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Thread: 8/27 Live Feed Recap: Dead Woman Walking

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    8/27 Live Feed Recap: Dead Woman Walking

    *This is a recap of events from noon Sunday to noon Monday*

    It's never a good sign when I turn on the feeds and every single camera is on a sleeping hamster. It's noon, people! Apparently their visit from Santa earlier has tuckered them all out, because every one of them snoozes the early afternoon away. Hey, opening all of those presents must have been exhausting! Yeah, that's it. The only excitement we get for a few hours is the sight of Will and Janelle snuggling and holding hands under the covers for a few minutes. All together now - awwww.

    For real or for show? You decide....

    Some things we found out about the Christmas in August prize:
    • Neil Patrick Harris (of Doogie Howser fame) made an appearance, much to Will's delight.
    • The girls got some lingerie, none of which was appropriate to wear around the house.
    • Gameboys, clothing, digital cameras, spa/relaxation items, and DVDs were among the prizes.
    • They didn't get to keep the electronics for long - mean old BB took them away until later.

    It sounds like Doogie (I am not typing out his full name over and over!) is a fan of the show, and he asked Will what was up with the body shaving/manscaping. Will told him "Well, I don't have that whole Burt Reynolds thing going on." Apparently when Doogie came in the house earlier to surprise the hamsters, Will was so excited he jumped out of bed and umm...gave everyone a full morning salute, if you know what I mean. And no, there are no screencaps, you bunch of pervs. Doogie was a good sport, doing a Diary Room session with Will and even bouncing on the trampoline a few times. Will was in heaven, talking about it for hours. "I'm just going to lie here and dream about Neil Patrick Harris." Calm down, there, buddy.

    For the Boogie fans. All three of you.

    File this under "What the hell?!": Erika tells Will about a dream she had where an older Asian man blew her head off with a shotgun. Yes, really. She wonders who the man could represent and what it means. For anyone who watched season four and remembers her obnoxious rant against Jee, I'll let you fill in your own meaning. Hee.

    More silly stuff: Janelle tells George that her mom has sold enough Mary Kay products to earn her the pink Cadillac, and Chicken George flips out. He's never known anyone that's gotten the prized car and goes on about it like it's the most awesome thing ever. Later on, Will tries his best to get Erika and Janelle to jump on the trampoline in their lingerie, like the Man Show "Juggies." No way, they tell the disappointed doc.

    Dani, before the boozing starts.

    Dani has seen the writing on the wall (and I don’t mean all the stuff on the house walls!): she goes to Erika and asks directly if she’s getting put up in Janelle’s place. Erika, as expected, waffles at first and doesn’t give a direct answer. She tells Dani that she can’t say who she’s putting up, but she knows that she can’t beat Dani at the end. “I love you dearly as a person and respect you as a gamer, but I came here to win,” says Erika. Dani gets that look on her face as Erika sniffles a weak “You’re too strong to keep in here!” It’s fine, says Danielle, and walks off. "It's fine. You gotta do what you gotta do." When someone talks in that tone, you know it's not going to be fine.

    Erika tells Will about what just happened, and he tells her she’s doing great. “You’re in the final five!” She still looks upset over “scumbagging” her friend (who came up with that awful term, anyway?) but Will assures her it had to be done. Pull those strings, Will. Make your puppets dance!

    Will bounces Janelle around.

    Dani hasn’t given up totally, as she wakes Boogie up to beg for a vote. He promises her that he’ll vote to keep her, and Will chastises him afterwards. “Don’t be the James!” he says. Will changes the subject and tells Boogie that he has to be “Lance Showmance” *groan* to keep Erika happy. Boogie insists he is, but apparently Erika has been complaining to Will about Boogie’s romantic skills, or lack thereof. What, Erika’s not excited when he rolls over and farts on her in bed? Geez, I don’t know what’s wrong with her. Who doesn't think a dutch oven is romantic?

    It’s Janelle turn to have her behind kissed, as Dani goes to work. Dani tells her that she had decided to join forces with Janie, but now it’s too late. *sniff* Dani goes on about how she hated the way Erika did this, and Janelle tells her she’s sorry – getting lied to is never easy. She tells Janie that she’ll be fine if she stays focused and reads her bible. They hug after the conversation, and it almost looks genuine. Danielle then goes to see Chicken George, and tells him to work with Janelle to get to the final two. “I’ll do what you say, Dani,” says the Chicken man. It’s amazing how Dani’s attitude has changed all of a sudden. She's all sweetness and light, now.

    And here we go...everyone hide!

    But wait - that was before Dani started hitting the sauce. Dani + booze = one crazy bitch. Her calm demeanor from earlier is gone, and in it's place is a wild-eyed, word-slurring crazy woman. She rants at Erika, telling her how she had always trusted her, this is the ultimate betrayal (there's another silly catch phrase from this season), Erika was supposed to be her Jason and she was Erika's Jack, and on and on. She repeats this spiel endlessly, until Erika gets a little freaked out and retreats to the HoH room. Watch ten minutes of her drunken rant at Erika here:


    Somebody's knocking on the door...somebody's ringing the bell...

    You can run but you can't hide, Erika! Danielle stumbles upstairs and rings the HoH doorbell, but Will (who has also been hiding from the crazy woman) tells Erika not to answer it, and they quietly hide in the bathroom. Danielle jerks on the doorknob, and repeatedly rings the bell for seven freakin' minutes. Looks like Erika has her very own in-house stalker tonight! Drunken Danielle finally gives up and wanders outside, where she continues her venting to Janelle and George, who patiently listen to her repeat herself about 200 times. This whole scene was too crazy to be believed, so you can check out the clip of it here:


    Will has to work overtime to keep Erika on their side, since his sidekick Boogie doesn't have a clue. Boogie has been in a funk all day, sleeping and ignoring everyone, and Will is more than a little pissed that Boogie has left him to deal with the night's mess by himself. Telling Erika how disappointed he is in Boogie for not supporting her more, Will actually slept in the HoH room with her and held her hand. Janelle/Will fans everywhere threw up in their mouths a little, but a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do. Boogie sure can't get the job done, so it's up to the master. Plus, I think he was still trying to avoid the wrath of Danielle.

    Being HoH isn't so fun, is it?

    Finally, once everyone has hidden from the rampaging Danielle, the house calms down and people go to sleep. Guess who's up first, though? Dani. In another disturbing episode, she mutters to herself in the backyard and hides behind the couch to smoke. Why hide? I don't know. She keeps saying that she doesn't want to be there, and tells members of her family that she's sorry. It's pretty sad, actually. The veto ceremony is announced, and the hamsters straggle out of bed. There's some uncomfortable small talk about last night, and Erika talks to herself in the backyard as my shift ends: I hate my life. I hate Mike Boogie. I hate Will. Who else do I hate? I hate myself. Now I understand why Will says he hates himself. I hate this game. Yes, I do.

    Man, these people have some issues.

    Thanks to dot136 and glennajo for the screencaps!

    BB needs a lock on the liquor cabinet...waywyrd@fansofrealitytv.com
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    Rolf Rolf!!!!

    I haven't even read it yet, and the title has me THANK you hyeong

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    Fantastic coverage of an extra-crazy night!

    Somebody's knocking on the door...somebody's ringing the bell...
    This in particular cracked me up! Thanks Waywyrd!
    Always looking for cat treats!

    Breathe out, so I can breathe you in...

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    Julian Pyke
    AHH, that was GREAT thanks!

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    Fantastic job, Waywryd! I love those two screencaps of before and after that glass of wine disappeared.
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    Great recap and thanks for the youtube links. Made it that much better.

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    Oh my gosh - "Dani + booze = one crazy bitch" LOL this was the funniest line (plus the pics). Thanks for the great recap!!!

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    Yay, waywyrd! Awesome recap. Thanks for the links so I could watch the meltdown, too. You rock!
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    OMG, thanks for the recap...I haven't laughed so hard in weeks..the links were awesome!

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    I don't have the feeds, so those You Tube links were fascinating. They made me want to get the feeds and glad I didn't have them at the same time, if you know what I mean. Disturbing stuff... Waywyrd your Photoshop picture says it all!

    Fabulous recap! Thanks so much.

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