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Thread: 8/19 Big Brother Live Feed Recap - Operation Shock and Awe

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    Abuh? Stephmo's Avatar
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    Awesome job on the recap - you really outdid yourself!
    It's all been a Spool of Lies!!!

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    Loaded God Complex MajiH's Avatar
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    Atop the highhhhhest weathervane in Spain!
    Aw, thanks guys. I'm truly touched. I do so love to write and it was great fun. This is my first year with live feeds and I enjoy watching everyone plot and scheme behind the scenes! And, to answer an earlier question, yes, this is my first time ever recapping. I'm super pleased you've all enjoyed it.

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    Kaysar & Erika Fan Sarahgirl's Avatar
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    It's a shame Erika's name was pulled as I am sure she would be better off conserving her strength for tonight's upcoming Mattress Olympics instead. Mustering up the energy to crawl into bed with that conceited little troll of a man night after night after night must be exhaaaaaausting.
    This line was hilliarious, but then again so was your entire recap. Great job!

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    FORT Newbie
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    MajiH! MajiH! MajiH!! I bow to you (I don't know how to get the little animated smileys here, but picturing one bowing down and kissing your feet )

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    FORT Fan SparkyGotGame's Avatar
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    Since you reposted, I will repost. AB-SO-LUTE-LY BRILLIANT!!!!!!
    I don't know... it's a mystery!!!!

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    GREAT !!! RECAP .... Looking forward to reading more of them in the future

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    Peace MsFroggy's Avatar
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    Great recap, had me in stitches!!
    "Feel the sky blanket you/ With gems and rhinestones/ See the path cut by the moon/ For you to walk on" - EV

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    From the corner of my eye Jewelsy's Avatar
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    Excellent job, Maji.
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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    Great recap MajiH! I am in SHOCK that you haven't done one before and in AWE of your final product!
    "How do you know the chosen ones? No greater love hath a man than he lay down his life for his friend. Not for millions, not for glory, not for fame... for one person. In the dark. Where no one will ever know or see." - Sebastion, Babylon 5

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    Maji, that was just terrific ! Your original graphics are clever and funny, your writing moved me through the day with those morons, laughing and without injury. Your characterization of George is priceless and spot-on from the cooooool back of head and throughout:

    Danielle: "You never know what he's thinking!"
    Will: "I'm pretty sure he never knows what he's thinking, either."
    George took some personal time jamming to '59 Cent'. (That's not a typo, people.)

    That was an outstanding inaugural recap ! When's the election ? I want to vote for a second term.

    Thank you Maji ..... That was coooooooooool !
    "The way to become boring is to say everything." Voltaire

    " The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. "
    Mohandas Gandhi

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