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Thread: 8/17 Live Feed Recap: You'll Never Eat Chicken Nuggets After Reading This

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    8/17 Live Feed Recap: You'll Never Eat Chicken Nuggets After Reading This

    *This recap covers from noon Thursday to noon Friday.

    My shift begins in flames, and remains that way through most of Thursday afternoon, except for the very rare glimpse of the hamsters. So we'll move on to post-show Thursday night, when the feeds were happenin'.

    Excuse me while I watch my prom date undress.

    We join the feeds with the house reeling from George being named the new HOH and his having immediately nominated James and Erika. The house splinters off into groups to gripe about the current situations. Danielle, James, Erika and Boogie are in the weight room talking. Will, Howie and Janelle are in the bug room talking. See how Chilltown has a member with each group? Smooth, aren't they? George, as usual, is alone.

    Disco Santa: The Studio 54 Era

    James and Danielle are livid that Janelle and Howie aren't nominated. Erika thinks George will backdoor Danielle. James threatens to "explode" on people and hurt their feelings. Ooooh, we're all scared of Jamesy-Wamsey! He might hurt some feelings!

    Danielle confronts George about a possible backdooring, and he says that is absolutely not the case. She decides that's not good enough for her, and puts in a semi-threat with "You do NOT want to piss people off." In other threatening news, Danielle, Boogie, Erika and James want to threaten George with the "power". (Boogie's coup d' etat) George has been HOH for less than an hour, and he's already got more threats to him than in the first half of The Godfather.

    "Pardon me, the demon is working his way through my esophagus."

    James is spouting profanity everywhere, and in one of his finer moments says "George has awoken the demon" over and over. From his face, I can only imagine that demon is acid reflux.

    "HOH my ass! Get down there and clean up that glass, dishbitch!"

    Will breaks a jar of pickles, and while George cleans most of it up, Danielle holds up the garbage can lid. Whoever said this house can't function like a team? The house gets their pizza, which you would think they'd be sick of by now. Lucky for George, being HOH means he can eat. Howie tells Janelle that she can get a lot for her tiara on eBay, but she wants to keep it because America gave it to her.

    A lemon-lime nightmare, available through IKEA.

    George gets his HOH room, and it makes Janelle's pink palace look sedate. Everyone piles in to look at it, and a few people start eating George's snacks. The poor man has been on slop for like a zillion days, and they take his snacks? Uncouth heathens. George got some letters, and Danielle reads one of them to the group in that same, boring monotone she used when she bored everyone with her letter. I want to slug her. George's 13 year old daughter wrote about a "million dollar prize" so they all wonder if that's a big secret CBS is keeping from them. CBS won't even spring for REAL Oreos, and you think they'll give you all an extra $500,000? HA!

    "They like me, they really like me! No, wait......"

    Howie and Janelle are first up for talks with George, and he tells them that he's not going after them if the veto is used. He also says "you both realize this puts me in a very vulnerable spot" but they don't pick up on that at all. He assures them again that it won't be them, and says they can sleep tonight.

    Erika visits George to talk about the nominations, and he tells her that she's a pawn, that he wants James out. He questions her about the "fight" that she had with Danielle recently and she admits that it was fake, to try to fool people. Erika wants to know who George's replacement nominee is, if the veto is used, but George won't answer.

    Boogie is next in with George and lobbies HARD for Janelle as a replacement nominee if the veto is won. Poor George's head looks like it's about to explode from all the "advice", threats and general information.

    "Bock! Booock booock boooock!

    Time to draw balls for the veto competition. George picks Howie, Erika picks Danielle, and James picks Will. We go to not-so-lengthy flames, and soon find out that James won the veto. This puts much of the house into a tailspin, as a replacement nominee is no longer just a possibility, but a fact.

    "You have to understand, George. I will cut you up, dip you in batter and deep fry you. Your Chicken Nuggets will be my dinner."

    Danielle gets in George's face in the red room, and tells George flat out "do NOT put me up." George looks half-scared of Danielle, she's very intense and keep saying the same things over and over. James talks to him next and tells him not to believe Janelle or Howie, and basically throws Janelle "under the bus" as the love to say in hamster-land. George tells him that Janelle didn't nominate him, even though she has been HOH three times.

    With this crazy-eyed look, I wouldn't want to piss her off, either.

    Erika is back with George, and tells him the reason he's not been in the loop was because "the less he knew, the better." She talks to him like he's about 5 years old, and he ends up agreeing to align with her, because his wife told him to. Then it's Boogie's turn once more, and he again floats the idea of putting up Janelle. George tells him that he's down with that. Will then tells George that he can put him up if he wants, but side-steps it a bit, saying that it might upset Boogie, and alluding to the fact that Chilltown has the "power". Erika gets George yet again and tells him that he'll be a "hero" for taking out Janelle, and says how "respected" he'll be. Howie goes back to George and reminds him that he said he wouldn't put up him or Janelle. George makes non-commital noises to him, saying that he'll talk to them in the morning.

    The deeply confused mind of a chicken.

    George can't sleep, after being bombarded by people for the last few hours. He goes and gets the Big Brother rule book, and reads through it.

    The Queen of Anorexia is a shameful title.

    George doesn't sleep at all, according to him, and bright and early he talks to Janelle and Howie as promised. He says he will not nominate either of them, but they have to promise to not vote out Erika whatever happens. He also wants to join up with their alliance. After a very quick conference, Janelle and Howie agree.

    George tells Erika that he's secured her safety, and she says "George, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" He tells her that he's putting up Will, and Erika goes beserk. She cries, she begs, she will not leave him alone. She repeats constantly that she is going home, that it's a bad move, and she absolutely refuses to shut up. George tells her several times that he just wants to take his bath. Finally Erika scurries off to tell Boogie and James, and Boogie loses it, saying he'll take care of things. He then practically strongarms George in the corner of the weight room, and I am feeling very bad for the Chicken Man.

    The flames then return for the veto ceremony, and they continue right into the beginning of my next shift. Who will be nominated? Who will leave next? Will George have a heart attack from the constant confrontations? If you can't wait to see the results, click here. Tune in tomorrow for the veto ceremony results, eviction and new HOH. If only the feeds were always this lively.

    Howie contemplates taking his picture into his "jack-shack" with him for inspiration.

    Please send chocolate-covered espresso beans to suncat7@fansofrealitytv.com
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    OMG thanks for the laughs Suncat!

    Your chicken nuggets will be my dinner? Bwahhahha. What great captions!

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    Hee. I'm still laughing, Sunny. Great job.
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    Awesome job, love.
    Your captions are brilliant.

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    Great captions, great recap! What a whirlwind; these short weeks are murder. Thanks for the recap, Sunny!
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    Suncat, the recap is brilliant, funny and just flies. I especially love your ... not sure what to call them ... asides ? ... transitions ?

    "In other threatening news",
    "uncouth Heathens",
    and "
    he's already got more threats to him than in the first half of The Godfather"
    are some examples.

    They are extra funny little gifts within the package. Hope that makes sense. Bottom line ... loved it, and thanks so much.
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    I'm lovin it...can't wait for more...poor chicken man.

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    Thanks Suncat! I loved the "Godfather" reference. George was bullied!

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    George has been HOH for less than an hour, and he's already got more threats to him than in the first half of The Godfather.
    Poor George. I almost feel bad for him. Almost.

    Terrific job, sunnycat!
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    James is spouting profanity everywhere, and in one of his finer moments says "George has awoken the demon" over and over. From his face, I can only imagine that demon is acid reflux.

    Nice! Great job.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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