the 22 is August 22 when Will and J. had "their talk", vs. Sept. 22 when they think the show is over.

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    thanks PWS!!!

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    Great recap of a very boring day. Thanks for playing poker, I mean, watching the feeds all day!

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    Super recap, hep!

    I sure hope these people liven up...I'm tired of watching sleeping hamsters.
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