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Thread: 8/26 Big Brother Live Feeds Recap – Coming Like Christmas!

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    8/26 Big Brother Live Feeds Recap – Coming Like Christmas!

    8/26 Big Brother Live Feeds Recap – Coming Like Christmas!

    *This recap covers events in the BB house from Noon Saturday to Noon Sunday

    Well, it’s endgame time in the Big Brother house. Now that we are down to 6 hamsters in the habitrail, everyone of them is thinking about who wins challenges, who has votes in the jury house, and who to split the prize money with. Yeah, that’s right, there is apparently no rule against splitting the winnings this season. I’m sure it’s been talked about a lot in previous threads and recaps, but this is the first time I have really thought about the implications of it. That rule is what usually makes the final few weeks interesting. It’s what makes guys like Drew willing to stab their showmance straight in the heart to ensure they take home the entire half million dollars. I mean, come on, why doesn’t CBS just call this a soap opera, add it to their daytime schedule, and simply pay everyone the same rate? The fact that Will and Boogie can make separate deals with Erika and Janelle to split the money if they all make the final 3 is an out and out scam. I’m only a little upset.

    With that said, I’m starting my shift with a little chip on my shoulder. But that is soon diminished when I find out that Janelle woke up and flashed her boob at the camera this morning. Did anyone see anything? Anyone? No, because the feeds weren’t on her at the time. But all the male Janelle fans are going to scour the internet anyway. Anyway, as Noontime rolls around, the hamsters are on inside lockdown, and Mike is studying the memory wall in hopes of winning another competition.

    Some Highlights Of A Boring Afternoon

    Will: “Here’s the important question…Did you end up with any superpowers?”
    *George reveals that he was once struck by lightning. He was holding onto a pole that got struck, the bolt exited through his knees, and he woke up smoking like a snuffed cigarette. He has been pale as a ghost ever since.
    *Boogie is an certified brat! He told everyone that he has always gotten what he wants. When he was a kid, his mom would fix him whatever he wanted for dinner. His step-dad tried to force him to eat shepherds pie once, telling him he couldn’t leave the table until he finished. Mike refused, and simply went to bed. Like I said, the guy won’t even say he wants to help his mom out if he wins some money…he’s going after the Bentley for himself. Show of hands…Who hates this guy? *raises hand*
    *The hamsters have been talking about “Christmas presents” and how they are expecting to celebrate Christmas in the BB house on Sunday.
    *Boogie was caught “right handed”, so to speak, in the downstairs bathroom. It seems that Danielle walked in on Mike using the water closet as his new Jack Shack. When he emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later, the tell tale sign of being caught in the act—guilt—was on his face.
    Chicken George: "I bet something shrunk real quick!...and I just cleaned in the bathroom, too! Aw maaaan!"

    Come on, everybody does it. I’m only ashamed that I got caught

    Since I’m not eating slop this week, I figure I could use the treadmill to shave a few more pounds off

    Skeletor’s Scheming
    Like I said, it’s endgame time in the habitrail. With only 6 people and 3 HOH competitions left, Erika is starting to feel the heat. What should she do? Who should she align with besides her pathetic showmance troll? Can she trust Will? Who can she beat? Who will put her up if they win HOH next week? At one point Erika talked with one of her stuffed animals up in the HOH room, and moaned to the cameras about how crazy this game makes her and how much she hates it. I’ve got three letters for ya, Erika…DOR. Still, Erika is scheming what’s left of her bony ass off. She met with Danielle for a good long talk in the HOH room, and tried to figure out a plan. They are both starting to really question why the Chill Town alliance is still in the house. Perhaps if Janelle or Chicken George win the veto, they can send Will or…Will home. Danielle told Erika that Janelle wants to send them home too…but can they trust her? No, they know how dangerous she is in competitions, so they need her out ASAP.

    Danielle also told Erika that the old Dani from BB3 is back. Finally! I’ve been waiting for her to reappear. Now the real Dani can lose the game again. After talking to the show psychiatrist, Dani decided to stop being nice and start being cold again. If only she can get out of that alcoholic fog she’s been in for the last 2 months.

    Come on, Danielle, you’re supposed to be a badass. Tell me what to do

    For All You Female Chicken George Fans Out There…

    Ok, when I’m back on slop, I gotta remember the bathbrush tastes like soap

    Flames…And She’s On Fire!
    Around 8:20 PM Big Brother time, the feeds all went to flames for the veto competition. The fire lasted a loooong time, but when the feeds finally came back around 11 PM, America was happy to learn that Janelle won the Power of Veto! The competition was an oldie but a goodie…the “morphomatic”, where Big Brother combines the facial features of three houseguests into one ugly-ass picture, and the hamsters need to figure out which 3 faces comprise the fugly photo. Janelle completed the contest in just under a minute. Whoa! On the other end of the spectrum, George finished the competition in about 24 minutes…and said that the cameraman was laughing at him since he did so badly.

    Will: "She's a terminator!"
    Although the mood is mostly light after the veto competition, the losing hamsters think something is up…that Janelle said the competition was easier than last year’s and all of the faces were made up of her friends, so the producers must have fixed it so she could win it. That, or they evicted all the people she is friends with and she knows their faces well, so she was just able to easily recognize everyone’s facial features quickly. Obviously, replacement nomination talks start almost immediately after the competition, and no one knows exactly who Erika will nominate…not even Erika. She and Danielle pow-wowed for a good long time in the HOH room, bringing up every scenario for a replacement nomination. Janelle did her time too, but being the Big Brother politician that she is, she mostly just told Erika to do what was best for her. Janelle did bring Boogie’s name up several times as a possible replacement, though, which, in my opinion, would actually be a smart move for Skeltor. Mike is good at the competitions, and the girls really need to start thinking about getting rid of Chill Town soon. On the other hand, Danielle is the remaining houseguest with the most influence in the jury house, and everyone thinks she is invincible in the final 2.

    Will and Boogie have both been planting seeds with Erika that she needs to get rid of Danielle while she has the chance. They have been working her much like they worked Janelle to replace Danielle with Marcellas, saying he would just be a pawn. Boom…Marcellas was the first person in the jury house. The post veto competition atmosphere is no different. First, Boogie talked with Erika after Janelle left, and pressed for Dani’s nomination even harder. Erika is worried about Will and Boogie, and tells Mike “It makes me nervous to leave you and Will together. I feel like I am going to be the Diane.” Boogie tries to ease her mind, but he still doesn’t want her to put Will on the block. Eventually they call Will into the room to find out what he’s thinking. Back together again, Will and Boogie promise Erika that they will vote out Danielle and take responsibility for her ouster. They also promise her that she will be safe next week, and when it comes down to the three of them in the final 3, Will will bow out of the competition, and let Erika choose Boogie to go up against in the final 2.
    Erika: "And Boogie, you will take me?"
    Will: "its ok, boogie, say it to her."

    Trust Me!

    Big Brother Sez “Jump, Jump”
    Late night in the habitrail consisted of some serious trampoline jumping. First, Will tried to get Boogie comfortable on the trampoline, teaching him how to fall properly to avoid being injured. Soon, Mike was busting moves on the trampoline like a champ. Janelle soon joined the boys, and her and Will took over the trampoline, jumping into each other and trying to knock each other down until they were spent, laying on the fabric.

    It’s late at night, but there was still some strategy talk going on. George met with Erika in the HOH room, and he hinted that she was in a situation similar to when he was HOH and had to put up a friend of his. He felt bad, but it’s what he had to do. Talking with George seems to have convinced Erika that her best and only play is to put her friend Danielle on the block, even though she is going to be upset. Before bed, Boogie reassures her that George is wise about personal relationships, and that she would be making the right move by getting rid of Dani. It’s all but done at this point, and soon the hamsters are all asleep.

    Like Kids On Christmas Morning
    Sunday is Christmas day in the Big Brother house, and the hamsters are up earlier than I can remember. You’ll have to pardon me if I don’t get all of this exactly straight, because I wasn’t watching the feeds that early on a Sunday. Sunday is “sleep as long as you can” day in the Dobolina household, so forgive me for celebrating tradition. Will and Erika start the day discussing all of the scenarios related to replacing Janelle on the block…whether they should let Dani know that she’s going or try to keep it a secret. Erika would rather just tell her outright. A little later, Will tells Erika that he thinks his girlfriend Erin has broken up with him, since one of the producers has told Will not to worry about attending a wedding with her after the show is done. That’s not good news to get on fake Christmas morning.

    Around 9:30 AM, the feeds cut to flames once again so the hamsters could celebrate Christmas. There were some brief flashes of the festivities, but none were really clear, like this one:
    It looks like Chicken George became Chicken Santa for the morning. Maybe he got to hand out gifts? Also, Neil Patrick Harris (Barney from “How I Met Your Mother, or better yet, Doogie Howser) was in the house while the hamsters celebrated Christmas in August. I’m sure everyone was excited just to see a different face other than the ugly mugs that they’ve seen for the past 2 months. They all said that he was a great sport, had some slop with them, and even did a diary room session. Will was especially excited about Neil Patrick Harris…I think he has a man crush on him.
    Will: "I want to lie here and dream about Neil Patrick Harris."

    Some other gifts included a DVD player, a digital camera for George, a Sidekick for Janie, and that’s all I could figure out as far as specific gifts goes. I think the boys all got some underwear and the girls all got some lingerie, too. Perhaps that’s a subtle hint from the producers to show a little more skin on camera?

    As my shift ends, the Christmas giddiness is dying down. Most hamsters are lying in bed trying to make up for their early rising, with notions of sugarplums dance in their heads.

    Thanks to dot136, waywyrd, hepcat, EmeraldFox, and Snapit for screencaps!

    Send your Christmas in August gifts to me at mrdobolina@fansofrealitytv.com Thanks in advance!
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    OHh, I'm looking forward to seeing the Christmas part!

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    Coming Like Christmas!
    *Boogie was caught “right handed”, so to speak, in the downstairs bathroom.

    Bad hamster watcher! Bad! Great recap!

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    I have to admit, the screencap of Boogie made me laugh. I never would have guessed the situation if you hadn't described. Thanks, I think!

    Great job!
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    For All You Female Chicken George Fans Out There…
    Be still my heart. What a stud. Great recap!

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    Ooooh ! I missed that little tidbit about Will not having to worry about the wedding. Juicy ! Thanks.


    Boogie is an certified brat! He told everyone that he has always gotten what he wants. When he was a kid, his mom would fix him whatever he wanted for dinner. His step-dad tried to force him to eat shepherds pie once, telling him he couldn’t leave the table until he finished. Mike refused, and simply went to bed. Like I said, the guy won’t even say he wants to help his mom out if he wins some money…he’s going after the Bentley for himself. Show of hands…Who hates this guy? *raises hand*

    Thanks Mr.D ! Great recap !
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    Wow. Great recap...

    I just thought it was already "common knowledge" that Will, the homophobic manic, had a "man-crush" on Neil Patrick Harris!
    ...And the strange boy continued to weave in and out of her life, leaving her with a sense of wonder and amazment, but also, a feeling of loss, knowing that life might never be the same again.

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    Great job.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    it would be awesome if Erica named Danielle the replacement nominee.......
    and it would prove once again that CHILLTOWN does the HOH work even without being HOH. LOL

    thanks for the re-cap!

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