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Thread: 8/24 Live Feed Recap: Bags Bones and Boobs

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    8/24 Live Feed Recap: Bags Bones and Boobs

    *This recap covers from noon Thursday to noon Friday

    Another Thursday, another chance for me to recap the hamsters at their finest. My but I am lucky! This Thursday my shift starts no differently than any other, as there are lots of flames interspersed with the houseguests grooming and whatnot. Nothing of interest happens pre-live show, other than James trying some last minute pleading with Boogie. Obviously it didn't work, as James is gone. All hail the rat king!

    "With God as my witness, I will avenge James' eviction!"

    The show is over, and Erika is bouncing off the walls, as she's the new HOH. There are murmurs that it was a confusing contest, and I agree. Within 15 minutes of the feeds coming live, Erika corners George and tells him she has his back, but indicates he'll be a pawn. Well she's not wasting any time, is she? She's pacing all around, and even runs up and listens at the door of the HOH room. At one point she swears she hears a dog, and wonders if her dog is up there. Do you think the power is going to her head? I do!

    Your beautiful skanky new HOH.

    Danielle is a little up in arms about James' eviction. Will tells her "I apologize to you, but I'm not sorry I voted him out." Later Danielle mumbles to herself "Will's ass is MINE!" Hmm. Danielle also has a lot of concern about why Janelle voted out James. Something tells me that she needs to worry about her front game instead of her back game.

    An ugly HOH room, made even uglier by the couple making out in it.

    Erika gets her HOH room, and it's all kinds of ugly, at least to me. Very floral, but the colors don't really compliment each other. All in all, it's a mess, much like Erika. (I still think Janelle's boring blue room the week the HOH was re-done was meant for Erika.) She's got pictures of her family and dogs, chocolate chip cookies and a Coldplay CD, among other things. As soon as Danielle realizes that Erika has wine, she practically throws herself off the balcony trying to get downstairs to get the opener. That girl has a problem!

    I just noticed that the number on Boogie's shirt is the same as his maturity level.

    Will and Boogie have a quick strategy talk. They both know Janelle's going up, and probably George. They speculate on convincing Erika to backdoor Danielle. Will tells Boogie to plant the following in Erika's head:
    • Danielle is a control freak
    • Erika can't beat Danielle in the finals
    • Erika could beat Chilltown or George
    • She'll be vulnerable next week when she can't play for HOH
    They decide they're asking for the moon there, and think they should just start by making sure they are safe. They also think if Erika doesn't nominate Chilltown now, it'll be a flashbulb to Danielle that Erika's with them. I think that flashbulb went off for Danielle the second Erika crawled in Boogie's bed.

    They get their post-show dinner, from Baja Fresh. They all dive in, and poor George looks everything over and sniffs it. Will decides that if he wins a slop pass this week, that he'll give it to George, and everyone agrees. There's not a lot more talk as they all stuff their faces, however, something gross happens. Boogie blows his nose at the dinner table. I am disgusted beyond everything and immediately quit watching the live feeds for while. I know I shouldn't be surprised after his jack-shack visits, and his flatulence on Erika, but MAN, people are EATING!

    Evil is so much more sexy when it's wet.

    It's hot tub time once again for some of them, and it's the most boring hot tub session ever. The topics are their shopping list for Big Brother. "Top Ramen! Cleaning products!" and the poop that is all over the bathroom seat and walls. Seriously, that's the exciting talk.

    Boogie and Erika wander off to the HOH room for some very gross groping. Well, slutty Erika is groping, Boogie tries to talk some strategy. He suggests putting Danielle up, but Erika says if she takes her out she has no one. Erika says she thought they wanted to send Will to the jury soon, to sway the final votes. Boogie says it's too early. Erika asks him who he'd pick at the end, her or Will? Boogie says it depends on the financial arrangement, if he has no financial stake in Erika in the finals, then he's taking Will. She wants to know IF they have a financial arrangement, who would Boogie pick, and he says he'd pick her. Well that's all Miss SoftPorn 2006 needs, as she pounces right upon him with LOUD smacking noises. Ewww. She keeps on with her praying mantis-like devouring of him, while he talks strategy the whole time. When they finally get in bed, he puts on her headphones and lays there. Her HOH room, her headphones, but there he is. I'm not sure who's using who at this point, but it's vile any which way you look at things.

    Big Brother has a late-night chaperone, named Danielle.

    Meanwhile, Will and Janelle are finally up to their usual card-playing, and I'm hoping for some strategy talk. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm hoping for some of their flirting. But nooooo, Danielle won't stand for that, and stands over them for the longest time, resulting in absolutely NO talk other than the random card chat. So if this recap sucks, blame her, because she's sucking the fun right out of it. Finally for whatever reason, Danielle decides to go clean the bathroom. I'm all excited, thinking "yay, now the talk will get good!" But she finishes up too quickly and JOINS the card game. It was the most boring night EVER on the feeds.

    The three of them eventually move inside around 3 AM BB time, and start fixing food in the dark, as the Big Brother lights are out for the night. They all wander off to bed.

    The next morning, it's all boring laying around except they talk about the upcoming food competition. As my shift ends in flames, I'll leave you with a few photos...

    I've been wondering why Will blow-drys his face, and I've finally come up with a theory: Much as you have to splash water on a dolphin or whale if it's out of water, you have to apply heat to one of Satan's legion when it's outside of Hell.

    "Wow, these earrings are like, heavy."

    Will whizzes in the hot tub.

    *A shout-out to Marleybone and Totoro for their title, which is a description of Erika, from the bags under her eyes to her fake mammaries. Thanks to you both!

    I've been having actual dreams about Will, do you think that's a bad sign? contact suncat7@fansofrealitytv.com
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    Julian Pyke
    LOL I loved, "Wow, these earings are like, heavy!"

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    Great Job Suncat. I don't know how you managed to make a boring day in the BB house interesting but you did a fine job. Thanks a bunch.

    OH I especially loved the caption on Boogie's 11 jersey.
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    Me too....but she looked so pretty...GO JANIE, YOU ARE STILL MY PIC FOR THE $$$$$$$$$$$

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    Hey, suncat, didn't get to read much yesterday, so thanks for filling in the blanks ! Great recap and I have to hand it to you on this:

    Well that's all Miss SoftPorn 2006 needs, as she pounces right upon him with LOUD smacking noises. Ewww. She keeps on with her praying mantis-like devouring of him, while he talks strategy the whole time.
    Praying mantis ! (Can I please say prEying just this once ? ) That is a perfect description of the Booger-lovin'-ho. I get a visual, spiny forelegs and all !

    Thanks again, ... and are you willfully entering those dreams ? :nono
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    I've been wondering why Will blow-drys his face, and I've finally come up with a theory: Much as you have to splash water on a dolphin or whale if it's out of water, you have to apply heat to one of Satan's legion when it's outside of Hell.

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    Totally groovy Suncat, you still made me laugh......thanx!

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    This is my 1st post, just wanted to let you know Love your recaps.Great job. Can't wait to read them every evening,keeps me going between show

    Gooooo Janelle !!!!!!!!1

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    Great recap and I looooove that picture of Will .

    It's my new avatar .
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    Great recap!!!!

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